Chapter 95.3: Loyal Traitor Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

Prince Zhou stood in front of Fu Rou’s room, slightly hesitant. He had just received the news that Sheng Chumu had been shot and fell off a cliff. It was basically a death notice. As soon as he thought of how heartbroken Fu Rou would be when she heard this news, he felt extremely guilty. At the same time, there was a hint of delight within him, for obtaining the woman he loved for himself. 

He took a deep breath and pushed open the door. 

Fu Rou’s long hair was loose as she sat on the bed. Her eyes were red. As soon as she caught sight of Prince Zhou, her expression became stony. Prince Zhou’s heart fell as he pretended to be calm. “How are you feeling today?”

Fu Rou remained silent as her hands slowly clenched into fists. “Please get out, Your Highness!”

Prince Zhou sat down. “What is wrong?”

Fu Rou’s eyes were filled with pain. “So you are such a frightening person? A knife hidden beneath your smile, a needle hidden in silk. You can take the life of a good person without making a sound.”

Prince Zhou suddenly grabbed her fist. Fu Rou was not willing to be weak as she revealed her palm. In her palm, there was a fragrance pouch, stained with blood.

“I had personally sewn this for Chumu. Just now, this appeared outside my door.” Fu Rou bit her lip. When she spoke, her voice was laced with thick resentment and anger, “What did you all do to Chumu?”

“...” Prince Zhou hesitated slightly, “I don’t know.”

“You really don’t know how to lie. Chumu got into an accident and you say you don’t know. Imperial Physician He is dead and you don’t know either. I only gave you Imperial Physician He’s prescription for the Emperor and in the next moment, he drowned and lost his life! I trusted you but I will not be so gullible anymore!”

Fu Rou pointed at the door. “Get lost!”

Prince Zhou stood up and walked out in a daze. He has never seen Fu Rou so angry before. He thought that even if she resented him after knowing the truth, he would be able to take it. However, when faced with the truth, he realised how difficult it was to bear. His heart felt like it was cut with a knife. Moreover, he was betrayed by his own mother.

Fu Shui told him that Yan Zifang had reported the completion of the mission to his mother and submitted the proof of Sheng Chumu’s death to his mother. Therefore, only his mother could have sent someone to place the fragrance pouch.

Why? Prince Zhou could not understand. His mother clearly promised him that she would not hurt Fu Rou and would let him get his wishes. But what she did simply caused what little chance he had to disappear completely.

And Imperial Physician He. He had asked his mother to let Imperial Physician He treat his Imperial Father. His mother had also promised him. But now, Imperial Physician He was dead! No wonder Fu Rou was angry. Even he could not help but be sure that it was his mother’s doing.

His mother did this to prevent Imperial Physician He from treating his Imperial Father. However, by doing this, she made matters more conspicuous. There was something amiss about his Imperial Father’s illness. Prince Zhou took out the prescription Fu Rou had given him from his sleeve. At that time, he thought that there was no need to hand it over to his mother. After all, it was a prescription that Imperial Physician He created himself. Now that Imperial Physician He was no longer around, he became the only person that knows the prescription.

Prince Zhou fell silent for a while before placing the prescription back into his robe. Now, there was only one thing he could do.


Outside Ganlou Palace, Prince Zhou silently stayed in a hidden corner.

An internal attendant carried a tray with a medicine bowl on it. He arrived at the palace’s door.

Prince Zhou had awaited his prey. He confidently walked out and pretended it was a coincidence. “Is this for Imperial Father?”

The internal attendant was not at all suspicious. “Yes”

“Give it to me, you can go.” Prince Zhou took the medicine.

The internal attendant turned and walked down the stairs.

With no one around, Prince Zhou turned and headed back to the corner. Another person came out of the shadow. This was his confidante. He held an identical bowl in his hands and swapped it with the bowl on the tray. He then left swiftly but silently.

Prince Zhou’s expression did not change as he entered the hall. He fed his Imperial Father the medicine. 

When Concubine Yan and Yu He came, the bowl in Prince Zhou’s hands were already empty. Prince Zhou smiled, “It is always Mother that feeds Imperial Father his medicine. I should do my filial duties as well.”

Concubine Yan was not suspicious of him. “You are a filial child. Your father and I have always known it.”

Prince Zhou got up. “I still have submissions to go through, I will come back later to accompany Imperial Father.”

Concubine Yan’s voice was gentle. “Go ahead.”

After Prince Zhou left, Concubine Yan’s expression became sharp. “Has Zhong Yutang gone to Duke Lu’s Residence?”

Yu He replied, “Yes.”

“I hope he completes his task well. Then he will not disappoint me after I rotated him back to Chang’an.” Concubine Yan sighed.

Yu He was about to say something when an internal attendant came in to report that Fang Xuanling was requesting to see the Emperor. 

Concubine Yan frowned, “Tell him that the Emperor is the same as before.”

Yu He pondered, “We have already said this many times. How about we let him in to have a look. We will prevent the officials from talking about it as well.”

Concubine Yan thought about it. “Okay.” She ordered the internal attendant to call him in.

All of a sudden, Concubine Yan caught a glimpse of the Emperor’s eyelids twitching. His eyes slowly opened. 

Yu He was stunned. “Your Highness…”

The Emperor’s eyes were wide open. His gaze was slackened and he could not focus. However, Concubine Yan and Yu He were shocked. At this very moment, Fang Xuanling had arrived at the door. 

Yu He muttered, “The ring.”

Concubine Yan shook her head, she did not prepare it today. Yu He gritted his teeth and stretched out to cover the Emperor’s mouth and nose.

Concubine Yan was shocked but she quickly reacted and pulled Yu He’s hand away. “No, I can’t do it…”

Yu He used more strength. Concubine Yan lowered her voice and spoke angrily, “Aren’t you going to let go?”

Yu He did not say anything but his eyes showed his unwillingness.

The Emperor could not breath. However, the pain of suffocation caused a spark to appear in his eyes and his ability to fight death appeared. He grabbed onto Concubine Yan’s sleeve. 

Concubine Yan almost cried. She wanted the position of Grand Empress, she wanted her son to become the Emperor. However, deep in her heart, what she yearned for the most was to follow her heart and grow old with him. It was so simple but she had to use all ways and means just because the person she loved was the Emperor. She had the whole harem to fight.

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