Chapter 105 The woman in the underground (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 105 The woman in the underground (1)

Murong Qi Qi had buried herself in Feng Cang’s arms. She wasn’t willing to raise her head. Feng Cang smiled and hugged her. He covered Murong Qi Qi with the cloak. After waiting till everyone left, he lifted her up.

“Qing Qing, are you clear about my new year's wish?”

Beneath Feng Cang’s long and narrow eyes, was a burst of spring, making the originally pink face of Murong Qi Qi become even more pinker. She could only look up at the stars in the sky.

Those blinking stars made Murong Qi Qi think about the sky of the night from her past life. It was also so flashing and bright. Adopted father, I've already found the person I love. Adopted father, I live here very well. Adopted father, I finally understood the meaning of rebirth. It was to let me get true love; to let me meet him…

On the first day of the new year, it was very cold. Because on the last day of the past year, she stayed up late; on the first day of the new year, Murong Qi slept for a long time before waking up.

She had just woken up when Su Mei brought a pot of colorful plum blossoms into her room.

“Miss, look, colorful plum blossoms, are they not beautiful? It’s the first time I saw such beautiful plum blossoms!”

Su Mei’s words brought Murong Qi Qi’s attention to the pot. Sure enough, it was a small plum tree with red, pink, yellow, blue and white flowers. It was truly rare.

“Where did you get it?”

Murong Qi Qi sniffed the fragrance of the plum blossoms. Immediately, she took a liking to this pot of plum blossoms.

“It’s a monk from the Buddha temple who'd sent it. Last year, wangye[1. Wang/Wangye: prince of first rank] made people send food and cotton to let them have a good new year. As a matter of fact, this first day of the new year, the monk sent over a pot of plum tree. The person hasn’t left yet. He is in the front plum garden!”

“Let’s go and take a look!”

Murong Qi Qi got dressed. After cleaning herself up, she went to the plum garden. From far away, she saw a monk wearing a yellow robe with a bent back. He was looking up at the plum flowers.

“Master, happy new year!”

Murong Qi Qi went over while smiling. Only when the monk turned around, did Murong Qi Qi see his face clearly. This was an old monk. He had white brows, gray beard, a thin stature and an ugly face. On the left of his cheeks was a burn. That burn connected to his neck, making him look a bit frightening. However, he had a pair of gentle and compassionate eyes.

The monk didn’t talk. He only cupped his hands together and bowed at Murong Qi Qi.

“Miss, he can’t speak!”

Su Mei explained to Murong Qi Qi.

“I know.”

Murong Qi Qi went over to the monk and smiled.

“Does master also like plum blossoms? I like the five colored plum blossoms master sent over today very much. Thank you, master!”

After hearing Murong Qi Qi say that she likes them, the monk smiled. The smile was pure like the snow on very high mountains. It was full of compassion that could relieve all living creatures from suffering. The monk cupped his hands once again as in thanking Murong Qi Qi. Then he turned and left the plum garden.

“Is master leaving? I’ll send you out!”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t know why, but she had a particularly good impression about this monk with gentle eyes. Although the monk hadn’t spoken a word, but his eyes seemed like they could look through people.

Murong Qi Qi escorted the monk to the entrance of the villa. Only when the monk with a crooked back disappeared from her sight did she go back inside.

After the door of Fengyu villa closed, the monk staggered. His hand searched for support on a tree. He tried to restrain his emotions for a long time, but he couldn’t hold back his tears. Drop by drop, they fell on his yellow robe.

Ming Yue, is that you? Is it that you couldn’t bear to let me stay alone in this world to suffer; that’s why you sent baby to me? Ming Yue, I found little baby. I found our baby! Ming Yue, don’t worry, I will definitely take good care of baby and also let the world know what truly happened that year to wash away our grievances!

After wiping the tears from his eyes and with excitement, the monk left Fengyu villa while walking, step by step, on the snow.

Since getting the five-colored plum blossoms, Murong Qi Qi would personally take care of it daily.

“So beautiful! Really don’t know how that old grandfather cultivated this five-colored plum blossom. He certainly must be someone who loves plums very much. That’s why he was able to put his mind to it and cultivate such a beautiful plum blossom!”

“Qing Qing, if you like it, how about I send some people to invite the monk over? By then, let the whole villa be planted with five colored plums, so Qing Qing can love them enough, alright?”

After Feng Cang said that, he immediately sent people to the Buddha temple. They didn’t expect that the person came back with the news that the monk had passed away.

“Passed away…”

Hearing this news, Murong Qi Qi was startled. In her heart was a kind of inexplicable melancholy. Not long ago, she saw that old grandfather. Now, the person was no longer alive. Affairs of the world truly are unpredictable.

Murong Qi Qi personally transplanted the five-colored plum to Feng Xie's and Wanyan Ming Yue’s grave. A small five colored plum was blooming beautifully.

“General and princess would like this plum blossom!”

Murong Qi Qi leaned on Feng Cang.

“Is it time for us to leave? Wangye, I’ll miss here!”


Feng Cang softly said: “Uncle’s letter already reminded us several times. If we still don’t leave, presumably, the capital would send people to pick us up.”

Wangye, I quite like it here! When it's winter this year, let’s come here again to bathe in the hot spring!”

The moment she heard that they should leave, Murong Qi Qi somewhat couldn’t bear to part with this plqce. In her eyes, Fengyu villa was like a utopia. To be able to live here without worries; what a happy thing is that, ah?!


Seeing that Murong Qi Qi liked Fengyu villa, Feng Cang was happy. In the past, he had thought about finding a wife who liked Fengyu villa and live a happy life here like father and mother. Fortunately, God was compassionate and finally sent Murong Qi Qi to his side. Compared to the happiness of now, what do those sufferings of the past matter?!

After staying for two more days, Feng Cang’s group returned to Yongzhou city.

“This is the book of Wing Chase Cliff! Guard it well!”

Murong Qi Qi handed the book Feng Cang gave her to Tie Xue.


Tie Xue smiled. The smile of that scarred face turned a lot gentler.

“Did miss see the designs of Fang Jing? What more needs to be improved?”

“I already marked the places that needs to be changed. Fang Jing would understand with just one look. Go back and tell Fang Jing that I want to build the most powerful fortress in this world! Tell him not to save money for me! Everything that can be solved with money is not a problem. No need to be fancy and luxurious. Only needs to be strong and durable. In addition, the fire function must be done well. I don’t want my hard built place of business, in the end, to be burned down by someone.”

“Good! I would convey miss’s words without a change to Fang Jing. Miss, this is the lease of all the shops in the Nan four states. We picked the best shops for Tong Bao Zhai and Jue Se Fang. The other shops, we did as miss instructed. According to different locations, we used different prices to advertise. Those merchants were very satisfied with our method. Many were willing to continue the cooperation.”

“Hehe…, Hearing Tie Xue say that, Murong Qi Qi laughed.

“Naturally, everyone likes earning money. Before, the business of Nan four states was wrapped around Helan family’s hands. Every business was theirs. That was too overbearing. I don’t have so much energy to take care of them. Besides, letting everyone earn money together would promote healthy competition. This is what the road of business should be. Our advantage would certainly be revealed and we will surpass the three other states.

“As long as we have the overall situation in hand, I believe that more and more people would come to do business in the Nan four states. By then, Nan four states would certainly become the most prosperous area out of the sixteen states of You Yun.”

Tie Xue admired Murong Qi Qi very much after those words. He didn’t expect that miss had such an exceptional talent in business.

“Miss, recently, Fo Sheng Men’s people appeared in Nan four states. It appeared that they were inquiring about our bottom line.”

“It’s nothing. Fo Sheng Men won’t touch us. Long Ao Tian and godfather had an agreement. For ten years, Fo Sheng Men won’t set its eyes on our Moyu. However, even if they want to swallow Moyu after five years, it won’t be simple.”

“But miss and Ming Yue Cheng formed an alliance. If Fo Sheng Men found out it has something to do with Moyu, then wouldn’t Guanghua gongzi’s[2. Gongzi: young master] and Moyu’s relation come to light? If they found out it’s miss, then wouldn’t it be dangerous for miss?”

Tie Xue was a bit worried about Murong Qi Qi’s safety. Miss was the backbone of Moyu. Nothing must happen to her. This was something sir Mozun told him and Wu Qing before dying. They must protect miss well.

“Then let out rumors that Guanghua gongzi and Du Xian Er are a pair. Like this, it could be explained clearly. No one would doubt it…”

Sure enough, when Nalan Xin reported the results to Feng Cang, Feng Cang’s eyes narrowed into a thin line.

“So, Guanghua gongzi found Ming Yue Cheng. Then, Guanghua gongzi and Moyu ended Helan family?”

“That’s right. Saying it like that, it seems reasonable. Helan Min loved Jue Se Fang’s clothes. Du Xian Er is an expert at poisons. She only needed to put this poison into the clothes and take someone’s life without anyone noticing.”

“It’s just, this subordinate didn’t expect that Guanghua gongzi and Du Xian Er are lovers. Du Xian Er is the leader of Moyu; Guanghua gongzi always had a positive image. There’s a saying that right and wrong won’t go together. I didn’t think that Guanghua gongzi would choose to be together with Du Xian Er! Is he not afraid that if the world knows about this, then the world would boycott Jue Se Fang and Tong Bao Zhai?”

Hearing Nalan Xin say that, Feng Cang chuckled: “I really admire this Guanghua gongzi. It’s rumored that Guanghua gongzi is the number one gongzi of the world. He could abandon reputation to be together with Du Xian Er; it can seen that the two truly love each other. Besides, although Du Xian Er has many rumors, but it’s never said that Du Xian Er killed the innocents. So, this Du Xian Er is also a good-tempered person. That the two are together is also a perfect match!”

Wangye, are you at ease now? Du Xian Er’s love has found a landing. Does Wangye not have to worry about how to explain to wangfei[3. Wangfei: the main wife/consort of the prince of first rank] anymore?”

Seeing that Feng Cang was relaxed, Nalan Xin couldn’t help but tease him.


Feng Cang didn’t answer. The stone in his heart finally disappeared. The grace Mozun had for saving him; he had promised to help Moyu when Du Xian Er needed it. However, now that Du Xian Er’s feelings finally had someone to rely on, he could be at ease and could be regarded as having an explanation for Mozun.

After staying for a few more days in Yongzhou, Feng Cang finally decided to return to the capital.

The contestants of Dong Lu had already returned to their country. Nan Feng also had long left. Only the contestants of Xi Qi who were injured or needed to rest because of their use of the inner energy. That’s why they stayed at Yongzhou. This time, when Feng Cang returns to the capital, Longze Jing Tian decided to follow him. Returning to the capital to participate in the wedding of Feng Cang and Murong qi Qi. After that, go back to Xi Qi with Shangguan Wu Ji.

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi spent the new year at Fengyu villa. They didn’t bring Wanyan Bao Zhu. Feng Cang didn’t like a person not of interest to influence his and Murong Qi Qi's mood. He simply left Wanyan Bao Zhu in Yongzhou.

Originally, it should be a sad thing, but Wanyan Bao Zhu was very happy. Every day, she ran to Xi Qi’s station to see Longze Jing Tian. Longze Jing couldn’t make heads or tails about this Bei Zhou’s princess. However, they were on her territory, so it wouldn’t be right to refuse. He treated her not cold nor warm, but this attitude didn’t make Wanyan Bao Zhu run away. She still appeared every day to enquire solicitously about Longze Jing Tian’s well-being.

Now that Longze Jing Tian wanted to follow them to Yan Capital, Wanyan Bao Zhu was the most happiest person. Before, she was worried about how to persuade Wanyan Lie to promise her to Longze Jing Tian. Now, the opportunity presented itself to her.

Wanyan Bao Zhu was happy but Murong Qing Lian wasn't. Although the wounds on her body have closed and they also didn’t hurt that much anymore, but at her side appeared Wanyan Bao Zhu, this infatuated flower, making her mood very bad.

Because she had hurt her left foot and needed to rest, she wasn't able to be at Longze Jing Tian’s side, giving Wanyan Bao Zhu an opportunity to be like an infatuated flower at Longze Jing Tian’s side. This was most unbearable for Murong Qing Lian.

Murong Qing Lian couldn’t afford to offend Wanyan Bao Zhu because she’s Bei Zhou’s princess. However, the fire in her heart couldn’t be extinguished. Occasionally, she would say some words to anger Wanyan Bao Zhu. However, the other party used the princess’s status to oppress her from time to time. Plus, the fact that Longze Jing Tian didn’t protect her so much like before, made Murong Qing Lian lose a lot of tears in secret.

All the way, Murong Qing Lian spent her days sullenly. She wished she could find an opportunity to kill Wanyan Bao Zhu, but it was only limited to her imaginations with no way to carry it out. In contrast to Murong Qing Lian, Bai Yi Yue got the care of Murong Qi Qi. Her originally consumed inner energy had been restored in a short period of time.

When she heard this news, Murong Qing Lian once again greeted all of Murong Qi Qi’s ancestors from eighteen generations back. Obviously, she (MQL) is her (MQQ) little sister, why did she (MQQ) treat outsiders better than her (MQL)? Truly a bitch!

  • Greeting the ancestors: cursing at someone by cursing her/his family

However, she could only think about those words. After being ‘taken care’ of by Murong Qi Qi at the tournament of the four countries, now whenever Murong Qing Lian sees Murong Qi Qi, she would shiver through her whole body.

Jia Lan already went back to Dong Lu. On this road, there’s no one who’d protect her. If Murong Qi Qi wanted to kill her, then she would die. So, although Murong Qing Lian hated Murong Qi Qi very much and wished that she could take off her (MQQ) head to kick it as a ball, but she was still very careful. She was worried that her actions would provoke Murong Qi Qi and bring fatal disaster to herself.

When they arrived at Yan Capital, the Lantern Festival had already passed.

  • The Lantern Festival or the Spring Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar (source Wikipedia)

Bei Zhou had gotten the first place in the tournament of the four countries. This news spread throughout all streets of entire Bei Zhou during the new year. For a time, the citizens were very enthusiastic and patriotic. They were very excited and it hadn’t diminished even after the new year ended.

When Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi returned to the wangfu[4. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] and had just entered, they heard a burst of thunderous applause. Feng Qi and Feng Yu led the people of the wangfu to come welcome their wangye and wangfei.

Wangye, the emperor is waiting for you to come back!”

Murong Qi Qi gave Feng Cang a gentle smile. Feng Cang nodded and followed the person who came to fetch him to the palace.

After entering the imperial study, Feng Cang was about to bow when he was stopped by Wanyan Lie. He was given a seat. Bei Zhou's win also let Wanyan Lie, this emperor, smile a lot more. He was very happy. Finally, they got the first place in his hands. This is supreme glory, ah!

Listening to Feng Cang describe the tournament in detail, Wanyan Lie nodded and was full of smiles.

“The way zhen[5. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] sees it, this princess Zhao Yang brings luck to you! Ever since she came, the whole thing went smoothly. It seems that she truly is a lucky star.”

Wanyan Lie praised Feng Cang, and he (FC) only smiled: “It’s all uncle’s great blessing!”

These words made Wanyan Lie extremely happy. He stroked his beard and finally went to the main subject.

Zhen called you here to tell you that your day has been selected! It’s the twenty-eight of the first month! This is the best day!”

Seeing that Wanyan Lie summoned him for this, Feng Cang immediately stood up and bowed at Wanyan Lie.

“Nephew thanks uncle! Thanks uncle!”

Feng Cang’s facial features clearly revealed his happiness and excitement. Wanyan Lie laughed after seeing that.

Zhen knew you would like it! That’s why zhen let people find a day earlier to let you be able to hold the beauty sooner! Haha, look at you, it’s not like this is the first time you marry. You are actually happy like this. It seems that princess Zhao Yang is truly to your taste, ah! Hahaha! So good, so good!”

“Come, try the new pastry the palace made. It’s called Crisp Plum. You would certainly like it.”

Wanyan Lie let people serve tea and snacks. While they drank tea and ate snacks, he talked with Feng Cang about the wedding. Feng Cang repeatedly nodded.

Feng Cang stayed for a while longer. Only after he ate a few pieces of the new pastry from the palace and drank some tea, did Wanyan Lie let him go.

After Feng Cang left, the smile of Wanyan Lie’s face slowly faded. In the end, it turned gloomy.

“Jing De, arrange. Zhen wants to go to Long Autumn (Chanqui) palace!”

Long Autumn palace was the place where the empress resided. However, Wanyan Lie’s empress didn’t live there. Instead, this was the place where Wanyan Lie’s favorite consorts lived. After counting, there had been a total of eight imperial noble consorts. However, they had all died young. Now, the one living here was Wanyan Lie’s new favorite. Bei Zhou’s ninth imperial noble consort, Yue Lan Zhi.

The moment she heard that the emperor would come and she should get prepared, Yue Lan Zhi shivered. The comb in her hand fell onto the ground.

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