Chapter 107 Annoying in the extreme father and son (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 107 Annoying in the extreme father and son (1)

Now, the most favored person in the palace was Yue Lan Zhi. For her, the emperor wished he could get the stars from the sky.

However, the sexual desire Wanyan Lie had was a bit too strong. The old imperial physician didn’t know just how many times, after Yue Lan Zhi's miscarriage, he had been woken up and dragged to Long Autumn palace to save the life of this imperial noble consort. The old imperial physician saw today’s situation clearly. That bed and white clothes stained with blood had startled him a lot.

If Wanyan Lie continued to ‘pamper’ like this, he was afraid that this niangniang[1. Niangniang: used to call all the females of the imperial family by others] would be like those past niangniang of this Long Autumn palace and won’t live for much longer.

The old imperial physician felt sympathy for Yue Lan Zhi. Not every person could bear an emperor’s love. It was just, he's also just a subject. Besides, he’s already so old. He should enjoy his old age. If he carelessly said something wrong and angered Wanyan Lie, making his head become separated from his body, then it wouldn’t be worth it.

Wanyan Lie narrowed his eyes. He looked at the old imperial physician’s wrinkles on his face. His (WL) gaze followed along his (physician) chin till the cold sweat on his beard. He finally laughed.

Zhen[2. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] understands. You should just treat her. Zhen promises you that I would not touch her! As long as it’s good for her body and this palace has it, you can go take it! If you heal imperial noble consort, zhen will reward you heavily!”

“Yes! This subject accepts the command!”

The old imperial physician sighed from relief. He could be considered to have passed this calamity. He hoped that Yue Lan Zhi would get well and be safe after eating his medicine. He’s already old. He could no longer take these shocks.

After the old imperial physician retreated, Wanyan Lie entered to take a look at Yue Lan Zhi. Under the light, her face was very pale. Her face, as small as a handpalm, didn’t have a single trace of blood. Even the usually soft like flower petals lips were also pale.

The quietness made Yue Lan Zhi feel scared. She opened her eyes. Seeing Wanyan Lie staring at her, she struggled to sit up: “Emp…emperor…”

“Beloved consort, you lie down!”

Wanyan Lie stepped forward and gently let her lay back down. He personally covered her with the bedding.

“Beloved consort, the imperial physician already said that your body is too weak. You should rest well and nurse yourself back to health. You can relax. What you want, what you need, you just need to say it. Zhen will bring it to you. As long as you get better, zhen is willing to do everything!”


“Sorry, just now, it was zhen who was wrong! Zhen loves you too much! Every time, zhen couldn’t control myself!”

Wanyan Lie held Yue Lan Zhi’s slender and cold hand and put it gently on his face.

“It’s because zhen loves you too much, that’s why zhen wants to keep you forever at zhen’s side. Sorry Yue er,[3. Er: term of endearment] zhen is truly wrong, zhen truly knows that zhen is wrong!”

He’s doing it again and again! Feeling the wet feeling of tears in her hand, Yue Lan Zhi was scared.

Every time, after treating her rudely like that, he would be like this. It was like he completely changes to someone else. He becomes so gentle. In the end, which one is the real him? In the end, what was he truly thinking? Although the time she was at Wanyan Lie’s side was not short, she still couldn’t see through him.

“Beloved consort, touch…”

Wanyan Lie put Yue Lan Zhi’s hand on his chest to let her feel his heartbeat.

“Do you feel it? This whole heart is beating for you. It’s because zhen has you that makes zhen continue to persist. Yue er, you must be fine. If you die, what should zhen do? How could zhen endure the days without you? Zhen will certainly follow you (in death); not being able to be born on the same day, will definitely die on the same day…”


Yue Lan Zhi covered Wanyan Lie’s mouth.

“Emperor, how could you say such words again? You are the one who will live ten thousand, ten thousand years. Chenqie[4. Chenqie: this subject wife/ I, used by the wives of the imperial family] is just your slave. Chenqie couldn’t afford to bear what you’re saying…”

“Yue er, you’ve forgiven zhen, right?”

Hearing Yue Lan Zhi open her mouth to speak, Wanyan Lie was exceptionally excited. The eyes looking at her were also like shining crystal tears.

“Yue er, do you still love zhen? Like how zhen loves you?”

Yue Lan Zhi felt bitter after hearing Wanyan Lie. Why was it like this every time? Could it be that he didn’t realize that acting like this would hurt people very much? Trampling her without the slightest scruple like that, and now he’s crying like this…If he truly and sincerely felt repentance, why did he continue to repeatedly hurt her? Why?

Yue Lan Zhi didn’t speak for a long time. Wanyan Lie’s tears fell on Yue Lan Zhi’s hand.

Zhen knows that Yue er doesn’t want to forgive zhen, no matter what! It was zhen who caused our child to die! Everything is zhen’s fault!”

Wanyan Lie’s fists hit his face, making Yue Lan Zhi flustered. She quickly grabbed Wanyan Lie’s hand.

“Emperor, chenqie, chenqie has never blamed you! Your love is chenqie’s blessing! Chenqie was willing…”

After hearing this, Wanyan Lie’s hands finally stopped. The raised-up head still had traces of crying, but no more tears fell out.

“Yue er, do you mean it? You truly love zhen? You won’t leave zhen?”

“Emperor, chenqie will stay by your side forever! Until…you’re tired of chenqie!”


After hearing this sentence, Wanyan Lie finally exposed the first smile since he'd entered this room. And this gentle laughter couldn’t help but let Yue Lan Zhi shudder.

Was it her imagination? Why was Wanyan Lie’s laughter not the same this time? There seemed to be something else inside that laughter. It was just, she couldn’t catch what it was.

“How would zhen get tired of you?!”

Wanyan Lie’s big hand followed the pattern of Yue Lan Zhi’s white undergarment and probed into it. He seized that cloud and didn’t take into account the coldness of Yue Lan Zhi’s body. His big hand grabbed it. The callus of his palm rubbed it until Yue Lan Zhi’s face became pinkish.

“Emperor, chenqie really can’t, really…”

Yue Lan Zhi shook her head and bit her lips. Her tears came up. She actually forgot that he’s a demon. Just now, she almost indulged herself in the demon’s lies.

“Don’t worry! Zhen is just telling you that zhen will love you forever!”

Seeing the fear in Yue Lan Zhi’s eyes, Wanyan Lie smiled while retrieving his hand. He once again tucked Yue Lan Zhi in.

“Rest well! Recover quickly! Zhen truly loves the wonderful moments with beloved consort! Don’t let zhen wait for too long, yo!”

He bent over. Wanyan Lie’s warm lips fell on the corner of Yue Lan Zhi’s eye and sucked the tears away.

“Yue er, I love you! Forever…”

Hearing that, Yue Lan Zhi closed her eyes. Her tears rolled out again. She knew that those words were not said to her. It was just like what Wanyan Lie had previously said. No matter how much she imitated, she couldn’t be compared to that woman in the underground tunnel. And the ‘Yue er’ he always called was in fact calling for that woman and not her.

“Don’t cry, your tears fell into zhen’s heart. Zhen hurts, really!”

Wanyan Lie’s deep and magnetic voice, coupled with the ambergris fragrance of his body, made people almost indulge in his pampering and gentleness. It was just, it was not the first time that she had fallen for it. This time, she absolutely won’t fall for it!

Yue Lan Zhi’s tears fell, one by one. Every one of them entered Wanyan Lie’s mouth and then these bitter tears were fed into her mouth. Acting differently from the rude and arrogant behavior of before, Wanyan Lie’s kiss was now gentle. Careful and full of magic, making people couldn’t help but indulge in that kiss. If it wasn’t because of the pain on her body reminding her, she would’ve been deceived by him once again.

Seeing that Yue Lan Zhi finally stopped crying, Wanyan Lie stood up satisfied. He called Jing De: “Pass zhen’s decree. Long Autumn palace’s imperial noble consort Yue is truly to zhen’s taste. Especially rewarding her with a pair of gold and jade jewelries, a peacock feather…”

When all those rewards from Wanyan Lie were brought into Long Autumn palace, Yue Lan Zhi had long turned numb. At first, she was grateful towards these rewards from Wanyan Lie. Now, she's already so numb to these that she wouldn’t even want to thank the emperor for this grace.

She didn’t know how many times Wanyan Lie used this tactic. The things he rewarded were always more extravagant and more gorgeous than the previous time, but each time, she had been injured even more than the previous time. She really didn’t know when such a life would end. Is it that only when she dies will he let go of her and give her freedom?!

Chenqie thanks the dragon’s (emperor) grace!”

Only when Wanyan Lie left Long Autumn palace did Yue Lan Zhi slowly thank for this grace. It was just, Wanyan Lie had already walked far away.

After he came out of Long Autumn palace, Wanyan Lie put his hands behind his back. He walked slowly and was in a very good mood.

“Your majesty, the candidate for the replacement has been found.”

Jing De followed behind Wanyan Lie at the right pace. Not far nor near, just three steps away.

“See when you have free time to go take a look.”

“Oh? So quickly, she was found?”

Wanyan Lie’s voice revealed a trace of interest.

“Let’s go, take zhen there!”

When Jing De brought a woman in white to Wanyan Lie, Wanyan Lie went wooden for a moment.

“Yue er…”

He stood up and walked to the girl. He stroked the girl’s smooth face. Wanyan Lie pinched her chin and forced her to look at him.

Wanyan Lie was very satisfied with the girl’s appearance. She was about fifteen or sixteen years old. She looked like Wanyan Ming Yue before she had married. This time, the person Jing De found looked the most like Wanyan Ming Yue. It was just, he didn’t know if the other parts were also like her.

“Say something to let zhen listen!”

“This slave greets emperor!”

The girl’s voice was melodious like an oriole of the mountain. However, just with one sentence, Wanyan Lie frowned and let go of her chin.

“Not the same! Yue er’s voice is not so giddy. Your voice is too flamboyant. It needs to change!”


The girl had become frightened of Wanyan Lie and quickly nodded.

“Mm, you can be considered lovable and clever! Retreat now! Jing De, let people take good care of her. Train her for few more days. When Feng Cang marries, bring her to Long Autumn palace.”


Jing De gave a hand gesture. Immediately, two palace maids came and escorted the girl away. When the girl left, Jing De came to Wanyan Lie’s side.

“Emperor, Murong Qi Qi is a princess from Xi Qi who came for a marriage alliance. If something happens to her on the wedding night, presumably Xi Qi won’t leave the matter like that. Besides, Xi Qi’s people are still in Yan Capital, if…”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Wanyan Lie raised his hand and interrupted Jing De.

“There’s no if. Murong Qi Qi’s title is just a bestowed one. Besides, Feng Cang has those rumors. If she doesn’t die, then people would feel surprised. No need to worry about this. In case if Xi Qi truly doesn’t let the matter go, at worst, zhen will give them one princess!”

“Your majesty, do you mean princess Bao Zhu?”

After remembering that Wanyan Bao Zhu had come to look for Wanyan Lie earlier today, Jing De suddenly understood.

“Bao Zhu took a liking to Longze Jing Tian and came to beg zhen. Hehe, she's finally no longer obsessed with Feng Cang. Zhen is very pleased about this. Zhen had heard about that Longze Jing Tian. He is not bad! In the future, he is certainly Xi Qi’s emperor! If marrying Bao Zhu to him, that means that the future empress of Xi Qi is zhen’s daughter. Zhen can’t be happier! When there’s time, zhen will talk about this matter with Longze Jing Tian and see what his attitude is towards this matter.”

“Is there still need to ask? Of course, this is what he is seeking, ah! To be able to marry princess Bao Zhu is a blessing he accumulated in eight lifetimes!”

After hearing Jing De’s words, Wanyan Lie was very happy. He only has this one daughter. Before, she was so obsessed with Feng Cang that she forgot what her name and surname were, giving him many headaches. He didn’t expect that after she went to the tournament of the four countries, she took a fancy to Longze Jing Tian. This is very good, ah! As long as it’s not Feng Cang, no matter who she wanted to marry, Wanyan Lie would agree.

“If Xi Qi still doesn’t give up, then the responsibility is on Feng Cang and doesn’t have anything to do with zhen. Zhen could just use this opportunity to let Feng Cang lead the army and destroy Xi Qi. This is a perfect excuse. If other countries want to hold someone accountable, then it’s Feng Cang who is in the wrong.”

Wanyan Lie thought about everything beautifully. Jing De repeatedly praised him.

“Emperor, this is an excellent plan, excellent plan! No matter what, Feng Cang wouldn’t be able to overturn emperor’s palm! Emperor is wise!”


While Wanyan Lie laughed, princess Bao Zhu was now at the East palace.

“Say, what’s the matter? It’s already so late; why did little sister came to this crown prince’s palace? Could it be to talk about the sibling love between us?!”

Wanyan Hong yawned with a look full of sleepiness.

“Imperial big brother, Zhao Lang is dead!”

The moment Wanyan Bao Zhu opened her mouth, it let the fatigue on Wanyan Hong’s face disappear immediately. Hearing her talk about Zhao Lang, Wanyan Hong sat up and let the others retreat. When looking at Wanyan Bao Zhu again, Wanyan Hong’s eyes turned darker.

“How did little sister found out the relationship between Zhao Lang and this crown prince?”

“Because I’m Chou er.”

Wanyan Bao Zhu took down the human skin mask on her face, revealing her original face. Wanyan Hong was startled for a moment. After that, Wanyan Bao Zhu told Wanyan Hong all the things that had happened before Zhao Lang’s death.


When Wanyan Hong heard that in the end, Zhao Lang’s head was cut off and put on a snowman, Wanyan Hong’s fist hit the table.

“Bastards! No wonder Zhao Lang didn’t get in contact with this crown prince for so long. The people this crown prince had sent also couldn’t find Zhao Lang. It turned out to be like this!”

“Your highness the crown prince, please get revenge for Zhao Lang!”

Wanyan Bao Zhu knelt down. Her head knocked on the ground.

“Please get revenge for Zhao Lang!”

“First, stand up to speak!”

Wanyan Hong let Wanyan Bao Zhu stand up. His face fixed on hers, making Wanyan Bao Zhu’s heart shiver. This man's gaze was very frightening, filled with a dark and gloomy atmosphere.

Wanyan Bao Zhu was now somewhat uncertain. Did she do the right thing by coming to tell Wanyan Hong the truth?!

“Put the human skin mask on and let this crown prince take a look.”

Wanyan Hong walked step by step to Wanyan Bao Zhu. He watched Wanyan Bao Zhu put the human skin mask on and turn back into Bei Zhou’s princess.

“Not bad, not bad!”

Wanyan Hong reached out and gently pinched Wanyan Bao Zhu’s face.

“Alike, indeed very alike! The skin feels very soft like that of a real human! If you didn’t tell me the truth, this crown prince would’ve thought that you’re truly Wanyan Bao Zhu.”

“Your highness…”

Don’t know why, Wanyan Bao Zhu saw an unbridled desire in Wanyan Hong’s eyes, making her feel frightened.

“Your highness, Zhao Lang…”

“Nothing but a dead man, why mention him?! Useless thing; he couldn’t even do such a simple matter well. He deserved to die!”

Wanyan Hong interrupted Wanyan Bao Zhu. His gaze swept smilingly over Wanyan Bao Zhu’s body.

“What this crown prince is interested in is you, my beloved little sister…”

“Your highness!”

Wanyan Bao Zhu didn’t understand the matter yet, when she was pulled by his big hand into Wanyan Hong’s embrace. Both of his hands clutched her waist. His strength was big, so that Wanyan Bao Zhu couldn’t break free.

“Your highness, I’m not the princess! I’m not…”

“Hehe, this crown prince knows you’re not! You’re so loud, could it be that you want to call everyone here?! Or is it that you wish to call this crown prince’s imperial father over and let him know that you’re a fake princess? Mm?”

Wanyan Hong’s tone finally let Wanyan Bao Zhu realize that she made a mistake coming here today!

Originally, she wanted to use Wanyan Hong’s hands to get rid of those people she despised. She didn’t expect to have brought herself to Wanyan Hong’s mouth and also let him use this matter to threaten her. Now, no matter how stupid she was, she could see his thoughts from the great desire in his eyes.

“What, what do you want?”

Wanyan Bao Zhu suppressed the trembling in her voice and strived to make herself look calmer.

“This crown prince likes it more when you call this crown prince imperial big brother…”

Wanyan Hong’s hand loosened the ends of her waistband.

“Be good, let me hear you call this crown prince once!”

“Imperial, imperial big brother…”

One 'imperial brother' made Wanyan Hong excited. His big hand entered and grabbed Wanyan Bao Zhu’s soft cloud.

“This crown prince had tried men, had tried women, but hadn’t tried little sister yet. Hehe, although you’re not this crown prince’s biological little sister, but this face would do…”

Wanyan Bao Zhu was stunned. She completely didn’t think Wanyan Hong would have such perverted thoughts. He simply is not a human!

“What? Is it that you want to say this crown prince is not a human?”

Not waiting for Wanyan Bao Zhu to say something, Wanyan Hong already said Wanyan Bao Zhu’s thoughts out loud.

“Of course, this crown prince is not human. This crown prince is the future son of heaven, is the son heaven is proud of, how would this crown prince be an ordinary human?!”

“Your highness…”

Wanyan Bao Zhu just called one ‘your highness’, Wanyan Hong used strength to pinch her cloud, making Wanyan Bao Zhu feel so much pain that her tears almost fell out.

“Not well-behaved, oh! This crown prince is your imperial big brother! Be good, call this crown prince imperial big brother! Or, this crown prince will send you to the palace to let imperial father recognize this fake daughter!”

“Imperial big brother…”

Wanyan Bao Zhu wanted to cry but didn’t have the tears.

In the end, what happened to her? Poop must’ve filled her brain! In order to get rid of Murong Qi Qi, she actually delivered her secret to this person and also suffered insult because of this! If she hadn’t say anything, continued to be princess Bao Zhu and then married Longze Jing Tian, becoming his wangfei[5. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank] and later becoming Xi Qi’s empress, how good would that have been?! Why was she so stupid?!

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