Chapter 11: Miss Duanmu’s Provocation

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 11: Miss Duanmu’s Provocation

Murong Qi Qi pretended like she didn’t hear Murong Jun’s words. She kept up her innocent appearance and lovingly let Murong Xin Lian hold her hand as they walked into the pavilion.

“Greetings to big brother!”


Murong Jun opened his fan and faced the other way in response.

“If I had known that we were waiting for her, I might as well have gone to Yi Hong Lou to find my little Tao Hong! What a waste of this young master's time!”

  • Yi Hong Lou is probably a brothel

Murong Xin Lian and Murong Qing Lian were already accustomed to Murong Jun saying such words. This young master was known as the ‘loafer of the capital’. An expert in the field of romance. He was well versed in eating, drinking, whoring and gambling. The thing he liked the most was beautiful women. The thing he loved the most was hanging out with women.

Being Murong household's only incense burner, Murong Tai indulged this treasure son very much. Whether it was forcing commoner girls or having gambling debts, in the end, Murong Tai would help him clean up.

  • Incense burner means the only one who can continue with the family line

This was the first time that Murong Qi Qi saw Murong Jun after she had returned. Although Murong Jun had inherited Murong Tai’s handsomeness of when he (MT) was young, the white of his eyes was now yellow. His black eyes and thin body betrayed the fact that he indulged too much.

“Yo, third big sister, your speed is really slow, ah!”

Murong Qing Lian skimmed over Murong Qi Qi.

Murong Qing Lian’s ‘third big sister’ drew everyone’s eyes to Murong Qi Qi.

About this Murong household third miss, many had only heard her name through rumors and have not seen her in person. After all, Murong Qi Qi stayed away for five years at Jing Xin An and didn’t appear in the capital. So in this circle of young masters and misses, Murong Qi Qi had never appeared. This was her first appearance after she’d returned.

However, ever since Murong Qi Qi had returned to the capital, there were new rumors everywhere in the capital. Now, after seeing the real person, people couldn’t help but look more carefully. They wanted to see how the woman from the rumors looked like.

Her hair was in a simple braid. She was dressed in a light blue dress. On her head, there’s only one pearl flower. In her hair, a mahogany hairpin. Although her looks couldn’t be compared to Murong Xin Lian and Murong Qing Lian, but her expression was demure and gentle. Looking at it, it had a fresh and natural taste. It made her defeat these young maidens who had too much jewelry on their bodies.


mahogany hairpin

“I say, who is it that has such a big face? So it’s third miss, ah!”

  • Face is here figuratively.

Just at that moment, a cynical voice was suddenly heard. The speaker was Duanmu family’s eldest miss Duanmu Yi Yi.

“You must be more honorable than the others. That’s why you let everyone wait for you. Could it be that third miss looks down on us?”

Duanmu Yi Yi’s sharp mouth didn’t spare people. Others clearly understood why she was so against Murong Qi Qi.

This miss Duanmu was a faithful follower of Longze Jing Tian. She had threatened that if she had to marry, she would only marry Jing wangye’[1. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank]. Now, she had met the future Jing wangfei [2. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank] Murong Qi Qi who was lesser than her in everything, of course Duanmu Yi Yi must give her a blow.

“I’m at fault for coming late. What do I need to do to quell miss’s resentment?”

The moment Murong Qi Qi’s words left her mouth, some people who knew the situation laughed out loud.

‘Resentment’, this word described Duanmu Yi Yi’s mood very well. Couldn’t become Jing wangfei, of course her heart had resentment. That was why she was making things difficult for Murong Qi Qi. One word ‘resentment’ described Duanmu Yi Yi’s image of a ‘resenting wife’ very appropriately.

“Murong Qi Qi!”

Being laughed at, Duanmu Yi Yi’s expression immediately turned ashen. From her point of view, Murong Qi Qi deliberately said it like that. She (MQQ) was obviously mocking her (DYY).

She, the dignified Duanmu family’s eldest miss, was now being ridiculed by the rubbish Murong Qi Qi, really too embarrassing.

“Little cousin sister, come sit here……”

Just when Duanmu Yi Yi was about to open her mouth to make things difficult for Murong Qi Qi, Li Yun Qing sitting on a side, raised his cup of wine smilingly at Murong Qi Qi.

“Making me wait so long for you, should you not punish yourself with three cups of wine?!”

Li Yun Qing opening his mouth was to everyone’s surprise. One must know that this Li family’s eldest young master's eyes were high on his forehead (meaning he looks down on people). Very few people could enter his eyes. At this moment, he was helping Murong Qi Qi. When had their relationship become so good?

“Letting big cousin brother wait, I should be punished!”

Knowing that Li Yun Qing was helping her, Murong Qi Qi gave him a thankful smile. She directly picked up the jug of wine and raised her head. Her red lips parted slightly. She tilted the jug. The pure wine slowly fell into Murong Qi Qi’s mouth.

At this moment, the moonlight fell on Murong Qi Qi’s body, casting a dreamy fog on her. Silence surrounded her. Only the sound of the wine going into the mouth could be heard. Beauty and good wine. The original ordinary Murong Qi Qi at this moment gave out a hallucinatory effect, making people unable to do anything but stare in rapture.

“Good capacity of liquor!”

After Murong Qi Qi put down the jug of wine, Shangguan Wu Ji cheered loudly.

“Didn’t expect third miss to be such a good drinker. Simply comparable to a man!”

Shangguan family came from a family of generals. Shangguan Wu Ji’s was also very forthright. Around him, there was also a masculine and brave aura.

People of the army naturally liked straightforwardness. So Murong Qi Qi, being a girl drinking forthright like this, left a good impression on Shangguan Wu Ji.

Seeing Shangguan Wu Ji praise Murong Qi Qi, Duanmu Yi Yi’s expression turned uglier.

“So what if she can drink? She is still a rubbish!”

Relying on the fact that the current empress Duanmu Qing is her aunt, Duanmu Yi Yi was a bit more arrogant than others.

Duanmu Yi Yi’s words made Shangguan Wu Ji frown.

“Miss Duanmu talking like this in front of people is not ladylike.”

Shangguan Wu Ji speaking up for her made Murong Qi Qi look at him with new eyes. She is not familiar with Shangguan Wu Ji, but he saw injustice and generously helped her. Such a person was worthy of becoming friends with!

“A rubbish or not, testing it won’t we know?!”

Duanmu Yi Yi didn’t dare to butt heads with Shangguan Wu Ji. Although her aunt is the current empress, but the empress dowager Shangguan Fei Yan is Shangguan Wu Ji’s grandfather’s biological little sister.

Even Shangguan Wu Ji had to call her gu nainai[3. Gu nainai: grandfather's sister/ great-aunt]. The empress dowager loved this younger generation of Shangguan family very much. Even the emperor trusted Shangguan family very much.

But not fighting with Shangguan Wu Ji didn’t mean that Duanmu Yi Yi would let Murong Qi Qi off. She picked up a soft persimmon to pinch. In Duanmu Yi Yi’s eyes, Murong Qi Qi was just a soft persimmon.

  • Soft persimmon is a Chinese saying for someone who is easy to deal with.

“Murong Qi Qi, if you have the skills, then compete talents with this miss. If you lose then you have to admit that you are rubbish!”

“Good idea!”

Again, it was Li Yun Qing who opened his mouth first to approve.

“This idea of miss Duanmu, I’ll be the first one to approve! But only competing is too boring. If we bet……”

Li Yun Qing’s words immediately let the atmosphere rise.

Although Duanmu Yi Yi was spoiled, but she was also a famously talented woman in the capital. She has real ability.

Now Duanmu Yi Yi was competing talents with the rubbish Murong Qi Qi. Was there even a need to compete?! Was the result not clear yet?!

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