Chapter 111 The truth (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 111 The truth (1)

Not waiting for Feng Cang’s kiss to land, Murong Qi Qi tiptoed and took the initiative to kiss Feng Cang’s lips.

“Cousin-in-law is formidable!” Wanyan Kang roared and whistled. The people beside him were also very happy. It seemed that wangye[1. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] and wangfei’s[2. Wangfei:main wife/consort of the prince of first rank] relationship was very good. This was the thing that made people the happiest.

The two kissed as if there was no one else around; as if in this world, there were only the two of them.

‘Pa!’ ‘Boom!’ Nine hundred ninety-nine fireworks were lit. The sky above the whole wangfu[3. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] was bright like it was in the day. Gorgeous flowers bloomed in the blue sky. It attracted the attention of the whole capital and also alerted Wanyan Lie in the palace.

  • Chinese people like 9 very much as 9 has the same pronunciation with 久 (Jiu, meaning everlasting). On the Valentine’s Day, a man usually presents his lover with 99 or 999 roses to symbolize eternal love.

“What’s going on? Jing De, let someone go take a look!”

Wanyan Lie put down the memorials he was looking at. He walked to the window and looked at the colorful piece of sky not far away. He frowned, “It seems to be in the direction of Nan Lin wangfu. Quickly, let people go check what happened!”

Not only the palace, the embassy where Xi Qi’s people were staying at had also been alarmed.

Looking at the sky full of fireworks above Nan Lin wangfu, Shangguan Wu Ji’s lips were in a tight line. Since he escorted Murong Qi Qi to Bei Zhou till now, his task had been to wait for the wedding of Murong Qi Qi. After seeing her happily become Feng Cang’s wife, his mission would be completed.

It was just, now, Murong Qi Qi’s wedding was getting closer, so close that he didn’t dare to go to Nan Lin wangfu. He was afraid that after seeing Murong Qi Qi, he wouldn’t be able to withstand that kind of heart-tearing pain. Although in his heart, he wanted to see her, but now seeing her had also became a luxurious thing in his life. Since it was like that, it would be better to not see her or meet her. She would always stay in his heart as a young girl; she won’t change, won’t get old and would just stay there…

“What happened at Nan Lin wangfu?” Longze Jing Tian had let someone go inquire. After a while, the person came back.

“Answering wangye, Nan Lin wang proposed to princess Zhao Yang! It’s said, he prepared nine hundred and ninety-nine fireworks…As for what this proposing thing is, this subordinate didn’t found out.”

“Propose?” Looking at the sky of the night blooming with beautiful fireworks, Longze Jing Tian went silent. In his mind, he fantasied about how gorgeous Murong Qi Qi would smile under this piece of colorful sky.

Did he really miss it? Although Longze Jing Tian had let people find crown princess Yu Shi Shi before he came to Bei Zhou and wanted her to make trouble between those two, but it seemed that that woman wasn’t of any use.

Moreover, the most critical thing was that Murong Qi Qi’s heart had moved for Feng Cang. She seemed to have fallen in love with him. Even if he got her back; a woman who had another man living in her heart, would she still try to give him love?

Longze Jing Tian frowned and stared at that piece of colorful sky. He didn’t speak a word. What should he do? Let go and let her be happy? He wasn’t so generous. However, if he forced her to stay at his side, looking at her smile gradually disappear; he also couldn’t do it. What should he do?

Regardless of what Shangguan Wu Ji and Longze Jing Tian were thinking; aside from feeling a loss, Li Yun Qing’s heart was calm. He had seen that man and also met him. He had the appearance of a celestial being and was the proud son of heaven. Only such a man was worthy of her.

From now on, with her, he would only have the blood relationship of being her cousin brother and nothing more. Aside from hiding all his love in his heart, what more could he do?! In the vast sea of people, finding the only partner for life and get him/her; my fortune is not my life…if she’s happy, isn’t that what he wanted?

The three men didn’t talk, making the atmosphere a bit heavy.

After Bai Yi Yue heard that Feng Cang used such a large scale to get the beauty to smile, she felt happy for Murong Qi Qi from the bottom of her heart. This girl showed her true temperament. No matter if it was putting on airs or being overbearing or flying full of passion; all were the true her, making Bai Yi Yue like her although they're the same sex; not to mention the opposite sex!

At this time, only one person’s mood was the worst.

Murong Qing Lian bit her lips and stared at the sky above Nan Lin wangfu. She was so envious. Why wasn’t she as lucky as Murong Qi Qi?! Why, after so long, was Longze Jing Tian still so cold towards her? Why was it that everyone felt Murong Qi Qi was great even though she’s (MQL) much better than her (MQQ)?

Murong Qing Lian completely forgot that Murong Qi Qi acted mercifully towards her at the tournament of the four countries. Now, Murong Qi Qi was at Nan Lin wangfu and didn’t go find or provoke her (MQL), but her heart felt like she ate a catalysis which constantly expanded and attributed all the problems to Murong Qi Qi.

Inside the palace, Jing De reported what happened at Nan Lin wangfu to Wanyan Lie. After hearing that Feng Cang had knelt on one knee and proposed to Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Lie was startled. “It seemed that this time, his heart has truly moved…”

“Right, ah! With Feng Cang’s proud personality, he would certainly not do something like this in public. Your majesty, Nan Lin wang took princess Zhao Yang as the meat of his heart!”

After hearing this, Wanyan Lie revealed a cruel smile, “This is great! Zhen[4. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] wants to cut off the meat from his heart, making him be so in pain as to not want to live anymore! Hahahaha!”

At night, Su Mei and Su Yue retreated. They left the space for Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang, the two lovers who'd just said their vows.

Inside the room, they were surrounded by the fragrance of flowers. Murong Qi Qi nestled in Feng Cang’s arms. Her fingers were wrapped around Feng Cang’s hair. She lazily narrowed her eyes like an idle cat.

“The first time I married; that night, the disease suddenly acted. In the end, the other party was scared to death…”

“The second time, the other party inadvertently saw my purple eyes. She screamed and was killed by Ruyi…”

“The third time, the other party had heard about my bad reputation of cursing my wives to death. She wanted to escape. In the end, she fell from the wall and broke her neck…”

“The fourth time, the sedan hadn’t arrived yet when she cut her wrist…”

“The fifth one entered and wanted to seduce me. She burned aphrodisiac incense in the chamber. I killed her…”

“The sixth one suddenly died. She was poisoned…”

“The seventh lost her chasteness before the marriage. She committed suicide…”

“The eight one heard my footsteps. She was frightened to death…”

Listening to Feng Cang confess his past; after hearing his experience, Murong Qi Qi turned over and sat in his embrace, “Wangye, you have many love affairs, ah! Hearing this, it seems a bit unfair! It’s the first time I’m marrying, but you've already married so many times. Just thinking about it makes me feel it's unfair! Why don’t I also marry eight times? Then we could be considered even.”

“You dare!” Feng Cang’s hand held Murong Qi Qi’s waist tightly. “You’re mine! In this whole life, you will get my surname. Aside from me, in this world, there’s no one who would dare to marry you!”

“Why?” Murong Qi Qi raised an eyebrow and pretended to be confused.

“Because if others want to touch my woman, they need to ask my sword first if it would let them or not!”

After hearing Feng Cang’s proprietorial declaration, Murong Qi Qi was very happy. She liked Feng Cang’s domineering appearance. His language revealed a strong possessiveness and jealousy, making people happy when listening to it.

“Tsk, tsk, wangye, this is not right! In the past, you married so many women and I didn’t even get jealous, instead you're the one who's feeling wronged?!” Murong Qi Qi pouted. Although she was touched by Feng Cang’s overbearing words, but she still felt a bit unhappy, “Just the thought of you almost becoming the man of another woman and having children with someone else, makes me feel very sullen!”

Feng Cang could understand Murong Qi Qi’s jealousy. He pulled Murong Qi Qi in front of him and kissed her forehead, “Qing Qing, if I say before you, I didn’t know what love is and in my eyes, women were just a tool to pass down the family, would you be angry?”

“After my parents passed away, imperial grandmother was the only one who truly loved me. There were only a few heirs to Feng clan. In my generation, there’s only me. She was worried about Feng clan’s bloodline. So, every time, she decreed marriage on me in the name of love. However, in the end, she wasn’t successful. Instead, it let her become more worried and also more anxious. And finally, it turned into the current situation…”

“Then, don’t you know how to reject?” The anger in Murong Qi Qi’s heart still hasn’t fully disappeared. Although those people were now history, but they had been involved with Feng Cang, making her, who'd wanted to be the only one in his heart, become a bit jealous.

“Qing Qing, if I reject, then there would be someone else who would be unhappy!”

At this point, the smile on Feng Cang’s face became very mysterious. It was full of flavor and also with a slight coolness. Murong Qi Qi felt something was wrong from Feng Cang’s tone. Could there be something hidden inside?

“The first time I married, the gu poison suddenly acted up. That day wasn’t the fifteenth. After that, every night after the bride entered the wangfu and we worshipped the heaven and earth, the gu would act up. As for those women, no matter if they were poisoned or committed suicide or lost their chasteness; it revealed that all of that had been orchestrated by humans…”

“Are you saying, someone killed them and disguised them as accidents? There’s someone who wanted to deliberately taint your reputation?” Murong Qi Qi suddenly came to a realization. She frowned, “Who is it? Why did he/she do it? Could the other party have a hatred as deep as the sea with you?”

Feng Cang smiled but didn’t answer. Coldness burst out of those black eyes behind the thick eyelashes. His hand gently combed Murong Qi Qi’s hair, “The day before yesterday, I went into the palace. The emperor let me eat some dessert and drink some tea. After I left the imperial study, I spit them out onto a handkerchief. After I came back, Jin Mo took a look at it. He said that inside the dessert and tea were drugs to hasten up the acting of the gu poison…”

“It’s Wanyan Lie?”

This result let Murong Qi Qi be very surprised. Why? Why was it like that? Didn’t Wanyan Lie love Feng Cang the most? This time, they're getting married; Wanyan Lie had been sending gifts to Nan Lin wangfu every day. Almost all the treasures from the palace had been moved here. Could all of this be a sham?

“Since the fourth time when the bride cut her wrist in the sedan chair, I saw that something was wrong. That woman didn’t commit suicide, she had been murdered!  Only at the seventh time, when the bride had lost her chasteness and committed suicide, did I become sure that the one behind these incidents was Wanyan Lie.”

“Isn’t he your biological uncle? Why would he treat you like this? Could all those rumors be false? Everything about Bei Zhou’s emperor favoring Nan Lin wang is fake?”

The result was too incredible. If what Feng Cang said was the truth, then this truth was too cruel! How could a person be such a hypocrite? At one side, he was kind like a respectable elder. At the other side, he was full of calculations and used such ruthless tactics?

“It’s because I've been investigating what had really happened at Yandang mountain fifteen years ago. The world said Feng Xie was defeated at Murong Tai’s hands. Ah, how could Murong Tai be compared to a character like my father?!”

While saying that, Feng Cang glanced apologetically once at Murong Qi Qi. He felt that it wasn’t right to talk about Murong Tai like that. Speaking of this, Murong Tai was now his father-in-law.

“Continue, it’s fine!” After finding out from Li Qiu Shui that she’s not Murong Tai’s daughter, Murong Qi Qi felt relieved. Even she herself couldn’t accept such a cold and indifferent person as her father.

“At that time, father already had victory in his hands. With father’s tactics of leading the army, not to mention one Murong Tai, even ten couldn’t be compared with father…”

Wangye, do you mean the reason great general was defeated at Yandang mountain was not because of Murong Tai’s ability, but because he was defeated by his own people?”

“Smart!” Feng Cang tapped on Murong Qi Qi nose, “You got it at once. Qing Qing is very clever!”

Murong Qi Qi only smiled at Feng Cang’s praise. Now, she wanted to know who betrayed Feng Xie. Who let Feng Cang lose his parents so young? Who had such a big hatred towards Feng Xie, for him/her to be able to do such a thing?

“If I didn’t guess wrong, that person is my dear uncle, Wanyan Lie!”

“What?!” Murong Qi Qi was completely stunned. If it wasn’t because Feng Cang personally saying this, she wouldn’t have believed any of it. However, this answer was really too shocking.

If Bei Zhou had won that battle at Yandang mountain, Bei Zhou would've driven straight into Xi Qi and Xi Qi would’ve become history. Wanyan would've become the noblest surname of that territory. The great mountains and rivers would’ve become Bei Zhou’s. If it was truly like what Feng Cang said; then why did Wanyan Lie do this? Him doing this; wasn’t it the same as breaking his ambition of uniting the four seas?

“What’s the reason? Why did he do it?”

Murong Qi Qi recovered her calmness from the shock of just now. She believed Feng Cang. However, what’s the reason behind this? What kind of reason let Wanyan Lie give up the great benefits and break one of his arms (meaning FX was one of his arms)? Feng Xie was his childhood friend. The two grew up together and their friendship was unbreakable like iron. Moreover, Feng Xie was his brother-in-law and also the soul of Bei Zhou’s army; why did Wanyan Lie want to destroy Feng Xie?

“If it wasn’t because my disease acted up every wedding night; if it wasn’t because those innocent women died at the right time and let me find some clues, I wouldn’t have suspected Wanyan Lie at all. I also want to know the answer why he did it. My mother was his most beloved little sister. My father was his best friend. What let him use such a ruthless hand? Till now, I didn’t get the secret behind this!”

Just the thought of the tragic deaths of Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue and also that baby who hadn’t been born yet, Feng Cang would clench his fists. He wished he could grab Wanyan Lie and torture him for answers!

“Then, did you investigate Murong Tai? If it truly was Wanyan Lie who sold out the military intelligence, Murong Tai should know. Besides, this thing was done by Murong Tai.”

“I couldn’t find anything. When Nalan Xin was teaching you at Murong residence, he used the opportunity to search through the entire Murong residence. He even went to Murong Tai’s basement, but he couldn’t find any answers. It was like every trace had been wiped out, as if it had never happened. Perhaps, Murong Tai was just the sword and the handle was still in the hand of another person.”

Wangye…,” Murong Qi Qi felt some heartache for the person in front of her. The truth turned out to be so cruel. In the eyes of outsiders, Feng Cang was at a high position, had the richness and glory and was very prominent; however, how would they know that behind him, there’s this?!

As if he read Murong Qi Qi’s mind, Feng Cang once again pulled Murong Qi Qi into his embrace. His head buried in Murong Qi Qi’s neck.

“Qing Qing, originally, these were my problems. I blame myself very much for bringing you into this whirlpool. It’s just, you’re so beautiful, I couldn’t bear to let you go. I was afraid that after I handled all these matters, you would've already become someone else’s wife. With my possessiveness towards you, I would've definitely used every way to get you back!”

Murong Qi Qi turned her hands and hugged Feng Cang. This man, she really didn’t know what she should say, “Wangye, you and I are husband and wife now. The husband has difficulties; as the wife, I should be at your side and help you solve the problems. Wangye is the most important person to me in this world. Now, you’re saying such things, is it that you want to separate our feelings?”

“Qing Qing…,” Murong Qi Qi’s words made Feng Cang’s voice tremble slightly. “Sometimes, I feel that I’m selfish. Since the moment I lay eyes on you, I wanted to monopolize you and let you become a private thing of mine. After all, in this world, there are very little things that could grab my attention and let me become fond of it. But…my world is too complicated. I’m very selfish for letting you face it with me!”

Feng Cang’s words finally made Murong Qi Qi understand why his eyes always showed a trace of melancholy. So, it’s because he’d been carrying a blood hatred. That’s why he couldn’t be happy.

Wangye!” Murong held Feng Cang’s hand and firmly looked at him. “Wangye, no matter when or where, no matter what happens, even if it’s mounting a knife mountain or diving into a sea of fire, I would accompany you! I am satisfied and pleased to be beside you. It’s my voluntariness!”

“We already pledged undying love. Great general is my father. Princess Ming Yue is my mother. The revenge for the parents is bigger than the sky! We must avenge this revenge! We must not let them die with hatred!”

Murong Qi Qi said it like chopping the nail and slicing the iron and she sounded extremely heroic. Feng Cang seemed to have seen the lofty and proud woman singing under the moonlight. He was about to say something, when a sound came from outside the window.

  • Chopping the nail and slicing the iron: resolute and decisive

“Who’s there?” Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi took action at the same time. The two kicked open the window. They discovered one person standing on the wall. That person wore a doll mask. Murong Qi Qi was surprised, “It’s him! Wangye, the person at the hot spring that night was him!”

Actions were faster than words. A white figure flew to the person in black. Feng Cang was already next to the person in black. In just a moment, the two had already exchanged a dozen strokes.

“Not good, he wants to escape!” Murong Qi Qi jumped and wanted to give a helping hand, but unexpectedly, the other party threw something that gave out smoke. After the smoke cleared, there was no trace of the other party.

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