Chapter 113 The hard choice (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 113 The hard choice (1)

Murong Qi Qi didn’t remember how she got back. When she returned to her room, the horizon had already turned white.

Su Mei and Su Yue had long woke up and searched everywhere for her. When they saw the somewhat dazed Murong Qi Qi, the two quickly approached her, “Miss, what’s the matter?” Su Yue saw that Murong Qi Qi wasn’t wearing many clothes. She immediately put her hand on Murong Qi Qi’s forehead, “Fortunately, you don’t have a fever!”

“Miss, where did you go? Today is the wedding, why did you still go out?!” Su Mei and Su Yue, one left and one right, escorted Murong Qi Qi inside. Seeing the color of Murong Qi Qi’s face wasn’t good, Su Mei immediately arranged people to bring hot water so that Murong Qi Qi could take a flower bubble bath.

Only when the warm water wrapped around her body, did Murong Qi Qi regain her senses. She raised her head and looked at the furnishings. Only then did she remember that this was Jinxuan palace and today was her wedding. However, what should she do now?

Leave? Escape far away from these problems, escape her identity, escape Feng Cang’s love and leaving Feng Cang to bear a wedding without a bride? Let him once again become the object of ridicule of everyone? Let him crazily look for her and then slowly become depressed because he couldn’t find her? Was it good like this?

The thought of Feng Cang being affectionate with some little melancholy eyes, Murong Qi Qi’s heart went soft. Tears fell down. She couldn’t be ruthless like that. She couldn’t do it! That’s the man she used her heart to love…No matter what happens, she couldn’t only think about her feelings and leave him; letting him bear all of that alone would be too cruel! She couldn’t do it!

But if she chose to stay, the wedding was about to begin; she’s his biological little sister, ah! Presumably, in this world, there was never a brother and a sister who wed each other. Would they be able to bear the impact it brought?

Murong Qi Qi hid her whole body in the water. With ‘gudugudu’ sounds, she spat out bubbles. The water isolated her from the outside world. Now, she once again become that little girl who hid in the pool in the past.

“Yi Lian, you need to follow your heart, respect your heart, ah!” Adopted father’s voice sounded in Murong Qi Qi’s ears. Yi Lian, this name who hadn’t appeared in a long time. Adopted father’s voice made Murong Qi Qi wake up once again.

  • Yi Lian was her name before she time-traveled

Follow her heart, respect her heart; those were the things adopted father often taught her. What should she do now? How come she lost her reasoning because of this?

Murong Qi Qi broke the water while coming out. Drops of water were on her proud eyebrows. They were translucent like crystals. What happened to her? She was actually trapped by this problem for a whole night. She’s Yi Lian, she’s the time-traveled Yi Lian! She’s not the Murong Qi Qi from this world!

Even if the person in the painting is Wanyan Ming Yue, she’s the mother of this body, not hers. Moreover, her identity hasn’t been determined yet. How could she sentence her and Feng Cang’s love to death just because of one person in black and one painting?! This isn’t her personality and also not her style!

Even from a physiological point of view, if she truly is Wanyan Ming Yue’s and Feng Xie’s daughter, if she truly is Feng Cang’s sister; from physiological point, why not cut off this love and get familial love instead?

That man, if she couldn’t stay at his side as his wife, then becoming the only one in this world who has the same blood as him is also a proud and happy thing, ah! Why should she leave?

She couldn’t let go of Feng Cang. If she couldn’t be his bride, then she would be his little sister for a whole life!

She hasn’t cured the poisons in Feng Cang yet. Their common enemy is still alive and living well. The revenge hasn't started yet. If she avoided the problem by leaving, then on what ground would Feng Cang stand on? What should Feng Cang do then?

If the two of them couldn’t stay together, then she would guard him and watch him be happy.  One person being happy is better than two being sad! At least, he’s safe and happy. Then she would also be happy! Loving a person, isn’t it also wishing him/her happiness?! She loves Feng Cang; so, she must protect his happiness!

When Murong Qi Qi came out of the bath, her spirit seemed to have completely changed. At this time, the old palace maid appointed by the court to do her make-up had already arrived at Jinxuan palace. Murong Qi Qi sat in front of the mirror and let the old palace maid do her face.

“Princess’s hair is so beautiful!” The mistress, who had been especially invited to do Murong Qi Qi’s hair, gently combed her hair. Her hands were extremely flexible. In just a moment, Murong Qi Qi’s hair was beautifully taken care of.

“Princess, this is the crown and jewelries the empress dowager especially let me send over. It was used by princess Ming Yue before.” Qing Gu let the servant bring Wanyan Ming Yue’s wedding dress and jewelries. “Empress dowager said to gift this dress and jewelries to princess as princess' wedding gift!”

“Thanking aunt Qing!” Touching the wedding dress, for the first time, Murong Qi Qi felt so close to Wanyan Ming Yue. “So beautiful!”

“You and princess Ming Yue’s size are similar. It should fit very well when you wear it.”

While talking, Su Mei and Su Yue already helped Murong Qi Qi put on the wedding dress.

“It fits so well! So beautiful!” Qing Gu’s eyes were filled with amazement, “That year when princess Ming Yue married, she was also this age. The more this slave looks, the more familiar this slave feels to princess, making this slave couldn’t help but think of princess Ming Yue…”

Speaking till here, Qing Gu’s eyes were wet. She quickly turned her face and wiped her tears. “Look at this slave, it’s obviously princess’s big day and this slave is evoking sad feelings. This slave really shouldn’t have! Princess, lord already entered the palace. He first went to greet the emperor and empress. He’ll come in a while! This slave would first go back to empress dowager. Princess, you prepare first!”

  • Wangye became lord (depending on the content) in spoken sentences and prince of first rank is the title
  • Wangfei would be lady (depending on the content) in spoken sentences and princess of first rank is the title

When Feng Cang arrived, Murong Qi Qi had entered the main hall of Jinxuan palace. Looking at the Murong Qi Qi dressed fully in red slowly walking towards him, Feng Cang stopped in his tracks. “Qing Qing…”

Although he didn’t see Murong Qi Qi for just one night, but Feng Cang felt like it had been a long time. He hoped that in the future, there wouldn’t be such a separation anymore! Only when she’s at his side, could his heart settle down.

Feng Cang looked affectionately at Murong Qi Qi. He watched her walk step by step from far away to where he stood. When she arrived in front of him, Feng Cang reached out his left hand, “Qing Qing, you’re so beautiful today!”

Facing Feng Cang, all the worries and anxiety were swept away. There was nothing that would move her more than his eyes full of love. The fear, confusion and the mind which wanted to retreat, facing that pair of sincere eyes, all disappeared.

“My lord, today you’re also very…tempting.”

The moment Murong Qi Qi’s words left her mouth, she heard the laughter of Su Mei and Su Yue behind her.  Who would use ‘tempting’ to describe a man?! However, today, Feng Cang was indeed very tempting.

Usually, this devilish beauty only wears white. Because of his own charming and enchanting appearance, the white could play down his devilish beautifully appearance and let him get the feeling of being a celestial. But today, this bright red set off Feng Cang’s devilish beautifully face uniquely like it’s one of his kind. Especially that long and narrow phoenix eyes which were full of sparkles. People couldn’t help but be drunk in them when their gaze touch.

“Qing Qing, if you continue to look at me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to hold myself and kiss you here.”

Feng Cang leaned to Murong Qi Qi’s and whispered those words while also blew some heated air in Murong Qi Qi’s ear.

Itchy! Numbing! Murong Qi Qi quickly blocked Feng Cang. At this time, her transparent small face became red. Murong Qi Qi’s heart was beating very fast.

Seeing Murong Qi Qi being shy, Feng Cang was satisfied. He laughed once and pulled Murong Qi Qi into the main hall. They greeted the empress dowager.

“Good! Very good!” Seeing her daughter’s clothes fitting Murong Qi Qi’s body so well, Dongfang Lan nodded and praised, “This bride is so beautiful! The groom is also handsome! Very great!”

Speaking till here, inexplicably, Dongfang Lan’s eyes got wet, “Little Cang, come here! Qi Qi, can this empress dowager calls you like this? You also come here!”

  • Cang er became Little Cang

When the two were in front of Dongfang Lan, held their hands together, “Seeing you two, it’s like this empress dowager saw that appearance of Ming Yue when she married! If Ming Yue and Feng Xie knew in the underworld, seeing you two, they would certainly be happy! You two must live happily and let this empress dowager hold a great grandson soon!”

“Grandmother, I’ll do my best.” When Feng Cang said that, he specifically looked once at Murong Qi Qi. Dongfang Lan saw the two casting ‘amorous’ glances at each other; in her heart, she was happier.

Dongfang Lan pulled down a phoenix bracelet on her left hand and put it on Murong Qi Qi’s wrist.

“Originally, it was a pair. However, this empress dowager gave the dragon bracelet to Ming Yue. Only the phoenix bracelet is left. Today, this empress dowager gives it to you! This empress dowager wishes for you to grow old together and be in love for a hundred years!”

“Thank you, grandmother…” The harshness and sharpness disappeared from the first time she (MQQ) saw her, disappeared from the elder in front of her. Only affection and love were left in those eyes.

Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang knelt in front of Dongfang Lan. They bowed respectfully to this elder. Until the two were far away, did the tears fell from Dongfang Lan’s eyes. Ming Yue, ah! Bless and protect the children! Let them live happily!

A royal wedding is different from the wedding of commoners.

First, Feng Cang need to take Murong Qi Qi to go pay their respect and pay their gratitude Wanyan Lie. Then, they need to bow to the heaven and earth in front of the witness appointed by the court. They also need to attend the banquet the palace prepared for them. Finally, when it’s night, they could go back to prince's mansion. And inside the palace, Murong Qi Qi didn’t need to wear a red veil like the ordinary girls. It was a lot more convenient like this.

Gifted scholar, beautiful lady! Talented man and a beautiful woman!” When the two saw Wanyan Lie, his first sentence was a praise to them. “Good! Very good!”

  • Gifted scholar, beautiful lady: a pair of ideal lovers
  • Talented man and a beautiful woman: ideal couple

That Feng Cang married Murong Qi Qi made the empress’s and consort De’s hearts relax. The two repeatedly flattered beside Wanyan Lie, “Princess is so beautiful today!” Laughingly Li Bing let servants bring the gift she prepared for Murong Qi Qi. “I wish for you to be happily in love and give birth to a child soon!”

The gift of empress Li Bing was a pair of exquisite jade bracelet. She immediately got Wanyan Lie’s praise. Seeing that Li Bing was so generous, consort De, Lin Ke Xin also didn’t want to be outdone. Her gift was a jade carved goddess of childbirth. This jade goddess’s whole body was white as milk without any trace of flaws. Coupled with an excellent reputation, the people praised it.

“The more sons, the more happiness! Great!” A ‘great’ from Wanyan Lie let Lin Ke Xin become happy. She glanced once provocatively at Li Bing with a face full of pride.

After that, one after another sent their gifts. Murong Qi Qi accepted them all. She let Su Mie and Su Yue took them over.

“Emperor, you haven’t given your gift yet?” Lin Ke Xin’s soft voice had a trace of whining in it. These past two days, Wanyan Lie stayed at her Jingxin palace. Having the moisture of a man, Lin Ke Xin’s face become more moving. She’s obviously over forty and still whined like young people, making Murong Qi Qi’s body couldn’t help but get goosebumps.

“Mm, this emperor bestows princess Zhao Yang the title of a first rank princess! She doesn’t need to bow at this emperor and can go in and out of the palace without an order. Award her with a yellow buttoned mandarin jacket and she would enjoy the same power as the Nan Lin prince of first rank!”

Wanyan Lie’s words made the whole hall turn into a fried pot. What did this mean? Murong Qi Qi, a woman, enjoying the same power as the Nan Lin prince of first rank? Feng Cang controlled the army of Bei Zhou. When seeing Wanyan Lie, he didn’t need to bow. His status was the same as a prince born by the current emperor. Now, Murong Qi Qi’s treatment surpassed crown princess Yu Shi Shi. Like this, does it mean that Wanyan Lie wants to change the crown prince?

The emperor’s mind was something these people couldn’t guess. They could only exchange a glance with each other. The courageous ones spoke one or two sentences. Only those princes were still sitting uprightly. No one knew what they were thinking, but on the surface, they looked calm.

The only one who exposed his real thoughts was Wanyan Hong. He clenched his cup. The veins in his hand were exposed. After seeing Wanyan Hong’s hand, the Yu Shi Shi beside him shuddered a bit. A drop of wine splashed on his clothes.

“Your highness…,” Yu Shi Shi didn’t know what to say. Although this man isn’t the one she loves, but their interests were tied together. Now, Wanyan Lie was being like this. This was undoubtedly damaging the interest of the prince which also meant damaging her interest. At this point, she must stand in the same camp as Wanyan Hong.

“This crown prince is fine.” Wanyan Hong stared with gritted teeth at Feng Cang’s back. Why do you need to fight with me over everything? Why does imperial father treat you better than me? Why do all my stuff become yours in the end? Why?!

Wanyan Hong refuse to accept and refuse to admit defeat. The one who had the same opinion was second prince Wanyan Yi. If there was no Feng Cang, if there was only he and Wanyan Hong, then he would certainly be better than Wanyan Hong and would become a great monarch.

However, now there’s Feng Cang. Besides, imperial father’s love for Feng Cang is far greater than any of his princes. This made a -never before sense of crisis- emerge in second prince. Then he looked at his imperial big brother Wanyan Hong beside him, who had a gloomy face, an idea emerged in Wanyan Yi’s mind.

No matter how he and Wanyan Hong fought, the two of them have the blood of Wanyan clan. At most, it’s an internal strife. But Feng Cang, this prince of a different surname, now has a status and power above them. Should they at this time first go against the external person, get rid of Feng Cang and make him a settled matter?

Towards Wanyan Lie’s ‘grace’, Murong Qi Qi was ‘wild with joy’. She immediately showed her gratitude to the imperial grace. Wanyan Lie looked smilingly at the pair of lovers in front of him. He was very satisfied with them.

At a side, the people of Xi Qi who came to celebrate; after seeing Murong Qi Qi, everyone felt a different taste in their hearts.

If before, Shangguan Wu Ji couldn’t let go; now seeing Murong Qi Qi’s smile full of happiness, Shangguan Wu Ji’s heart felt a taste called ‘release’. Perhaps, before, he just didn’t want to admit it; admit that another person could give her happiness. However, seeing her smile like a flower, those heavy thoughts in his heart had completely melted down.

“He would give her happiness.” As someone who experienced the same thing, how could Li Yun Qing not know Shangguan Wu Ji’s thoughts? His (SWJ) eyes couldn’t fool people. Besides, Li Yun Qing also walked step by step out of this kind of feelings.

“I hope so!” Shangguan Wu Ji drank the wine in one gulp. “If Feng Cang dares to betray her, I would definitely not let Feng Cang off!”

“Not only you, I also wouldn’t!” Li Yun Qing poured wine for Shangguan Wu Ji. He also filled his own cup. The two once again drank the wine as if they made a commitment at the same time.

Longze Jing Tian heard the two’s words clearly. So, they have such thoughts…It was just, they could put it down and easily and freely watch her become someone else's bride, but he couldn’t do it! In Longze Jing Tian’s heart, a voice was shouting that she belongs to him! Murong Qi Qi is your princess of first rank!

This voice had been entrenched in Longze Jing Tian’s heart for a long time! The things Feng Cang could give her, whether it was power, status or wealth, he could also give. As for a true heart, his is no less than Feng Cang’s! He’s unwilling to reconcile with this!

Longze Jing Tian’s gaze had been stuck on Murong Qi Qi, but he didn’t know that there were two women who looked at him with the same infatuated eyes.

One was Murong Qing Lian. Presumably, things you couldn’t get were always the best. So, no matter how cold Longze Jing Tian treated her, she still had fantasies about him. In her eyes, a man who doesn’t casually fall in love, was someone who knew what true love was. If she could get the love of such a man, she'd certainly be happy her whole life.

The other one was Wanyan Bao Zhu. During this period, she'd almost been tortured to death by Wanyan Hong.

That sicko, the moment he had some leisure time, he would let people come invite her over, saying he wished ‘to deepen their sibling love’. In fact, it was to bully her. Her pitiful backyard hadn’t healed yet, blood was dripping again from it. Even now, she couldn’t sit well. The moment it touched the chair, there would be a burning pain. She could only sit on one side to let all the weight fall on that side. When that side turned stiff, she would change to the other side.

  • Backyard: another slang for anus

In Wanyan Bao Zhu’s heart, the only one who could save her was Longze Jing Tian. If Bei Zhou and Xi Qi formed a marriage alliance, she would be able to successfully marry Longze Jing Tian. She wouldn’t have to endure that sicko Wanyan Hong’s torture anymore.

Longze Jing Tian’s gaze was locked on Murong Qi Qi. Wanyan Bao Zhu saw that very clearly. However, in her eyes, Murong Qi Qi had already become the Nan Lin princess of first rank. She no longer was her rival in love. The only one who could become her obstruction was Murong Qing Lian.

Murong Qing Lian’s status was higher than hers at Murong family. If Murong Tai asked for this marriage first, perhaps Longze Yu would agree. No! she wouldn’t let Murong Qing Lian take her place. She is the Jing princess of first rank and in the future, she’ll be Xi Qi’s empress!

Thinking till here, her backyard hurt again. Her mouth couldn’t help but pull a bit. She looked at a side where Wanyan Hong was sitting with a gloomy face. Since today was just a rare opportunity, why didn’t she destroy Murong Qing Lian?! Let her become Wanyan Hong’s woman. Then, this trouble would be solved! It would let Wanyan Hong have a new person and let go of her and because of this, she could also form a pair with Longze Jing Tian and break away from this horrid place!

Wanyan Bao Zhu was thinking of how to harm Murong Qing Lian. At this side, Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi had already went to the ancestral shrine to offer sacrifices to the ancestors and engrave Murong Qi Qi’s name in Feng clan’s genealogical record. Later, they returned to the palace and worshipped the heaven and earth under Wanyan Lie’s guide.

At this time, Murong Qi Qi’s head was covered with a red veil. It was hazy which was exceptionally beautiful. Feng Cang’s hand held a red ribbon and led Murong Qi Qi.

“Heaven and earth!”

“Two worships!”

“Three thanks to the emperor!”

“Bow between husband and wife!”

When bowing to each other, Murong Qi Qi looked at Feng Cang through the red veil. Suddenly, she had a feeling that she was dreaming. If that thing didn’t happen yesterday, she would’ve certainly been the happiest and the most blessed bride in the world. However, now there was a thorn in her heart. It was not deep nor shallow, always stimulating her, making her unable to face the matter calmly!

Murong Qi Qi slowly bowed while facing Feng Cang. In her heart, she felt grateful towards this man. Grateful that he let her understand the meaning of reincarnation. Before meeting Feng Cang, she didn’t understand why she reincarnated. After meeting this man, she understood. She came here for him. Crossing a millennium only for Feng Cang.

Oh God! Let me be selfish for one time. Do as if I don’t know anything. I only want to be his bride. Even if it’s only in name. Only once, once is enough! Murong Qi Qi prayed in her heart.

“The ritual finished…,” the etiquette officer’s long voice seemed to have penetrated through a century before it reached Murong Qi Qi. So slow, it made her flustered for fear that something would happen in the middle.

“Congratulations, cousin brother and cousin-in-law!”  Wanyan Kang was the first one to come congratulate Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi. “Cousin-in-law, in the future, we’re one family. You need to help convince Su Mei a bit for this little brother, ah!”

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