chapter 120

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 119 The truth is so cruel (3)

The original beautiful face of Li Qiu Shui because of the hatred from her eyes, the harmony of her face was destroyed. And her words let the whole crowd be shocked. So, it was like that…

Everyone was in a huge shock. Wanyan Lie looked full of disbelief at Murong Qi Qi. His gaze was complex…

Once, he hoped very much for Ming Yue to give birth to a daughter like Ming Yue. Then he would give this child his whole love (not love between man and woman) and let her become the happiest person in this world. It was just, when Li Qiu Shui brought back Ming Yue, Ming Yue’s bulged belly had long flattened.

He thought that child died and was sad for a long time because of it. However, when Murong Qi Qi was standing so alive in front of him with Ming Yue’s face and Feng Xie’s eyes, Wanyan Lie felt that his dead heart began to beat again.

“Do you know why I named you Qi Qi? Because you were born on the seventh of July! Double seven festival (Chinese valentine), the day the cowherd and the weaving maid meet. Ming Yue used all her strength to give birth to you. She entrusted you to me and wanted to me to bring you back to Bei Zhou and hand you to the empress dowager.”

  • Murong Qi Qi (慕容七七): 七七(qiqi) is seven seven. 

“Haha, she’s so silly! She actually regarded me as her best friend and thought I would help her achieve her wish, so she could go to the underworld to meet Feng Xie. I won’t let her wish come true! Feng Xie died. I will not let her accompany Feng Xie, because she’s not qualified! So, I took you! I waited for today; waited to have your name go down in history as a byword for infamy!”

Li Qiu Shui’s voice was with crazy laughter and tears fell from her eyes. She endured for so many years just to wait for today!

“You’re so vicious! You even murdered your own daughter!” Murong Qi Qi completely understood everything. A woman, because of hatred caused by love, became so extreme.

“Bah! That child is not my daughter!” Li Qiu Shui turned her head slightly and looked at Murong Qi Qi, “I will only give birth to the child of the man I love, but he didn’t love me and married someone else. So, I made a promise to myself to never give birth to the child of another man. Since I got pregnant, then I could only be ruthless!”

“Shui er[1. Er: term of endearment], what did you say? You said you truly murdered our child?” A voice came. Murong Tai appeared in front of everyone with an expression of disbelief, “Tell me, what you said is not true!”

Everyone was surprised at seeing Murong Tai. No one expected that Xi Qi’s dignified prime minister would pretend to be Longze Jing Tian’s servant and followed him here. If it wasn’t because he took down the human skin mask on his face, no one would have noticed.

“You followed me?”

Seeing Murong Tai, aside from surprise, Li Qiu Shui felt anger, “Murong Tai, when have you become like this? You actually followed me? You’re too despicable! I didn’t think you’re such a person!”

“You left in a hurry. I was worried that something would happen to you. That was why I followed you. I didn’t think, you’ll come to Yan capital. Tell me, everything you just said weren’t true! Qi Qi is our child, not Feng Xie’s. Tell me, Qi Qi is our biological daughter!”

Murong Tai clutched Li Qiu Shui’s hand and shook it desperately. He tailed behind her but he had never expected to hear these things. The woman he loved his whole life actually murdered their child. She also said such things. Murong Tai really couldn’t believe it!

This must be Li Qiu Shui’s angry words. It must be like this! Qi Qi is certainly their child; how would she suddenly become Feng Xie’s and Wanyan Ming Yue’s child? What had happened for her to say that? Could it be that he did something wrong?

“Shui er, tell them. Tell them you’re lying to them. What you said is not the truth! Qi Qi is my daughter! She’s my daughter!”

“F*** off!” Although injured, but Li Qiu Shui was someone who practiced martial arts and therefore a lot stronger than the weak scholar Murong Tai. With one palm, she pushed Murong Tai to the ground, “Don’t touch me with your filty hands! Making me feel disgusted!”

Li Qiu Shui’s words deeply hurt Murong Tai. Even though he’s a man, but Murong Tai’s eyes had a layer of wetness. She felt he’s disgusted? Why was it like this? Could this be the reason why she had been staying in the temple?

“Tell me, it’s not true! Tell me, Qi Qi is our child!”


Murong Tai’s words were like a joke to Li Qiu Shui. She walked to Murong Tai like a queen. She looked condescending at him. Her eyes were full of contempt, “You’re only a poor country boy. You only had a good face and your study was so so. Do you think that as Li clan’s eldest miss, I would fancy you?!”

“Murong Tai, if it wasn’t because of me and the Li family behind me, you would only be a fallen scholar and would be cultivating and hoeing the field at that poor place of your home. At most, you would be a poor teacher. What could you do? Who do you think you are?”

“Do you think you’re a cut above others after putting on the prime minister’s robe? Without me, you’re nothing!”

“I…,” Murong Tai’s lips trmbled. He had never expected that he was so unbearable in Li Qiu Shui’s heart. Although, when Li Qiu Shui picked him, it let him be in fear and excitement for a long time. Murong Tai once thought that marrying Li Qiu Shui was the biggest blessing in his life. However, he never thought that Li Qiu Shui looked at him this way.

“Murong Tai, I tell you, I’ve never ever loved you! Qi Qi is not your daughter and Xue Lian is also not! I don’t love you and also won’t have children for you. I never will! Do you know why every time after you touched me, I would take a bath? You thought that it was because I’m a lady and pay attention to this. I tell you, you’re wrong! I just hate the fact that on my body there’s another man’s smell. Dirty, so dirty…”

  • Murong Xue Lian is Murong Tai's eldest daughter. The imperial noble consort of Xi Qi. 

This last sentence from Li Qiu Shui truly defeated Murong Tai.

His long thoughts and memories which lasted for sixteen years, because of this ‘never will’ from Li Qiu Shui, were broken. So, all those lingering and love from her were a pretence. So, in her heart, she had always thought about Feng Xie and couldn’t put Feng Xie down. So, he was the fool. For so many years, he foolishly waited for her!

“Since you don’t love me, why did you marry me?” This time, Murong Tai’s figure looked very sorry. When Li Qiu Shui told him the truth, his heart had been defeated. In a moment, he seemed to have aged a lot; his face paled and his expression deteriorated.

At this point, the thing Murong Tai was concerned about, was not his face of being a country’s prime minister. The things that truly hurt him were those heartless and harsh words of Li Qiu Shui and that Li Qiu Shui had never loved him!

Murong Tai didn’t lose hope and wanted to get to the bottom of it. Li Qiu Shui sneered, “Because you were docile and obedient, because you didn’t have any background and power. If you wanted to get more powerful, you needed to rely on me. You couldn’t get out of my grasp…and because, you were willing to be my dog; willing to listen to my every call and willing to be manipulated by me! Do…you understand now?!”

'Bang…' Murong Tai who originally stood up got dizzy. Once again, he fell on the ground. Seeing him being so ‘useless’, the ridicule and contempt on Li Qiu Shui’s face got more intense.

“Tsk, tsk, look at you, truly a spineless coward! Since I spoke till here, I may as well tell you. I picked up Xue Lian. She’s not a child I had with you. The moment that child was born, I let people threw her away. I will not give birth to children of the man I don’t love! Especially you! Because you’re not worthy!”

On the scene, no matter if it was a country’s monarch Wanyan Lie or empress dowager Dongfang Lan, they all had been shocked by Li Qiu Shui’s words. There was actually such a vicious woman, actually… (Authors note: please allow Rabbit’s loss of vocabulary, Rabbit truly have no way to describe aunt Qiu Shui’s sick mind).

  • The author’s penname is Candle Wax Rabbit. She always uses Rabbit to describe herself

The only one who kept her calm was Murong Qi Qi, the involved party. Murong Qi Qi had never thought that the truth was like this. Looking at the beautiful middle-aged woman dressed in black clothes on the scene, Murong Qi Qi walked step by step to her.

“Because you loved Feng Xie and couldn’t get his love, that was why you planned all of these? That was why, before I married, you told me to get pregnant quickly and also put aphrodisiac fragrance on the wedding dress?”

“You found out?” Li Qiu Shui chuckled at Murong Qi Qi cleverness, “However, it seemed that you discovered too late! Now, it’s too late! I heard you consummated the marriage with Feng Cang yesterday, hahahaha...hahahaha…”

“I’m so happy! I’ve never been so happy before! If Wanyan Ming Yue knew her daughter and son married and consummated the marriage, would she jump out of the coffin from anger?! Would she not be peaceful in the afterlife? This is the price for taking away the man I love! Hahahaha!”

Hearing Li Qiu Shui’s words, Dongfang Lan became dizzy and almost fainted. Qing Gu quickly lent her an arm of support, “Empress dowager, empress dowager, what’s the matter?”

“I…,” A breath choked in Dongfang Lan’s heart. The breath couldn’t go up nor down.

Just the thought of the redness on the handkerchief, Dongfang Lan almost fainted. Heavens, what did she do so wrong to receive such punishment?!  Her daughter and son-in-law died a tragic death; the wife her grandson married is actually her biological granddaughter. No matter who, when they receive such news, no one would be able to bear it.

“Grandmother!” Seeing Dongfang Lan like that, Murong Qi Qi went forward to support her. Her small hands were on the elder’s back. A warmth appeared through Dongfang Lan’s chest.

After a while, Dongfang Lan was able to breath.

“Qi Qi…” Dongfang Lan held Murong Qi Qi’s hand. Her tears fell. “No wonder aijia[2. Aijia: I used by an empress dowager] felt that you looked familiar. No wonder aijia felt your eyes looked like someone I knew and felt close to you. What aijia didn’t expect is that you’re my biological granddaughter. My pitiful child, ah…”

Dongfang Lan’s tears let Li Qiu Shui be greatly satisfied. Her mouth was raised in an exaggerated ridiculing arc. She stared at Dongfang Lan who was crying in Murong Qi Qi’s arms, “I heard you consummated the marriage. Hahaha. Congratulations! You’re the first couple in this world, ah!”

“Shut up!” Wanyan Lie roared and interrupted Li Qiu Shui. Such a result was truly outside of his expectations. Murong Qi Qi is actually Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter and is his niece. Wanyan Lie’s heart was couldn’t bear it. Now, Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi even…

“Shut up? What I said is the truth! Could it be that if I don’t say it, this matter wouldn’t exist?!”

“Not necessarily…” Feng Cang’s was cool with a trace of chilliness.

Seeing that the one who spoke was Feng Cang who remained silent for a long time, Li Qiu Shui was happy, “What, do you dare to say that between you there’s no feelings? Do you dare to say that nothing happened between you? Do you dare to say that you didn’t consummate the marriage?”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you. Last night, benwang[3. Benwang: this king, I used by the prince of first rank] didn’t feel well and couldn’t consummate the marriage. The thing on the handkerchief is the blood benwang got from a pigeon and isn’t like what you think.”

“What?” Several people said this at the same time. It was different people, but all of their voices revealed a trace happiness from being surprised. Among them was Longze Jing Tian and Wanyan Hong.

Long, when Murong Qi Qi took down the Water Moon Mirror, Longze Jing Tian recognized her…Du Xian Er.

The woman he had been searching for was in fact in front of him. Besides, he also fell in love with the ordinary her. This made Longze Jing Tian couldn’t help but to exclaim in admiration at the fate of this world. It turned out that Murong Qi Qi is truly Du Xian Er. She actually played him and toyed with him in the palm of her hand. He almost missed her!

Just now, Longze Jing Tian had been carefully recalling when he had offended Murong Qi Qi. In the end, he finally remembered. It was when they met the first time; after she saved him, he said that he needed to break off the engagement and get rid of that rubbish of the prime minister’s. Presumably, she must’ve heard this and got revenge on him like this!

Just now, when he saw Murong Qi Qi’s true appearance, Longze Jing Tian almost stopped breathing. That day, it was night. Under the moonlight, she was like a pure lily. Today, wearing a red palace robe, she was like a rose with thorns, making people unable to stop themselves from loving her. Just now, when he listened to Li Qiu Shui, Longze Jing Tian’s heart almost went up his throat.

He was even thinking about how to protect Murong Qi Qi if she is Feng Cang’s biological little sister and something truly happened between them. Was it to kill Li Qiu Shui to cover this scandal, then take the opportunity to show Wanyan Lie his desire for a marriage alliance and marry Murong Qi Qi or…

Now Feng Cang said that nothing happened between them. The blood on that handkerchief was a pigeon’s. Longze Jing Tian’s heart almost jumped out of his throat. Was this a gift and blessing from the heavens? To let him regain his lost treasure again? To let him have the opportunity again to get Murong Qi Qi?

Compared to Longze Jing Tian, Wanyan Hong’s eyes showed desire.

Little aunt Wanyan Ming Yue was once the number one beauty of the world. Her appearance and smiling face deeply engraved in the younger Wanyan Hong’s heart. Even after adulthood, he often dreamed about little aunt. Now, seeing Murong Qi Qi; she was even more beautiful than Wanyan Ming Yue. Wanyan Hong’s heart beat very fast. He had long thrown the matter of Murong Qing Lian to the clouds.

Emperor father pampered Feng Cang so much. After getting to know Murong Qi Qi’s identity, he would certainly pamper Murong Qi Qi more. Would emperor father love the house and its crow and would also pay more attention to him, this crown prince? Then, wouldn’t Feng Cang also not come steal the throne from him?

  • Love the house and its crow: love me, love all that come with me. Love me, love my dog.

The ones who were truly happy was only Dongfang Lan and Wanyan Lie. That nothing happened between Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi meant that this wouldn’t hurt these two children’s reputation and they wouldn’t be hurt mentally and physically by this. Of course, this was a great thing, ah!

As for Wanyan Lie, his mood was complicated. Finding the long-lost niece let Wanyan Lie feel a never before anticipation. It was like a dry river encountering rain. Murong Qi Qi’s appearance now was like that of Wanyan Ming Yue before she married; clean, innocent, making his old heart beat very fast.

Ming Yue, is it that you finally understood my heart? That was why you send Qi Qi? Ming Yue, I would definitely take good care of Qi Qi. I would give her the best things in the world. I would give her this whole world. I would let her become the most respectable and precious woman of this world!

Wanyan Lie’s happiness fell into empress and consort De’s eyes. The two silently shouted ‘bad’.

Because of Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue’s sake, Wanyan Lie particularly favored Feng Cang. Now, there’s a Murong Qi Qi. Then wouldn’t Feng family get all the benefits? How could this be right?! Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang’s relationship was originally very good. If this woman knew how to play tricks and let Wanyan Lie pass the throne to Feng Cang, which was not impossible for Wanyan Lie to do…

What to do? The two women’s first reaction was to consider the matter of their sons getting the throne. After Li Bing saw the way Wanyan Hong looked at Murong Qi Qi, she immediately understood what her son wanted.

If Murong Qi Qi truly was Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie’s daughter, well, she’s at a marriageable age. Promising her to Wanyan Hong is the best! Like that, they could use Wanyan Lie’s love for Murong Qi Qi to consolidate Wanyan Hong’s status!

How could Lin Ke Xin not understand this pair of mother and son’s thoughts?! These two thought beautifully. Now, they didn’t even know if Murong Qi Qi is truly princess Ming Yue’s daughter. If she is, Wanyan Hong already has a crown princess. Only her Wanyan Yi didn’t have a main consort. Wanyan Kang didn’t even have a cefei[4. Cefei: side consort/ second ranked wife of the prince of first rank]. Murong Qi Qi would certainly be her daughter-in-law.

The matter wasn’t made clear yet, the people on the scene were already thinking how to compete for Murong Qi Qi.

The moment Li Qiu Shui heard Feng Cang say that nothing happened on the wedding night, she didn’t believe it, “Humph, Nan Lin wang’s [5. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank] reaction is quick, ah! Now, you say this; do you take us as fools? Do you think I would believe it? With a delicate as flower and refined as a precious jade woman at your side, besides she is the one you love, you won’t be moved?”

  • Delicate as flower and refined as a precious: exquisite woman

Li Qiu Shui didn’t believe it. Murong Qi Qi was too lazy to explain. She took a dagger and cut of the sleeve of her left arm and revealed the red gecko cinnabar mark. Seeing the gecko cinnabar mark, Li Qiu Shui couldn’t close her mouth, “How could this be? How could this be? Impossible!” Li Qiu Shui wanted to rush over to take a look, but had been pushed away with one palm by Feng Cang. Then, Feng Cang’s coat draped over Murong Qi Qi.

“I’m sorry for letting your plan come to nothing!” Seeing the stunned expression of Li Qiu Shui, Murong Qi Qi humphed coldly once, “Since you said that you took me away from my mother princess Ming Yue, then where’s princess Ming Yue? Didn’t she burn to death with my father Feng Xie? Could it be that the person who died wasn’t her?”

The Legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Fairy

There once was a young, poor, but kind-hearted cowherd called Niulang, and an old ox. The ox actually was once the god of cattle, but downgraded as he had violated the law of heaven. Niulang once saved the ox when it was sick. In order to show its gratitude, the old ox helped Niulang get acquainted with Zhinü (a fairy, the seventh daughter of a goddess and the Jade Emperor) when she escaped from her boring life in heaven to look for fun on earth.

Zhinü soon fell in love with Niulang and they got married without the knowledge of the goddess. Niulang and Zhinü lived a happy life together; Niulang worked in the field while Zhinü did weaving at home. After a few years passed, they had two children, one boy and one girl.

However, the Goddess of Heaven (Zhinü's mother) found out that Zhinü, a fairy girl, had married a mere mortal. The goddess was furious and sent celestial soldiers to bring Zhinü back. Niulang was very upset when he found his wife was taken back to heaven. Then his ox asked Niulang to kill it and put on its hide, so he would be able to go up to heaven to find his wife. Crying bitterly, he killed the ox, put on the skin, and carried his two beloved children off to heaven to find Zhinü.

Just before he caught up with Zhinü, the goddess of heaven took out her hairpin and created a huge river between them, and they were separated forever by the river that later became known as the Milky Way.

Heartbroken, he and his children could only weep bitterly. However, their love moved all the magpies to take pity on them, and they flew up into heaven to form a bridge over the river, so Niulang and Zhinü could meet on the magpie bridge. The goddess was also moved by their love, so she allowed them a meeting on the magpie bridge on that day every year (the seventh day of the seventh lunar month).

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