Chapter 124 Attend a banquet (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 124 Attend a banquet (2)

Murong Qi Qi’s tense appearance made Feng Cang’s mood a lot better. He reached out and pushed away the hair on Murong Qi Qi’s forehead. His fingers stroked that red cinnabar mole on her forehead. “Qing Qing, you’re so beautiful. I’m afraid more and more people would come and fight with me over you…”

Feng Cang’s was so subtly eating vinegar, making Murong Qi Qi laugh. She was thinking about what it was. It turned out to be this. “Wangye,[1. Wang/wangye: prince of the first rank] my heart only has you and doesn’t have him!”

Speaking till here, Murong Qi Qi left Feng Cang’s arms. She stepped on the ground and picked up a small drum. Her small hand tapped gently on the drum. Her toes danced with the drum’s rhythm. She twisted her shoulders and waist and her fingers hooked Feng Cang.

“My heart only has you and doesn’t have him. You have to believe my feelings are true. My eyes are for you to look. My eyebrows are for you to shade. It was never for him. My heart only has you and doesn’t have him. You have to believe my feelings are true. Only you are my dream. Only you are the one I miss. My heart doesn’t have him.”

“Since that day, I sent you home. That day, I could only hate and scold myself, blame myself for not making you stay at that time and dig my heart out in front of you, to let you see clearly, if I have him in my heart.”

  • I changed the lyrics a bit to a more literal meaning

Different from the songs Murong Qi Qi had sung in the past, this song had a particularly strong sense of rhythm. And she followed the beat, twisted her waist and occasionally casted a glace of temptation at Feng Cang, making Feng Cang’s heart jump very badly.

This passionate woman, her face was as bright as the moon. Her eyes restored their usual confidence and also contained strong love. The lyrics coming from her mouth were passionate and full of vitality. Feng Cang had never heard such a strange tone, but it was a catchy song.

Finally, Murong Qi turned and jumped into Feng Cang’s arms. She looked seriously into his eyes, “Only you are my dream. Only you are the one I miss. My heart doesn’t have him.”

This way of Murong Qi Qi’s confession was novel and unique. And the love words from the lyrics expressed her inner feelings. It swept away all those worries of Feng Cang. This little woman, ah. She really made people couldn’t help but love her! Love her and also couldn’t extricate themselves!

“My heart also only has you, Qing Qing!”

F*** Longze Jing Tian, f*** Wanyan Hong. As long as the person in Murong Qi Qi’s heart is him, as long as Murong Qi Qi insisted, why should he worry about those things! Naturally, there would be people pursuing a good woman! However, Murong Qi Qi is his woman. Let all those damn flies f*** off! If they don’t f*** off, then ask if his sword would allow or not!

Because of Murong Qi Qi’s song <<My heart only has you and doesn’t have him>> made these young couple’s hearts got closer. Seeing the woman he missed day and night in front of him blinking her deer like eyes, Feng Cang’s ready to make trouble heart began to get active. If he could, he truly wished he could jump on Murong Qi Qi sooner!

“Qing Qing…” Feng Cang swallowed, “If, I mean if…if my identity is Feng Cang and if it always would be Nan Lin wang and you’re Feng Qi Qi, then, how should we continue?”

Feng Cang’s question also troubled Murong Qi Qi for a long time. Although the confusion between the two of them had been solved, but in the eyes of others, they’re blood related siblings, ah! If they’re together, then wouldn’t they face the opprobrium from the world?

Wangye…” Murong Qi Qi nestled in Feng Cang’s arms, “Why don’t we wander the horizon after getting revenge for father and mother and become a pair of happy and free birds?!”

Murong Qi Qi also thought about this problem. She didn’t want Feng Cang’s identity to be exposed. If by chance, the three countries didn’t want to let go of former Qin’s blood, by then it would be hardship and killings again. It’s better to retreat to the jianghu[2. Jianghu: world of the martial arts] and become an idle pair. How nice would that be?!

What Murong Qi Qi had said matched Feng Cang's thoughts. Now, Feng Cang truly felt that Murong Qi Qi was a gift sent by the heaven. What he thought about was always being said by Murong Qi Qi. Such a consonance of the heart was really a good feeling.

“Qing Qing…” Looking at Murong Qi Qi’s bright like jade face and also that pair of eyes which was able to hook people, Feng Cang felt a burst of distress. He hesitated for a long time before saying, “Can I sleep here tonight…the feeling of holding Qing Qing while sleeping is so good…that is, if you mind, I’ll go back…”

A big man said his thoughts a bit shyly like that and he also didn’t dare to look at her. Such a thing happening to this devilish beauty in front of her, made Murong Qi Qi want to laugh and also love Feng Cang even more.

Murong Qi Qi didn’t say anything making Feng Cang’s distressful heart become even more shy. To outsiders, he and Murong Qi Qi were now ‘siblings’. If a big brother slept in a little sister’s chamber, that would influence Murong Qi Qi’s reputations. Although, he indeed wanted to get Murong Qi Qi very much, but now, it’s still not the right moment.

“Or, wait till we leave this place full of conflicts and then…”

Feng Cang stood up and wanted to leave, but when he walked to the door, he was hugged by Murong Qi Qi from behind.

‘Boom, boom…’ Feng Cang’s heart beat very fast. Could, could it be…

“Doesn’t wangye love me?” Murong Qi Qi’s voice with some resentment came from behind Feng Cang. It was cold with a touch of depression, making Feng Cang surprised. He quickly explained, “No, Qing Qing, I didn’t mean this…”

“I heard that when a man really loves a woman, he would find ways to be with that woman day and night and won’t leave her for a moment. He would also rack his brains to let her heart belong to him and use various tactics, act coquettish or take the initiative…Wangye’s performance of now made me very sad! Could it be that I don’t have much appeal to wangye? That’s why wangye gave me such a cold back so easily…?”

Murong Qi Qi’s bitter complaints made Feng Cang have no way to deal with this little woman. Why was she always so different like this? She obviously accepted him, but had to put on an aggrieved appearance of a little girl, making him couldn’t help but love.

Wangye, do you really love me?” When Feng Cang turned, Murong Qi Qi’s eyes were covered with a faint layer of water. It’s said tears were a fatal weapon given by god to women. Now, this weapon had been used by Murong Qi Qi on Feng Cang.

“Of course, I love you!” Feng Cang’s knew the little person in his arms was acting cute and whinny. She was using her privileges as a woman to capture him. However, he happened to fall for this. Her charm, her whiny voice and her good bloomed just for him. So, he was very willing to become her prisoner.

“Then, if you love me, stay!”

After achieving her purpose, Murong Qi Qi tiptoed and kissed Feng Cang’s lips. When Feng Cang was about to respond, Murong Qi Qi retreated. She left his arms and stretched her lazy waist.

“So sleepy…too many things happened today. I’m going to take a bath and sleep!”

With steps as light as those of a cat’s, Murong Qi Qi left Feng Cang’s line of sight, making him unable to laugh or cry.

When Murong Qi Qi reappeared, on her body was the fragrance of flowers and she'd already changed into pajamas. Feng Cang had long been lying on the bed. He propped his hand and looked at the book in his left hand. Only when Murong Qi Qi appeared did he put the book down.

“So tired!” Without any concern, Murong Qi Qi lie down and nestled into Feng Cang’s arms.

Last night, it was in this embrace that Murong Qi Qi had a good night of sleep and didn’t have the usual shallow sleep. Realizing this, Murong Qi Qi was finally sure that she completely trusted Feng Cang. The trust from her body wouldn’t be able to deceive her. That was why, she was so assured at letting Feng Cang stay.

Maybe because, during these past few days, she'd experienced many turbulences; so after Murong Qi Qi kissed Feng Cang’s red lips and said “goodnight”, she fell deeply asleep.

“Little brat!” Looking at the little woman with a complete lack of guarding, innocent like a child and also with a smile on her mouth, a thing called happiness filled Feng Cang’s heart.

Originally, she was his bride, ah! Now, after going around a circle, she still returned to his arms! Feng Cang really wanted to thank the god’s grace. Although he'd experienced so much hardships; although he didn’t have a healthy body, but god wasn’t bad to him and gave him a perfect love. Could this be considered compensation?

Murong Qi Qi didn’t understand the many emotions of Feng Cang. She was already in her dreams. Feng Cang’s embrace was warmer than she'd imagined. It let her indulge more in it. Once she fell with her head into it, she couldn’t be separated and leave again.

The day after the truth was exposed, Wanyan Lie’s edict announced to the world that Murong Qi Qi was Feng Xie’s and Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter. Her name was Feng Qi Qi. She's bestowed the title of princess Zhen Guo and Long Autumn palace was bestowed as princess Zhen Guo’s residence.

After this edict came out, it attracted the guessing of countless people. Clever people keenly captured the alternation of power from this edict. One of them was East palace’s crown princess Yu Shi Shi.

Ever since Yu Shi Shi was put into house arrest and even after the ban lifted, Wanyan Hong didn’t let her touch their son Wanyan Jie again. This matter had made it to the emperor before it ended. In the end, Wanyan Jie was still returned to Yu Shi Shi’s arms. Although she had an imperial grandson to depend on, but the moment Wanyan Lie’s edict came out, it made Yu Shi Shi sensitively catch a strange taste from it.

Although on that day, when Murong Qi Qi’s identity was exposed, Yu Shi Shi was not on the scene, but those who were present were stunned by Murong Qi Qi’s beauty. They all said that she’s a rare beauty of the world, inherited from Wanyan Ming Yue and also inherited the advantages of her parents. When these words were spread out, Yu Shi Shi had also heard some of these.

Yu Shi Shi remembered very well how graceful Wanyan Ming Yue was. A smile, a frown from the woman was exceptionally noble. Plus, with her flower and jade like looks and her kind character got her many points. Otherwise, why would she become the number one beauty of the world?!

As Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter, Murong Qi Qi should not be bad. Besides, that day when Wanyan Hong came back to East palace, something was not right with him. Even more, the empress’s Chun Tao came to the East palace and brought a secret letter from the empress to Wanyan Hong. This let Yu Shi Shi sense a trace of conspiracy.

Now, Wanyan Lie had issued an edict to the world. Murong Qi Qi had transformed into Feng Qi Qi. Besides, it’s princess Zhen Guo and she was bestowed Long Autumn palace. What kind of glory was this? In the history of Bei Zhou, there was never a princess who got these. Let alone, Murong Qi Qi wasn’t from the imperial family. She had a different surname. What did this emperor want to do?

Although Yu Shi Shi was the crown princess, but she wasn’t as vicious as the empress and consort De in the palace. So, momentarily, she wasn’t able to guess the deep meaning inside this. Only when she'd received an invitation from consort De to enter the palace for tea and Murong Qi Qi was also invited, did Yu Shi Shi discover that this matter wasn’t that simple.

Jingxin Hall was Lin Ke Xin’s residence. It wasn’t the first time Murong Qi Qi had come here.

Although Feng Cang was worried about Murong Qi Qi and wanted to come with her, but Murong Qi Qi told Feng Cang that she’s now Bei Zhou’s princess Zhen Guo. If those people wanted to disrespect her, then she’d be able to use her identity and give a good show. In the end, she made Feng Cang laugh. Only then, did he let her enter the palace alone.

“Aiyaya, come quickly!”

Hearing that Murong Qi Qi had entered the palace, Lin Ke Xin already let people wait outside of Jingxin Hall. When people announced that Murong Qi Qi was about to arrive at Jingxin hall, Lin Ke Xin immediately waited for Murong Qi Qi at the entrance of the hall. When she had just appeared, Lin Ke Xin met her with a smile. Affectionately, she pulled Murong Qi Qi’s hand as if they knew each other for many years and that their relationship was deep.

“Are you used to Bei Zhou? Our climate here isn’t as good as Xi Qi’s. We have a long winter. You need to take good care of yourself. If you miss something, let someone send me a letter. I’ll prepare it for you!”

Murong Qi Qi's body got a layer of goosebumps at Lin Ke Xin’s intimacy. These women who lived in the palace, if they didn’t got something important, then they wouldn’t be able to live well. Consort De has two sons. Although she’s over forty, but in this palace, she was still a pivotal figure. It could be seen that she had some tactics.

“Thanking niangniang[3. Niangniang: used to call all the females of the imperial family by others] for your concern. Big brother has already prepared everything for me!” Murong Qi Qi’s soft words answered Lin Ke Xin’s enthusiasm. The smile on Lin Ke Xin’s face stiffened. Not a second later, she was full of smiles again, “Look at how muddleheaded I am. Nan Lin wang is such a caring person. I actually forgot about that!”

Not long after Murong Qi Qi sat down in Jingxin hall, did someone come to report that second prince and fifth prince have arrived. The moment Lin Ke Xin heard that her beloved son came, the smile on her face was no longer fake. Murong Qi Qi didn’t know if the smile on Lin Ke Xin’s face was for Wanyan Yi or for Wanyan Kang.

“This subject son greats consort mother!” One after another, Wanyan Yi and Wanyan Kang appeared in front of Murong Qi Qi.

These two brothers were similar in appearance and body. It was just, Wanyan Yi wasn’t as muscular as Wanyan Kang. He’s a bit thinner. His smile was gently. His skin was white, unlike the healthy brown color of Wanyan Kang. Besides, on his mouth always hung a smile with a trace of badness in it.

“Yi er,[4. Er: term of endearment] you’ve arrived!” Lin Ke Xin loved the second son from the bottom of her heart. Although, it was said that parents would love the youngest child the most, but at Lin Ke Xin’s, she loved Wanyan Yi more. When mentioning this son, Lin Ke Xin felt proud from the bottom of her heart!

In Lin Ke Xin’s heart, everything was great about Wanyan Yi! Good character, great looks, great martial arts; he’s simply a son to be proud of. The only shortcoming was that she’s not the empress and couldn’t give Wanyan Yi the position of crown prince. This was a scar in Lin Ke Xin’s heart. That was why, she pampered Wanyan Yi even more.

“Consort mother, I also came. Why did you only see second brother?” Wanyan Kang touched his nose with a look of dissatisfaction.

“You, ah. It’s already good if you don’t cause trouble for bengong!”[5. Bengong: this palace/ I, used by females of the imperial family]

With one look, Murong Qi Qi understood Lin Ke Xin’s attitude towards her two sons.  This mother was not only a little biased. Murong Qi Qi clearly saw the loneliness flash in Wanyan Kang’s eyes. She also felt injustice for Wanyan Kang. Both were her sons, why was the treatment so different?

However, the more Lin Ke Xin treated Wanyan Kang like that, the more Murong Qi Qi decided to oppose her. She immediately came to Wanyan Kang to greet him, “Ah Kang, how come you only arrived now?! Didn’t you say that you’ll take me for a stroll around the palace today?! In the end, you came so late. You really should be punished!”

How clever was Wanyan Kang? How could he not know that Murong Qi Qi being like this was to stand up for him. Immediately, Wanyan Kang’s eyes got wet. One was his biological mother, the other was Murong Qi Qi, who he hadn't known for a long time. Why couldn’t consort mother be like Murong Qi Qi?!

“I waited for second big brother! My second big brother fears the cold, so he stood up a bit late!” Wanyan Kang forced the tears back and revealed a naughty smile again, “Little cousin sister, you’re so beautiful today! I’m afraid, in this world, there won’t be a girl more beautiful than you!”

“Tsk, tsk, in the past, didn’t a certain person call me an ugly thing?” Murong Qi Qi raised her head with a look of pride as if she was saying, now you know how powerful this miss is!

Not only Lin Ke Xin, but Wanyan Yi was also very stunned at Murong Qi Qi and Wanyan Kang’s friendly interaction. This little brother of his was the most playful person. He simply was the most shameful prince of Bei Zhou’s imperial family. Why was Murong Qi Qi’s relation good with Wanyan Kang?

When he saw Murong Qi Qi’s appearance, Wanyan Yi directly froze. His heart also temporarily stopped beating. Why was there such a beautiful woman in this world? Why didn’t he get to know her sooner? Could this be Murong Qi Qi true appearance? No wonder…

Seeing that Wanyan Yi had taken a fancy to Murong Qi Qi, Lin Ke Xin was very satisfied. Before, she was thinking about how to persuade Wanyan Yi, that for the throne, he must touch Murong Qi Qi’s heart and capture her! Now, that amazement in Wanyan Yi’s eyes made her happy; this consort mother got one of her wishes.

After all, she was a woman. The way a man looked at a woman, that kind of possessiveness; she was also young once, she understood these very well. As long as Wanyan Yi’s heart was moved and he took the initiative, then this matter would be easy to handle.

“Yi er, go great your little cousin sister!” Lin Ke Xin deliberately didn’t mention Murong Qi Qi’s identity of princess Zhen Guo. She only used a ‘little cousin sister’ to pull the relationship between the two closer.

“Little cousin sister!” Wanyan Yi’s etiquette was at the point. If you ignored the fact that it didn’t reach his eyes, he was a graceful man.

“Hello!” Towards Wanyan Yi, Murong Qi Qi didn’t have the kind of intimacy as she had with Wanyan Kang. She didn’t like this person. Although he looked refined, gentle and elegant, but like Wanyan Kang said, this big brother of his was very deep-minded.

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