Chapter 129 Setting Jue Se Fang on fire (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 129 Setting Jue Se Fang on fire (1)

Longze Jing also came for Dongfang Lan’s birthday. Li Yun Qing and Shangguan Wu Ji also came with him.

Originally, Longze Jing Tian had to return to his country. However, after Murong Qi Qi’s identity was exposed, he stayed put. Taking Murong Qi Qi as wife was his wish. If he didn’t achieve this, then he wouldn’t give up.

As for Li Yun Qing and Shangguan Wu Ji, they were more worried about Murong Qi Qi. No matter if it’s Murong Qi Qi or Feng Qi Qi, in Li Yun Qing’s and Shangguan Wu Ji’s eyes, she was the person they cared about.

They were shocked at Murong Qi Qi’s true identity. The two wanted to visit Murong Qi Qi at Nan Lin wangfu,[1. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] but they were stopped by Feng Cang’s people. Only because of the empress dowager’s birthday were they able to see her.

It was just, after seeing Murong Qi Qi, no matter if it was Li Yun Qing or Shangguan Wu Ji, their hearts received a huge impact. No matter how exaggerated the rumors were outside, no matter how noble Murong Qi Qi’s real identity was, it wasn’t as real as seeing it with their own eyes.

Aside from that pair of eyes, which was still as quick-witted as before, this person’s facial features had changed completely. They couldn’t see the ‘original’ appearance anymore.

It turned out that she was such a beauty…

Seeing the Murong Qi Qi sitting beside Feng Cang, Li Yun Qing was in trance for a while. That pair of man and woman was like immortals. If it wasn’t because the blood relationship hindered, they would’ve been the most suitable people of this world. It was just, fate played with people, making such a change happen…

Now, Shangguan Wu Ji finally understood why he and Murong Qi Qi always brushed past each other and didn’t have any intersection. Because, between them was the hatred of Feng clan and Shangguan clan.

All the outstanding males of Shangguan clan died on the battle at Yandang mountain. The one who led Bei Zhou’s army back then was Murong Qi Qi’s father…Feng Xie.

If, before Murong Qi Qi’s identity had been exposed, she'd let him take her away, Shangguan Wu Ji would’ve taken Murong Qi Qi away without turning back. However, after seeing such a Murong Qi Qi now, seeing the identity behind her, a thing called ‘persist’ of the clan instantaneously collapsed in Shangguan Wu Ji’s heart.

Why? Why not leave him with a beautiful memory? Why cast a steel wall between them to separate them?

Since he was young, Shangguan Wu Ji’s dream was to become a great general and beat Bei Zhou.

For this dream, he bore many hardships and sweated a lot. Once, he even thought about going against Feng Cang for Murong Qi Qi. However, now these two people were actually siblings. Murong Qi Qi was actually Feng clan’s daughter. This made Shangguan Wu Ji’s footsteps for revenge be stiffened and he wasn’t able to move forward, but also couldn’t move backwards...

Looking from afar at the happy smile on Murong Qi Qi’s face, Shangguan Wu Ji’s heart was in very much pain. Even if he persisted, those lives of Shangguan clan, who'd died at Feng Xie’s hand, and those black tablets in Shangguan clan’s ancestral hall would let him unable to persist.

“Wu Ji, let go…,” Li Yun Qing seemed like he understood Shangguan Wu Ji’s thoughts. “Disregarding the hatred between the countries and the families, if you love her, you should wish for her happiness, isn’t right?”

Li Yun Qing’s words heavily hit Shangguan Wu Ji’s heart.

Letting go was difficult. Picking up was also difficult. If one day, he and Feng Cang confronted each other on the battlefield; she as Feng clan’s daughter would certainly stand at Feng Cang’s side. How could he attack the woman he loves?!

Bei Zhou’s officials didn't bother with the thoughts of Xi Qi’s subjects. Their attention was on Murong Qi Qi. Although in this world, there were many beauties, but such a beauty like Murong Qi Qi, who was capable of causing the downfall of a city or state, was very rare.

She'd inherited her mother Wanyan Ming Yue’s beauty, but that pair of unyielding eyes was very much like Feng Xie’s. Just looking at Murong Qi Qi’s appearance made everyone certain that this girl was truly Feng clan’s blood.

Everyone was paying attention to Murong Qi Qi. Only Wanyan Bao Zhu pressed her lips tightly together.

Since the moment Longze Jing Tian had arrived, her eyes had been locked on Longze Jing Tian. No matter if she was Murong Xin Lian or Wanyan Bao Zhu, she wanted to sit on the position of Jing wangfei[2. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank] But ever since Longze Jing Tian had appeared, his eyes had been looking at Murong Qi Qi, full of love. How could Wanyan Bao Zhu accept this?

That woman, when she was Murong Qi Qi, she'd already spoiled her good matter. Now that she became Feng Qi Qi, she still attracted bees and butterflies. So hateful! Could it be that this woman was born to restrain her? She wasn’t resigned! She couldn’t accept it!

Thinking about all the things she'd suffered because of Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Bao Zhu’s heart would be in pain. She must get this shame back! She couldn’t not calculate this bill!

Thinking till here, Wanyan Bao Zhu looked at the empress dowager who was sitting in a high place. Today was the empress dowager’s birthday. Everyone would offer their gift. She had long prepared her gift. By then, she must defeat Murong Qi Qi!

Since it was Dongfang Lan’s birthday, this palace feast was exceptionally lively. Above were the emperor and empress. Below were the princes and princesses. Everyone needed to prepare a gift for Dongfang Lan. When it was Wanyan Bao Zhu’s turn, her gift was a string of red sandalwood Buddha beads.

“Imperial grandmother, granddaughter polished these beads one by one and the word ‘Buddha’ was also carved one by one by granddaughter. Granddaughter also specifically invited a monk to bless them!”

When Wanyan Bao Zhu’s Buddha beads were presented, Dongfang Lan liked them very much. She repeatedly said, “Good.”

“Bao Zhu is very sensible! You were thoughtful!” Wanyan Lie nodded with satisfaction. The daughter being filial, for a father was a thing worthy to be happy about. In particular, every one of the red sandalwood was mellow round and artificially grinded. She must’ve spent some time on it. It seemed that Wanyan Bao Zhu must’ve long begun to prepare for this gift!

The princess’s gift received the empress dowager’s and the emperor’s approval. The officials also went along and, one by one, praised princess’s filial piety. Listening to these words, Wanyan Bao Zhu didn’t reveal a proud face. She still had a look of modesty.

“No arrogance, good! Bao Zhu is big and sensible now. Zhen[3. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] is very pleased!”

While talking, Wanyan Lie looked at Longze Jing Tian. He’s quite satisfied with this Xi Qi’s wangye.[4. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] At least, he has the talent and looks. In the future, he may get the throne. Before, Wanyan Bao Zhu had shown her love for Longze Jing Tian. Since his daughter liked him, he, as the emperor father, should match them.

“Jing wang, zhen heard that your marriage hasn’t been arranged yet! Don’t know if you’ve someone you like.”

Wanyan Lie’s sudden words pulled Longze Jing Tian out of his thoughts. He immediately stood up and bowed at Wanyan Lie, “Benwang[5. Benwang: this king/ I, used by the prince of first rank] fancy Bei Zhou’s princess…”

Hearing this, Feng Cang’s hand paused and his eyelashes dropped slightly. The hand scratching Murong Qi Qi also stopped, “Qing Qing, that stinky fly is damn annoying!”

To Feng Cang’s jealousy, Murong Qi Qi would like to give a kiss as consolation. However, now they were in public. Because of their identity as siblings, Murong Qi Qi could only turn her hand. Her fingers gently touched Feng Cang’s palm. “Cang, you should be happy!”

“Happy?” Feng Cang raised an eyebrow and looked at Murong Qi Qi’s pink face. If it wasn’t because there were many people around, he would've like to bitten her and get a taste of her.

“It means your eyes are good! The more people who like me, the more it proves that you’ve good eyes and picked the best treasure of this world!”

“Oh…” Towards Murong Qi Qi’s words, Feng Cang could only reach out and pinch her nose. “Why is it that every time in front of Qing Qing, I would get a clumsy tongue? Could it be that Qing Qing was sent by the heaven too restrain me?”

“You’re right! Before I came, god told me that my mission in this life is to let you surrender and save the girls from water and fire. By then, I won’t need to go to hell. Now, I gave up my everything and went into your prison in order to let you surrender.”

It was rare for Murong Qi Qi to say so many sweet words. It made Feng Cang like her even more. Though they got along before, Murong Qi Qi was always too reserved and somewhat wasn’t able to let herself go. Ever since they began to live and sleep together, the defense of this little woman collapsed bit by bit. This was good news!

“Qing Qing, you’re too right!” Feng Cang’s lips went to Murong Qi Qi’s ear and gently whispered in her ear. The hoarse manly voice full of temptation with a light heat surrounded Murong Qi Qi’s ears. It teased her hearing and the sense of touch around her ear.

“Since your mission is like this, why don’t I help you to the end? Tonight, you can let me surrender!”

“Cough, cough!” Feng Cang’s words made Murong Qi Qi’s face turn completely red. She wasn’t a two or three years old child and also passed the ignorant period. She could feel the piece of hotness pasted against her body every night.

This man abided to his promise and waited for her to open her mouth. He waited for her to give herself to him. So, even if he was stirring, but he suppressed his feelings of wanting her. He just hugged her and never stepped over the line.

Now, he said it in the open making Murong Qi Qi a bit shy. Not a while later, in her eyes was a cloud of fire.

“What do you think, Qing Qing…?”

Suddenly, Feng Cang had the mind to throw himself on Murong Qi Qi. Those ill-intentioned eyes deeply irritated him and made him unable to be the gentleman, unable to wait any longer; making him wish he could return to the wangfu now, press her on the bed and make her whole body full of his marks. So, those stinky men wouldn’t put their thoughts on his Qing Qing again.

“Good!” Murong Qi Qi nodded her head shyly. Her words made Feng Cang stunned for half a day.

What did he hear? His little woman actually said ‘good’? He didn’t hear wrong, right?! Feng Cang was stunned. His eyes looked with disbelief at Murong Qi Qi. He thought Murong Qi Qi would be like usual and say no shyly. He didn’t expect that she would suddenly say good. It wasn’t that he had heard wrong, right?

“Qing Qing, did you understand my meaning?” Feng Cang licked his dry lips, “The surrender I talked about, do you know what that meant?” His surrender was not the 'deliver all living creature from suffering' from the Buddha teachings. What he wanted was to cross her river…

“Annoying!” Feng Cang’s questions made Murong Qi Qi turn her face to not look at that devilishly beautiful face and let herself be tempted by this man.

It wasn’t easy for her to summon the courage to agree. This man still foolishly asked if she understood the meaning of his words. Could it be that she looked like a white rabbit who didn’t know anything about the world? Or, was he forcing her to say those words which will let people blush?

“Qing Qing, say, ah.  Say what your meaning is!”

Murong Qi Qi completely made all the itchiness of Feng Cang’s heart come. He was like a child and wrapped himself around Murong Qi Qi. He had to hear exactly what she meant. He wasn’t sure if Murong Qi Qi had truly agreed. Was it really so simple and so easy? It was so simple that he began to doubt his hearing!

“Qing Qing…” Feng Cang gently shook Murong Qi Qi’s sleeves. How pitiful his expression could be, was how pitiful it was. Especially since that devilishly beautiful pair of eyes was full of whining. This sweet honey wrapped around Murong Qi Qi’s heart.

“Qing Qing…”

Not waiting for Feng Cang to finish, Longze Jing Tian’s voice was heard, “The person benwang fancy is princess Zhen Guo and not princess Bao Zhu.”

Even if Feng Cang still wanted to be sweet with Murong Qi Qi, but after hearing the words ‘princess Zhen Guo’, he also stopped. It turned out that when this couple was flirting, Wanyan Lie proposed to let Wanyan Bao Zhu marry Longze Jing Tian. He didn’t expect to be refused by Longze Jing Tian on the spot.

Benwang objects!” Without being able to take much into consideration, Feng Cang stood up and interrupted Longze Jing Tian. “Benwang doesn’t agree!”

For a time, the atmosphere was pushed to the highest level. Nan Lin wang going against Jing wang was all for princess Zhen Guo. What meaning was there inside this? Everyone was fathoming in their hearts.

Now, in everyone’s heart, Murong Qi Qi was in an awkward position. Both men were dragons among humans. They both fought for her and both had some relation with her.

One was Longze Jing Tian who had a marriage arrangement with her and also the one who wrote the ‘breaking off engagement letter’. The other was Feng Cang who'd married her and ended up with the identity of siblings. Speaking of this, both were closely related to Murong Qi Qi. Now, the two were fighting. There would be a good play to watch!

“Nan Lin wang, benwang loves your little sister from the bottom of my heart…” While saying ‘little sister’, Longze Jing Tian deliberately highlighted the two words as if reminding Feng Cang that Murong Qi Qi was his little sister, that he shouldn’t continue to dream and it’s better to let her marry him (LJT)!

“Exactly because Qi Qi is benwang’s little sister. That’s why this brother-in-law should be able to enter benwang’s eyes!”

Feng Cang simply didn’t buy Longze Jing Tian’s words. What little sister? That is just a floating cloud! Murong Qi Qi is his woman. He won’t let go. Now, in Feng Cang’s eyes, Longze Jing Tian, this stinky fly, was more and more displeasing to the eyes.

Feng Cang’s overbearing manner was outside of Longze Jing Tian’s expectations. Originally, he thought that Feng Cang would avoid the talk about their ‘sibling’s love’ like a taboo. He didn’t expect that the other party would become bold and self-confident.

Benwang is asking marriage from your country’s emperor. Benwang fears that you have no say in princess Zhen Guo’s marriage.”

Longze Jing directly put out Wanyan Lie. He was convinced that here, there was no one more suitable for Murong Qi Qi than him. That was why he was so confident. After all, Wanyan Lie was an emperor. As long as he opened his mouth, even if Feng Cang disagreed, he (FC) wouldn’t be able to revolt!

However, it seemed that Wanyan Lie also didn’t buy Longze Jing Tian's words. He directly said, “Zhen has long promised princess Zhen Guo that she could decide on her marriage.”

Now, Murong Qi Qi was happy. This Wanyan Lie was really interesting. Why did she never hear about that? Now, Wanyan Lie said it like that; besides, it was in front of the officials. Could this be considered the golden mouth spoke jaded words and that this was a decree to her?

“Thanking uncle!” This ‘uncle’ came from the bottom of Murong Qi Qi's heart. As long as there’s this decree; if there’s someone who wanted to forcefully marry her, she could kill him on the spot. This was the same as giving her a protective talisman!

This sweet ‘uncle’ from Murong Qi Qi made Wanyan Lie’s mood very good. Because of this decree, she laughed from the bottom of her heart. This made Wanyan Lie’s heart go soft. He gave her this decree, hoping that she and Feng Cang would make good use of it! He knew that kind of unrequited love very well. So, he didn’t want the younger generation to also experience it.

When did the emperor promise Murong Qi Qi this? Li Bing and crown prince Wanyan Hong exchanged a glance. They’ve never heard about this thing. Could it be a decree given in private? If it was like that, Murong Qi Qi could decide on her marriage. The goal they wanted to achieve, could only be achieved through Murong Qi Qi.

At the same time, Lin Ke Xin looked once at second son Wanyan Yi. Seeing that her son’s expression was calm, Lin Ke Xin was very satisfied. Remaining calm in the face of events is the style of an emperor! No matter what, she must help Wanyan Yi get Murong Qi Qi!

Wanyan Lie’s words were undoubtedly the same as rejecting Longze Jing Tian. It was just, he wasn’t willing to accept it. He looked at Murong Qi Qi again, “Princess Zhen Guo, benwang has long admired you and wants to take you as my wife!”

Seeing that Longze Jing Tian didn’t want to give up, Murong Qi Qi’s smiling face immediately disappeared, “Jing wang, I don’t love you. I will only marry the man I love and will only give birth to children from the man I love.”

“We can cultivate our feelings! I will wait!”

Longze hurriedly said that and his eyes became eager. I beg you, don’t reject me. I was wrong before! I beg you, give me one more chance! Longze Jing Tian prayed in his heart. He wished that he could hear the three words ‘I am willing’ from Murong Qi Qi.

“Sorry! I don’t love you! Now, I don’t; in the future, I also won’t. Never will I love you.”

One ‘never will I love you’ killed Longze Jing Tian’s thoughts. In just a moment, Longze Jing Tian’s expression was like the dead. The original handsome face became full of injuries because of this.

“I know that you resent me; resent me for turning the rights and wrongs of the matter and wrote the ‘breaking off engagement letter’ to you! I was wrong! I really regret it…”

Murong Qi Qi frowned at Longze Jing Tian’s words. It wasn’t because of this reason that she'd rejected Longze Jing Tian. The other party’s behavior was like harrasment to Murong Qi Qi.

“I think you've got it wrong. I've never have loved you. Without love, how could there be hate?! Jing wang, you think too highly of yourself!”

Murong Qi Qi’s words made Feng Cang almost pick her up and cheer. Why did this little woman become more pleasing to the eyes, the more he looked?

“Well said!” Wanyan Kang cheered for Murong Qi Qi. He had long found Longze Jing Tian displeasing to the eyes. He'd actually pushed cousin brother to a corner. He truly didn’t want to live anymore! Why didn’t he look at his appearance? Does he think that he’s worthy of cousin-in-law?!

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