Chapter 131 So it’s you (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 131 So it’s you (1)

Feng Cang glanced at the words on the letter. With one look, he could see that it was written by Nalan Xin. This guy was starting to become more and more vicious. He'd actually burned down Guanghua gongzi’s Tong Bao Zhai and Jue Se Fang. Truly putting extra effort into it! How could he not know how black bellied Nalan Xin was?! This truly let him be very happy!

Feng Cang’s heart was blooming from laughter. He gave Nalan Xin’s actions a very high evaluation, but Murong Qi Qi clutched the note with a black expression.

“Did you find the people?”

“When I arrived, the fire was very big. I didn’t see anyone. Su Mei went to Tong Bao Zhai. I don’t know how it's like over there.”

They had been just talking about Su Mei when she rushed over. “Miss!” The note Su Mei handed to Murong Qi Qi was the same as the one Su Yue had given earlier. It said: “Tonight at haishi (9-11pm), see you at Lion Ridge.”

Bastard! Murong Qi Qi clenched her fists. Who actually dared to pluck hair from a tiger’s head and dared to touch her people!

Murong Qi Qi’s expression had a seriousness Feng Cang had never seen before. This woman was either gentle or charming, cute and helpless looking or pleasantly ignorant, but she'd never looked like she did now, with a cold like ice face.

Also, Su Mei and Sue Yue, who were standing next to Murong Qi Qi, also had sullen faces. They seemed to be accustomed to such a Murong Qi Qi. Could this be Murong Qi Qi’s true face?

Wangye,[1. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] I’m sorry. Today, I can’t keep you company. I have something I need to deal with.”

“Qing Qing…,” Feng Cang’s heart twitched from pain, making him unable to breathe. She was actually worried like this because of the accident at Guanghua gongzi’s [2. Gongzi: young master] shops. In the end, she still cared about him…

Why, why when seeing Murong Qi Qi care so much for Guanghua gongzi, he would be so sad? Why, why was it when he saw the anxiousness and worry turn into coldness on Murong Qi Qi’s face, he regretted letting Nalan Xin commit those deeds?

If in the end, Murong Qi Qi got to know that it was him who'd instructed people to burn down Jue Se Fang and Tong Bao Zhai, would she also treat him with such a cold face? If Murong Qi Qi knew that he'd wanted to kill Guanghua gongzi to get her for himself, would she think that he’s selfish and ruthless? Would she leave him?

The thought that Murong Qi Qi would leave him because of his own actions, made every breath Feng Cang took let him feel completely cold. If he had listened to Nalan Xin and made his thoughts clear to Murong Qi Qi, would the results have been better?

Wangye, wait for my return!” Because she was worried about the safety of Moyu’s people, Murong Qi Qi didn’t notice Feng Cang’s strange expression. Instead, she tiptoed and kissed Feng Cang’s lips lightly. “Su Mei, Su Yue, let’s go!”

“Qing Qing…,” Feng Cang reached out and wanted to grab Murong Qi Qi. However, he just grabbed a gust of wind. When he came out of the daze, Murong Qi Qi, along with Su Mei and Su Yue, had already disappeared from sight.

“Qing Qing!”

Remorse appeared in Feng Cang’s heart. He wished that in this world, there was a medicine called regret to let him do everything all over again. Like that, he could directly tell Murong Qi Qi, I’m Fo Sheng Men’s leader Long Ao Tian. I know you’re Moyu’s Du Xian Er. Your matter with Guanghua gongzi made me eat a lot of vinegar. I nearly went crazy from jealousy. You’re my woman. I want your heart to only have me!

It was just, the so called regret medicine was only Feng Cang’s wishful thinking. Now, the only thing he could do was to catch up with Murong Qi Qi and explain everything to her.

When Feng Cang arrived at Lion Ridge, it was already night. He looked around once, but Feng Cang didn’t see Murong Qi Qi and the others. When he entered the fortified hill village, it was Nalan Xin who received him.

“Did wangfei[3. Wangfei: main consort/wife of the prince of first rank] come?” When he saw Nalan Xin, Feng Cang directly asked about Murong Qi Qi’s whereabouts.

Wangfei didn’t come. What’s the matter, wangye?”

“Where are those people from Moyu?”

“I only caught an old man…”

“Old man?” Feng Cang frowned, “Take me there to see.”

Lion Ridge was originally a secret base of Feng Cang. Once, he had trained soldiers here. Later, it became deserted and no one remembered it anymore. This time, when he planned to kidnap Guanghua gongzi’s people, Feng Cang thought about here. Here was no village ahead and no inn behind and in barren hills. It was the most secure place.

  • No village ahead and no inn behind: be stranded in the middle of nowhere

When the prison door opened, Fang Tong raised his head. He saw a man with a silver mask walk in. Behind him was a black masked person. Fang Tong knew him. It was this person whod captured him.

“Kill or cutting the flesh, do as you wish! Want me to betray gongzi? Dream on!”

Before, Nalan Xin asked Fang Tong many things related to Guanghua gongzi, but this old man repeatedly said, “Definitely won’t betray gongzi”. Nalan Xin had no way to deal with him and could only wait for Feng Cang’s orders.

Now, Feng Cang had come. Fang Tong began to show his position.

“Master, this old man is very stubborn!” Nalan Xin whispered some words in Feng Cang’s ear. How would he know that Fang Tong’s ears were the best and had the nickname of 'preternaturally good hearing'. Of course, he (FT) heard what he (NX) had said.

“Humph!” Fang Tong turned his head sideways and didn’t look at Feng Cang. He raised his chin highly and didn’t look at the two ‘villains’ in front of him.

“Let him go...,” Feng Cang said. When Fang Tong heard Feng Cang’s voice, he was surprised. He turned to look at Feng Cang. His eyes were full of doubts and puzzlement.

Feng Cang didn’t know that in this world, as long as Fang Tong had heard the voice, he would never forget it. Of course, he would remember Feng Cang’s voice. It was just, he didn’t understand why Feng Cang would kidnap him. He didn’t know which nerve of this guye[4. Guye: son-in-law, used by the servants of the female family] had gone wrong and that he would go against miss. Could it be that guye and miss had fallen out? Or was it that this guye had a secret behind miss’s back?

Thinking till here, Fang Tong immediately raised his vigilance. After all, one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature. If by chance guye wanted to conspire, then wouldn’t miss be in danger? No, he needed to tell miss to let miss guard against guye! She shouldn’t ruin her life for love!

Fang Tong’s confused eyes instantly turned alert. His expression was expected in Feng Cang’s eyes. Fang Tong didn’t believe that Feng Cang would let him go. So, he was confused and believed that Feng Cang wanted to conspire something. So, he raised his vigilance. This person was smart.

“Go back and tell your master not to have any thoughts about my woman. This time, it’s only a small reminder. Next time, I will personally kill him!”

Nalan Xin went forward to open the shackles on Fang Tong’s hands and feet, “Go! My master said to let you stay alive. Quickly leave!”

Nalan Xin didn’t know why Feng Cang had such a big change. However, he was sure about one thing. The reason why master’s mood had changed must be related to Murong Qi Qi. In this world, only that woman could let master become messed up.

Feng Cang’s words had another meaning in Fang Tong’s ears.

‘His woman’ wasn’t miss? Why does he want miss not to touch ‘his woman’?

Could…it be that this guye had another girl? Could it be that miss knew that Feng Cang had another woman and that was why they'd fought and made Feng Cang angry? That was why he'd vented on them (the people of Moyu)? This man is too despicable! He actually treated their Moyu’s treasure like this!

“Humph!” Fang Tong stood up, rubbed his wrists and moved his ankles. He looked coldly at Feng Cang as if he was saying; don’t think that if you wear a mask, I wouldn’t recognize you. Even if you turn into ashes, I can still tell it’s you! You actually dared to fail our miss, Feng Cang, you have the guts! Let’s wait and see!

Fang Tong’s gaze let Nalan Xin admire this old man.

Since being kidnapped till now, this old man didn’t eat or drink nor did he say anything. He had just maintained a cold face. No matter how he (NX) intimidated or threatened him, the other party was like a dead pig that didn’t fear scalding water. Now, this old man had actually humphed once at their wangye? And looked face to face at the cold face of wangye and didn’t lose, really bold, ah!

“Don’t worry! No matter if it’s you or your woman, our master wouldn’t take a fancy to either! You better take your woman and stay far away and don’t appear in front of our master. Otherwise, even if master remembered the old affection, we wouldn’t leave the matter at that!”

Fang Tong knew that he couldn’t beat Nalan Xin. If he could beat him, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped and brought here. It was just, Murong Qi Qi’s face was bigger than his life. Even if he was killed by Feng Cang now, he wouldn’t let Feng Cang trample their Moyu’s princess like this! Anyway, it’s just a life. His, Fang Tong’s life had long been sold to Murong Qi Qi!

“Cough, cough…,” Nalan Xin completely admired this old man. With a look of an unscrupulous businessman, why was his temper so dead set?! Not only did he look face to face with Feng Cang’s cold eyes, he also said those words to irritate his (NX) master. Could this old man’s neck be made from steel? Not afraid of it being cut?

“Naturally, I will hold onto my woman! Let’s leave…”

Feng Cang left with Nalan Xin. When he departed, he didn’t lock the prisoner’s door. Looking at the open prison door, Fang Tong understood that Feng Cang was truly letting him go.

Wangye, don’t you intend to use that old man as bait anymore?”

“No need…,” Feng Cang shook his head. Murong Qi Qi’s degree of care for Guanghua gongzi let him be envious, jealous and filled with hate. Although he really wanted to guard a tree-stump, waiting for the rabbit and kill Guanghua gongzi, but he didn’t want to see Murong Qi Qi sad. He also didn’t want to see her beautiful eyes cry for another man!

Feng Cang just went out of the dungeon when someone came to inform him, “Master, outside the village, a gongzi in red want us to release his people!”

“Guanghua gongzi?” Feng Cang and Nalan Xin spoke at the same time. Rumor had it that Guanghua gongzi liked red clothes the most. So, this man in red must be him.

“He came so quickly…”

The reason Feng Cang let Fang Tong pass words over was because he originally didn’t intend to meet Guanghua gongzi. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control his emotions, and would use a heavy hand to kill Guanghua gongzi. However, he didn’t expect that the other party would still come. Besides, he arrived so quickly. It seemed that fate wanted them to fight against each other!

“Let’s go!”

When Feng Cang arrived at the open space in front of the village, a dozen men in black were lying on the ground. All were his underlings.

“Pain…,” These people held their arms and legs. Some clutched their belly, some clutched their head. All were rolling and churning in pain on the ground. It was evident that they'd suffered loss at Guanghua gongzi’s hands.

“Master!” When the people on the ground saw Feng Cang come out, they acted as if they'd seen their savior. One by one, they cried, “Master, this underling is incompetent and couldn’t stop him!”

“You all retreat…”

Feng Cang knew the ability of his underlings. Now, they had been knocked to the ground and in such a sorry state, it seemed that this Guanghua gongzi had some ability. However, talking about it, if he didn’t have the ability, how could he let Jue Se Fang and Tong Bao Zhai became the most profitable shops in this mainland. Without ability, how would he be able to attract Murong Qi Qi…

“I came, where are my people?” Seeing the man in white clothes with a silver mask, the first thing Murong Qi Qi asked about was Moyu’s people.

When Murong Qi Qi was examining Feng Cang, Feng Cang was also studying her.

This Guanghua gongzi was not tall and was a bit slim.  He wore red like fire clothes. His hair was in a bundle on his head. On his face, he wore a white porcelain mask which was smooth as jade. On the white mask were flirtatious facial features painted. Long and narrow phoenix eyes. Brightly red lips. Eyebrows were like a red flame. The place where the eyes should be was exposed by two gaps. It looked like a cat.

Being blocked by this porcelain mask, Feng Cang completely couldn’t see the other’s appearance. However, in his heart, he already gave Murong Qi Qi an evaluation through the mask. This man was not burly and also liked such a feminine mask. It seemed, he was a pervert! He definitely won’t hand Murong Qi Qi over to Guanghua gongzi!

Although he had let go of Fang Tong, but after seeing Guanghua gongzi wound his underlings, Feng Cang’s temper also came, “The people are in my hands. If you want to take them away, that depends on whether you have the ability.”

The other party’s provocation made Murong Qi Qi feel angry. She hadn’t seen such a righteous and self-confident person. Really too shameless. At this time, Murong Qi Qi’s cursed the ancestors till the eighteenth generation of the man in white clothes and silver mask opposite of her.

When she was on her way here, Murong Qi Qi let Su Mei and Su Yue go find out the reason. She had come here single-handedly. She’d have to see who in this jianghu[5. Jianghu: world of martial arts] had such big guts to touch her, Murong Qi Qi’s people.

Now, after seeing the man with white clothes and silver mask acting so arrogant, Murong Qi Qi got angrier. It seemed that without a fierce battle, there was no other way to end this matter.

‘Shhh…’ Murong Qi Qi reached out. On her hand appeared a golden silk. On the silk was one small golden bell. “Since you say that, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

“Thank you for being merciless!” Beneath the silver mask, Feng Cang’s lips bloomed into a devilish beautiful flower. In his hand appeared a dagger. What let Murong Qi Qi be surprised is that the way the silver faced man held the dagger was not the ordinary way, but it was the backhand holding the handle.

An expert! Murong Qi Qi sneered.

“Master..,” After Nalan Xin saw the shamelessness of Guanghua gongzi, he couldn’t help but remind Feng Cang. The weapon in this man in red’s hand was too feminine. There had never been someone in the jianghu who used bells as weapon.

‘Ding ling ling…’ Murong Qi Qi’s left hand hooked on the golden thread. Following the wind, the silver bell made ‘ding ling’ sounds. Not waiting for Nalan Xin to finish speaking, Murong Qi Qi jumped in the sky. She flew in the sky and stepped on a thin wood towards Feng Cang.

Had to say, Guanghua gongzi was a delicate person. His gestures expressed beauty. Even if the coldness on his body was strong, but this coldness wasn’t damaged by his cold proudness.

Feng Cang stood there and didn’t move. He was like a snow mountain; didn’t panic and didn’t waver. The right hand with which he held the dagger was hanging. The wind blew. Feng Cang’s hair fluttered, looking like an immortal who'd had fallen into the mortal realm.


The closer she got to the silver faced man; the sneer on Murong Qi Qi became more intense. When she was about to reach the other party, Murong Qi Qi’s feet was on the wood. Her body leveraged in the sky. The wood flew with accelerated speed towards Feng Cang.

‘Shua!’ Just when the wood was about to reach Feng Cang, Feng Cang suddenly raised the dagger. With one cut, he split the wood in two. His body also flew to the sky with a shout and dueled with Murong Qi Qi in the air.

‘Ding ling ling…” Hearing the bells, the golden bells appeared at Feng Cang’s left side. When Feng Cang wanted to split the golden thread with the dagger, he discovered that this golden thread was simply too fortified. Even though in his hand was a hundred year old treasured dagger, but he couldn’t do anything to this golden thread.

“Insignificant skill!”

Just when Feng Cang backed away, on Murong Qi Qi’s left hand also appeared a golden thread. Like a fine light, it split the air and went straight at Feng Cang.

Very vicious moves! Feng Cang dodged. A white wind passed. The golden thread didn’t touch him a bit. It was just, when this golden thread came over; Feng Cang clearly heard the sound of air being cut by this golden thread. This Guanghua gongzi was truly not someone ordinary. His martial arts were actually so amazing.

However, Murong Qi Qi didn’t give the man in white clothes with a silver mask a chance to breathe. He'd touched her people. She was unhappy. The other party also was in white. Did he have nothing to do and needed to learn from Feng Cang so he could pretend to be elegant? She was unhappy! From Murong Qi Qi’s point of view, in this world aside from Feng Cang, who when wearing white would give people the feeling of being refined, others were just unworthy to wear white.

Originally, she already had hatred for the man in white with a silver mask. Now, Murong Qi Qi hated him even more.

‘Ding ling ling!’ The bell sounded. Murong Qi Qi attacked with the left and right hands at the same time. Those two golden threads were like two golden lights splitting the dark night and went straight at Feng Cang. The two figures in red and white, like two rainbows, were interlocked in the sky.

‘Boom!’ the golden threads fell on the ground and made a neither big nor small hole.

So fierce! Nalan Xin couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. Just thin threads, but he was able to operate to such a point. This Guanghua gongzi really was someone extraordinary. It seemed that this time, wangye has encountered a considerable opponent!

Guanghua gongzi’s moves made Feng Cang couldn’t help but think of Murong Qi Qi. The way that girl had used a red muslin to hurt people was the same like Guanghua gongzi. The difference was that Murong Qi Qi used a red muslin and Guanghua gongzi used golden threads which was one level higher.

Could it be that Murong Qi Qi had learned that from Guanghua gongzi? Looking at Guanghua gongzi waving the golden thread, in front of Feng Cang’s eyes couldn’t help but appear the image of the other party teaching Murong Qi Qi, hand in hand. His heart got angrier.

“Master, be careful!”

It was said late, but it was an early enough warning. Just when the golden thread was about to hit that silver mask on Feng Cang’s face, Feng Cang shouted once. A thin layer of white light appeared around his body and shocked the golden thread, making it rebound back.

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