Chapter 134 I love you (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 134 I love you (2)


Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to speak, someone appeared at the door, “Master, what’s the matter?”

“Retreat!” Feng Cang’s roar startled the person standing outside for a moment. He immediately retreated.

“Qing Qing…” Feng Cang stared at Murong Qi Qi’s eyes. Her eyes were so beautiful and weren’t lesser than the stars in the sky. At first, it was this pair of eyes that had made his spirit and soul upside down, made him fall so deep that he couldn’t free himself.

  • Spirit and soul upside down: infatuated and head over heels in love

“Qing Qing, what you said earlier today, does that still count?”

Feng Cang’s hands supported his body. His long hair fell on Murong Qi Qi’s body. His eyes were full of eager desire, waiting for Murong Qi Qi’s answer.

“What did I say during the day?” How could Murong Qi Qi remember that Feng Cang meant that sentence?

Seeing that until this point, this little woman was still confused, Feng Cang laughed bitterly. Suddenly, he leaned over and kissed Murong Qi Qi’s lips. His tongue pried her lips open and wantonly plundered her fragrance as if by doing this sacred ceremony, he would let her mouth be infected with his taste.

Different from the usual gentleness, today’s Feng Cang was like a hungry wolf; crazy and passionate.

“During the day, you said to make me surrender…Qing Qing, I want to ask you, is this true…,” After a long time, Feng Cang let go of Murong Qi Qi’s lips. His nose and her nose touched. With such a short distance, his eyes quietly looked at Murong Qi Qi’s eyes. “Can I?”

Feng Cang saying it so straightforwardly, how could Murong Qi Qi not understand? Immediately, blood rushed to Murong Qi Qi’s brain. Her face got fever and her eyes showed shyness.

It turned out that he wanted…Just the thought of what was about to happen, made Murong Qi Qi immediately feel like a lost deer, wandering in a vast forest.

“Qing Qing, can you? I want you! Wanting so much…I nearly went crazy! Qing Qing…” Feng Cang didn’t hide his desire for Murong Qi Qi. For a long time, he felt stuffed to death.

Feng Cang wanted to be a gentleman, but he had overestimated his own strength! The woman he loved was at his side and in his arms. Seeing her every day and hugging her every night. Smelling the green apple fragrance from her body and feeling the warmth from her body; if he was indifferent, then he wasn’t a normal man.

It was very silent inside the room. Murong Qi Qi could clearly hear her own heartbeat, “Boom, boom, boom…”

Looking at Feng Cang so closely, Murong Qi Qi could see the thick eyelashes on his deep eyes. One by one, they slightly trembled. Obviously, Feng Cang was restraining himself. She could feel it.

Murong Qi Qi didn’t speak. Feng Cang supported his body with his hand. The two maintained this position and looked at each other, face to face. Although his expression didn’t change, but inside Feng Cang’s heart, he was afraid. Afraid that Murong Qi Qi would refuse! Although he couldn’t be a gentleman, but he also couldn’t become a villain and use the forceful way.

He wanted her to give herself willingly and not forced.

“Qing Qing, if you’re not ready, I can wait. Truly!” Although, the tremble in Feng Cang’s voice was very slight, but Murong Qi Qi still heard it. This man, ah…Murong Qi Qi was touched and put her hands around Feng Cang’s neck.

“Cang, I am willing.”

This ‘I’m willing’ let Feng Cang hold his breath for a long time. He didn’t dare to believe his ears. He could only look blankly at Murong Qi Qi.

“I’m willing…” Murong Qi Qi hooked Feng Cang’s neck and let him get closer to her. She took the initiative to kiss Feng Cang’s forehead. “I’m willing…”

Feng Cang just said the two words ‘Qing Qing’, but it was drowned in their hot kiss.

At this point, Feng Cang’s hands were also slightly trembling. He somewhat couldn’t believe his ears! She’s willing! She loves him! She’s about to become his!

An unprecedented sense of happiness and satisfaction filled Feng Cang’s heart. His Qing Qing was finally about to become his.

“Cang…” After the kiss, Murong Qi Qi’s cheeks were bright and red like blood, “That…I don’t know, I don’t know how to do it.”

Having said this, Murong Qi Qi lowered her eyes from shyness and didn’t dare to look at Feng Cang. Although she was a time-travelled girl, but in the previous life, she hadn’t experienced the things of love. She only knew the theory that was worse than useless in practice. To Murong Qi Qi, the things about love were completely a blank paper. (Author’s note: A pure female character, ah-)

Murong Qi Qi’s shy expression made Feng Cang chuckle. She didn’t know, he also didn’t know. The first time he dated was with Murong Qi Qi. His first love was also Murong Qi Qi. He also only heard about the thing she didn’t know about. How could he not be clean? (Author’s note: A pure male character, ah-)

“Qing Qing, I also don’t know.”

After those words fell, Feng Cang also got a big red face. It was reasonable to say, at his age, he should have had a large number of wives and concubines and a bunch of children.

If people knew that the famous Nan Lin wang[1. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] Feng Cang was a pure little virgin, anyone would laugh till their teeth fell off.

Feng Cang had finally summoned the courage to confess; Murong Qi Qi was surprised for a moment and looked startled at Feng Cang.

“What, allowing you to be pure and faultless and I can’t remain chaste?!”

Seeing ‘disbelief’ flash in Murong Qi Qi’s eyes, Feng Cang bit Murong Qi Qi’s lips, “I have been waiting for you, my little bride!”

“Then, how to begin…” After she asked this, Murong Qi Qi almost bit her tongue. She’s so stupid! She actually asked such a question!


Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s shyness, Feng Cang kissed Murong Qi Qi’s earlobe, “Qing Qing, why don’t we start from listening to words of love?!”

“Qing Qing, do you know, before I met you, I thought this world was black and white, that I would never meet someone I would love and would never get loved; until I met you. My treasure…”

Feng Cang’s lips gently touched Murong Qi Qi’s earlobe. The breath he exhaled lingered around Murong Qi Qi’s ear. Heat like a warm flow wrapped around Murong Qi Qi’s ear, stimulating her hearing and her sense of touch.

“You made my life turn colorful. You let me understand that the world’s sweetest thing is nothing more than love. You let me fall deeply in love with your everything.”

Along Murong Qi Qi’s beautiful jaw, Feng Cang’s kiss arrived at her small chin. That kind of numb feeling followed Feng Cang’s lips. Feng Cang’s hands also grabbed Murong Qi Qi’s waist to press her closer to him.

Afraid that Murong Qi Qi couldn’t bear his weight, Feng Cang’s right arm supported him near Murong Qi Qi’s hair. His fingers slowly combed her black hair. His pair of affectionate eyes didn’t leave Murong Qi Qi’s face for a moment.

“You’re so beautiful!” Feng Cang’s voice was like magic and let Murong Qi Qi gradually put down her shyness. She was also no longer so nervous and only infatuatedly entangled with his affectionate eyes. Her eyes only had him.

“Do you know how anxious I was when Shangguan Wu Ji took you away!” Feng Cang untied the bow on Murong Qi Qi’s dress. Layer by layer, like a cocoon. Careful and meticulous in fear that he would brutally ruin this tranquillity.

“I was not sure if you would go with me, but I still insisted on chasing you. To tell you the truth, I feel that, that time was one of my most wise and handsome moments. Qing Qing, do you know how worried I felt while I was chasing you?! I was so afraid that you will go with him! I said to myself, if by chance you went with Shangguan Wu Ji, I should show my generosity. I needed to support you and take care of the aftermath for you…”

When saying this, Murong Qi Qi’s dress had been taken off, revealing a snow-white arm. Under the light, that blood-red gecko cinnabar mark laid silently on Murong Qi Qi’s arm as if it was waiting for someone to take it off.

When he saw that white small clothes which was different from normal undergarments on Murong Qi Qi’s body, Feng Cang froze. A moment of short-circuit appeared in his brain. He also forgot the words he wanted to say and only stared at those small white clothes.

These clothes were different from undergarments. One, because the color was white. Two, because the shape was very strange. Two thin straps wrapped around the shoulders. Following, was two palm-sized fabrics.

“Qing Qing, what is this?” Feng Cang pulled at the thin straps. Murong Qi Qi blushed. “This is the underwear I designed, it's called a bra.”

“Ill omen?  Why don’t you call it lucky omen?”

  • 凶兆(xiōngzhào): ill omen, 胸罩(xiōngzhào): bra; are homophones.

“Haha…,” Seeing Feng Cang like that, Murong Qi Qi laughed. She had forgotten that this could be the first bra in this world. Originally, she wanted to produce it and put it in Jue Se Fang. However, now she didn’t have the time. So, she'd made it first for her own use. She didn’t expect that the first time she wore it, Feng Cang would meet it.

Looking at the trembling white shoulders and peacefully moving clouds because of Murong Qi Qi’s laughter, Feng Cang’s breathing became heavy.

“Qing Qing!”

Feng Cang suddenly stopped and didn’t dare to move. She was just like that, lying perfectly in the red bedding. The red silk made her skin appear snow white. Her exquisite figure plus her beautiful and moving eyes, made Feng Cang feel somewhat suffocated. He didn’t know what the right thing to do was.

Feng Cang being so ‘cautious’ made Murong Qi Qi laugh. She got up and her hand hooked on Feng Cang’s belt.

No matter what dynasty, men’s clothing was simple to take off. For example, Feng Cang’s clothes. They were exquisite and gorgeous, but it was just a matter of a few ropes.

“Cang, your figure is as charming as your personality.”

Seeing the man with the broad shoulders and thin waist in front of her, in Murong Qi Qi’s eyes appeared infatuation. Such abs, such arc; putting him in the modern world, matched with this devilishly beautiful face, he would definitely be the world’s top model.

Learning from what Feng Cang just did, Murong Qi Qi climbed on Feng Cang’s shoulder, sat on him and faced him.

“I…,” Feng Cang was a bit nervous. Just now, he was very courageous. But now, meeting the last line of defense and after seeing that strange little clothes, Feng Cang was somewhat timid. He didn’t know how to start.

“I’ll teach you!”

Murong Qi Qi tied her long hair together. She turned. Her back faced Feng Cang. Only now did he see the mystery behind this. He reached out and gently unlocked the final seal. A complete beauty appeared like this in front of Feng Cang.

“Cang…” Murong Qi Qi was full of spring and let her long hair fall on her left side. She turned slightly and looked at Feng Cang.

That long hair covered her beauty like a piece of black clothes. It was hard to tell if it was real or a sham. It revealed a bit, making Feng Cang’s throat become swollen. Every time he took a breath, his throat would swell badly, making it very hard to breathe.

“Am I beautiful?”

Murong Qi Qi got off the bed. Barefooted, she stepped on the ground. On her whole body, from the top to bottom, was only clothes made from black hair. The graceful posture was faintly discerning through the black hair. All were highlighting the beauty of this woman.

Beautiful, really beautiful. So beautiful that Feng Cang was afraid to go touch her. He was afraid that he, such a commoner, would taint the beauty of this woman in front of him.

Originally, it should be a warm passion, but now, a layer of pure light surrounded it. Feng Cang didn’t have any fanciful (dirty) thoughts. He only quietly looked at Murong Qi Qi as if she was a fairy who had descended from heaven and that he could only worship her.

After waiting for a long time, Murong Qi Qi didn’t get Feng Cang’s initiative. Ay.. She sighed in her heart. Why was Feng Cang, an ancient man, was more of a gentleman than a modern man?! It seemed that only she could be the seductive one!

Thinking till here, Murong Qi Qi went forward and pushed Feng Cang down at once.

“Qing Qing…”  Feng Cang was started, but he felt a burst of warmth from his chest.

“Smooch, smooch…” Murong Qi Qi was like a baby. While sucking, she kept repeating, “Drink milk, ah. Drink milk, ah…”

Now, Feng Cang blushed. Murong Qi Qi laid on his chest. That appearance was no difference from a baby’s. Plus her behavior and the words from her mouth were like that of a baby.

In just a moment, Feng Cang sensed his full vitality. Her kisses seemed to swept away all his worries, all the things that bound him,  all his cautiousness and all his nervousness away. What was only left was the deep love for her.

That kind of numb feeling spread over his whole body, making every one of his capillary blood vessels begin to have increased blood flow. Plus, it made him restless, making him immediately turn from a pure gentleman to a big bad wolf.

After trying for a while, the other side was still ‘indifferent’, making Murong Qi Qi feel frustrated. She buried her head against Feng Cang’s ear. Murong Qi Qi began to sob, “Cang, do you really love me? Why can’t I feel your love?!”

The tears of the beauty made Feng Cang startle. He quickly put his arms around her, but he didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi didn’t have any clothes on her. When his hands touched that smooth as satin skin, his fingers couldn’t help but tremble slightly. He liked it and enjoyed this touch.

“Qing Qing, I love you! My heart only has you! Now, it’s like this. In the future, it will also be like this!”

“Then, why don’t you want me?!” Murong Qi Qi raised her head. Inside the beautiful phoenix eyes, two big tears were wandering. They wanted to jump out, but had been forced back by Murong Qi Qi.

Murong Qi Qi’s tears completely swept Feng Cang’s worries away.

What was he doing?! He actually made her in tears!

“I’m sorry, Qing Qing. I’m sorry!” Feng Cang kissed Murong Qi Qi’s face and felt heartache over her sadness, “Qing Qing, you’re too beautiful, making me not dare…to pluck you! Qing Qing, forgive me…”

Just when Feng Cang kissed Murong Qi Qi, the two were pasted together. A fullness filled Feng Cang’s heart out of midair. This kind of never before satisfaction made him unable to extricate himself.

“Eh...,” Feng Cang growled and threw himself on Murong Qi Qi.

“Qing Qing! I love you!” Feng Cang stared at Murong Qi Qi and said it in a serious tone. Go to hell, being a gentleman; go to hell, those dog fart feelings. He only wants her and only loves her! He’s not a god. He’s only a mortal. Even if she was an immortal who fell in the mortal realm; to be loved by him, he would also use every way to let her stay!

“I love you!”

Feng Cang spat out his love declaration and kissed Murong Qi Qi’s lips.

This kiss was complete and filled with enthusiastic satisfaction, making the two’s hearts become closer and adjust intimately to each other’s. Her tears opened the door in his heart. His kiss untied her seal.

With the long kiss, his hand moved along her beautiful curves and explored the mystery of a woman for the first time. Although in the beginning, his hands were trembling a bit, but with their kiss becoming more intense, his modesty soon disappeared. He just wanted to grasp her and let her become his.

Because of practicing martial arts, on Feng Cang’s finger was a thin layer of callus. This callus wasn’t rough, but it triggered Murong Qi Qi’s sensitivity. Now, it became her turn to be slightly trembling; like the flowers in the wind, from the weakness revealing strength.

The two kissed like the earth was shattering. Feng Cang’s kiss moved along her chin and came to her white and elegant as a swan neck. He gently sucked her throat.

“Cang…,” A wobble appeared in Murong Qi Qi’s voice. Aside from being feminine, it had a husky taste. It was unlike her usual crispiness, but it tempted people even more.

Feeling the fiery power, Murong Qi Qi’s whole body burned. Her eyes, because of their (FC & MQQ) closeness, were plated with a layer of haziness, full of colors.

“I’m here.” Feng raised his head and looked deeply at Murong Qi Qi. “Qing Qing, I love you!”

“I also love you!” Murong Qi Qi somewhat wanted to cry, but it was wanting to cry from happiness. What adopted father had said, follow your heart, presumably it was this!

All the love piled up. Feng Cang’s breathing became both heavy and rapid. His voice suddenly became a bit urgent, “Qing Qing, can I? Really, can I?”

Knowing that it had come to this moment, Murong Qi Qi nodded while blushing. Her hands were on Feng Cang’s shoulders. She heard that the first time would hurt. She had never experienced it and didn’t know how it would be.

Seeing the tension in Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang wasn’t impulsive. He once again kissed Murong Qi Qi’s pink lips, “I love you!”

Probably in this world, there wouldn’t be a man gentler than the man in front of her! Murong Qi Qi’s heart filled with something called moved. She took the initiative to meet Feng Cang’s kiss. Her initiative was the greatest encouragement for Feng Cang. With the gratefulness towards god, with the love for the woman in his arms, Feng Cang kissed Murong Qi Qi deeply. Their fingers entangled together….

“Hurt!” Murong Qi Qi whispered a cry and bit her lips. In her eyes appeared two crystal clear tears. Sure enough, this wasn’t an easy task…

Hearing Murong Qi Qi’s slightly crying voice, Feng Cang stopped. Enduring made a thin layer of sweat appear on his nose and forehead. One by one, they were big as sesame seeds and gradually became the size of beans.

“Qing Qing, if you’re hurting, then bite me!” Feng Cang reached out his arms and put it in front of Murong Qi Qi. Murong Qi Qi was hurting, he also didn’t feel good. That kind of feeling he'd never had before wrapped around him, letting him indulge in it and feel pain and happiness at the same time.

Really a kind of torture and happiness which was difficult to describe.

Feng Cang was like this, Murong Qi Qi had no trace of politeness. She bit Feng Cang’s shoulder. The taste of blood in her mouth seemed to shift her pain. When the discomfort of her body gradually eased, Murong Qi Qi loosened, “Cang, love me!”

This ‘love me’ was like it had opened a gate and made the whole world sunny.

It was also like a military command. After Feng Cang got this command, he threw all the people and things to the clouds…

“Qing Qing, I love you!”

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