Chapter 14: A Flying Kick

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 14: A Flying Kick

‘Pa pa pa’

Bai Mu Fei was the first one to clap.

“Far more than only enjoyable to the ears. It was just like the sounds of nature. Good lyrics, good music, good voice, good zither skills. It was worth coming to the prime minister's residence today!”

“Thank you!”

Murong Qi Qi stood on the rock and jumped down. Her dress fluttered like a fairy and she landed in front of Duanmu Yi Yi.

“Miss Duanmu, it’s your turn!”


Didn’t know why, but Duanmu Yi Yi felt that it seemed as though Murong Qi Qi had changed into another person. The light exuding from her (MQQ) body was so dazzling, making her (DYY) heart feel timid.

Can’t lose! Duanmu Yi Yi gritted her teeth and sat in front of the guqin. Her hands stroked the strings, but her fingers slightly trembled.

Originally, she was thinking that after Murong Qi Qi played a song, she would know the ability of the other party and pick a good song to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. She didn’t expect Murong Qi Qi to be so good. If she lost to this rubbish Murong Qi Qi, how would she be able face people in the future!


A shrill sound sounded. Duanmu Yi Yi paled. Her lips also began to quiver.

“You lost!”

Murong Qi Qi looked coldly at Duanmu Yi Yi. Playing the zither and actually made a broken sound. Anyone who heard this would say that she had lost.

“This lake, are you going to jump on your own or do I need to give you a ride?”

Murong Qi Qi’s expression didn’t seem like she is joking. Duanmu Yi Yi knew she had lost, but she never expected that Murong Qi Qi would mention the bet at this moment. Making her the dignified Duanmu family’s miss jump in the lake, she might as well kill her!

“Big brother……”

Duanmu Yi Yi looked pitifully at Duanmu Hong Chen. If today she really jumped into the lake, how could she continue to live in the future?!


Seeing his little sister's pitiful expression, Duanmu Hong Chen sighed. Although today Duanmu Yi Yi was really too much, but making him see his little sister jump into the lake, he wouldn’t be able to do it.

“Third miss, can you give me some face and spare her?”

Duanmu Hong Chen thought that because of his identity, no matter what Murong Qi Qi would concede. He didn’t expect that the other party would say such a sentence: “Are we very familiar with each other? Who do you think you are? If you can’t afford to gamble, then don’t play!”


Duanmu Hong Chen’s face stiffened. He being the young master of Duanmu family, when had his face ever been swept like this?

A handsome face, because of Murong Qi Qi’s words, had twisted like rope.

“What do I need to do for third miss to let my little sister go?”

“Let go?”

Murong Qi Qi acted as though she had heard the biggest joke in the world.

“If the one who had lost today was me, would she have let me go? Would young master Duanmu plead for me?”

Murong Qi Qi’s questioning made Duanmu Hong Chen speechless. Indeed, if it had been Murong Qi Qi who had lost, according to Duanmu Yi Yi’s unwillingness-to-forgive personality, she would absolutely not let it go. She would have certainly made Murong Qi Qi jump into the lake. This matter, after all, was Duanmu Yi Yi who had provoked it……

“Qi Qi, it was just a joke, is it necessary to be so serious?!”

The silent Murong Jun, at this time, put out a posture of big brother.

“This matter should be forgotten like this! You won. All the things are yours. What more do you want?”

Murong Jun’s words made Murong Qi Qi sneer: “Big brother, you finally open your mouth to speak. It was just, you saying this, I would think your surname is Duanmu! When other people suffer, there would immediately be a big brother who protected her. I get bullied, I don’t see you, big brother,come out, ah?!”

Murong Qi Qi’s sarcasm made Murong Jun’s expression immediately turn black.

“Murong Qi Qi, don’t go overboard! Who do you think you are?! You are just a rub……”

He didn’t finish the word ‘rubbish’. A green light flashed. A wisp of black hair near Murong Jun’s ear fell down. Looking again, the thing that cut Murong Jun’s hair was actually a thin leaf. The one who shot it was Li Yun Qing.

“Li Yun Qing, what are you doing?!”

Murong Jun jumped up. Fortunately, that leaf only cut his hair. If it was a little closer, his carotid artery would have been severed.

Li Yun Qing didn’t bother with Murong Jun. Instead, he smiled at Murong Qi Qi. Because of this smile, his handsome features became more charming.

“Just now, didn’t little cousin sister complain that there is no big brother who protects you? From today onwards, I’ll protect you, good?”

Li Yun Qing offering a helping hand was outside of Murong Qi Qi’s expectation. The thing this big cousin brother liked the most was watching a play. Now he is offering her a helping hand and also making a promise, which made Murong Qi Qi become really surprised. He would protect her? Did this mean that in the future, if anyone wants to bully her, they need to see if Li Yun Qing would agree or not?

Having such a big tree to rely on, Murong Qi Qi is naturally willing.

“Big cousin brother, you must honor your promise. If in the future someone wants to bully me, I’ll directly put out your name!”

“Of course.”

“Then, if I do anything, or if something happened and I did wrong, there’s big cousin brother to carry the blame?”

“No problem……”

Li Yun Qing hadn’t even finished speaking when Murong Qi Qi moved her body behind Duanmu Yi Yi. She raised a foot and kicked her into the lake.


Duanmu Yi Yi fell in and made a huge spray of water. All of this happened so fast, making people unable to stop it. When everyone came out from the daze, Duanmu Yi Yi had already thumped straight into the water. While struggling, she shouted ‘help’.


Duanmu Hong Chen glared once angrily at Murong Qi Qi. He jumped into the water and pulled Duanmu Yi Yi out.

“You, ah….”

Li Yun Qing totally didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi had said so much so she could use such a ‘kick’ in the end. But since he put her under him, naturally he would protect her. Presumably, Murong Qi Qi wanted to do that, that’s why she had deliberately acted like that.

“Little demon girl!”

Li Yun Qing’s voice had a taste of indulgence in it.

“Ah! Murong Qi Qi, I’ll kill you!”

Being Duanmu family’s eldest miss, when had Duanmu Yi Yi received such humiliation like today? She didn’t care about the fact that her whole body was dripping water, she pulled out the sword from Duanmu Hong Chen’s waist and directly stabbed it in Murong Qi Qi’s direction.

“You bitch! Go die!”

“Be careful!”

Shangguan Wu Ji shouted, but he was too far away from Murong Qi Qi and had no time to approach her.

“Help, ah!”

Murong Qi Qi grabbed the dagger of Shangguan Wu Ji in ‘panic’. She closed her eyes, screamed and didn’t dare to look at Duanmu Yi Yi.

Seeing that Duanmu Yi Yi’s sword was about to pierce Murong Qi Qi’s chest, she (MQQ) moved slightly. The sword brushed past her body. The wrist of the hand of Duanmu Yi Yi holding the sword happened to touch the dagger.


Duanmu Yi Yi’s wrist felt pain, the sword fell on the ground. On her wrist, there’s immediately a bright red color.

“Don’t kill me! Big cousin brother, save me, ah!”

Murong Qi Qi screamed and jumped behind Li Yun Qing.

Duanmu Yi Yi held her wrist and screamed: “My hand…….”

“Little sister!”

Duanmu Hong Chen immediately went forward to inspect and found that Duanmu Yi Yi’s tendons on her right wrist had been neatly cut by the dagger. Red blood was flowing out. If this right wrist was not treated immediately, he was afraid that in the future, it could no longer be lifted, let alone play the zither or hold a sword.

“Little sister, endure!”

Duanmu Hong Chen glared fiercely once again at Murong Qi Qi. He picked up Duanmu Yi Yi and flew out of the pavilion.

“Third big sister, you’re in trouble!”

At one side, Murong Qing Lian smirked while taking joy in the misfortune of others.

“You actually cut miss Duanmu’s tendons. This time, you are in big trouble! Duanmu family will certainly not let you off easily!”

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