Chapter 146 Extremely shameless Xia Yun Xi (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 146 Extremely shameless Xia Yun Xi (2)

Sure enough, empress mother was right. In this world, there’s not a man who would refuse the tears of a weak woman. Men usually have a hero complex and want to show women their desire of protection. And a delicate face, along with pitiful tears, would most likely stimulate a man’s desire to protect.

Imperial grandmother trapped imperial grandfather like this. Empress mother also firmly held emperor father’s heart in her hands like this. Her turn here, she also needed to capture Feng Cang’s heart and have him swept off his feet for her.

Not a while later, Wanyan Lie’s decree reached Nan Lin wangfu.[1. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] Hearing this news, Feng Cang frowned.

“Never saw such a pestering girl!” Ji Xia couldn’t hold it in and complained out loud. That Xia Yun Xi had been refused by Feng Cang at White Cloud Restaurant had long spread throughout the capital, not to mention Nan Lin wangfu.

Now, this woman had skipped a grade and directly went to Wanyan Lie to ask for a decree. How could this not make Feng Cang’s people angry?

No matter how the outside world talked about Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi being siblings, but a few of his confidantes knew Feng Cang’s real identity. From the bottom of their hearts, they all took Murong Qi Qi as their wangfei.[2. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank] Now, a nuisance princess appeared and wanted to steal wangfei’s position. Really unable to made heads or tails of it. Shameless!

Naturally, Xia Yun Xi didn’t know of Nan Lin wangfu’s people's evaluation of her. She was cleaning up her things in high spirits and rushed to Nan Lin wangfu.

“Princess, please go this side!” Housekeeper Feng Qi led Xia Yun Xi to Guanyu building. The Tingsong building, where Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi resided, was at the far east side. Guanyu building was at the far west side. If Xia Yun Xi wanted to see Feng Cang, she must walk around half of the wangfu. It would take more than an hour before she gets there. This was also deliberately arranged by Feng Qi.

“Guanyu building! Very beautiful, bengong[3. Bengong: this palace/ I, used by females of the imperial family] likes it very much!”

To be able to enter the wangfu was already the greatest news for Xia Yun Xi. She thought that after entering the wangfu, she would be together with Feng Cang. How would she know that this Guanyu building and Tingsong building were very far from each other? Now, she was just happy.

“Housekeeper, where is the stove?”

“The stove? Is princess worried that wangfu’s cook’s dishes are not to your taste?”

“No, bengong wants to personally make some delicious dishes for wangye!”[4. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] While saying this, Xia Yun Xi blushed. Her affecting shyness was like she was a bashful little girl.

However, this shyness looked very hypocritical in Feng Qi’s eyes. A genuinely reserved woman wouldn’t have stalked a man like this. Now, what’s only left was seducing the other party with the body.

Wangye has a cook only dedicated to him. He doesn’t like the taste others make.” Feng Qi mildly rejected Xia Yun Xi’s idea.

“Then, can bengong learn how to make dishes from this cook? Bengong also wants to make a meal to wangye’s taste.”

Xia Yun Xi’s words made Feng Qi completely speechless. You didn’t understand people’s words or was it that you’re thick-skinned, ah?!

However, no matter how uncomfortable Feng Qi was in his heart, but after all, the other party was a princess. He, a housekeeper, couldn’t brush the princess face, “This, you need to ask the cook. If princess wants a stove, I’ll make the arrangements.”

“Thank you, housekeeper. Really troubling you!” Xia Yun Xi’s voice sounded delicate and gentle, making Feng Qi’s whole body get goosebumps. Really didn’t have to be so whiny. So nauseating!

After Feng Qi left, Xia Yun Xi began to shout inside Guanyu building, “Hong Ye, I moved into Feng Cang’s wangfu! I moved into Feng Cang’s wangfu!”

“That’s right, ah, princess. You will see wangye soon!” Hong Ye was also happy for Xia Yun Xi. After all, for so many years, her heart only had Feng Cang. Now, she was able to fulfil her wish. This was a matter worthy of being happy for.

“Hong Ye, take these silvers and go inquire about what Feng Cang likes; what his schedule is and when can I meet him? Where does he live and how to get there? Oh, you also need to ask clearly what Feng Cang likes to eat! Anyway, as long it’s related to Feng Cang, I have to know!”

Before coming, Xia Yun Xi had prepared many small amounts of silver. Her purpose was to buy people’s hearts when she arrived at the wangfu. The Xia Yun Xi who grew up in the harem was deeply aware of the importance of winning people’s hearts. When she becomes the master of wangfu, she wouldn’t need to do this anymore. However, at this moment, using these small people was very necessary.

In just one afternoon, Hong Ye gave away many silvers. With these silvers, Hong Ye gained a lot of valuable information in return.

“His most loved person is princess Zhen Guo. He likes light tasting food the most and loves to eat chicken. His royal friend is fifth prince Wanyan Kang. His most favorite color is khaki color…”

As Hong Ye spoke, Xia Yun Xi would write it all down. In the end, she recorded a full ten sheets of paper.

Looking at the thick stack of papers which had a list of things about Feng Cang, Xia Yun Xi got a sense of satisfaction. She believed that if she acted according to this stack of paper, her sincerity would split open metal and rocks. One day, she would be able to move Feng Cang.

“Princess, the person wangye loves the most is princess Zhen Guo. If you let princess Zhen Guo be shamed at the palace banquet, will wangye…”

Hong Ye’s words caused Xia Yun Xi to think. Before coming, she had heard many rumors about this pair of siblings.

Originally, Murong Qi Qi was Xi Qi’s princess who'd come to form a marriage alliance. She was to become Feng Cang’s bride, but in the end, she inexplicably became Feng Cang’s little sister. Such a change of the relationship made the two people somewhat unable to stand it. That was reasonable.

However, if Murong Qi Qi couldn’t correct her attitude and still wanted to dip her finger into her biological big brother, then she (XYX) certainly wouldn’t accept it.

“Princess, princess…” Seeing Xia Yun Xi remain silent and the viciousness flashing in her eyes, Hong Ye was startled.

“As long as she doesn’t block my road, everything could be talked out. If she blocks my road, I don't care who she is! Feng Cang’s heart must only have me and can only love me alone! Those who are superfluous must be removed!”

Xia Yun Xi’s words revealed her rich possessiveness of Feng Cang. Hong Ye pitied Murong Qi Qi a bit. At least, according to her experience, those people who had been eyed by Xia Yun Xi, in the end all died very miserably. She hoped that this princess Zhen Guo could be more tactful and won't bring trouble for herself.

Xia Yun Xi’s every move had already been reported to Feng Cang. When he had heard her last words, which had targeted Murong Qi Qi, the writing brush made of weasel bristles in Feng Cang’s hand broke into two. Want to touch his people? She must be tired of living!

Forced to let a woman in, Feng Cang was very unhappy. In this huge capital, the other person who was also unhappy because of this action was Wanyan Yi.

From the moment he saw Xia Yun Xi at White Cloud Restaurant, her voice and smile had engraved deeply in Wanyan Yi’s heart. He had seen many women, but those women weren’t feminine. On Xia Yun Xi, Wanyan Yi saw his long-waited feminism. That smile, that knit of the brows, were like an Iris Tectorum in the wind, making people remember it in their hearts with just one glance.

Now, Xia Yun Xi had moved into Nan Lin wangfu. This made Wanyan Yi’s heart couldn’t help but get tangled.

He knew that Xia Yun Xi had come to Feng Cang as a candidate for marriage. She had come for Feng Cang. However, Wanyan Yi couldn’t accept it. How could Feng Cang receive so much? He was obviously a hundred times more outstanding than Feng Cang!

“Yi er,[5. Er: term of endearment] Yi er?”

Inside Jingxin hall, Lin Ke Xin chatted with her son, but she discovered that his mind had been wandering. Talking with him, but he didn’t answer for half a day. He had a concerned look on his face, making her couldn’t help but worry.

“Yi er, what’s the matter with you?” Lin Ke Xin’s hand waved in front of Wanyan Yi’s eyes. Only now did Wanyan Yi wake up.

“Consort mother, this subject son is thinking about the matter of Dong Lu’s princess. If Xia Yun Xi and Feng Cang become one, then doesn’t it mean that Feng Cang would get Dong Lu’s backing? This subject son doesn’t understand what’s so good about Feng Cang!”

So, it was this thing. Lin Ke Xin laughed. “Tell consort mother the truth. Do you like Xia Yun Xi?”

His thoughts being exposed by Lin Ke Xin, Wanyan Yi was a bit embarrassed. In the end, he still nodded. “This subject son fell in love with princess Yun at first sight. This subject son likes her!”

Wanyan Yi’s expression wasn’t fake. Lin Ke Xin was very sure that her son really liked Xia Yun Xi. She had also seen Xia Yun Xi once. From the viewpoint of men, Xia Yun Xi would indeed evoke man’s desire to protect. However, letting her become the mother of the country; she (XYX) missed the calmness, missed being collected and was a bit small-minded.

“Yi er, consort mother doesn’t object you liking princess Yun, but your empress must be Feng Qi Qi!”

“Consort mother…,” Wanyan Yi knew that Lin Ke Xin said that for his own good. No matter how great Xia Yun Xi was, in Wanyan Lie’s heart, she simply couldn’t be compared to princess Zhen Guo. If he could get Murong Qi Qi, then his chance for getting the throne would be a lot higher. It was just, his heart already had Xia Yun Xi…

It was not that Lin Ke Xin didn’t understand his hesitation. However, it was related to Wanyan Yi’s throne. They couldn’t become lax.

“Affection of a man and woman are lasting. Being a hero is brief. If you want to become a sovereign who goes down famously in history, you should put down love and focus on your great cause. Yi er, even if you can’t give Xia Yun Xi the position of empress, you can give her supreme pampering.”

“A woman’s power is gotten by relying on the man’s pampering. However, if you didn’t have the ability to give her a happy life, then what do you have to love her?! When you become the emperor, the whole world is yours. Why should you then fear of not getting the beauty’s heart!”

Have to say, Lin Ke Xin knew very well how to use psychological tactics. Sure enough, after her explanation, Wanyan Yi put down his obsession with Xia Yun Xi. Indeed, as Lin Ke Xin had said, if he couldn’t become the emperor, then he couldn’t give Xia Yun Xi anything.

“Consort mother, princess Zhen Guo has moved into Long Autumn palace. What do you think she’s thinking?” After crossing this pit, Wanyan Yi regained his reasoning.

The matter of vital importance was to overcome Feng Cang and become the heir to the throne. Wanyan Yi was very grateful for Lin Ke Xin’s sharp warning that woke him up. The country, he wanted it. The beauty, he also wanted it. With the country, he could have any beauty. Without the country, his life is hard to guarantee, let alone protect his woman!

“Ha…wasn’t it not wanting to take this opportunity to pull the distance closer with the emperor? Before, the emperor made her princess Zhen Guo and gave her Long Autumn palace; why didn’t we see her move in then? Now, you and Feng Cang are fighting for the throne, she couldn’t wait to move into the palace. Isn’t this obviously getting votes for Feng Cang?!”

“About the matter of the throne; see how Feng Cang didn’t say anything and pretended like he was a gentleman. In fact, his heart had long been wanting this piece of meat. It was not convenient for him to come forward. He sent his little sister to come play the family card. Yi er, ah, the Feng siblings are way smarter than you!”

Lin Ke Xin’s words made Wanyan Yi prostate himself in admiration. In the end, she’s indeed his consort mother. Every sentence hit the core. Feng Cang sent his little sister to the palace to get love from emperor father. This pair of sibling are too vicious, despicable and without any sense of shame!

“However, this is your chance. You can get a bit closer to Feng Qi Qi and create moments to let everyone think that there’s something between you. When the time is right, the uncooked rice is cooked, even if Feng Qi Qi doesn’t want, but others would think you’re a couple. She also wouldn't be able to overturn these facts and could only follow you! After all…the most important thing of a woman is chastity.”

While saying this, Lin Ke Xin exposed a wicked smile. Corresponding to her, Wanyan Yi also laughed darkly. Anyway, it’s just a woman! Even if she’s the number one beauty of the world, pressed under the body, she’s also such a simple thing!

No matter how hard the outsiders were calculating, Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi were very calm.

Xia Yun Xi had plotted actively to breathe the same air under the same sky as Feng Cang, but she didn’t expect that this involved party was no longer in the wangfu. Instead, he'd taken advantage of the night and sneaked into Long Autumn palace.

“How come you came?” Seeing Feng Cang, Murong Qi Qi was very happy. Although her words were indifferent, but her body language betrayed her heart. Not waiting for Feng Cang to come in front of her, Murong Qi Qi directly jumped into his arms.

“I missed you!”

Feng Cang’s words were very simple. His actions were more direct. One hand was around Murong Qi Qi. The other hand held her chin. He looked carefully for a long time.

“Mm, the complexion is not bad!”

“How do you want me to be? To weep endlessly and waste my feelings because of Xia Yun Xi?” Murong Qi Qi liked the clean taste from Feng Cang’s body. The feeling in his arms was very good. So warm, so safe.

Originally, it was already night, but Murong Qi Qi’s heart felt like it missed something. She'd delayed going to sleep. Only when Feng Cang came, did she realise that she'd been waiting for him.

“Haha, originally I thought that after Qing Qing left me, Qing Qing would have no thought for tea or rice and would be restless at night. Now, seeing Qing Qing living so comfortable without me, really let people be sad. Ay, pity my heart for thinking of you, couldn’t sleep and even jumped over the wall to sleep with you. However, you being like this makes my heart so sad…Forget it, I better go back!”

  • No thought for tea or rice: have no appetite

Feng Cang turned and wanted to leave, but was hugged from behind by Murong Qi Qi, “Not allowed to leave!”

“Qing Qing doesn’t think of me, doesn’t miss me and doesn’t love me. What meaning does it have if I stay…”

For the first time, Murong Qi Qi found out that this man had a great potential for acting. Presumably, in this world, only Feng Cang could act cute so naturally, boldly and self-confidently.

“How is it that I didn’t miss you?! I was separated for just a day from you; my head, my heart are both full of your shadow!”

Murong Qi Qi’s soft love words spread from behind Feng Cang, making him laugh. He turned and lifted Murong Qi Qi, “I also missed you, Qing Qing!”

Inside the chamber, the light went out. Outside the chamber, a black shadow left and went to the imperial study.

“Really? Nan Lin wang entered princess Zhen Guo’s chamber and didn’t come out again?”

“Answering emperor, this underling waited for an hour. Feng Cang didn’t leave…”

Before, the person in black didn’t know why the emperor would let him keep watch outside of Long Autumn palace. Now, seeing such results, he somewhat understood. Nan Lin wang committing incest with his own little sister? This was truly too shocking! However, the master on the top didn’t speak. The person in black also didn’t open his mouth. He only reported to Wanyan Lie what he had seen.

“Good! Good!” Wanyan Lie’s mood was very good. Feng Cang didn’t leave, this meant that between these two people, the canal was formed (the deed is done). This brat was not bad. He knew how to seize an opportunity! Ay, if in the past, he also had half of Feng Cang’s courage, it would’ve been great!

Wanyan Lie’s ‘good’ surprised the person in black. What’s the matter with the emperor? Could it be that he had turned muddle-headed?! Siblings committing incest and the emperor actually said good? What’s Wanyan Lie’s meaning, ah?

“You can retreat! Right, the next few nights, you should continue to keep watch outside of princess Zhen Guo’s palace. Record what time Feng Cang enters and what time he leaves. Right, don’t let him discover! Go!”

Now, the person in black was completely confused. What’s the reason behind the emperor doing this? Could it be that he wanted to go catch them in the act? Could it be that emperor’s favorite candidate for the crown prince’s position wasn’t Feng Cang? That's why he wanted to seize the scandal of the siblings and make a matter out of it?

Although countless thoughts caused an impact in his brain, but the person in black was well trained. He didn’t say any unnecessary words. Wanyan Lie’s words were a decree. He should just comply. After leaving the imperial study, the person in black continued to squat at Long Autumn palace, just outside Murong Qi Qi’s chamber.

“Tsk, tsk, Cang, that fly has returned again! Whose people do you think he is?!” Murong Qi Qi lay next to Feng Cang. From the moment the person in black had appeared, she knew. She just didn’t say anything. Just now, she'd thought he had left. She didn’t expect that he would return again. So hateful, ah!

“The secret guards of this palace are naturally the emperor’s people…” His mouth was answering Murong Qi Qi, but Feng Cang’s hand began to act dishonest…

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