Chapter 149 (Part 2) Shameless couple

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 149 (Part 2) Shameless couple

At this point, it was like there was a big hand holding Xia Yun Xi’s heart in her chest, making her breathe unevenly. Unable to tear her eyes away, she stared at the entrance of the hall. She wanted to know what Feng Cang looked like now.

The sunlight sprinkled inside from the entrance and covered the hall with a layer of golden light.

Inside the golden light, a pair of heavenly people moved closer and closer. The man was dressed in a graceful white. His appearance was like a painting. The girl was in warm red and smiled like a flower.

‘Boom, boom, boom…’ Seeing Feng Cang once again, Xia Yun Xi’s heart started beating very fast. It’s him! It’s really him! Xia Yun Xi was so excited that tears almost came out. After so many years, he had become mature. From an elegant young master, he'd turned into a devilishly beautiful man. However, his facial features remained the same. Although he looked a lot colder, but it let him gain a layer of masculinity.

Ten years, ah! Xia Yun Xi bit her lips and forced her tears back. The man she'd loved for ten years has finally appeared.

Ming Yue Cheng’s expression was no better than Xia Yun Xi’s. When he saw the appearance of Murong Qi Qi, Ming Yue Cheng’s hand trembled once. A bit of the wine in the cup spilled onto the table.

She is actually him? Only today, did Ming Yue Cheng realise that Murong Qi Qi was also Guanghua gongzi;[1. Gongzi: young master] the person who'd come to find him, partnered with him in order to win Nan Feng’s throne.

After getting the throne, Ming Yue Cheng had contacted the people of Jue Se Fang many times, wanting to see Guanghua gongzi and to show him his gratitude in person. However, the shopkeeper of Jue Se Fang said that gongzi wasn’t in Nan Feng and that gongzi was very busy. Now, Ming Yue Cheng finally understood what exactly Guanghua gongzi was busy with.

Ming Yue Cheng couldn’t describe his inner thoughts. All the complex feelings poured into his heart. This woman had deceived him so bitterly! He'd searched everywhere for Guanghua gongzi, wanting to express his gratitude. However, this woman went to Bei Zhou and experienced so many things.

If he hadn't come personally this time, then perhaps he wouldn’t have known the truth.

No wonder he'd felt that Murong Qi Qi’s eyes were beautiful and also wondered why someone with such beautiful eyes could look so ordinary. Now, he finally understood. This girl used an ordinary face mask and deceived everyone. It was just, her ordinary face already made people mesmerized. Now that she'd changed into a heavenly appearance; presumably, even more people would fall for her!

“Uncle!” Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi bowed at the same time to Wanyan Lie. Just now, when the two had entered together, Wanyan Lie lost his soul for a moment. They’re really a match! If these two people really could be together, how great would that be?!

Wanyan Lie let the person in black continue to ‘monitor’ Long Autumn palace. After knowing that Feng Cang had slept every night at Murong Qi Qi’s, Wanyan Lie’s heart finally felt at ease. Before, he was worried that these siblings would put down this relationship because of their blood ties. Now, it seemed that, compared to them, he was the coward. That's why he didn’t get happiness…

“You’re all here. Take your place!”

The banquet began. Songs and dance came up. Delicious food was also placed in front of everyone by the palace maids.

After Ming Yue Cheng looked at Murong Qi Qi, he couldn’t help but look at the man at her side. Don’t know why, Ming Yue Cheng had an intuition. He discovered that Murong Qi Qi treated Feng Cang differently compared to the others. At least, the feelings in their eyes weren’t as simple as that of siblings.

The moment he looked at Feng Cang, Ming Yue Cheng frowned. This man has a problem!

Before, between the eyebrows of Wanyan Lie, Ming Yue Cheng had seen that there’s a gu in his body. At this time, on Feng Cang’s face, he saw that same situation once again. Between Feng Cang’s eyebrows, there was a touch of back. Ordinary people couldn’t see this touch of black. It's just, Ming Yue Cheng had been contact with gu ever since he's young. That's why he had a deep understanding of gu.

Wanyan Lie’s color was a light black. Feng Cang’s color was completely black. It seemed that Feng Cang had the gu for many years.

Although Feng Cang looked no different from an ordinary person, but it couldn’t change the fact that he carried the gu for many years. The poison of the gu was already pure black. If the gu was still not taken out, then if the gu acted on the person who'd manipulated the gu, Feng Cang would stop breathing and die.

It's just, why would Feng Cang be infected with the gu? This question had been bothering Ming Yue Cheng.

Ming Yue Cheng’s birth mother Miao Chu Yun was an expert at gu and was also a member of Qiang tribe. However, Miao Chu Yun also once told him, if there’s no hatred, members of Qiang tribe wouldn’t have put gu in ordinary people because gu was an organism that's difficult to manipulate. If the gu wasn’t manipulated well, it might bite back at the person who used the gu. Besides, using gu to harm a human life was a very negative thing. So, the person who put the gu in someone else would also not have a long life.

The Qiang people had been living at the south of Nan Feng. They lived in a tribal form. Under normal circumstances, the Qiang people wouldn’t leave their homeland. So where did the gu on Feng Cang and Wanyan Lie came from? Who had such a big gut to put gu on Bei Zhou’s emperor and Nan Lin wang? What motive did the person who used the gu had?

Ming Yue Cheng frowned. His gaze had been on Feng Cang, making Murong Qi Qi sense something strange. She looked around carefully, and discovered that Ming Yue Cheng was indeed staring at Feng Cang. Besides, he was staring at the area between the eyebrows. Could it be that there was something between Feng Cang’s eyebrows? Murong Qi Qi turned her head and also looked at the area between Feng Cang’s eyebrows.

There was a touch of black. Murong Qi Qi knew that this was the performance of gu. It's just, why would Ming Yue Cheng stare at that area? Could it be that he knew something? Speaking of this, in this continent, the people who knew how to use gu were all in Nan Feng. Was it that Ming Yue Cheng had a way to lift the gu?

Murong Qi Qi’s attention moved between Ming Yue Cheng and Feng Cang. If it wasn’t because they were at a palace banquet, she would certainly have gone to see Ming Yue Cheng personally and ask him about the situation clearly. If Ming Yue Cheng truly had a way to remove the gu poison on Feng Cang’s body, then it would be very great!

“Could it be that Qing Qing is comparing me and Ming Yue Cheng to see who is better?” Seeing Murong Qi Qi look at Ming Yue Cheng, Feng Cang was a bit jealous. If this wasn’t a public occasion; if in front of everyone, they weren’t siblings, then he would've put his hand on her waist and interrogate why she was looking at Ming Yue Cheng.

“Look at you…,” Hearing the strong jealousy in Feng Cang’s words, Murong Qi Qi chuckled. Her small hand pulled Feng Cang’s sleeve under the table, “Obviously, it was Ming Yue Cheng who had been staring at you, making me jealous. Now, you turned it over to me! Quickly confess, what kind of relationship is there between you and Ming Yue Cheng which shouldn’t be known to the public? Why was he looking at you? Besides, it was gazing at the area between your eyebrows?

After Murong Qi Qi said this, Feng Cang immediately understood her meaning. Ming Yue Cheng could see that there was gu poison in his body. Could it be that he had a way to cure it? It's just, when he thought that Ming Yue Cheng had come this time to ask for Murong Qi Qi’s hand, Feng Cang’s expression sank.

If Ming Yue Cheng decided to use the cure of the gu poison as an exchange to get Murong Qi Qi, he wouldn’t agree.

How could Murong Qi Qi not know what Feng Cang was thinking? This man, ah, really eating vinegar incessantly! Could it be that she’s like the popular apricot? “I’ve met Ming Yue Cheng before. He’s not a nasty person.”

Murong Qi Qi spoke for Ming Yue Cheng. Feng Cang got another burst of jealousy, “Qing Qing, you actually have contact with Ming Yue Cheng. Why don’t I know?!”

Seeing Feng Cang pout like a child, Murong Qi Qi smiled, “Cang, could it be that you don’t know the matter of Guanghua gongzi and Ming Yue Cheng partnering up? Otherwise, how could I’ve have gotten the special access of Nan four states!”

“So, it was like that!” Feng Cang nodded. Moyu occupied the four Nan states. Murong Qi Qi was Guanghua gongzi. He immediately understood after pulling strings together. This woman, ah! She inadvertently overturned the regime of Nan Feng. He didn’t even know what to say about her!

“Qing Qing, I’ll give you the special access of Bei four states. You and Ming Yue Cheng break off your contact, alright?” Feng Cang began to retreat by advancing. Under the table, he grabbed Murong Qi Qi’s hand. His fingertips made circles on her palm, “You see, the territory of Bei four states is also very big. No matter what you do, I’ll support you. Don’t come in contact with him anymore!”

“Cang, are you jealous?”

“He wants to marry you and let you become Nan Feng’s empress. How could I not be jealous?! Qing Qing, he isn’t better than me, really!”

Feng Cang acting spoiled made Murong Qi Qi want to pinch his face. However, in public, she needed to maintain her image. “You, ah, can be hundred twenty percent at ease! I don’t have anything with Ming Yue Cheng! Besides, Ming Yue Cheng is a gentleman. When I make things clear to him, he would give up!”

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi’s interaction fell into the eyes of Xia Yun Xi. This was an irony.

No wonder Feng Cang dodged her at every turn. It seems that feelings have developed between these siblings!

Originally, Murong Qi Qi was a princess who'd come for a marriage alliance and it was Feng Cang who personally went to fetch her. Perhaps these two people had already bred fondness out of familiarity. Later, because of their relation as siblings, they had been forced to separate. However, the feelings were still there. So, despite the ethical code, they've maintained an amorous relationship! Really shameless!

Naturally, the one Xia Yun Xi scolded was Murong Qi Qi. Of course, she wouldn’t admonish Feng Cang. In Xia Yun Xi’s heart, everything about Feng Cang was great. Therefore, the problem definitely lied with Murong Qi Qi. It was this woman who'd seduced Feng Cang, regardless of shame. Really hateful!

Xia Yun Xi finally found out the reason why Feng Cang was cold to her. After knowing the reason, she thought about how to take the appropriate steps to shift Feng Cang’s attention from Murong Qi Qi to her. She didn’t want to lose to Murong Qi Qi!

Xia Yun Xi was thinking about how to deal with Murong Qi Qi. Wanyan Yi was also thinking about Murong Qi Qi. Yesterday, he had discussed again and again with Lin Ke Xin. The two felt that uncooked rice turned to cooked rice was the best method. This was the most secure way. He couldn’t afford to lose. So, even if he needed to use underhanded ways, he must also win!

The songs and dance came one after another. The atmosphere of the place turned livelier. Wanyan Lie ruled the country a bit slack. That's why the officials did not act so cautiously. Now, they had begun to eat big mouthfuls of meat and drunk big glasses of wine. There were people who'd boxed with the wine and also people who'd gotten up to toast with each other.

The scene turned even more vibrant. Seeing this, Xia Yun Xi’s eyes lit up. This was an opportunity! As Xia Yun Xi was thinking, her hand touched the hairpin on her head. Taking advantage of when others didn’t pay her any attention, Xia Yun Xi took down the hairpin. She turned the pearl and quickly poured the powder in her own jar of wine. Then, she turned the hairpin back to its original form and inserted it in her hair.

Had to say, Xia Yun Xi and Wanyan Yi were a perfect match. She intended to take advantage of this golden opportunity. Wanyan Yi was also thinking like this! However, he had hidden the drug in the long nails of his little finger on the right hand. Wanyan Yi’s little finger just gently knocked on the edge of the jar. This powder went into the jar and became one with the wine.

Xia Yun Xi and Wanyan Yi almost got up at the same time. They came together to Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang. Seeing the two suddenly appeared dark clouds, Murong Qi Qi raised her head. With one look, she saw two people she disliked the most. The two had appeared at the same time as if they'd agreed on it. Really connected on a deep level with each other.

“Little cousin sister, don’t know if I have this honor to treat you to a cup of wine!” Wanyan Yi raised the jar in his hand and made a gesture of invitation.

Wangye,[2. Wang/wangye: prince of the first rank] can I treat you to a cup of wine?” At a side, Xia Yun Xi also said the same.

Really a match, ah! Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang exchanged a glance. With one look, you would know that the appearance of these two wouldn’t bear anything good. It was just, in front of everyone, Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi didn’t object. They stood up.

Wangye, I will pour wine for you.” Seeing Feng Cang being so willing, Xia Yun Xi’s beautiful eyes betrayed her inner thoughts. She picked up Feng Cang’s cup and slowly poured a cup of wine. When she smelled the fragrance of the wine that'd drifted over, Murong Qi Qi’s face turned cold.

Shameless to the extreme! In this world, there was actually such a shameless woman. Putting drugs in the wine to seduce men. Really shameless! Murong Qi Qi’s hand pulled Feng Cang’s sleeve slightly and gave him a reminder.

How could Feng Cang not know Murong Qi Qi? They had being getting along well for a long time now. Every move and gaze of hers, he knew what they meant. Now, Murong Qi Qi pulling at his sleeve after Xia Yun Xi had poured wine for him. It was obviously telling him that there was a problem with this wine!

At this side, Wanyan Yi also poured wine for Murong Qi Qi. After seeing the wine Wanyan Yi had poured, Murong Qi Qi sneered. This pair of woman and man were both as cheap! One wanted to drug Feng Cang; the other wanted to drug her. They calculated very well, ah!

“Little cousin sister, please!” Wanyan Yi used his best smile to face Murong Qi Qi. As long as this matter was successful, he would be Bei Zhou’s crown prince. This world would be his!

“Haha…,” Murong Qi Qi laughed softly. Her eyes had been staring at Wanyan Yi’s eyes, “Cousin brother, thank you…”

These sentences were said floatingly and slowly as if it had magic. When facing with Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Yi had a sense of being absent-minded. In a moment, his mind went blank and he didn’t know what to think anymore. By the time Wanyan Yi woke up, Murong Qi Qi had already drunk the wine and showed him the empty cup.

“Cousin brother, it’s your turn!”

“Good, good! I’ll drink!” Wanyan Yi raised his head. A cup of wine went into his stomach. Looking at the wine on his mouth, the corners of Murong Qi Qi’s mouth went up.

Murong Qi Qi had drunk the wine. Xia Yun Xi also looked at Feng Cang eagerly, “Wangye, I’ve always admired you. This cup of wine is my respect to you!”

Xia Yun Xi’s meaning was very obvious. Feng Cang must drink this wine.

“Princess, you being like this is unfriendly. You only treated bengong’s[3. Bengong: this palace/ I, used by females of the imperial family] big brother and didn’t treat bengong. Could it be that you look down on bengong?” Murong Qi Qi came over. Her eyes were smiling while she looked at Xia Yun Xi.

She didn’t know why, but when facing Murong Qi Qi, Xia Yun Xi felt that her heart was beating twice as fast. When she drew closer, Murong Qi Qi laughed, "Princess Yun, bengong was joking with you! I won’t bother you (two) anymore! You drink!”

When she looked again, Feng Cang had already poured the wine into his mouth. Seeing Feng Cang drink the wine she'd poured, Xia Yun Xi felt that happiness was waving at her. Everything had gone according to her plan. It seemed that heaven was helping her.

Wanyan Yi and Xia Yun Xi were both immersed in their own thoughts and went back to their seats. Xia Yun Xi was very happy. She planned to escort Feng Cang out when the drug flared up in Feng Cang’s body. Then…hey, hey, when the matter is done, she would be Nan Lin wangfei.[4. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank]

Thinking a bit differently from Xia Yun Xi, although Wanyan Yi felt that he was one step closer to victory, but after seeing Xia Yun Xi toast Feng Cang just now, he keenly sensed the strangeness in this woman. The thought that Xia Yun Xi might have used the same method as him to deal with Feng Cang, made a knot swell in his heart.

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