Chapter 150 (

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 150 (part 2) The horror scene at the imperial garden 

Misha’s voice was clean and clear. In this lively and noisy banquet, like a clear spring it flowed into Murong Qing Lian’s heart. She slowly raised her head. Her eyes looked through the hair in front of her forehead at this beautiful boy. She didn’t say anything.

Although, the fear in Murong Qing Lian’s eyes lessened a lot, but her whole body was still full of guarding. From those old and new scares on her body, Misha knew that she suffered a non-human torture. Making Murong Qing Lian believe in them so quickly was something unlikely. So, Misha tried to convince himself to be patient and to take it slowly.

“Lian, I came to meet you! Don’t be afraid.  I won’t hurt you! I also won’t let anyone hurt you!”

The gentleness in Misha’s words let Jia Lan be very surprised. At least, knowing Misha for so many years, he had never seen Misha be so gentle towards any woman. Could it be that Murong Qing Lian really was the person he was looking for?

Murong Qing Lian still didn’t move. Her body also no longer backed. Don’t know why, the beautiful boy in front of her made her be not so afraid and his voice was like it had magic, making her guard collapse bit by bit. Slowly, Murong Qing Lian raised her right hand that was covered with whip marks.

Murong Qing Lian taking the initiative made Misha very happy. She believed him! She chose to believe his words! It seemed that nothing was worthier to let people feel happy than this!

Misha went forward and held Murong Qing Lian’s injured right hand. His heart ached very much, “Lian, does your hand hurt? Big brother would apply cream for you, alright?”

“Alright!” Murong Qing Lian nodded obediently. Her well-behaved appearance made people feel pity. Regardless of the stench coming from Murong Qing Lian’s whole body, Misha reached out, picked her up and carried her in his embrace.

“Ah….” The people who were originally watching a play, saw that this beautiful young boy didn’t care about being dirty and actually carried that ugly and also smelly person, they were very surprised. Someone even screamed.

“What are you looking at?” Misha turned his wheelchair and looked at the person who screamed. Different from his former amiable self, at this time his eyes exuded a chilling murderous aura, making people when met with that pair of cold eyes couldn’t help but shiver.

“Misha, here is Bei Zhou!” Jia Lan who was familiar with Misha’s personality, opened his mouth to stop him. His implied meaning was, here is Bei Zhou and that they couldn’t kill people according to their temper.

“Humph…,” Misha humphed slightly and retrieved his gaze. He looked gently at the petite woman in his hand. He seemed as if he wasn’t affected by her dirtiness and smelliness, “Lian, I’ll take you home!”

“Home…,” Murong Qing Lian looked blankly at Misha as if she didn’t understand what home was.

Seeing that pair of confused eyes of Murong Qing Lian, Misha clenched his fist. Lian, who harmed you like this? Regardless of who it was, as long as I find him/her, I will definitely take revenge for you!

When Misha stabilized his mood, Jia Lan looked around. He discovered that there was no trace of Xia Yun Xi. So, he asked Wanyan Lie, “Your majesty, didn’t Dong Lu’s princess Yun come today? She’s my junior sister. This time when we came, Dong Lu’s emperor asked us to pass a letter to her!”

After Jia Lan mentioned Xia Yun Xi did everyone discover that they didn’t know where this princess went to. Some sharp-eyed people discovered that Wanyan Yi also disappeared. Where did these two people go to? Everyone was puzzled.

“Your majesty, this subject wife also don’t know where Yi er[1. Er: term of endearment] went to…,” Just now, Lin Ke Xin was focused on staring at the pearls. She simply didn’t pay attention to her son. She looked once again. Murong Qi Qi was still here. Lin Ke Xin’s eyelids began to jump badly.

According to their plan, now, shouldn’t Murong Qi Qi and Wanyan Yi be having intercourse with each other? Why was Murong Qi Qi like nothing happened to her and Wanyan Yi disappeared? When she saw Xia Yun Xi’s empty seat, Lin Ke Xin got a bad feeling. Could it be…

“No!” Lin Ke Xin suddenly stood up. She completely forgot that Wanyan Lie who sat next to her, hadn’t spoken yet. Now, she was only thinking about Wanyan Yi’s matter. Xia Yun Xi wasn’t here. Wanyan Yi disappeared. Is not that these two people had something, right?!

“Consort De, what’s the matter?” Directly hearing the ‘no’ from Lin Ke Xin, Wanyan Lie frowned.

“Noth, nothing.” Lin Ke Xin didn’t dare to let Wanyan Lie know that they partnered to calculate Murong Qi Qi and want her to lose her chastity. According to the degree of Wanyan Lie’s care for Murong Qi Qi; if he knew their conspiracy, Wanyan Yi’s future would be ruined.

However, if Wanyan Yi was really with Xia Yun Xi, then how should she end this matter? Could it be to let Wanyan Yi marry Xia Yun Xi? This could be done. Xia Yun Xi is Dong Lu’s princess. She could be some help to Wanyan Yi, but no matter how, she couldn’t be compared with Murong Qi Qi, ah!

Although Lin Ke Xin didn’t say anything, but Wanyan Lie wasn’t a fool. This woman’s face already betrayed her heart. Then, recalling that just now, Wanyan Yi and Xia Yun Xi toasted at the same time with Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Lie’s face turned dark.

He’s the emperor. He didn’t bother with the matter of the harem, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know those tactics of the harem. Now, those tactics had been used on Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi, how could Wanyan Lie not be furious?! Even though, Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi were fine, but they were calculated by people. This let Wanyan Lie’s heart very uncomfortable.

“Since nothing is the matter, beloved officials, accompany zhen[2. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] for a walk! This hall is a bit stuffy. Let’s go outside and take a walk!”

Everyone was still pondering about Wanyan Yi and Dong Lu’s princess’s disappearance when Wanyan Lie suddenly suggested to go out for a walk. Everyone didn’t understand what the emperor was thinking, but it’s difficult to refuse an emperor. The officials got up and followed behind Wanyan Lie.

“Your majesty…,” Lin Ke Xin was a bit anxious and was worried for Wanyan Yi. If by chance, Wanyan Lie saw by accident things he shouldn’t have seen, by then, Lin Ke Xin didn’t know what Wanyan Lie would do.

“Beloved consort, go together with zhen!” Not waiting for Lin Ke Xin to finish speaking, Wanyan Lie grabbed Lin Ke Xin’s hand and took her out of Taiji hall.

Wanyan Lie’s palm was cold making Lin Le Xin’s heart startled. He was so different from his normal state. Could it be that he discovered something? Lin Ke Xin was afraid, but her mind turned constantly and planned how she should deal with what’s coming.

A group of people under Wanyan Lie’s lead, majestically went to a sightseeing at the harem. Wanyan Lie maintained a gentle smile. However, the chillness emitting from his cold palm told Lin Ke Xin that he was in a very bad mood now.

“Good brother…don’t stop…good brother…”

“Who is more powerful between I and Feng cang? Who do you love more?”

“Love, love you…”

After walking very far, everyone heard some strange voices. It seemed to came from the imperial garden.

“To the imperial garden!” Hearing this dirty dialogue, Wanyan Lie was surer of this thought. At this time, Lin Ke Xin’s face paled immediately.

Nobody understands one’s son better than his mother, how could she not recognize that voice?! Wanyan Yi was at the imperial garden. Besides, he was doing that kind of thing. Lin Ke Xin didn’t dare to think about how the officials would view Wanyan Yi after seeing him being so impetuous. Wanyan Yi was a candidate for the throne, ah. If he lost the public opinion, no matter how hard she works in the future, his reputation couldn’t be saved!

“Your majesty!” Lin Ke Xin pulled Wanyan Lie. Her eyes were begging, “Your majesty, this subject wife feels a bit unwell. This subject wife…”

“Now you know how to worry?” How could Wanyan Lie really not know Lin Ke Xin’s trick. It was just, the moment he thought that this pair of mother and son originally wanted to calculate Murong Qi Qi, an unknown fire was lit in Wanyan Lie’s heart. That is Ming Yue’s baby. They actually came up with such a plan. Really too shameless.

“Your majesty! This subject wife, this subject wife begs you!”

Being seen through by Wanyan Lie, Lin Ke Xin’s lips trembled slightly. She regretted. If she had known that this man wasn’t easy to fool, she wouldn’t have arranged such a thing. Now, they were only separated by a wall from the imperial garden. If Wanyan Lie insisted on going in, then wouldn’t the image Wanyan Yi shaped for so many years collapse?!

No, couldn’t be so cruel! Lin Ke Xin shook her head. Her eyes were full of begging. Your majesty, don’t be like this. Yi er is your son. Please take our feelings of being a couple for more than twenty years into account, don’t ruin him!

Lin Ke Xin didn’t say these words out loudly, but her eyes conveyed her thoughts to Wanyan Lie.

All the success and failures were a thought of Wanyan Lie. If Wanyan Lie really didn’t leave any room for errors, then how would Wanyan Yi face the people in the future, ah?!

“Humph!” How could Wanyan Lie not understand Lin Ke Xin’s thoughts. Now, she knew how to regret and how to ask for mercy. Why didn’t she think more before doing?

Although Wanyan Lie wanted to see what that animal was doing, but after all, Wanyan Yi was his son. Besides, behind him followed the officials. The son being shamed was also because he, this father didn’t taught him well. By then, he would also be involved and be laughed at because of Wanyan Yi’s stupid actions.

Just as Wanyan Lie intended to give up, the sound of that side spread over again.

“When that old but still alive bastard go to the heaven, I will be emperor. By then, I will certainly make you empress!”

After these words spread over, Wanyan Lie’s face immediately turned dark. The gaze he looked at Lin Ke Xin with seemed to have two daggers. “So, this was the calculation of you and your son!”

Wanyan Lie’s voice was gloomy with a monstrous wroth. Just now, he was certain and determined that the person he heard talking was Wanyan Yi. He didn’t thought, that the son who was always respectful in front of him, his (WY) true thoughts would be to want him (WL) to go to heaven sooner.

“No, emperor, this is definitely a misunderstanding, definitely a misunderstanding…”

Lin Ke Xin was also truly dumbfounded. Did feces enter Wanyan Yi’s head? To actually say such disgraceful words? With great difficulty, she persuaded Wanyan Lie. She used feelings to touch him and let him abandon the idea of going to the imperial garden. She didn’t expect that Wanyan Yi would say such words of searching for death at this moment! What had happened to him? Could it be that Wanyan Yi didn’t know that what a sovereign was most concerned about, was when someone else was thinking about his position?

“F*** off!” The annoyance from before coupled with the anger of now, the two fused together and hit Wanyan Lie’s heart. These were the words the son he loved for so many years said. It turned out, in Wanyan Yi’s heart, he, this emperor father was a ‘old but still alive bastard’!

Wanyan Lie pushed Lin Ke Xin away and entered the imperial garden with big steps.

“Emperor, don’t, ah!” Although Lin Xin was suddenly pushed away, but this one kick let her become completely sober. Seeing that Wanyan Lie was about to enter the imperial garden, Lin Ke Xin went and clung on Wanyan Lie’s leg.

The words of Wanyan Yi just now were really overboard. According to Wanyan Lie’s personality, if he went inside so furiously, he would certainly cut down Wanyan Yi, this unfilial son! Whatever the outcome, he’s a piece of meat that fell from her body. Besides, originally Lin Ke Xin preferred her eldest son. Now, seeing that Wanyan Yi was in trouble, she as his consort mother, how could she not worry?

Being trapped like this by Lin Ke Xin, Wanyan Lie got angrier. This woman, usually she was weak like a cat. Now, her strength was so scary while protecting her son. Could it be that she was also calculating to let him go to heaven sooner and let Wanyan Yi become the emperor, so, she could then become the empress dowager?

When he thought that there was such a possibility, the way Wanyan Lie looked at Lin Ke Xin no longer had love. No matter how good he was to this woman, in the hearts of women, sons would still come first. She actually partnered with her son to calculate his throne. Really enough is enough.

“Get lost…,” Wanyan Lie no longer had mercy. One kick fell on Lin Ke Xin’s chest. With big steps, he went into the imperial garden.

It was unexpected that the emperor got angry. Some clever people probably guessed the things inside of this. It was just, no one dared to say it out.

Wanyan Lie’s kick happened to fell near Lin Ke Xin’s heart. Tears almost fell from pain. However, she was more worried that Wanyan Lie would kill Wanyan Yi from anger. Even if her chest hurt very much, she still stood up, stumbled and followed behind Wanyan Lie.

The two key figures were gone. The officials stood there. You looked at me, I looked at you. Should or shouldn’t they enter this imperial garden? The people couldn’t reach an agreement. They looked at Feng Cang. At least, here, Nan Lin wang[3. Wang: the prince of first rank] Feng Cang held the highest position.

“Big brother, we better help look for princess Yun! She came from afar and is a guest. If there are some accidents, then it would be our Bei Zhou’s wrongdoing.” At this time, Murong Qi Qi's words floated to everyone’s ears. These words ignited them like a fire.

That’s right, ah! They didn’t come for the scandal of the imperial family, but they came to help find Dong Lu’s princess! The moment they thought of this, the nervousness of before disappeared. One after another, the officials entered the imperial garden,

The moment they entered, they were struck dumb. Is, is here still the imperial garden?

If it wasn’t because they came to this imperial garden many times, after seeing the scene in front of them, the officials would’ve thought they went to an open brothel. What’s the matter with all those women lying down? And also, the land of clothes, this, this…everyone was struck dumb.

The officials weren’t the only ones who were struck dumb. Wanyan Lie was also struck dumb. After entering, he didn’t say one words. These scenes already shocked him completely. Lin Ke Xin who was just now begging for mercy for Wanyan Yi, at this moment, her mouth was wide open. Heavens! Why was it like this?!

The only one who was calm was Murong Qi Qi. Even Feng Cang at this moment couldn’t hold it together.

In front of them, lay at least seven or eight palace maids. Their expressions showed pain. Their mouth were moaning. Seeing their appearance, they seemed to have been defiled.

The ground was full of torn clothes. On some clothes, red blood could be seen. The air was filled with a decadent smell. At the other side, Wanyan Yi was still happily continuing….

“How is it? Am I awesome?” They seemed to be too intoxicated. They didn’t notice that behind them so many people appeared.

Xia Yun Xi’s hair was loose. She didn’t have anything on. Her eyes were misty. Her hands held the tree in front of her tightly.

“Then, are you marrying me or are you marrying Feng Cang?”

Originally, she received a heavy slap, but Xia Yun Xi didn’t seem like she felt the slightest pain. Instead, she made a “woo…” sound as if she was agreeing with Wanyan Yi.

“Say!” Wanyan Yi changed hands and slapped once again.

“Marry you! You’re a good big brother! The best, the best big brother!”

“Hahaha! Of course! I’m the best! What is Feng Cang?! He’s just a gigolo who relies on his face to eat! I’m much stronger han him!

When Wanyan Yi’s words spread to Feng Cang, his face immediately turned a lot darker. What was called a gigolo who relies on his face to eat? Was there a gigolo like him?

Sensing Feng Cang’s unhappiness, Murong Qi Qi quietly said, “Big brother, you’re the best. Don’t bother with him, the head of pigs!

The words ‘head of pigs’ spread to the officials’ ears by the wind. They connected this scene with the scene of pigs breeding together. When they thought about it, it was somewhat similar. Those bold laughed out loudly.

At this side, Wanyan Yi was completely immersed in the world of two people. It was so wonderful!

“Yun er, when I become emperor, I’ll cut off Feng Cang’s head and kick it as a ball, alright?”

“Alright…good big brother, do as you like…”

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