Chapter 151 (Part 2) Dead, all dead

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 151 (Part 2) Dead, all dead

‘Ceng…’, a silver light flashed. The sword in Xia Yun Xi’s hand once again stabbed Wanyan Yi’s lower body and cut down his **. It was this dirty thing that had brought calamity to her. It was he who had brought calamity to her!

“Ah!” Before Wanyan Yi died, he screamed tragically. ‘Dong…’ Wanyan Yi knelt on the floor, full of blood. His forehead was sweaty. That kind of pain was a hundred, a thousand times more painful than the pain coming from his chest.

At this time, Wanyan Yi finally understood that Xia Yun Xi truly hated him, otherwise she wouldn’t have been so cruel.

“Yi er!”[1. Er: term of endearment] Lin Ke Xin rushed over when her son fell. She pulled the brocade from her body and covered Wanyan Yi’s body, “Yi er, don’t be afraid. Consort mother is here. Consort mother is here! Imperial physician! Quickly summon the imperial physician!

Lin Ke Xin’s hands clutched Wanyan Yi’s chest and wanted to block the hole to not let blood come out. However, this method had no effect. A short while later, her hands were covered red with blood.

“Consort mother, it’s…it’s useless…” Blood flowed along Wanyan Yi’s chin. His young life following the loss of this blood was also lost.

“Consort mother, this subject son is not filial, can’t…be filial to you anymore…this subject son regretted not listening to you…consort mother…” Wanyan Yi’s excitement made the blood flow faster.

“Don’t talk. Consort mother will certainly cure you! Don’t talk, Yi er! Imperial physician! Imperial physician!” Lin Ke Xin wiped her tears, but she stained her white face with blood.

“Consort mother…this subject son truly…loves her…asking consort mother…don’t make things difficult for Yun er…it’s this subject son who was wrong…and took her innocence…this subject son wronged her…”

At the end of life, Wanyan Yi actually pleaded for Xia Yun Xi. He knew that Xia Yun Xi assassinated him. Even if she’s a Dong Lu’s princess, Wanyan Lie would not let her off easily. Wanyan Yi didn’t want anything to happen to Xia Yun Xi. After all, she got angry because of him.

Seeing that till the end, Wanyan Yi still spoke for Xia Yun Xi, Lin Ke Xin’s heart did more pain, “Yi er, don’t talk anymore. Nothing will happen to you. Consort mother begs you! Don’t talk, hold on. The imperial physician will arrive soon!”

“Ha…,” Wanyan Yi’s mouth twitched twice. His eyes tried hard to look at Xia Yun Xi. Her eyes only had hate. It seemed that this time, he really did wrong.

The last impression that this world left Wanyan Yi was those eyes full of hate of Xia Yun Xi. Although, Wanyan Yi really wanted to say, “I’m sorry” to Xia Yun Xi, but his mouth tried hard to open, but not a sound came out.

“Yi er, Yi er! Ah!”

Holding Wanyan Yi’s body, Lin Ke Xin screamed painfully as if she eanted to shout all her grievances and feelings of oppression out.

Just a short while, the things had undergone a dramatic turnaround, making those officials dumbfounded. Bei Zhou’s prince raped Dong Lu’s princess. In the end, he died at the hand of Dong Lu’s princess. How should this matter be judged?

Everyone was calculating if Wanyan Lie would held Xia Yun Xi responsible for Wanyan Yi’s death or not. If he held her responsible, would Dong Lu’s emperor Xia Jin agree? If by chance, this matter gets big, the two countries launched war, then what?

The original beautiful marriage alliance in the end became a drama and a tragedy, making people couldn’t help but sigh at the fickleness of the affairs of life.

While everyone was worrying about if Xia Yun Xi could keep the head on her body, this involved party still looked full of hatred at Wanyan Yi’s body. Even if he died, he still couldn’t make up for the harm he caused her. If she could, Xia Yun Xi wished to eat his flesh to vent her anger.

The atmosphere, because of Wanyan Yi’s death become strangely quiet. The officials lowered their head or looked at their fingertips or looked at the belt of the person standing in front of them. No one spoke and no one dare to make a sound at this moment.

A long period after Wanyan Yi’s death, Wanyan Lie didn’t spoke. The silence of the emperor let these officials who mixed in the court for many years became more scared and on edge. The royal scandal was seen by the officials; what would Wanyan Lie do. Was it to silence them or something else?

The imperial garden had never been so quiet as today. Aside from Lin Ke Xin’s sometimes loud and sometimes low crying, there was no other sound.

“Third senior brother, I’m tired. Let’s go!” Finally, it was Xia Yun Xi who broke this piece of quietness. Although she wanted to go beg Feng Cang and explain that everything wasn’t like what he saw, but Xia Yun Xi didn’t do it.

At this time, Xia Yun Xi’s mind was blank. She couldn’t think of why the matter would become like this! Obviously, it should be Feng Cang; why did it become Wanyan Yi? She didn’t think that Wanyan Yi was so despicable and shameless. Even if he died ten thousand times is not enough to make up from her inner pain!

Although her body still hurt very much, but now Xia Yun Xi only wanted to leave this place that made her feel so much shame. She didn’t have the face to look at Feng Cang and didn’t have even more face to stay at Bei Zhou. She wanted to leave here. The sooner the better.

“I know.” Jia Lan never imagined that things would turn out like this. In such a short period of time, such a big change happened. It seemed that he should sent Dong Lu a letter quickly. If this matter isn’t dissolved, then it would become a national problem. After all, it was Xia Yun Xi who personally killed Wanyan Yi.

Jia Lan was in the front. Xia Yun Xi was behind him. The two intended to leave the imperial garden.

“Hehe…,” Lin Ke Xin who was originally holding Wanyan Yi stood up. She stared at Xia Yun Xi’s back and laughed coldly. In just a moment, Lin Ke Xin rushed to Xia Yun Xi like the wind. Don’t know when, a dagger appeared in her hand. When Xia Yun Xi sensed something strange and turned around, Lin Ke Xin’s dagger already entered Xia Yun Xi’s abdomen.

“Since Yi er likes you so much, then go down to keep him company!” Lin Ke Xin revealed a crazy smile. She frantically pushed the dagger repeatedly in and then pulled it out.

‘Pa…’ Jia Lan’s palm hit Lin Ke Xin’s shoulder. Lin Ke Xin felt pain. The dagger in her hand fell on the ground. Jia Lan immediately stopped the bleeding for Xia Yun Xi.

“Third senior brother, so cold…,” Xia Yun Xi was pale-faced and her lips trembled slightly.

Jia Lan exercised his inner energy, wanting to heal Xia Yun Xi’s injury, but he discovered that it was useless. Lin Ke Xin seemed to have used all the strength from her body on those few cuts. Even if god was here, he wouldn’t be able to save Xia Yun Xi.

“Feng…Cang…,” Xia Yun Xi wanted to look at Feng Cang, but she discovered that her eyelids were heavy and she was unable to open them. After saying Feng Cang’s name for the last time, Xia Yun Xi closed her eyes. Her head fell in Jia Lan’s arms.

“Junior sister…”

The body of the person in his arms was cold. Although Xia Yun Xi was a Penglai Island’s disciple only by name, but after all she had to call him ‘senior brother’.

“Hahahaha!” Seeing Xia Yun Xi like this, Lin Ke Xin laughed loudly. “Yi er, consort mother is afraid that you’ll be lonely and sent her to you! Yi er, are you happy?!”

Lin Ke Xin’s hair was scattered. The blood and tears merged together on her face. Her eyes were full of sadness. Coupled with these sad words, it made people unable to hate this person.

A life for a life. Wanyan Yi died at Xia Yun Xi’s hands. Xia Yun Xi died at Lin Ke Xin’s hands. All hatred should end with Xia Yun Xi’s death.

“Your majesty, I want to take her back!”

Jia Lan carried Xia Yun Xi and stood up. No matter what the outcome of this matter would be, now, Jia Lan only wanted to leave with Xia Yun Xi. At least, she should be buried at Dong Lu and not at Bei Zhou.

“Go…,” Wanyan Lie gestured with his hands. So many things happened at a palace banquet making Wanyan Lie suddenly seem to be a lot older.

Originally, Xia Yun Xi came to form a marriage alliance. It was a good thing. He didn’t expect that in the end, it would end with two corpses. Wanyan Yi was indeed hateful, but his crime shouldn’t have been punished with the death. Xia Yun Xi was indeed impulsive, but to take revenge for her son, wasn’t Lin Ke Xin also an impulsive demon?!

“Leave, everyone, leave!”

Looking at the mad Lin Ke Xin, Wanyan Lie gestured at the crowd, “Everyone, leave!”

After a long time, Wanyan Lie finally spoke, making the officials let out a sigh of relief. Emperor said to leave. Naturally everyone wished that a pair of wings could grow on their back and quickly leave.

In just a moment, only a handful of people was left in the imperial garden.

Those palace maids who had been humiliated by Wanyan Yi, at this time, they were dressed and stood in a row. Seeing that Wanyan Lie was looking at them, these palace maids shivered from being scared.

“Kill…,” Wanyan Lie didn’t say more nonsense. The next moment after his order, a person in black appeared. In a flash, these seven to eight palace maids didn’t have a chance to scream, they fell on the ground.

Looking at the redness spread on the ground, Wanyan Lie’s heart was particularly heavy. Today, too many things had happened, making his mind somewhat blank.

“Jing De, escort consort De back to Jingxin hall. Burry second prince. Zhen [2. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] is tired and want to rest…”

Jing De let people support Lin Ke Xin to Jingxin hall. No matter what, she wouldn’t let go of Wanyan Yi in her arms, “Yi er, don’t be afraid. Consort mother is at your side. Consort mother will protect you! Yi er, sleep obediently. Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!”

“Emperor…,” The crazy Lin Ke Xin was a bit difficult for Jing De. He could only look at Wanyan Lie.

“Let her! Find someone to look over her. When she’s tired, send her back to Jingxin hall!” Wanyan Lie gestured with his hand, turned and left the imperial garden. His heart felt very heavy. Everything piled together and he had no way to digest it. It was as if something was struck in his throat, making him unbale to breath.

Wanyan Lie slowly left. Jing De arranged everything and followed behind Wanyan Lie with small steps, “Emperor, where are you going?”

Zhen wants to go to Long Autumn palace and see Ming Yue.” Now, Wanyan Lie only wanted to see Wanyan Ming Yue as if only at her side, his heart would calm down.

The moment Jing De heard that Wanyan Lie wanted to go to Long Autumn palace, he got anxious, “Emperor, princess Zhen Guo lives at Long Autumn palace. If you go now…”

Jing De’s reminder made Wanyan Lie wake up. That’s right, ah! Murong Qi Qi is living there. If he goes during the day, wouldn’t it let people suspect? Forget it! Forget it! Wanyan Lie shook his head. Even if he wanted to find comfort at Wanyan Ming Yue’s, but now was not the right time. “Go back! Zhen will go to the imperial study…”

A palace banquet ended with Wanyan Yi’s and Xia Yun Xi’s death. Everyone was more concerned about what had happened at the imperial garden. No one paid attention to where Misha who appeared at the hall before, went to.

When Jia Lan returned with Xia Yun Xi’s body to the mansion where they were temporarily staying, Misha was carefully cutting Murong Qing Lian’s nails. He bought a maid to help Murong Qing Lian bath. He also let the maid apply medicine on Murong Qing Lian’s body and let her change Murong Qing Lian in new clothes. Now, Murong Qing Lian looked like a complete different person from the one from before. Finally, her original appearance could be seen.

“Lian, don’t be afraid! Big brother will protect you!” Misha held a small scissor and cut the nails of Murong Qing Lian in a perfect arc. “When you’re better, big brother will help you take revenge!”

This whole way, Murong Qing Lian had been held by Misha. Just now, after soaking in the warm water, Murong Qing Lian’s confused mind gradually sobered up.

Who was this person? Why would he use ‘Lian’ to address her? Murong Qing Lian looked motionless at the beautiful boy in front of her. Why couldn’t she remember when she had seen this person? “I only have one big brother, but he isn’t you…”

Murong Qing Lian’s words made Misha surprised for a moment. Then, he revealed a pure smile, “Lian, you only have one big brother and that is me, ah!”

“My big brother is not as great as you!” Murong Qing Lian shook her head, “So, you’re not him!”

“Lian, what happened in the past was my fault! But, please believe that this time, I won’t treat you like before! I already regretted. I shouldn’t have…”

Misha didn’t finish, when the door was opened. Jia Lan appeared in front of them while carrying Xia Yun Xi.

“Senior brother, Yun Xi died.”

Misha looked at Xia Yun Xi in Jia Lan’s arms. He revealed a strange smile, “People are always going to die. You and I will also die one day. Don’t need to be sad!”

Misha’s answer was outside of Jia Lan’s expectations. Although Xia Yun Xi wasn’t likeable, but after all, they could be considered to have come from the same master. Misha’s answer was too cold and didn’t have a human touch.

“Lian, come, big brother will cut your nails for you!” Leaving aside, Jia Lan and Xia Yun Xi, Misha continued to cut Murong Qing Lian’s nails as if in his world, Murong Qing Lian was the most important.

Seeing Misha like this, Jia Lan opened his mouth, but in the end, he still swallowed his words. The interaction of the two was caught by Murong Qing Lian’s eyes.

Before, she had seen Jia Lan. At that time, Jia Lan saved her once at the tournament of the four countries from Murong Qi Qi. Besides, he said that he did it for someone else. Now, Jia Lan was together with Misha. Besides Misha said such inexplicable things; could it be that the person Jia Lan was referring to was Misha?

Murong Qing Lian was certainly, definitely sure that she had never seen this person called Misha. She couldn’t have any intersection with him. Misha had certainly mistaken her for the wrong person.

Seeing Misha’s beautiful face and the sincere smile on his face, Murong Qing Lian had some hesitation. This person was so good to her. Should she tell him that she’s not the person he was looking for?

If she told Misha that she’s not his ‘Lian’, would he still take care of her with such gentleness?

Thinking till here, in front of Murong Qing Lian’s eyes suddenly appeared the situation in prison. Those whips beat her till her flesh lacerated. The old scars weren’t healed yet, when new scars were added.

If Misha knew that she wasn’t ‘Lian’ and throws her back in prison, then what should she do? No! She didn’t want it to be like that! She didn’t want to live in that darkness anymore. She didn’t want to live like an animal anymore!

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