Chapter 152 (Part 2) Misha’s test

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 152 (Part 2) Misha’s test

After Wanyan Kang asked this question, it was obvious what he had heard. It seemed that some misunderstandings couldn’t be avoided. Murong Qi Qi wanted to answer but was stopped by Feng Cang. Facing Wanyan Kang’s questioning, Feng Cang looked calmly into his eyes. He answered with a simple word, “No.”

After Feng Cang replied, Wanyan Kang’s expression seemed to relax a bit. He pulled his mouth and forced a smile. His eyes had some guilt. Presumably, he felt that he shouldn’t have asked Feng Cang such a question.

“Don’t know why, but after hearing cousin brother say this, I feel like the heavy stone in my heart is now gone. I grew up with cousin brother. After so many years, I knew very well what kind of person cousin brother is. However, after seeing consort mother crying and screaming that cousin brother killed second big brother, my heart shook a bit…”

“I’m sorry. Previously, there was a time that I'd doubted cousin brother. Really…I’m very sorry!”

There was a saying that a real man doesn’t cry easily, but when Wanyan Kang said ‘I’m sorry’, his tears started rolling down.

“Compared to second big brother, my relationship with cousin brother is better. I even saw cousin brother as my biological brother and neglected him (WY) a lot. Although I didn’t like second big brother, but after all, he’s my biological big brother. So, when I'd heard the news of his death, I did suspect cousin brother…Now, after hearing cousin brother say that this wasn’t done by you, I suddenly have the feeling of a heavy weight being lifted off my mind. I, I…”

Wanyan Kang began to choke on his voice. Feng Cang stepped forward and hugged Wanyan Kang, who was half a head shorter than him. “I understand. Ah Kang, I don’t blame you!”

“Cousin brother…,” With red eyes, Wanyan Kang poured out all those emotions he'd oppressed and suffered. “Cousin brother, my big brother is dead. My mother went mad. I don’t know what to do!”

Although Wanyan Kang always had a naughty and carefree look, but he was only a seventeen-year-old child. No matter who'd encountered such a situation, it would be difficult to bear with it all.

Murong Qi Qi quietly retreated. She knew that this was male bonding time. For some things, they had their own solutions.

Su Mei stood outside the door. There were also tears in her beautiful eyes. Seeing Wanyan Kang like that made her heart ache a lot. She ached for such a helpless man!

Murong Qi Qi didn’t comfort Su Mei. She only gently patted her (SM) shoulders. She left Long Autumn palace and went to Jinxuan palace to look for Dongfang Lan.

These days, Murong Qi Qi had become particularly close with her grandmother. Seeing her come in with a dispirited and downcast look, Dongfang Lan quickly grabbed Murong Qi Qi’s hand and asked what’s the matter.

“Grandmother, Wanyan Yi has died. Consort De went mad. Ah Kang is very sad!”

Hearing her words, Dongfang Lan understood her meaning. Wanyan Kang and Feng Cang had a good relationship. This was something everyone knew. However, Feng family and Wanyan Lie’s grudges, sooner or later, these would need to be resolved. When that day comes, it would be a big question as to how these two brothers with a relationship of iron would face this problem.

“Qi Qi, are you worried that if one day, you and Wanyan Lie stood on opposite sides, then it would be very difficult for Wanyan Kang, who stands in the middle?”

“I don’t want Feng Cang to lose his only friend.” Murong Qi Qi’s head leaned against Dongfang Lan’s legs. Don’t know if it was because of the blood relationship, but Murong Qi Qi felt very comfortable with Dongfang Lan. This elder, who had experienced big winds and waves, was like a mirror that let her (MQQ) see (understand) many things.

“Qi Qi, this is a difficult situation.” Dongfang Lan’s old hands touched Murong Qi Qi’s body. “Why don’t I tell you a story?”

Murong Qi Qi immediately got interested after hearing that Dongfang Lan wanted to tell a story. She sat up, “Grandmother, you want to tell a story, ah! Great, great! I want to hear!”

“That time was a long, long time ago…”

Dongfang Lan’s voice was gentle and sounded with the great changes and profoundness of history. This story had been silent in her heart for a long, long time. Today, after hearing Murong Qi Qi's words, she suddenly remembered the story and decided to tell Murong Qi Qi.

“This story happened at Qin country. At that time, the three countries hadn’t appeared yet. Qin country was the biggest country on this mainland. Qin country had a general. The general got a daughter when he was forty. He took her as the pearl of his palm. The good friend of the general was also an official of the court. The good friend had a son. The two families’ relationship was good. They arranged a betrothal between the children…”

“One time, a nomadic ethic group caused a war. The general went to the war. The good friend accompanied him. Originally, it was a battle of certain victory, but in the end, the general’s good friend died unfathomably on the battle field. The good friend’s son believed that it was the general who'd caused his father’s death. He endured it till the wedding day. He put poison in the wine for the father-in-law, poisoning the general to death…”

“Then, what had happened?” Dongfang Lan’s story piqued the interest of Murong Qi Qi. She sat up and stared at Dongfang Lan. She wanted to know how this plot would develop.

“The groom became the murderer of the father. The bride cut her hair and broke the feelings on the wedding night. She also seriously wounded the groom. That night, the injured groom fled the capital. Later, the bride married a high ranking military official under the general. After that, the three families split Qin. The bride became Bei Zhou’s empress dowager…”

“Grandmother, it was you!” Murong Qi Qi exclaimed. “This is your story?”

Dongfang Lan nodded. When she mentioned her past lover, Dongfang Lan’s eyes had a thing called ‘love’ in them. Seeing this ‘love’, Murong Qi Qi was a bit surprised. “Grandmother, do you still hate him? He killed your father!”

“In the past, I hated him. Later, I don’t hate him anymore. He had his reasons. I also had my difficulties. The murderer of one’s father cannot live under the same sky. If he didn’t avenge his father, then I would’ve looked down on him! However, if he could’ve said his reasons, we could’ve looked together for the truth of his father’s death. Things wouldn’t have turned to such a bad situation.”

“Then, did great-grandfather really kill his father?”

“No.” Dongfang Lan shook her head. “My father was an honest person and lived openly and candidly his whole life. He wasn’t someone who would've used such underhanded means and definitely wouldn’t have used a black hand on his good friend. The one who did it was someone else!”


“Wanyan Zhi. Before Wanyan Zhi passed away, he told me that he did everything that year. Only then, did I realise that we were all wrong.”

After Dongfang Lan said that, Murong Qi Qi was startled. Wanyan Zhi, wasn’t he the late emperor? It was reasonable to say that she should call Wanyan Zhi grandfather.

“Wanyan Zhi was a small soldier under my father. Step by step, he climbed up and was held in very high regard by my father. Only later did I know that in order to get me, Wanyan Zhi didn’t hesitate to incite disharmony in my relationship with my fiancé. Furthermore, he killed his father and manufactured contradiction between us. It was Wanyan Zhi who fanned the wind and ignited the fire at his ears that he ended up believing him…”


Dongfang Lan’s voice revealed a touch of sadness. Although she could hide the sorrow, but that old past still hit her heart.

“Qi Qi, I told you my story so that you can understand that friendship and love are the same. They all need sincerity. If he went to find my father and directly confronted him, we wouldn’t have had such misunderstandings between us. We also wouldn’t have separated because of the instigation of others.”

“Wanyan Kang is the friend you care about the most. On this matter, his identity is indeed very sensitive. However, aren’t you friends? This matter also involves him. He has the right to know the truth. If you hide everything from him and let him stay out of it in the name of for his own good, then it would not be so close.”

The moment Murong Qi Qi heard Dongfang Lan, she knew that she (DL) was telling her what to do in a roundabout way.

“Grandmother, I know how to deal with the relationship between ah Kang and I! Don’t worry, I won’t do anything that I will regret!”

Dongfang Lan was very happy that Murong Qi Qi understood with only one hint. She didn’t want Wanyan Lie’s matter to affect the relationship between Feng Cang, Murong Qi Qi and Wanyan Kang. The hatred of the parents shouldn’t continue on in the children. When will the injustice and hatred end? If it could end with them, then that would be the best.

In the end, Murong Qi Qi asked laughingly, “Grandmother, the person you love the most in this lifetime, was it the him of that year or grandfather?”

“Of course it's him. The things he brought me, no matter if it was happiness, blessings, sadness or sorrow, all was carved in the bones and engraved in the heart. In my life until death, I won’t forget him!”

Dongfang Lan’s words made Murong Qi Qi’s eyes wet. She said her goodbyes to Dongfang Lan and left Jinxuan palace. Murong Qi Qi walked in the broad palace. The tears couldn’t be blocked any longer and fell.

Godfather, did you hear? Grandmother has always remembered you. Whether she was a lady or someone else’s bride, her heart always had you!

Before sir Mozun passed away, he repeatedly reminded Murong Qi Qi that she needed to go to Bei Zhou and help him find a woman called Dongfang Lan.

Godfather said that the most regrettable thing in his life was that he'd killed Dongfang Lan’s father and let her lose the family who'd loved her the most in this world. And his biggest regret in this life was not being able to be her groom, to care and protect her for life.

He hated himself for being timid and didn’t even have the courage to go see her. He could only hide in the dark world and look at her from afar. Only one glance was enough.

Now, after hearing everything of the past from Dongfang Lan, Murong Qi Qi conveyed Dongfang Lan’s words to Mozun in her heart. She hoped that godfather would know from down there and let go of the knot in his heart. The woman he'd loved for so many years didn’t forget him. To him, presumably this was also a happiness!

Don’t know how much time had passed, but on Murong Qi Qi’s body appeared a layer of warmth. She turned around. It was Feng Cang who'd come with a coat in search of her.

Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s tear-stained face, Feng Cang was startled, “Qing Qing, what had happened? Who bullied you?”

“No one!” Murong Qi Qi shook her head, but her tears fell harder.

“What had happened?” He didn’t care that there was people behind him. Feng Cang pulled Murong Qi Qi in his arms, “You don’t want to say it, then I won’t force you. However, you need to know, no matter what happens, I would stay at your side, trust you unconditionally and never leave you!”

Feng Cang’s promise made Murong Qi Qi feel warm. If in the past, godfather could’ve trusted Dongfang Lan like this, then would they not have separated and so many tragedies would not have occurred?

At this side, Murong Qing Lian acted very carefully every day and tried her best to figure out Misha’s mind. She wanted to ace the role of ‘Lian’ and get Misha’s approval. Only when Misha approves of her and lets her stay, would she then be able to get rid of the past circumstances and begin a new life, step by step.

“Lian, look!” Misha gave Murong Qing Lian a black item made from iron. “This is my gift to you. Do you like it?”

Murong Qing Lian weighed the black thing Misha had given her in her hands. It was a bit heavy and cold. It was made from iron. However, she didn’t know what use this thing had.

“Big brother, what is this?”

“Lian, this is a gun, ah! Didn’t you like to play with guns the most in the past?” Misha looked innocently at Murong Qing Lian. His beautiful eyes flashed. Inlaid in his white and soft face, they were as bright as the stars in the sky.

“Gun?! Oh, I remembered! Mm, in the past, I did indeed liked guns very much! Big brother, did you make it? So awesome! Big brother is so awesome!”

Murong Qing Lian swore that she had never seen this kind of strange thing. Black with a weird shape. This thing was actually liked by ‘Lian’? How to use it?

Although in her heart she was thinking that, but Murong Qing Lian didn’t reveal it. Instead, she showed an infinite interest in the gun. While she played with it in her hands, she continued to praise how awesome Misha was. This was a move she had been using most often recently, but it was extremely useful. Every time she said this, Misha seemed very happy.

“Lian, do you really like it? Then, try it! I made it according to my hand. I don’t know if it would be suitable for you! Next time, I will make one according to your hand, what do you think?”

“Great! Thank you, big brother! Big brother is the best!” Murong Qing Lian said this, but her hands didn’t know how to fiddle with it. This so-called gun was the strangest thing she had ever seen. How to use this thing?

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