Chapter 188 Su Mei’s wedding night

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 188 Su Mei’s wedding night

Su Mei was a bit uncomfortable at being stared at like this by Wanyan Kang. She stood up and left Wanyan Kang’s sight. She took down the phoenix coronet and hairpins from her head and loosened her hair. Su Mei rubbed her tummy and looked pitifully at Wanyan Kang. “I’m hungry!”

A “I’m hungry” made Wanyan Kang remember that Su Mei hadn’t eaten ever since she gotten on the palanquin. She must certainly be very hungry. Wanyan Kang immediately called people to bring in hot meals. “Eat slowly!”

Didn’t know if Wanyan Kang was very excited or very nervous, he actually had forgotten about the most important step: sharing the nuptial cup of wine. Su Mei twitched her mouth and refused to pick up the chopsticks, making Wanyan Kang puzzled. “What’s the matter? Is it that you don’t like these foods? Do you want me to let people prepare another meal?”

Seeing that Wanyan Kang still didn’t understand, Su Mei pointed at the nuptial wine with her finger. The moment Wanyan Kang looked, he slapped his forehead. “Aiya, I forgot! I’m really too muddle-headed!”

Wanyan Kang personally poured two cups of wine. He gave one to Su Mei. He took the other one.

“Little Mei er[Er: term of endearment], after drinking the nuptial cup of wine, we will be husband and wife! To be able to have you is my blessing!”

Two huge dragon-phoenix candles were burning greatly. The orange light plated Su Mei with a mysterious veil. Wanyan Kang’s throat tightened. He put his arm around Su Mei’s and drank the marital wine with her. The burning wine crawled in Wanyan Kang’s throat and blurred his eyes.

Su Mei was really hungry. Although, just now, the matron of honor also gave her some dessert, but she didn’t have dinner. How could snacks fill her?! She ignored Wanyan Kang’s burning eyes, Su Mei picked up the chopsticks and began to eat.

Probably, she had gone hungry for a long time, so Su Mei ate very well. Just looking at Su Mei eat, Wanyan Kang’s heart felt like it had eaten honey. His right hand supported his chin and looked with a satisfied look at Su Mei. Her small cheeks went up and down. Really so cute.

Wanyan Kang’s eyes full of desire made Su Mei’s body numb. “Are you not hungry? Do you want to eat some?”

“No! I’m full just by looking at you…”

The sweet words made Su Mei blush. She spouted out the rice in her mouth. They fell on Wanyan Kang’s face like little stars. Su Mei was embarrassed. She quickly reached out to wipe Wanyan Kang’s face. “Sorry, I was excited…”

“Doesn’t matter. Eat slowly!” Now, Wanyan Kang just kept on a smile that was able to make people feel very sweet. After a whole meal, Su Mei suspected if there would be a problem with Wanyan Kang’s smile.

Finally, it was time for the most important thing. Although, Su Mei was a hot-tempered girl, but as a girl, she couldn’t help but be nervous at the wedding night.

Avoiding Wanyan Kang’s hot gaze, Su Mei hid in the bathtub. “Don’t come in, did you hear?”

“I heard! I’m also going to take a bath!” Knowing that Su Mei was shy, Wanyan Kang was very happy. He smelled his body. It was full of the smell of alcohol. He let people prepare the water and also comfortably soaked himself in the tub.

There was only a wall between the two. Su Mei could clearly hear Wanyan Kang sing at the other side. There was also the sound of water hitting him.

While Wanyan Kang was making noise, he also listened to the movements of Su Mei’s side.

Contrary to him, that side was quiet. There was only a slight noise. What was Su Mei doing? Wanyan Kang was curious. In his head emerged the image of a beauty emerging from the bathtub. While thinking, Wanyan Kang felt something hot on his nose. When he touched, it was actually two lines of hot nose-blood.

Wanyan Kang’s face burned badly. He quickly dived his head into the tub. He didn’t expect that the pressure was too much, his foot slipped. His whole body fell. He choked and drank a few mouthfuls of water. “Cough, cough, cough!”

The sounds coming from the other side surprised Su Mei. Hearing that the sound wasn’t right, Su Mei stood up. She didn’t had time to wipe her body, directly pulled a dress and put it on. Then, she rushed to Wanyan Kang’s side.

“Ah Kang, what’s the matter?” Su Mei was surprised that she didn’t see Wanyan Kang. She quickly walked to the tub. She saw that Wanyan Kang was in the water. There were traces of blood in the water. Su Mei was very surprised. She quickly reached out to pull Wanyan Kang.

“Ah Kang, what’s the matter? What had happened?”

Wanyan Kang was choking on water. When he got up, the water splattered all on Su Mei.

At this time, Su Mei was wholeheartedly worried about Wanyan Kang’s safety. How would she know that the tulle nightdress Feng Qi Qi specially prepared for her was now completely pasted on her body because of the water? The exquisite figure made more blood go to Wanyan Kang’s head.

“Is it serious? What had happened?” Seeing that there was blood under Wanyan Kang’s nose, Su Mei quickly wiped it for him. When she reached out, she hadn’t touched Wanyan Kang’s face yet, her hand was grabbed by him.

“Ah Kang…” Su Mei followed Wanyan Kang’s gaze and looked at her body. When she saw the graceful body wrapped in red muslin, Su Mei almost screamed.

‘Putong…’ Wanyan Kang pulled Su Mei iton the big bathtub. He wiped the blood under his nose and his eyes looked full of desire at Su Mei. “Little Mei er, you’re so beautiful!”

Su Mei had never encountered such a thing. The original warm water became hot with her joining in.

Wanyan Kang was completely naked. His strong arms tightly held Su Mei’s thin waist to keep her close to him and forbidding her from escaping.

Could it be that her wedding night would be held here? Feeling Wanyan Kang’s firmness and hotness, Su Mei’s blood rushed to her face. She wasn’t a shy woman, but she had never expected that her career of a woman would begin in a tub. It was really too shameful.

“Little Mei er, I’m suffering from excessive internal heat! Help me lessen the heat, alright?”

Although, usually Wanyan Kang was all smiles and didn’t have any seriousness in him, but it was very rare for him to be so passionate and enthusiastic.

Su Mei felt that the room was very hot. The water was also very hot. Even Wanyan Kang’s skin that was close to her was boiling. There was a moment that Su Mei almost forgot who she was and where she was. In her eyes, there was only Wanyan Kang and she could only see Wanyan Kang.

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it that you consented. Then, I will begin tasting!”

Wanyan Kang’s breathing was a bit quick. He tried to adjust his breathing and let himself calm down.

He was a bit ashamed. Although he was born in the imperial family and was extremely noble, but he didn’t have any women even at this age. Not to mention, cefei[2.Cefei: side consorts, second ranked wife of the prince of first rank], concubines etc. Presumably people with similarities flock to each other. After spending much time with Feng Cang, Wanyan Kang also had a kind of phobia towards women. If he didn’t love her, he wouldn’t touch her.

Those imperial brothers of his didn’t come of age yet, when they had countless of women around them. After becoming an adult, the number of women around them were uncountable. Only a prince like him was still persisting in this area. Although, before his mother consort Lin Ke Xin once wanted to let this son ‘start to understand things’, so, she stuffed a few women at him, but he got rid of them with all kinds of excuses.

Now, Wanyan Kang was very grateful for his insistence. It was precisely because of this that he could wait for the woman he loved the most in this life…Su Mei.

The temperature gradually rose. Wanyan Kang’s breathing became heavy. His hands held Su Mei’s waist. His face got closer to hers. Little by little, closer and closer. Su Mei seemed to understand what Wanyan Kang wanted to do. She obediently closed her eyes.

Just when Su Mei thought that Wanyan Kang would kiss her lips, a warmth came from her ear. It turned out that his first kiss fell on her ear…

“Little Mei er, I love you…”

“Little Mei er, you’re so beautiful!”

“Ah Kang, we’re husband and wife. I only have one request! No matter what kind of experiences you had in the past, no matter how many women you had had in the past, from now on, you can only have me!”

In the misty water, Su Mei’s exquisite and charming features became more charming. Those words came from her red lips made them look more tempting.

Su Mei put forward such a request when the wedding night was about to begin let Wanyan Kang couldn’t help but bit her nose. “Little girl, what are you thinking about?! I didn’t have anyone in the past. From now on, I will only have you. In the later life, I will only have you! I promise…”

Wanyan Kang wanted to raise his hand to promise but was stopped by Su Mei. “I believe you…”

Si Mei trusted Wanyan Kang sincerely. Although, usually this person wasn’t serious enough, but he was someone who would keep his words.

“Little Mei er…” Wanyan Kang’s voice was a bit hoarse. He had endured for so long. When the time came, this woman still had the mind to talk about something else. This really and simply made Wanyan Kang unable to it endure anymore. “Little Mei er, I want you…”

“Ah Kang…”

“Call me Kang…”

The hot water wrapped the lovers. Inside the misty fog, these two lovers finally became one…

Didn’t know how much time had passed. When Su Mei woke up, she discovered that she was laying on a bed. An arm was on her waist. From her ears came the sound of Wanyan Kang’s breathing. Only now did Su Mei remember that this was her wedding night.

She wanted to move but discovered that she only moved slightly when her body felt a soreness that made her feel at loss. Although, Wanyan Kang had been very gentle, but this strong and young man still couldn’t hold back in the end.

“Scoundrel!” Su Mei moved carefully. She finally turned and looked at the sleeping Wanyan Kang. He slept comfortable at the moment while she felt like she was falling apart. This guy was simply a gluttonous cat that couldn’t get enough. Until late in the night did he release her.

However, this kind of soreness filled Su Mei’s heart. She had never tasted this kind of happiness. From now on, she has a lover, has a husband. She is no longer alone.

Su Mei held Wanyan Kang’s arm and closed her eyes. Her mouth revealed a sweet smile.

Su Mei slept till the sun was very high before she woke up. Wanyan Kang was already not at her side. It was bright outside the window. It seemed that today was a sunny day.

Wangfei[3. Wangfei: main consort of the prince of first rank] is awake? This slave will help you wash your face and rinse the mouth!” Hearing the motion inside the room, the maid who stood outside immediately went to prepare warm water and helped Su Mei take a bath. She also helped Su Mei dress into a red dress of a wangfei . Only after all of these were done did Su Mei remember to ask about Wanyan Kang. “Where’s wangye[4. Wangye/wang: the prince of first rank]?”

Wangye is in the study. He said that wangfei worked hard and to let this slave not bother wangfei…”

Hearing this, Su Mei’s ears got red. This Wanyan Kang could really say anything!

“Little Mei er, you woke up? Why didn’t you sleep a bit more?!” After hearing that Su Mei woke up, Wanyan Kang immediately rushed over. He didn’t care that there were others around and took Su Mei’s hand.

“You, ah, why didn’t you wake me?! Didn’t we have to go pay our respect to the grand empress dowager and emperor today?! It’s already so late. If we go to the palace now, we will certainly be laughed at…”

“Don’t worry! Imperial grandmother had already sent someone to give us a holiday. We don’t have to go to the palace. Also, little Mei er, why are you calling imperial grandmother grand empress dowager?! You’re now my wife. You should call her grandmother like me!”

Wanyan Kang’s ‘you’re now my wife’ let a warmth enter Su Mei’s heart. That’s right. He’s her husband. He’s her family in this world! This feeling was really good!

Originally, Su Mei wanted to go to the regent’s palace to visit Feng Qi Qi. She didn’t expect that Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang were also very ‘understanding’. They sent someone over to let them have the world of two people.

“Cousin brother and cousin-in-law are very considerate, ah!” When Wanyan Kang’s words reached Su Mei’s ear, Su Mei reached out and pinched Wanyan Kang’s waist, making Wanyan Kang shout from pain.

“Beloved consort, do you want to murder me, ah?!” Wanyan Kang grimaced in pain and made strange expressions. The maids covered their mouths and laughed.

“You all, retreat first. I’ve something to say to wangye!”

After all the maids left and only Su Mei and Wanyan Kang were left, Su Mei reached out and grabbed Wanyan Kang’s ear. “Didn’t you see that there were others around?! You say that, is it that you want people to laugh at me?!”

“Hurt, hurt, hurt! Little Mei er, have mercy, ah!” Wanyan Kang began to scream. “Wasn’t I only not aware that there were others around?!”

“Withdraw all these people. I don’t need anyone to serve me!”

“Alright, alight, alight! I won’t let anyone serve! We eat off our own strength!”

Su Mei only let go after receiving Wanyan Kang’s assent. Wanyan Kang rubbed his ear and pouted as if he had suffered much grievances. “Little Mei er, you’re so heartless! I’m a bit sceptical whether that gentle woman of last night was you! Why are you so different during the day and night…?”

“Still talking?!” Seeing that Wanyan Kang mentioned the matter of last night, Su Mei’s face was tainted with a pinkish color. “If you continue to talk, I’ll ignore you!”

“Alright, alright, alright. I won’t talk anymore!”

Wanyan Kang knew that Su Mei was shy. New brides were always like this. He was very happy to see a different side of Su Mei. And, such a Su Mei only bloomed for him.

After three days, Su Mei went ‘back home’ with Wanyan Kang. The home was naturally referring to the regent’s palace. Hearing that Su Mei had returned, Feng Qi Qi specifically went to the door to meet her.

“Miss!” The moment she went down the carriage and saw Feng Qi Qi, Su Mei quickly went forward. She was just about to bow when she was stopped by Feng Qi Qi. “You’re now my sister-in-law.”

“No, miss is forever miss!” Su Mei greeted Feng Qi Qi respectfully. Wanyan Kang didn’t stop this. He knew about Su Mei and Feng Qi Qi’s relationship. He also knew that without Feng Qi Qi, there wouldn’t be the Su Mei of today and it would be impossible for him to have a happy marriage.

“Alright! Quickly get up! Let’s go inside!”

After entering the palace, Su Mei was pulled inside Tingsong building by Feng Qi Qi and Su Yue. Wanyan Kang followed Feng Cang to the study.

Once she entered Tingsong building, Su Mei eagerly wanted to go see Feng Xiao. She really missed this little shizi[5.Shizi: heir of the first-rank/prince by the main wife] after not seeing hm for a few days. These past days, she was the one who personally had taken care of Feng Xiao. She was really not used to being separated for three days from him.

“Miss, little shizi grew again!” Su Mei teased Feng Xiao. Her appearance made Feng Qi Qi and Su Yu exchange a smile. “Su Mei, if you like children, quickly give birth to one! You and ah Kang’s child would certainly be very beautiful!”

Su Yue’s words made Su Mei blush. “You should be the one to give birth first, ah!”

Su Yue only laughed but didn’t answer Su Mei. Feng Qi Qi took Su Yue’ hand and helped her say it. “Su Mei, you don’t know. Our Su Yue is already a month pregnant!”

“What?” After hearing this news, Su Mei happily stepped forward and hugged Su Yue. “Su Yue, congratulations! So great!”

“Thank you!” Su Yue blushed. Her small hand was on her lower abdomen. Her face showed sweetness and happiness. Recently, she was busy looking after Feng Qi Qi. Her period hadn’t come for a long time. Yesterday, Feng Qi Qi checked for her and discovered that she was pregnant. After knowing this news, Nalan Xin literally carried Su Yue and run several laps. Only when Su Yue said that she was dizzy did Nalan Xin put her down.

Now that Su Yue was pregnant, Su Mei and Feng Qi Qi were happy for her. The three of them had been together the longest. They were like sisters. Now, each one of them had found their own happiness. Su Yue was also pregnant. This was simply the best news for everyone.

Inside the study, after hearing that Su Yue was pregnant, Wanyan Kang quickly congratulated Nalan Xin.

Although, the child in Su Yue’s belly was only one month, but Nalan Xin, this prospective father could already imagine what his child would look like. Recently, after seeing Feng Xiao so much, Nalan Xin really wished that he could also have such a well-behaved child. He didn’t expect that he only thought about it, heavens really gave them one. This was really a gift from heaven.

Because Su Yue was pregnant and Su Mei just married, Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang who originally planned to go to Nan Feng, delayed the time. Su Mei and Su Yue always had a good relationship with Feng Qi Qi. If Feng Qi Qi went to Nan Feng, these two people would certainly follow. However, now Su Mei was newly married and Su Yue was pregnant. The two of them couldn’t go.

Although, Feng Qi Qi wanted to leave Su Mei and Su Yue in the capital, but they firmly refused to agree. Su Yue also said if miss left them and go to Nan Feng alone, she would certainly follow even with her pregnancy.

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