Chapter 19: Real, Fake Lian Gongzi

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 19: Real, Fake Lian Gongzi

“Imperial noble consort was worried that the empress will make things difficult for third miss, so she let me come take a look. Imperial noble consort said that it doesn’t matter if you can’t find Lian gongzi[1. Gongzi: young master/ also used to call a famous unmarried man]. If something happens, you still have her, she won’t let the empress bully third miss!”

Really?——Murong Qi Qi revealed a mocking smile in front of the mirror.

In the past when the original owner of this body was framed by Murong Xin Lian, she didn’t see Murong Xue Lian, this sister of the same father and mother, come forward to speak up for her! Now, she is worried that her position will be affected, so, she wanted to use this little trick to bribe her. Did she (MXL) still think she was the Murong Qi Qi of the past?

“Mm, hearing these words of big sister, I’ll be at ease!”

Murong Qi Qi smiled sincerely.

“I was so worried and so scared. Now that I have big sister, I won’t be afraid of anything! Even if the empress comes, I won’t be afraid anymore!”

Hearing such stupid words from Murong Qi Qi, Hu Po was sure that this third miss, not only didn’t have talent and ability, she also didn’t have a brain. She said some more words and left the prime minister's mansion in a hurry.

“Was it really like that?”

Inside Piao Xue palace, after Murong Xue Lian heard Hu Po’s words, her mood was extremely good.

“This time, bengong [2. Bengong: this palace, I used b the females of the imperial family] can rest assured! By the way, is there any news from Qing Luan Palace? If Qi Qi can’t find Lian gongzi, how did the empress say she’ll punish her?”

“The empress will make it so that third miss can’t become Jing wangfei[3. Wangfei: the main wife/consort of the prince of first rank]."

“Ha ha!”

After hearing this news, Murong Xue Lian applauded. The ruby under her earlobe also shook because of her actions.

“This is the result that bengong wishes for! Jing wang [4. Wang/Wangye: the prince of first rank] is a popular candidate for the position of the crown prince. If he becomes the crown prince, then won’t Murong Qi Qi be crown princess and in the future, the empress?Bengong hasn’t even become the empress, how could she have that turn?! The crown prince’s position, bengong has already set my eyes on it. This time, the empress has helped me!”

Murong Qi Qi rested for a few days. Originally, she wanted to let Duanmu Qing and Duanmu Yi Yi wait. She didn’t expect that on the fifth day, Duanmu family would send a person to pick her up and say that Lian gongzi is at Duanmu residence. He has already cured the tendons for Duanmu Yi Yi and that Lian gongzi had asked to see her.

“Miss, who is pretending to be you?”

Inside the carriage, Su Yue frowned. Lian gongzi was obviously her miss, why did another Lian gongzi appear? For what kind of purpose was the other party pretending to be miss?

Seeing Su Yue’s oval face with furrowed brows, Murong Qi Qi reached out her hand to touch her eyebrows.

“Whoever he is, counter the soldiers with arm and the water with an earth wear.”

  • Counter the soldiers with arm and the water with an earth wear: to adopt appropriate measures to the situation

“If Su Mei had known that someone would dare to pretend to be miss, she would surely dismember the other party!”

Hearing Murong Qi Qi say that, Su Yue laughed. A faint dimple appeared on her left cheek.

“That’s why I didn’t bring her! She is quick tempered; you are more stable. I was worried that she will smash Duanmu residence, that’s why I sent her to Tong Bao Zhai. But I’m very curious about this ‘Lian gongzi’. Really looking forward to seeing him!”

“Miss, isn’t this called the ‘showdown of real and fake Lian gongzi’?”

Su Yue began to joke around.

“This name is not bad!”

While the master and servant chatted, they arrived at Duanmu residence. Great family Duanmu's housekeeper personally came to lead Murong Qi Qi inside. All the way, the housekeeper’s attitude towards Murong Qi Qi was very respectful. Presumably it was because of Lian gongzi, making Murong Qi Qi looking more forward to seeing this ‘Lian gongzi’.

“We’ve arrived!”

The moment Murong Qi Qi entered the room, she saw a tall slender figure.

“Lian gongzi, miss Murong has arrived!”

The housekeeper’s voice revealed his respect for this person.

“Qi Qi, you’ve come……”

After this person turned, Murong Qi Qi finally saw his face. The flowing blue clothes on this man, made him seem to be in high spirits. Sterling silver cuffs and collar buttons were perfect for calling attention. It was just that those yellow bean sized buttons must be worth a lot of money. Looking at his eyebrows, they were long like the wings of a giant bird. And that pair of slightly narrowed eyes revealed amusement but will make people unable to pry into them. High nose bridge like a towering cliff and that pair of cold thin lips are in an arc, revealing a cool thin smile.

Who was this person? The precautions in Murong Qi Qi’s heart opened. Such a handsome and cool man who didn’t have a shortage of smartness, why was he pretending to be Lian gongzi? These were the doubts in Murong Qi Qi’s mind.

Especially that full of sentiment ‘Qi Qi’, made Murong Qi Qi got goosebumps.

She was sure that she had never seen this man before. And his intimate tone full of love made everyone’s eyes focus on Murong Qi Qi. Among them, there was a thirty something woman in gorgeous clothes.

“Not having seen for three years, Qi Qi has become more attractive.”

Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi’s soul to return to her body, Lian gongzi has already come in front of Murong Qi Qi. Long slender fingers touched Murong Qi Qi’s cheek.

“That’s right, you’ve become taller and more beautiful.”

“Who are you?”

Murong Qi Qi dodged his touch and asked in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

“I’m Lian, ah. Your Lian.”

If it wasn’t because there were people still present, Murong Qi Qi would’ve surely vomit blood. When did she meet this man? And this one ‘your Lian’, if it wasn’t for the people, Murong Qi Qi would’ve punched his face and greet his eyes. (She means that the punch will land on his eyes)

“Qi Qi wants to hit me?”

Seeming to have realized the anger in Murong Qi Qi’s eyes, Lian held Murong Qi Qi’s clenched fists with a smile. The two of them stared at each other. Murong Qi Qi saw the smile in the other’s eyes.

Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to rebel, Lian gongzi pulled her to the woman in gorgeous clothes.

“The things she promised empress, Qi Qi had already done them. Presumably empress wouldn't make things difficult for Qi Qi anymore!”

So this person is the empress, Duanmu Qing?

Murong Qi Qi quickly freed her hands and bowed to Duanmu Qing.

“Your subject's daughter greets the empress! Empress, long live a thousand, thousand, thousand years!”

Murong Qi Qi’s good attitude made Duanmu Qing feel good. At the palace, she had been fighting with Murong Xue Lian. Here, her little sister treated her respectfully. This greatly satisfied Duanmu Qing’s vanity.

“Stand up! Let bengong take a look!”

Duanmu Qing held Murong Qi Qi’s hand and carefully looked at her. She didn’t have Murong Xue Lian’s flirtatious look. Murong Qi Qi’s looks could only be considered ordinary. This made Duanmu Qing’s heart feel even better.

“You’re a pleasant child. No wonder Lian gongzi cares about you…….”


Lian gongzi had already taken Murong Qi Qi into his embrace.

“The things I promised empress, I already did them. Asking empress to not forget what empress had promised me. I’ll take my leave……

Not waiting for Duanmu Qing to speak, Lian gongzi grabbed Murong Qi Qi and left here.

After Murong Qi Qi and Lian gongzi had left, Duanmu Lei came to Duanmu Qing’s side.

“Little sister, do you believe him?”

“Big brother, his treatment techniques that he used on Yi Yi, you also saw, it’s really unheard and unseen before. Bengong has a hunch that he will be able to cure me! Big brother, bengong tried so many medicines but they had no effect. Lian gongzi is my only hope. Bengong must give birth to a crown prince!”

“If he is won over by Imperial noble consort,then what? Murong Qi Qi is Imperial noble consort biological little sister!”

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