Chapter 179 (Part 2) The trip to Penglai Island

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 179 (Part 2) The trip to Penglai Island

“Master, this disciple is wrong!” Jia Lan knelt. Penglai Island generally didn’t accept outsiders, especially strangers. Jia Lan had completely broken the rules.

“What is going on? Speak…”

Master Taixu didn’t have the intention of allowing Jia Lan to stand up. Jia Lan told everything while kneeling. After hearing Feng Cang’s identity, Master Taixu frowned. “Are you sure he has the Forget Love?”

“Yes, master. He's already showing the symptoms of Forget Love. Master, Feng Cang’s maternal grandmother Jun Lan Mei was also a disciple of Penglai Island. Besides, the Forget Love in his body was probably done by our own people. This disciple feels that this can’t be separated from Penglai Island. It is reasonable to cure the poison for him. So, I brought him here.”

“Get up!” Hearing Jun Lan Mei’s name, Master Taixu was a bit surprised. His expression was a little weird. However, the expression appeared too fast. So quick that Jia Lan couldn’t capture it.

“Invite them over later! Let this Master take a look at that Feng Cang! Don’t let others come. I will only see Feng Cang and his wife.”

Hearing Master Taixu’s words, it seemed that he'd approved his (JL) actions. He immediately bowed to Master Taixu. “Thank you, master! Thank you!”

“You, ah…” Seeing Jia Lan like this, Master Taixu shook his head. “You worry the most about affairs that are not related to you and also like peace the most…Really don’t know if such a personality is good or bad.”

“Of course, it’s good! Master, I will go invite them!”

After arriving at the guest room, Jia Lan mentioned the words of Master Taixu. Feng Qi Qi held Feng Cang’s hand. Her eyes showed excitement. “There is hope! Cang, you can be saved!”

Everyone could understand Feng Qi Qi’s excitement.

During this period of time, the trembling of Feng Cang’s hand became longer and longer. Every time it happened, it was during dinner. Feng Cang feared that he would affect the others from having dinner, so he ate inside the room. Feng Qi Qi would accompany Feng Cang at this time and would personally feed him. Only after he had eaten would she eat. The love between this couple left everyone very moved. They also hoped that the poison on Feng Cang’s body could be cured sooner.

Feng Cang held Feng Qi Qi’s hand and walked behind Jia Lan. Master Taixu pointed out that he would only see the two of them. The others stayed in the guest room. Jia Lan asked Jin Yu to take care of Jin Mo and the others. He led Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi to the back of the mountain.

They were halfway there when Feng Qi Qi suddenly spoke, “Jia Lan, thank you.”

“You’re welcome!” Jia Lan turned his head and smiled. “You don’t look like a bad person. Moreover, doesn’t my body still have your poison? If I don’t bring you here, then you wouldn’t give me the antidote.”

Hearing Jia Lan mention poison, Feng Qi Qi laughed. “You really believed that I poisoned you? It's already been so long. Have you felt sick? Those were just two beauty pills. I let you and Jin Yu be my guinea pigs! You really thought that I poisoned you. I’m not so bad.”

Only now did Jia Lan know that the so called ‘Free and Unfettered’ pill was fake. The antidote that was needed every month was also fake. He had fallen into this woman’s trap. Jia Lan relaxed after knowing that he wasn’t poisoned. “Then I should thank you even more!”

Feng Cang maintained a smile. His fingers trembled slightly. Feng Qi Qi sensed that Feng Cang’s illness was beginning to break out. She turned her hand and tightly held Feng Cang’s hand. Suddenly, Feng Qi Qi changed the subject to Xiao Mi. “Jia Lan, do you have a way to cure Xiao Mi’s cleft lips?”

“Cleft lips?” It was the first time Jia Lan heard of this. “There are many children on the island who have this. Master thought of many ways, but he couldn’t cure it.”

Only after hearing Jia Lan say that, did she remember that some of the youngster she had seen before also had cleft lips. It was just, theirs weren’t as obvious. “Jia Lan, cleft lips can be cured!”

“Really?” Jia Lan fiercely turned around and almost bumped into Feng Qi Qi’s belly. He quickly took a step back, but his eyes showed anxiousness. “Princess, what you said is true? Could the cleft lips really be cured?”

Jia Lan remembered that Feng Qi Qi was a doctor. She must have a reason for saying this. Thinking till here, Jia Lan was very excited. “Princess, if you can cure everyone’s cleft lips, I believe that master will certainly cure wangye!”[1. Wang/wangye: first-rank prince]

Feng Qi Qi also thought of this. After seeing Xiao Mi’s cleft lips, Feng Qi Qi had been thinking about curing her. Firstly, it was to increase her bargaining chips to let Master Taixu cure Feng Cang’s poison. The other reason was because Xiao Mi was really cute. Such an innocent person had to suffer from cleft lips. This was something very distressing.

“I have a way to cure the cleft lips!”

“So great! Quickly, let’s go tell master!”

After Jia Lan told Master Taixu that Feng Qi Qi could cure cleft lips, this old man stood up and strode to Feng Qi Qi. “Girl, are you telling the truth? You really can cure the cleft lips?”

“Elder, why would I lie to you?! Not only can I cure the cleft lips, I also know how to prevent it to avoid pregnant women giving birth to babies! If you trust me, I can give it a try!”

“Good! Good!” Master Taixu walked back and forth from excitement. “Our Penglai Island has about nine hundred people. There are 231 that have the cleft lips. Half of them are children. Girl, if you really can cure the cleft lips, you’re the benefactor of our Penglai Island. No matter what you ask, I will promise you!”

“Elder, don’t say this. I also came to seek medical treatment for my husband.” Feng Qi Qi helped Feng Cang to let Master Taixu look at Feng Cang’s hand.

“How could this be” Seeing Feng Cang’s situation, Master Taixu quickly let him sit and personally checked Feng Cang’s pulse.

“There’s still a kind of residual poison in your body. So, it speeded up the Forget Love. I can only cure Forget Love’s poison. I can’t do anything about the other.”

It was already good news that Master Taixu was willing to cure Feng Cang’s poison. The gu poison was something that Nan Feng’s Qiang tribe were the best at. They could only go look for them.

“Thank you! I’m already very happy that you’re willing to cure me.” Knowing that Forget Love could be cured, Feng Cang was happier than anyone. The only thing that he was afraid of now was that he would forget Feng Qi Qi and forget everything about them. This was something Feng Cang couldn’t accept.

“It’s just, it needs time to cure the poison. Besides, it’s very painful. I don’t know if you…”

“I can bear anything! It doesn’t matter!” Not waiting for Master Taixu to finish speaking, Feng Cang answered him firmly. Compared to forgetting Feng Qi Qi, what was the pain of curing the poison?!

“That’s good!” Master Taixu stroked his beard and nodded. “Today, go have dinner and rest earlier. Tomorrow, I will take you to the river of forgetfulness.”

The next day, Master Taixu and Jia Lan took Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi to the river of forgetfulness.

The so-called river of forgetfulness is a waterfall behind the mountains. The water of the river was brazenly hot. There were yellow bubbles on the surface of the water. At the edge of the cliff, the water poured directly into the deep pool. The entire river of forgetfulness exuded a stench. They hadn’t approached yet, when that stench spread over.

“Ou…” Feng Qi Qi was pregnant. When smelling such an odor, her stomach would turn. She almost vomited all the things she ate in the morning.

“Qing Qing, wait for me here. I will go with them!” Seeing Feng Qi Qi’s face, Feng Cang’s heart felt pain. He insisted on letting Feng Qi Qi stay here. He followed Master Taixu and Jia Lan to the river of forgetfulness.

“Forget Love is distilled from the river of forgetfulness. You got the Forget Love when you were in your mother’s womb. This poison had already penetrated deep in your bone marrow. To get rid of the Forget Love, we could only attack poison with poison. It was just, the temperature of the water of this river of forgetfulness is very high. Moreover, the difference of the temperature during the day and at night is very big. It was generally difficult to persevere. You have been poisoned for a long time. To get rid of the Forget Love in you, you must stay in the pool under the waterfall for eighty-one days.

“Eighty-one days? Isn’t that two and a half months?” Feng Cang turned and looked at Feng Qi Qi who was not far away. He was somewhat unwilling to be parted with her for so long, but when he thought about that if he didn’t cure the poison, he would forget Feng Qi Qi, Feng Cang still nodded resolutely. “Good! I promise you! However, can I go have a talk with my wife? She’s pregnant. I’m afraid that she would worry!”

“Alright!” Master Taixu nodded. His gaze followed Feng Cang who went to Feng Qi Qi.

When he saw Feng Cang’s appearance, the elder had been recalling that woman in his memories…Jun Lan Mei. Speaking of it, Jun Lan Mei was his junior sister. That year, if it wasn’t because Jun Lan Mei was selected, sent to Dong Lu and became the empress, they might have had a new beginning…

Lan Mei, I would take good care of your grandson.

When Feng Cang came back, Master Taixu smiled at him. “You made it clear to her? Don’t worry, I will let Jia Lan bring you food every day! Eighty-one days would pass quickly. By then, after getting rid of the fetal poison, you wouldn’t be bothered by the Forget Love again!”

“Thank you!”

Feng Cang didn’t wait for Master Taixu to say anything else. he jumped from the waterfall and dived into the deep pool.

“Hey, I haven’t finish speaking! Such an impatient brat!” Master Taixu looked down. He saw the splash of water. Feng Cang emerged from the middle. After seeing that he was fine, did Master Taixu ease down.

“Don’t use your inner energy, otherwise malicious energy would attack your heart! Just sit inside the water like how you usually play in water!”

When Master Taixu’s voice spread from the top of the mountain, Feng Cang did as he said. He found a sunken place and sat cross-legged. Apart from his head, his whole body was hidden in the water of the river of forgetfulness.

Just now, when he was on the top of the mountain, the water had an unusual smell. He didn’t expect that inside the pool, the strange smell was even more intense. The temperature of the water was a bit hot. The water was still buzzing and making small bubbles like a pot of porridge.

“Girl, don’t worry. He would fine! This brat is not bad!” When he went back, Master Taixu couldn’t help but praise Feng Cang. He utterly fearlessly jumped from the waterfall and was able to bear the water of the river of forgetfulness were really amazing things.

“It seems that he really cares about you! Your choice of husband is not bad!”

Feng Qi Qi was very worried about Feng Cang. After hearing Master Taixu’s praise of Feng Cang, her worry lessened a bit. Feng Cang was working hard. She should also work hard! She believed that eighty-one days would pass soon!

The people of the island were very happy that the holy doctor from the mainland could cure cleft lips. They came to the Nuwa temple to see the demeanor of the holy doctor.

When everyone saw that the holy doctor was a petite and pregnant woman, they were more surprised. “Holy doctor is so pretty and beautiful like Nuwa goddess!” “Yes! I didn’t expect that the holy doctor is a woman!”

Had to say, the people of Penglai Island were very simple and honest. Master Taixu said that Feng Qi Qi could cure cleft lips, they believed that Feng Qi Qi could certainly do it and didn’t doubt her the slightest.

Feng Qi Qi examined those people with cleft lips and carefully recorded their names, age and physical condition.

There were more than two hundred people on Penglai Island that had cleft lips. Had to say, it was a very large number. Fortunately, there was Su Mei’s, Su Yue’s and Jin Mo’s help. So, Feng Qi Qi didn’t feel so tired.

After recording the conditions of these patients, Feng Qi Qi split them in three types. One type was the slight one. The second type was the medium one. The third time was the heaviest one. She intended to cure them in three batches.

After a busy day, Feng Qi Qi sweated from being tired.

“Girl, how is it?” Master Taixu had came over several times. Seeing that Feng Qi Qi was busy, he didn’t bother her. Now, that she finished, he let the disciples brought dinner over. He came to Feng Qi Qi. “Don’t feel so anxious to finish. You’re pregnant! Your body is the most important!”

Hearing the concern in Master Taixu’s words, Feng Qi Qi smiled happily. “Thank you, elder! Today, I only recorded the conditions of the patients. The surgery still has to wait for a few days. I need some tools for the surgery.”

Feng Qi Qi took out her own paintings of needles, scalpels, gloves, cleaning clothes, etc and gave the paintings to Master Taixu. “I have to trouble elder to prepare these for me. I will take a stroll on the island these two days to see what caused so many people on the island to have cleft lips. By then, I will come up with a cure.”

“Good, good! I will immediately let people go prepare. Really thank you so much!”

Master Taixu was very excited. These cleft lips had been a big problem of Penglai Island. There were many residents of the island who had cleft lips. This problem had continued for many generations and hadn’t been resolved. Now, Feng Qi Qi could cure the cleft lips. This was simply a great help to Penglai Island.

The next few days, Feng Qi Qi under Jia Lan’s company strolled around the entire Penglai Island. Along the way, she saw many innocent children smile at her with cleft lips. Feng Qi Qi felt the heavy responsibility on her shoulders even more.

“I think I know the cause of the cleft lips!” On the third evening, after returning to Nuwa temple, Feng Qi Qi told the result she got to Master Taixu.

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