Chapter 194 The only Immortal Cream

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 194 The only Immortal Cream

“No need to think about it. I came this time to cure Xiao er’s gu.  I will do all these three conditions; no matter how difficult they are!”

Feng Cang said these very firmly. Gu De nodded. “Since regent is already ready, then let’s go to the White Bird mountain tomorrow!”

The White Bird mountain was the nestling place of the Qiang tribe. It’s located at the southwest of Nan Feng and it’s half a month away from the capital. There, the mountain road was rugged and very difficult to travel on. Plus, the fact, that it was spring, the rain was more abundant. The dirt road soaked with rain had became muddy. It was even more difficult to walk on. However, since Feng Cang came, Gu De still had to take them to the White Bird mountain.

“I’m also going,” Ming Yue Cheng said. His words strengthened the assessment Gu De had about him. It seemed that Ming Yue Cheng had fallen deeply in love. This matter would be troublesome.

“Your Majesty, if you go, who will take care of the affairs of the country?” From Gu De’s perspective, he didn’t want Ming Yue Cheng ‘getting too close’ to Feng Qi Qi. After all, Feng Qi Qi was a married woman. Besides, Feng Cang’s reputation was so great.

If by chance, Feng Cang got to know this and misunderstood, then what?

Nan Feng had just entered the stable stage and needs stability to develop. It couldn’t withstand the extra waves. Feng Cang is Bei Zhou’s regent and held the power of life and death. If two dragons fight for one phoenix, the result would only be that both sides would suffer. Gu De didn’t want to see such an outcome.

“It’s alright. Take it as if I’m going to try to understand the people’s sentiments. I will read the memorials on the road. It will definitely not affect anything!”

“Your Majesty…” Gu de didn’t expect that Ming Yue Cheng was so stubborn. He was about to discourage him (MYC) when he was stopped by Ming Yue Cheng. “Uncle Gu De, it’s set like this! I will now let people go prepare. Depart as soon as possible!”

A few sentences from Ming Yue Cheng blocked Gu De’s next move. He smiled helplessly. This matter could only be done according to Ming Yue Cheng’s wishes.

From the beginning to the end, Feng Qi Qi didn’t talk much. She just took Feng Xiao from Ming Yue Cheng’s arms and, quietly stood beside Feng Cang and played the role of a good wife and mother.

Feng Qi Qi’s quietness was not quite in line with her rumored image. This somewhat puzzled Gu De. At least, when Feng Cang opened new territory at Dong Lu, Feng Qi Qi played a very important role behind him. Because of her, the military grains and supplies were continuously sent to Dong Lu. That was why Feng Cang could progress so smoothly.

Especially that ‘empty city stratagem’; now this had spread across the entire continent. Feng Qi Qi used a hundred people to scare away Dong Lu’s army that was a few times more than theirs. This matter would certainly be recorded in history and even be put in the book of war.

Gu De had never imagined that such a radiance image would be linked to this beautiful and gentle woman in front of him. At this time, Feng Qi Qi sung a lullaby in a low voice to coax Feng Xiao into sleep. The brilliance of a mother emitted from her body which was completely inconsistent with her rumored image. Could it be that the rumors were false?

How would Gu De know that after becoming a mother, Feng Qi Qi restrained her radiance?

However, such a Feng Qi Qi let Gu De have a very good impression of her. because now, she had the image of a good wife and mother and couldn’t be linked with the ‘fox spirit’. Gu De wouldn’t think that it was Feng Qi Qi who seduced Ming Yue Cheng and cheated Ming Yue Cheng’s love.

  • Foxes are used in Chinese to describe a very beautiful and manipulative woman.

After determining the time to go to White Bird mountain, Ming Yue Cheng rushed back to the palace. Before he left, Gu De came and whispered a few words to him. Although, others couldn’t hear what Gu De said, but those close could see that Ming Yue Cheng’s expression darkened a bit.

The whole way, Ming Yue Cheng didn’t say anything. It was just, Fu Er could clearly sense that the aura on Ming Yue Cheng’s body was not right. After thinking about what Gu de said, Fu Er shook his head. Wasn’t this prime minister causing trouble by letting Ming Yue Cheng bring Gu Yun Yao along? Isn’t this creating obstacles for the emperor?!

Although, Fu Er thought so, but he understood Gu De’s meaning. Ming Yue Cheng left the ‘palace without consorts’ because of Gu Yun Yao. Now when it was still the honeymoon phase, he wanted to abandon consort Jin to go to White Bird mountain. Anyone could guess something fishy about this. If they don’t pretend and the lie was uncovered, then wouldn’t it be a waste of the previous efforts?

Gu De was also well-intentioned. What he said was right. Ming Yue Cheng was angry because of after lying once, he needed to cover that lie with countless of lies. Such a thing made him very distressed!

After returning to the palace, Ming Yue Cheng prepared everything. Then, he went to Qingluan palace.

When Gu Yun Yao heard hat Ming Yue Cheng had come, she went to receive him. Only when she saw Ming Yue Cheng, did Gu Yun Yao felt that something was wrong with him. Smart as she was, she didn’t speak. She only followed behind Ming Yue Cheng with a lowered head. From Gu Yun Yao’s point of view, silence was the best way to cope with Ming Yue Cheng’s ‘anger’.

After a long time did the anger in Ming Yue Cheng calm down. Looking at Gu Yun Yao who stood respectfully at a side with a lowered head, Ming Yue Cheng nodded to let her sit down. “In two days, zhen[1. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] will go to White Bird mountain. You go with zhen.”

“Yes.” Gu Yun Yao knew that she wasn’t qualified to say ‘no’. Everything about her was given by Ming Yue Cheng. She could only do as asked.

“You don’t need to bring many things. Take what you need. When it’s time, zhen will let Fu Er notify you.”

After leaving these words, Ming Yue Cheng returned to the imperial study. Until the day of the departure did he show his face again. Like Ming Yue Cheng said, Gu Yun Yao only brought simply clothing and jewelry. Also, only one palace maid called Zhu Er served at her side.

“Good. Let’s go!”

Only after getting on the carriage and met with Gu De and the others outside the palace did Gu Yun Yao got to know the reason why they will go to White Bird mountain this time. It was to cure the gu for Feng Cang and Feng Qi Qi’s son. Gu Yun Yao had heard about these two people, but she had never seen them in person.

When Gu Yun Yao saw Feng Qi Qi, she was shocked. She had never seen such a beautiful girl. Even she as a woman was intoxicated with Feng Qi Qi’s smile.

“Hello!” Feng Qi Qi smiled at Gu Yun Yao and took the initiative to greet her.

To facilitate, the women were arranged in the carriage. The men rode horses. Because Gu Yun Yao was alone, Feng Qi Qi asked her into her (FQQ) carriage. It was lively with the women being together. Gu Yun Yao wouldn’t be alone.

Gu Yun Yao was very grateful of Feng Qi Qi taking the initiative to invite her. This amiable woman was quite to her liking, making her (GYY) like her (FQQ) from the first glance. Contrary to Feng Qi Qi, Gu Yun Wan wasn’t so enthusiastic about a sudden adoptive little sister.

After Gu De asked Gu Yun Wan about Ming Yue Cheng liking Feng Qi Qi, did Gu Yun Wan sense that something was not right. If it was really like what Gu De said that Ming Yue Cheng was an infatuated person, then, why did he marry Gu Yun Yao? Wasn’t this inconsistent?

Seeing that the way Gu Yun Wan looked at her had some ‘scrutiny’, Gu Yun Yao smiled slowly. “Is there anything wrong with me? Why is big sister looking at me like this?

“There’s nothing wrong. I’m only curious…” Because Feng Qi Qi was here, there were many things that was inconvenient to ask now. Gu Yun Wan sat at a side and didn’t speak.

These past few days, she had been wanting to find Ming Yue Cheng and ask him about Gu Yun Yao. However, every time she enters the palace, Ming Yue Cheng was busy reviewing the memorials. She felt embarrassed if she bothered him. Ming Yue Cheng’s decree ‘harem without consorts’ was real, but Gu Yun Wan believed that her father wouldn’t lie to her. Could it be that Ming Yue Cheng collaborated with Gu Yun Yao to perform a show? If it was really like this, then Ming Yue Cheng really made it hard on himself.

As an outsider, Gu Yun Wan understood Ming Yue Cheng’s love for Feng Qi Qi. She also knows that love couldn’t be forced. It was a well-known fact that Feng Qi Qi and Feng Cang loved each other very much. Ming Yue Cheng continued to be in such a bitter unrequited love; in the end, the one who would be hurt would still be him.

Feng Cang’s group just went on the journey when someone sent a letter to elder Teng Yuan on the White Bird mountain. After reading the letter, elder Teng Yuan burned it. Then, he lay on bed. There was a pipe on his mouth.

“How is it? Does elder Teng Yuan feel a lot more comfortable?” Duyi sat next to elder Teng Yuan and lit the pipe for him. He took a paste-like substance from his pocket and added a small amount of the substance to the tobacco.

“Mm, comfortable! Very comfortable!” Elder Teng Yuan had a look of satisfaction and was immersed in his fairy-like dream. “Duyi, ah, this cream of yours is better than the medicine our shamans make! Since I started smoking it, my spirit was many times better than before. Come, come, give me some more!”

Duyi only smiled slightly at elder Teng Yuan’s request. “Elder, this Immortal cream is not a problem, but how is the matter that you promised us?”

“I knew you came for that. I just received news. Gu De came with Feng Cang’s group. Aside from Feng Qi Qi, Wanyan Kang, Su Mei and Jin Mo, even Ming Yue Cheng came with consort Jin.”

“Oh?” Duyi nodded. He turned his head to look at Longze Jing Tian and Taji Guli who sat at the other side. “It seemed that we are about to meet old friends!”

While Duyi spoke, he added some of the ‘Immortal cream’ to the tobacco of elder Teng Yuan. “Elder, smoke slowly. I’ve many Immortal cream here. I also have the secret prescription of the Immortal cream. As long as you promise us to not cure the gu for Feng Xiao and while you’re at it, help us achieve what we want, I can give you the whole prescription! In that case, you will have endless Immortal creams.”

“Not only you can use it, other people can also use it. You can also use this to do business and make a fortune. By that time, I can guarantee that you will make a lot of gold and silver. Elder Teng Yuan, what do you think?”

“Good…” Elder Teng Yuan inhaled deeply and he slowly blew the smoke out. The lingering smoke made him feel like he was in a paradise. Such a taste of happiness was something that he had never experienced before. “This Immortal cream is a really good thing! Do you know? Every time I smoke the Immortal cream, I feel like I’m like a floating immortal and wanted to ascend to heaven. So comfortable!”

“Elder, no matter how much Immortal cream you want, we have it. However, don’t forget our conditions!” Taji Guli stood up and went next to elder Teng Yuan. That time, her left hand was cut off by Feng Qi Qi. Now, it had been replaced by a dark iron hook.

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