Chapter 22: Pill for Having Children

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 22: Pill for Having Children

After Duanmu Qing’s order fell, the archers of Duanmu family surrounded Jin Mo. Li Yun Qing and Shangguan Wu Ji exchanged a glance. They retreated to one side. Arrows immediately fired at Jin Mo.

This was bad……Jin Mo smiled helplessly. He is now regretting very much that he didn’t practice martial arts well. Although his martial arts were not bad, but the thing that he is good at, is the art of healing. Master said that although people need to have skills, but they also need to have the ability to protect themselves. At that time, he didn’t put those words in his heart. Today he understood those words, but it seemed that it was a bit too late.

Now seeing this dark mass of shiny arrows in front of him, Jin Mo once again looked at Murong Qi Qi, who is looking at this play in the shadows. His heart felt bitter and obscure. Could it be that his legendary reputation would be destroyed at the hand of this little woman Murong Qi Qi? Should he really send out a signal for help? Then wouldn’t it let people laugh till they lose their teeth?!


At this time, an iron umbrella opened in front of Jin Mo.

‘Kuang kuang kuang……’

The arrows landed on the ground. Jin Mo clearly saw the people who came. Happiness immediately went into his heart.

“Ji Xiang, Ru Yi, how come it’s you guys?”

Wang [1. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank] said with mister’s IQ, you will definitely not win wangfei[2. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank], so he let us come save you. Wang was right, mister really is wounded!”

Ji Xiang eyes are like crescent moon and both sides of his cheeks have a little dimple. Seeing Jin Mo’s blood-red abdomen, Ji Xiang chuckled.

“She is not our wangfei yet!”

Jin Mo said it with gritted teeth, but in his heart, he couldn’t help but admire that woman who looked ordinary and weak on the outside. Her wisdom was her most powerful weapon.

Wang said she is wangfei, then she is wangfei. Mister shouldn’t disagree!”

Ru Yi and Ji Xiang are twins of mixed sex. The two looked alike. When they are laughing, their eyes are like crescent moons. The only difference was that Ru Yi doesn’t have dimples.

They grabbed Jin Mo at both sides. The three people jumped over the fence and disappeared in front of everyone.

“Chase! Chase them faster!”

Duanmu Lei was sweating profusely because of anxiousness. Jin Mo appeared in Xi Qi, then what about Feng Cang? Where was he? Could it be that he also came to Xi Qi? But wasn’t the tournament of the four countries still a few months away? This year’s location is Bei Zhou, ah? Why did he come to Xi Qi? There haven’t been any signs, ah!

Duanmu Qing’s face color was also not much better. After the people went after Jin Mo, she called Murong Qi Qi alone in a room.

“Why didn’t you expose his identity before?”

Duanmu Qing looked at Murong Qi Qi sharply.

“Answering empress, the moment your subject's daughter entered, your subject's daughter had been seized by him. Your subject's daughter doesn’t know martial arts. I have no means to fight him. Besides empress is here, your subject's daughter was worried that he will do something bad to empress. That was why I didn’t expose him in the room.”

It didn’t look like Murong Qi Qi was lying. Duanmu Qing recalled the scene that had happened earlier. Indeed, it seemed like Murong Qi Qi had been pulled by Jin Mo the moment she had entered. It looked like an intimate act, but after reflecting on it, it did seem strange.

“Then how did you find out that he is Jin Mo?”

Duanmu Qing was not an idiot. Although Murong Qi Qi passed this round, but in her heart she still has many questions.

“Maybe empress doesn’t know, according to seniority, Lian gongzi [4. Gongzi: young master/ also used to refer a famous unmarried man] is Jin Mo’s little junior brother. That year when your subject's daughter was living at Jing Xin An, your subject's daughter passed some time with Lian gongzi. He has mentioned this senior brother to your subjec's daughter. Lian gongzi is the disciple of the holy doctor. The two of them practiced under the holy doctor.  It was just that Lian gongzi became an apprentice later. At that time, Jin Mo has already mastered the medical skills for many years. So, Jin Mo didn’t know the existence of this little junior brother.”

After hearing Murong Qi Qi’s explanation, Duanmu Qing seemed to understand the reason. But today’s matter made her very embarrassed. If they’ve killed Jin Mo then it’s alright, but now Jin Mo has escaped!

Although her being infertile was something that many people know, but after all, there’s no clear proof, so nobody said it on the surface, they also didn’t dare. If this thing was spread out by Jin Mo, with his medical skills, people would certainly believe it. By that time, it was not so simple with only facing a ‘not able to have children’, the saliva of the women from the harem would be able to drown her, not to mention Longze Yu who already didn’t have any feelings for her.

Thinking till here, Duanmu Qing began to hate Murong Qi Qi. If it wasn’t because she cut Duanmu Yi Yi’s tendons, Duanmu Qing will not have forced her to find Lian gongzi and would also not have been taken advantage by Bei Zhou’s Jin Mo.

Feeling Duanmu Qing’s hatred, Murong Qi Qi quickly took out a small box and raised it with both hands.

“What is it?”

Duanmu Qing didn’t take it. She only looked coldly at Murong Qi Qi’s hands. She didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi with such ordinary looks will have a pair of such beautiful hands. White like jade. Smooth like silk without any flaws. It was like they have been finely carved out.

“Answering empress this is Lian gongzi’s ‘having children’ pill. Your subject daughter's body is on the cool side, it’s the winter cold, so Lian gongzi aside from the Xue Fu pill also gave your subject's daughter a ‘having children’ pill.”

Winter cold? Was it not the same thing that Jin Mo said that she had? It was very hard for people who have winter cold to get pregnant. Duanmu Qing’s mind moved. She took over the box and opened it. Inside, there was a pill as red as blood.

“Originally, your subject's daughter wanted to save it and use it after the wedding, but……”

Murong Qi Qi’s voice choked.

“Just now Jing wang has written a letter of breaking the engagement to your subject's daughter. Your subject's daughter will no longer be able to use it, so to present the Buddha with borrowed flowers, your subject's daughter will give it to empress, hoping that empress will give birth to a crown prince soon!”

  • To present the Buddha with borrowed flowers: to win favor using someone else’s property.

“Jing wang has written a letter to break the engagement?”

Duanmu Qing has already heard of this matter, but she still showed a surprised look.

“How can he? Do you want bengong [3. Bengong: this palace, I used by the females of the imperial family] to persuade him and let him take back the letter of breaking the engagement?”

“No need.”

Murong Qi Qi shook her head helplessly.

“Your subject's daughter has self-knowledge. It’s your subject's daughter who is not worthy for him. The sooner the marriage is dissolved, the better it will be for both of us. Your subject's daughter doesn’t want to delay Jing wang’s future.”

Murong Qi Qi’s bleak expression fell into Duanmu Qing’s eyes. It let her hard heart have a trace of pity.

She also has heard some things about Murong Qi Qi and she also knew that just now, Longze Jing Tian wrote a blood letter in front of everyone without any mercy. It was clear that Longze Jing Tian hadn’t set Murong Qi Qi into his eyes. In the end, she is just a pitiful person!

Thinking about her own experience, Duanmu Qing’s tone became gentler: “Good child! You don’t need to be sad. In this world, there’s always a person who will belong to you. Bengong will accept this ‘having children’ pill. If it’s really effective, bengong will heavily thank you!”

Heavily thank? Murong Qi Qi was not so stupid to really believe Duanmu Qing’s words. Her biological sister Murong Xue Lian has bad relations with Duanmu Qing in the palace. If Duanmu Qing didn’t come to harm her, that is already good!

But even if she knew it clearly in her heart, Murong Qi Qi still showed an uneasy expression.

“Taking the burden from empress is something that your subject's daughter should do. Empress saying that will make your subject's daughter embarrassed. Your subject's daughter wish that empress will give birth to a crown prince for my Xi Qi as soon as possible!”

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