Chapter 209 (Part 2) Love is in sky of affection (8)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 209 (Part 2) Love is in sky of affection (8)

The late emperor raised little master Feng Huang like his daughter and spoiled her to the heavens.

I had never seen the late emperor pamper and indulge a person so much. He held little master Feng Huang in his arms, allowing her to see a farther scenery in a higher position. He stripped the lychee and fed it into little master Feng Huang’s red lips.

Because little master Feng Huang liked white, he ordered people to weave silk that was softer than the clouds to make new clothes for little master Feng Huang.

In short, the emperor put all his indulgence on little master Feng Huang. He even wanted to make little master Feng Huang a princess, but was rejected by little master Feng Huang. At that time, little master Feng Huang said one sentence. The late emperor didn’t pay attention, but I listened to it with my heart.

“Ming Yue Cheng, I don’t want to be a princess! A princess is too far away from you!”

The late emperor saw these words as being childish, but I saw a certain thing from little master Feng Huang’s eyes. At that time, my heart shook a bit, but when little master Feng Huang looked at me, I lowered my head.

Little master Feng Huang was very satisfied with my performance. She willfully enjoyed the indulgence of the late emperor and wrote a letter to her parents saying that she liked Nan Feng and wanted to stay here.

I don’t what Feng Qi Qi would think after she read that letter. I’m afraid that she and Feng Cang may not know that their seven-year-old daughter had fallen in love with the late emperor. Light flashed inside that pair of clear eyes. Aside from I, this outsider, who can see thoroughly, even the late emperor didn’t take notice.

Little master Feng Huang stayed in the palace for eight years.

Eight years were like a shuttle. Little master Feng Huang had grown from a little girl to a slender and elegant woman.

At that time, Feng Qi Qi no longer showed her face to the world. The title of the number one beauty went from princess to Ming Yue to Feng Qi Qi, and then fell on little master Feng Huang.

Although, she was only fifteen years old, little master Feng Huang has become a famous beauty in the mainland. She was pure as the dew on the green leaves in the morning and clean like the snowdrops on the top of the sky. Everyone who saw little master Feng Huang would become intoxicated by her gentle laughter and affectionate voice.

Like her mother, she had an eye-catching charm and a modesty that couldn’t be found in the nobility.

The good name of little master Feng Huang became known to all as she grew older and became the object of love of the young masters.

“Ming Yue Cheng, I don’t like those men!” Little master Feng Huang was gentle. Her face would only change at one moment; that was, when someone confessed to her. Every time when little master Feng Huang say this sentence, the late emperor would rub her head gently and ask affectionately, “What kind of man does Long Er like? I will find him for you!”

“I like you!”

Little master Feng Huang had always been straightforward. I still remember the first time she said that. The late emperor was startled at first and then laughed out loudly, “Long Er, I’m already old.”

Two hidden meanings were revealed with the late emperor saying this. The first one was that he already knew the love little master Feng Huang had towards him. The second was that he wouldn’t accept the feelings of little master Feng Huang.

Such an answer, how could someone as clever as little master Feng Huang not know the hidden meaning? However, her answer was even more surprising, “Ming Yue Cheng, I wouldn’t give up!”

If someone asked me, what will happen when two people with a strong will collide, I would tell him that, that was a test of the heart and the affection. It would be the same struggle as running a long-distance marathon. It would be…rocked by a major disaster!

On little master Feng Huang’s sixteenth birthday, I saw Feng Qi Qi again. When she stood together with little master Feng Huang, her age couldn’t be told. Those who didn’t know would think that they were a pair of twin sisters.

Those who came with Feng Qi Qi were her husband and sons. Their family was riunited in the palace of the late emperor.

To be able to see Feng Qi Qi, the late emperor was very happy. The smile on the late emperor’s mouth didn’t disappear for the whole night. When this scene fell on little master Feng Huang’s eyes, it clearly became a pain.

That night, the late emperor got drunk. I served at his side. Deep in the night, little master Feng Huang suddenly came over. She was dressed thinly and lay next to the late emperor. I was so shocked that I almost screamed. She firstly hit my pressure point, making me unable to move.

“Why won’t you take one more glance at me? We’re only twenty-six years apart! Why wouldn’t you accept me?”

Little master Feng Huang snuggled in the arms of the drunken late emperor. She looked pitiful like a child. Her appearance and her tearful voice made me feel heartache.

“When the emperor was born, I wasn’t born yet. When I was born, the emperor is already old. However, I don’t care. I don’t care at all!”

Just when little master Feng Huang wanted to kiss the late emperor, the late emperor opened his eyes and stopped her ‘absurd’ behavior.

“Long Er, from the start till now, my heart only has your mother. She’s the love of my life and also the only woman that I love. You once asked me why the harem was empty. I didn’t answer you. Now, I will tell you, I once promised your mother, the position of the empress will always be reserved for her.”

“Long Er, you are only a child in my eyes. I can’t be together with your mother, but I treated you and your brothers as my children. I only love you dearly, but it’s not the love between a man and a woman.”

“Long Er, you should find a young man to love you and not cling to me!”

I feel that the words of the late emperor were a bit cruel to little master Feng Huang. That treasure that the late emperor held in his hands, tears fell from her eyes for the first time in my memory.

“I know you love my mother, but I won’t give up. Here has me!” Little master Feng Huang put her hand on the late emperor’s chest. “You have me in your eyes and in your heart. You can lie to me, but you can’t lie to yourself!”

After saying this, little master Feng Huang ran out barefooted.

“Long Er…” If it was in the past, the late emperor would definitely chase after her. The night was dark, the wind was strong and little master Feng Huang ran barefooted, the late emperor would definitely be worried about her. However, this time, the late emperor only called little master Feng Huang’s nickname once but didn’t chase after her.

“Fu Er, did I do wrong?”

The late emperor asked me, but my pressure point was hit. I couldn’t make a sound. Even after my pressure point was released, I couldn’t answer this question to the late emperor. After all, I’m not the involved party. I didn’t have anything to do with this and couldn’t feel all the emotions of this matter. Naturally, I couldn’t say anything about this.

After that night, little master Feng Huang left a letter and left without saying goodbye. The letter only said that she wanted to travel through the mainland to let herself become mature. However, I obviously saw an emotion called heart-tearing pain on the late emperor’s face.

In the days that followed, little master Feng Huang would sent letters every three days. It was still the handwriting that the late emperor was familiar with. The content was nothing more than where she had gone to and what she saw. It was just, at the end of each letter, little master Feng Huang would write a sentence, “Wait for me to come back.”

This kind of thing had been going on for a year. Suddenly, little master Feng Huang didn’t send more letters. For a long time, she didn’t write a letter.

During that time, I obviously was able to detect that the emperor was not right. When he was reading the memorials, he would immediately raise his head when he heard footsteps. He wanted to know if it was the eunuch who brought little master Feng Huang’s letter. The repeatedly disappointment made the late emperor’s face graver and also made him thinner.

Little master Feng Huang disappeared like that out of nowhere. Even her family didn’t know where she went. After reading the letter written by Feng Qi Qi, the late emperor was completely anxious. Feng Huang had always been filial. She wouldn’t not keep in contact with her family. However, this time, even her family didn’t know where she went. The late emperor was sure that something had happened to her.

Feng Xiao was recalled by the late emperor. The late emperor passed the throne to him. He took the letters written by little master Feng Huang and began to trace the footprints of Feng Huang. In other words, the late emperor walked on the roads she walked on and drank the soup she tasted…The late emperor began from the first letter and followed the footsteps of each letter to explore the whereabouts of little master Feng Huang.

Contrary to the attitude of the late emperor, Feng Qi Qi didn’t seem the slightest bit worried about her daughter nor did she send people to search for little master Feng Huang. This was a bit unusual. I noticed it, but I didn’t tell the late emperor. I just followed him all the way. In the end, we reached Xiliang City, the former capital of Xi Qi.

At this point, Xi Qi had already become Nan Feng’s territory for many years. Returning once again to the place where we were held hostage for ten years, my heart had too many emotions.

The last letter of little master Feng Huang was sent from here. After that, there was no more news of her.

I and the late emperor took the portrait of little master Feng Huang and posted it everywhere. So, people could help find the whereabouts of little master Feng Huang. We stayed for a month.

This month, I watched the late emperor change from a mature and handsome man to someone dirty. A layer of beard grew on his clean chin which looked very decadent, dispirited and listless.

“Fu Er, I lost her.” The late emperor looked at the coming and going people in the city of Xiliang and said that to me. There was endless remorse in this statement which made me pity this emperor.

The late emperor, this involved party probably wasn’t aware that his love for her had changed long ago from the love of an elder for the younger generation to a love between a man and a woman.  It was said that the person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear. Although, I was an onlooker, but I couldn’t say anything.

  • The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear. The not involved party sees more of the situation.

“Uncle, this is something a sister asked me to give you.”

Just when the late emperor fell into loneliness once again, a child with a teapot hairstyle, stuffed a note to the late emperor and then ran away laughingly.

I don’t know when I saw this scene, I suddenly felt that hope was coming. Before I reacted, the late emperor already ran away regardless of his image.

I was old and really couldn’t keep up with the late emperor. I could only hire a carriage and chased. When I caught up with the late emperor, we had come to a lake. A small boat was parked on the shore. It seemed to be waiting for us.

When we went by boat to the big boat in the middle of the lake, a sound of zither came over. At that time, I clearly saw that the hand of the late emperor began to tremble. Only she could play such a beautiful music.

As a qualified servant, I didn’t follow the late emperor. Instead, I left this place for them.

However, even so, I heard little master Feng Huang’s voice. I swear that I only heard two sentences. Those sentences said this.

“In the past, you met my mother on this boat and fell in love with her. Now, you met me here, can you also love me once?”

What happened after that, I don’t know. Even if you question me intensely, I don’t know what had happened. Forgive me for being an old man. Old people forget easily. I don’t remember many, many things anymore.

Maybe, you will say that I was playing the fool. Then, you are very right! As a servant who lived for sixty years in the palace, to be able to live, there must be a way to survive and keep his life. For example I, I know what I should and shouldn’t say. I also know when I should understand things and when I should play the fool.

I can only tell you that after this, the late emperor accompanied little master Feng Huang to the Number on village under Heavens in Yongzhou. I am old. The late emperor was compassionate. He didn’t let me follow. As for what had happened there, I don’t know.

What I do know is that the ending of this story is cliché. The late emperor and little master Feng Huang lived happily together. Everyone, including I, this old eunuch who couldn’t get any older, lived happily.

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