Chapter 32 A man's small selfish heart

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 32 A man's small selfish heart

“What about those few flies? Did they go look for wangfei[1. Wangfei: wife of a wangye] recently?”

Feng Cang handed the fish food container over to Ji Xiang next to him and took the wet towel from Ru Yi to wipe his hands.

Seeing Feng Cang uses ‘flies’ to describe Li Yun Qing and Shangguan Wu Ji, Feng Yu and Nalan Xin felt that this master eating such ‘vinegar' is a bit too baffling.

      • Eating vinegar: getting jealous.

The two just came to visit after hearing wangfei has to marry for peace, but has immediately labelled as ‘flies’ who has malicious thoughts on Murong Qi Qi. And they  (FY&NX) couldn’t help but play the role of ‘fly swatter’, shutting the door for all of the opposite sex who came to visit wangfei.

Wangye[2. Wangye: prince of first rank], rest assured. I watched wangfei tightly. I will not let others covet wangfei.”

Because Feng Cang has been brought up by Feng Yu, that’s why she is different from other servants in front of Feng Cang. Feng Cang respects her very much.

With Feng Yu’s words, Feng Cang feels more assured.

He seems a bit too sensitive, but the light coming from his little wangfei is so eye catching. He must make her his before others notice her uniqueness. That’s right, make her his. Hid her under his wings! Carefully protect her, making her belong exclusively to him!

If Feng Cang’s monologue is heard by the people next to him, they will faint. Is he still their cool, astute, wise and deity like Nan Lin wang? Why is he like a child who has encountered his favorite toy? Childish to the extreme!

Feng Cang commanded some more things. It’s nothing more than the same old tune. Protect Murong Qi Qi. Can’t let people bully her etc.

Nalan Xin exclaimed in his heart. Wang is really too worried.  At least getting along for such a short time, he felt that Murong Qi Qi is not someone weak! It’s just why can’t wang see it? Can this be the so called concern will cause chaos of the mind?

After Feng Yu and Nalan Xin left, Jin Mo came in carrying a bowl of thick black medicine.

Wang, time to drink medicine.”

“Jin Mo, are you sure this is not revenge? Why do I feel that recently the medicine is especially bitter?”

Looking at the thick medicine, smelling the pungent taste, Feng Cang frowned.

“You surely must’ve come to collect a debt! You suffered at the hands of my little wangfei and couldn’t do anything to her, so that’s why you are giving me a hard time!”

Wangye, just drink the medicine!”

Jin Mo took out a small bottle and poured out a spoon of yellow medicine powder. He handed it to Feng Cang.

“If you still want to get the girl, take the medicine! If you don’t care about your body, after you die, she can only become a widow!”

Hearing Jin Mo’s words, Feng Cang can only laugh bitterly. The poisonous tongue of this person who followed him for ten years, Feng Cang has experiences it so many times that he is now used to it. He swallowed the powder medicine in one gulp. Feng Cang raised the bowl of black medicine and swallowed it together.

Bitterness…….from Feng Cang’s mouth, throat it spread till his stomach. Really bitter……

Putting down the bowl, Feng Cang rinsed his mouth. When a sweet date is in his mouth, did he feel more comfortable. The words Jin Mo just said is still ringing in his ears, making his emotions go down. Seemingly at this matter he is a bit headstrong.

“Jin Mo, you say, am I a bit too selfish? Obviously I know that this body of mine will……but I still want to get her into my world.”

Seeing the unprecedented sadness in Feng Cang’s eyes, the disgust Jin Mo has for Murong Qi Qi went a layer deeper.

Wang, how can you say that? I will definitely cure you!”

When has wang been like this? Since getting to know that girl, wang’s emotions became complicated. If it wasn’t because Feng Cang cares about Murong Qi Qi and send Feng Yu and Nalan Xin to protect her, Jin Mo would have already used any means to destroy her.

“Jin Mo……”

Feng Cang coughed twice. The chill in those distinct purple eyes is very strong. He calmly stared at Jin Mo. Word by word stabbed Jin Mo’s heart: “Don’t touch her, otherwise I’ll kill you!”

Jin Mo understood the intention to kill in Feng Cang’s words. Feng Cang really got angry just because he showed hostility towards Murong Qi Qi.

“I know.”

Although unwilling, but Jin Mo still promised.

“But wang, did you think about empress dowager? The death of great general Feng and princess Ming Yue is related to Xi Qi. Moreover, she is Murong Tai’s daughter. That year at Yandang Mountain……”

“Jin Mo! As for imperial maternal grandmother, benwang[3. Benwang: I used by a wangye/wang] will go talk to her. In the end what caused that matter of that year isn’t known. Was it an insider job or other things? Benwang doesn’t want to involve the innocent. She is the wangfei benwang recognizes. Naturally benwang will protect her!”


Only when Feng Cang is angry will he use ‘benwang’.  Jin Mo knows that his words reached Feng Cang’s bottom line. Is not that he is afraid that Feng Cang will kill him. He is concerned that Feng Cang will refuse treatment. The hot humid weather of the south is not suitable to rest and recuperation. The sooner they go back, the better.

This trip to Xi Qi, Jin Mo is disappointed that he couldn’t find this junior brother Lian gongzi [4. Gongzi: young master/also used to refer an unmarried man] that master mentioned. Before he came, Jin Mo received master’s letter. He said that his disciple Lian gongzi is a genius. If he can find Lian gongzi, maybe Feng Cang’s disease will have the right approach and saves time. This made it that Jin Mo definitely must find Lian gongzi.

It’s just that master’s letter only has a few words and didn’t mention more about Lian gongzi, making it so that Jin Mo till now doesn’t know much about this little junior brother.

The only information he got is that Murong Qi Qi and Lian gongzi know each other. Don’t know if he can find a breakthrough through that……

Wang, I want to take time off to see wangfei to ask her about my junior brother. According to reliable sources, that day Murong Qi Qi gave Duanmu Qing the having children pill. It’s made by my junior brother. They definitely know each other. Besides the anesthetic Murong Qi Qi coated on the dagger that day, Jin Mo has never heard and seen such anesthetic before. I’m certain that it has something to do with my junior brother.”

Jin Mo had carefully studied the anesthetic on his wound, but in the end he didn’t find anything. If such an anesthetic is used in the medical field, when giving medical treatment, the patient won’t feel so much pain anymore. This is also why Jin Mo wants to know the ingredients of the anesthetic.

“No need, the future is long.”

Feng Cang lazily lay down. The medicine is beginning to take effect. He began to feel dizzy.

Hearing Feng Cang saying that, Jin Mo knows that Feng Cang is still guarding against him, worrying that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself and do something to Murong Qi Qi. Wangye actually cares about her so much, making Jin Mo ask the question that has been hovering in his mind for quite a long time.

Wang, why is it her? In this world there are many women more beautiful than her. There are more talented women than her. There are many women more noble than her. There are many women more intelligent than her. Why is it her? Jin Mo thinks that a worthier person should accompany wang!”


Why? Feng Cang also has asked himself that question. Just thinking about that girl casual and lofty appearance under the moonlight, he will feel that in his heart there’s a sun slowly rising. Presumably it’s the light emitting from her which attracted him! Just one look, he is set for life.

“Jin Mo, as time goes by, you will know.”

Feng Cang closed his eyes. His face has the color of jade. Seeing that Feng Cang doesn’t want to say anymore, Jin Mo covered the blanket for Feng Cang and quietly left.

Ten years. These ten years he followed Feng Cang and witnessed too many things. He can only obey Feng Cang’s insistence.

If Murong Qi Qi is really as Feng Cang said, even if he needs to use all means, he will make Murong Qi Qi stay at Feng Cang’s side. But if Murong Qi Qi is not worthy of wangye, even if she is the flesh of wangye’s heart, he, Jin Mo will cut her with the sharpest knife!

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