Chapter 35 One laughter on azure water (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 35 One laughter on azure water (2)

Women, ah! Give them a little sunlight and they will shine. Give them some rain and they will flood……

Murong Qi Qi didn’t have any interest in the games that these women are playing, but just letting them make a fool out of her like this is not Murong Qi Qi’s personality. She walked to the geisha and took over the guzheng.

“Let me borrow it for a while!”

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Murong Qi Qi went with the guzheng to the front of the boat. She sat on the railing. She put down the guzheng and moved the strings.

“Isn’t it that you can’t……,” Murong Xin Lian saw Murong Qi Qi like that, her heart suddenly jumped. Can it be that today she again tried to be clever and end up with an egg in her face?

  • Try to be clever and end up with an egg in one’s face: to overreach oneself

“It seems, that I have to disappoint you again,” Murong Qi Qi said with sarcasm. Her fingers moved over the strings. A ‘Laughter on azure water’ sounded.

  • A laughter on azure water 滄海一聲笑: Another song of the movie swordsman

The blue sea is laughing, the tidal waves are surging up on both shores

Drifting along with the waves, I only remember today

The blue sky is laughing, the tidal waves of human society are numerous and complicated

Who will win, who will lose, only Heaven knows

The rivers and mountains are laughing, the misty rain is far away

How many temporal affairs in human society have the waves erased?

The pure wind is laughing, unexpectedly provoking feelings of loneliness

The magnanimous feelings still remain

The common people are laughing, no more loneliness

Yet the magnanimous feelings in me are still laughing crazily………”

It is breezing. Murong Qi Qi’s black hair was only held with a white hairband. The wind passed by. The black hair on her forehead swayed with the wind, making her look like she was confident and at ease.

Suddenly a big breeze came. Murong Qi Qi’s white dress blew with the sun. At this time, she took advantage of it and her voice turned louder as if she wants to went with the wind, making people want to reach out and grab but unable to reach her.

Why? Longze Jing Tian clasped the jade cup in his hand. Why is there a voice now in his heart shouting: Keep her! She belongs to you! If you let her go, you’ll regret it! Why is it like that? Why is such confidence and easygoingness appearing on a girl? Why is it that even though her looks are ordinary but his eyes are still attracted by her?

Li Yun Qing took out the jade flute and teamed up with Murong Qi Qi. Shangguan Wu Ji also began to sing. His hands are clapping. Even Bai Mu Fei couldn’t help but cheer.


Seeing Bai Mu Fei’s expression, Longze Yu Er scolded in a low voice.

“She actually knows how to seduce men so well!”

What Longze Yu Er is saying is what Murong Xin Lian is thinking in her heart. Murong Qing Lian at a side also nodded: “Really didn’t know that third big sister has such ability. I need to learn well from her. Second big sister, look at your wangye[1. Wang/ wangye: prince of the first rank]. He also has been attracted by third big sister.”

Murong Qing Lian’s words are really ugly to hear. After Murong Xin Lian heard that she glared at her (MQL) fiercely.

“Aiya, second big sister why are you glaring at me? If you want to glare, go glare at third big sister, ah. She is the focus of all men!”

Murong Qing Lian sneered and looked back at Murong Xin Lian’s eyes which are full of killing intent.

“If you have such time, why don’t you think about how to gain the favor of your wangye?!”

Although Duanmu Yi Yi hate Murong Qi Qi, but in her heart she couldn’t help but admire Murong Qi Qi. To be able to make such a song, if they compete on talent, she is less than Murong Qi Qi. But she still dislikes Murong Qi Qi. At least when she saw the way Longze Jing Tian looked at Murong Qi Qi, her heart grew with resentment.

Sensing the jealousy of the women on the boat towards that girl, Bai Yi Yue sighed. If it’s possible, she would’ve preferred that Murong Qi Qi stays. Even if she marries into Bai household and become her sister in law, that won’t be bad. Such a person with such a transparent soul actually needs to marry to Bei Zhou, really a pity…….

“La la la.”

Shangguan Wu Ji walked to the front of the boat and sat beside Murong Qi Qi. His hands patted the deck and loudly hummed with Murong Qi Qi.

Murong Qi Qi’s voice is slightly thin to sing this song. Now being joined with Shangguan Wu Ji’s rugged high voice; one strong, one soft, the song is more perfect. And Li Yun Qing’s flute also gained a lot of points.

“Only heavens will have such song, ah!”

Bai Mu Fei silently looked at Murong Qi Qi. It’s as if he was talking to himself but it also felt like he was speaking to let Longze Jing Tian hear.

“I’ve a feeling that Xi Qi country will eventually regret because of losing her.”

Although Bai Mu Fei’s voice is small, but when transmitted to Longze Jing Tian’s ears, it’s actually very clear. Longze Jing Tian knows Bai Mu Fei’s ability very well. Murong Qi Qi is the first person he ever praised.


When the song reached the end, Murong Qi Qi let everything go and laughed out loudly. That girl’s laughter is like flowers, so free. The confidence and pride exuding from her is so blinding.

A few years later, once someone asked Longze Jing Tian when he fell in love with Murong Qi Qi.

Thinking for a long time, Longze Jing Tian’s memory went back to this day. On the boat where that girl stood in the front of the boat with the wind. The black hair flew elegantly with the breeze. It’s at that moment that she entered his heart and became the dream he pursued all his life. It’s just that at that time he didn’t know. That’s why he missed her and lived his life in regret.

A one time mistake, ruined all his life.

Not far away, on a skiff Ming Yue Cheng is holding a fish rod while quietly watching the girl in white on the boat.

“Who is that girl?”

“Answering your highnesz, it’s Xi Qi country’s Murong Qi Qi who was just bestowed the title of princess Zhao Yang and she is also the future Nan Lin wangfei[2. Wangfei: main wife of a the prince of first rank]"

“A pity……”

Ming Yue Cheng threw the fish rod in the water. A gauze hat blocked his face.

“Such a girl, such a mood, really a pity…….”

When he said ‘pity’, Ming Yue Cheng suddenly laughed. When did he became so sentimental? He actually learned to pity others.

“Your highness, one day we will go back to Nan Feng!”

Fu Er looked at his master and said with certainty.

“Go back?”

Ming Yue Cheng eyes turned from misty to firmness. It’s already been ten years since he came to Xi Qi as a hostage. He almost forgot how the mountains of Nan Feng is like and how sweet the water is. If imperial father wanted to take him back, Nan Feng would’ve already sent someone.

That one in the palace must not be able to wait for him to die here. Then no one will block her imperial son to the road of becoming the crown prince. Otherwise why will she let He Lan Yu provoke Xi Qi. It’s nothing more than want to annoy Xi Qi and make his days here bad.

“I heard that imperial noble consort wants to send second imperial sister over to form an alliance…….”

“That’s right. Ming Yue Xin is already on the way. This subordinate found out that the one they want to form an alliance with is Jing wang Longze Jing Tian. Your highness, what do you think we should do?”

“They calculated well! They help Longze Jing Tian get the throne, in turn Longze Jing Tian will also help them, help that little brother of mine become the crown prince. Really good calculations! Fu Er, let people pay attention to all movement of Nan Feng. I also want a list of every people who will come to Xi Qi.”


Fu Er bowed slightly. His pair of eyes is unusually smart. Empress has sent someone with a letter. The emperor’s body doesn’t seem well. The imperial physician checked, it’s probably in these two years……”

After listening to Fu Er, Ming Yue Cheng slightly smiled. He raised the fishing rd. on it hung a bright red carp.

“A sign of good luck!”

“Is the one on the boat Nan Feng’s crown prince? Our family’s wangye invites you on the boat!”

Just at this time, the big boat came over. Someone is shouting on the boat and then put down a ladder.

“Your highness......”

Fu Er’s voice revealed his concerns.

“Fu Er, I’m fine.”

Ming Yue Cheng smiled and pulled down the gauze hat. He raised a pair of bright eyes: “It’s this small one. So it’s your highnezs Jing wang'sboat, ah!”

  • It's this small one: an answer to the question of him being the crown prince. He is calling himself small one as to lower his status

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