Chapter 41 Forty heads

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 41 Forty heads

The moment Longze Yu Er’s command fell, the imperial guards took out their shiny swords and rushed at Feng Cang.

“Don’t even dare to hurt our family’s wangye[1.Wangye/wang: prince of the first rank]!"

Not waiting for Ru Yi to open his mouth, a crescent knife came flying through the air and directly cut off the head of the imperial guard who was at the very front of the pack.

‘Dang……’ The head hit the ground. It even rolled a few times and became contaminated with dust. It also left a bright red trail of blood.

“Ah! They killed someone!”

A person in the crowd watching from afar saw this bloody scene, screamed and fainted.

Longze Yu Er and Murong Xin Lian saw this scene, and they almost vomited.

Then, a burst of hooves was heard. Ten black armored soldiers on tall horses appeared in front of Feng Cang.

“Subordinates came late to the rescue, asking wangye for punishment!”

Wangye? Which sort of wangye is he? Longze Yu Er’s brain hadn’t gotten far when a string of shrill voices was heard.  All the heads of the forty people who had surrounded Feng Cang reached the ground. Red blood sprayed onto Longze Yu Er’s face. She was so afraid that she began to scream.

“You, you… …”

Longze Yu Er’s voice was trembling. Her whole body also began to tremble.

“Who are you?”

“They are Nan Lin wang’s eagle troup!”

Someone in the crowd saw the eagle head embroidered on the sleeves of the soldiers riding the horses and they immediately recognized the symbols.

Nan Lin wang? Not only Longze Yu Er, everyone else present was in shock. That man in white with the gauze hat is the rumored Nan Lin wang Feng Cang? Is he the Nan Lin wang who people called the ‘God of War’ and who became famous throughout the four countries at just the age of fifteen?

A gust of wind blew. It wanted to lift up the white gauze hat to let people see Feng Cang’s looks, but just as a perfect chin was exposed, Feng Cang stopped it.

“Hehe… …”

After his identity got exposed, Feng Cang chuckled. He pulled the gauze down over his face.

“Ru Yi, if someone wanted to murder benwang[2.Benwang: I, used by a wangye] in Bei Zhou, what kind of sin is that?”

“Answering wangye, murdering an imperial family, the punishment is death on the spot and the execution of nine generations!

Ru Yi’s voice is very loud. When it reached Longze Yu Er’s ear’s, it’s very piercing. Long has she heard that Nan Lin wang’s acts are out of ordinary. He is reckless. She didn’t expect that he would dare to kill Xi Liang’s imperial guards!

“You, you don’t come over…….”

The one who was just now so arrogant, and showed her strength by wanting to rob the ‘Gold thread dress’ in Feng Cang’s hands, her two rows of teeth were now beginning to tremble. She actually forgot that Bei Zhou’s missionaries had arrived at Xi Liang. Besides, Feng Cang had also brought along Bei Zhou’s most elite eagle troup. The behavior of just now was simply seeking death!

“This ‘Gold thread dress’ indeed is very beautiful!”

Feng Cang opened the wrapping of the ‘Gold thread dress’. Under the sunlight, the dress sparkled. The picture on the golden gauze came alive, making everyone who saw it surprised. They forgot about the bloody scene that had just occurred.

“But… …,”, Feng Cang’s voice changed. “Only benwang’s wangfei[3. Wangfei: main wife of a wangye] has the right to wear such clothes. Princess, could it be that you want to be benwang’s wangfei?”

At this moment, Longze Yu Er’s vision was completely attracted by the ‘Gold thread dress’. She didn’t pay any attention to Feng Cang’s words. It was only because of Murong Xin Lian pulling at her clothes that made her mind come back.

“No! No! Bengong [4. Bengong: I, used by the females of the imeperial family] doesn’t have such thoughts!”

What a joke, letting her marry demon wang for a piece of clothing? She still wants to live a long life! The moment Longze Yu Er moved her legs, she fainted.

“Ah, her courage is just like that……”

Feng Cang put away the ‘Gold thread dress’. He no longer bothered with Longze Yu Er and Murong Xin Lian. Instead, he turned and cupped his hands in obeisance to Fang Tong: “I’m sorry for dirtying Jue Se Fang’s store. Benwang will apologize to Guang Hua gongzi[6. Gongzi: young master/ also used to describe a famous unmarried man] here!”

“No need, no need. This is red for a good start! It’s a good sign!”

Fang Tong's eyes took in all of Feng Cang’s actions. In his heart, he's raising his thumbs up for this wangye. Presumably, only such a person could match with his miss!

Fang Tong’s words couldn’t help but let Ru Yi look once more at this shopkeeper of Jue Se Fang. This person really was interesting. If it were anyone else, they would’ve already been trembling with fright. He actually said that this is red for a good start. This Jue Se Fang's really interesting.

“Shopkeeper has good measure! As for compensation, benwang will look after Jue Se Fang in the future! In the future, if someone comes searching for trouble at Jue Se Fang, then they are against benwang and is against benwang’s eagle troup!”

Feng Cang’s voice is not loud, but these words reached everyone’s ears. Jue Se Fang got Feng Cang as their backing, even if Longze Yu Er wanted to touch Jue Se Fang, she wouldn’t be able to…….

“Thanking wangye!”

Understanding that Feng Cang is protecting Jue Se Fang, Fang Tong bowed to Feng Cang.

In just one afternoon, Nan Lin wang Feng Cang and the matter of Feng Cang cutting off the heads of the imperial guards spread throughout Xi Liang. At the same time, inside Cui Zhu yuan[7. Yuan: a part of a residence] Murong Qi Qi also received the dress and jewelries Feng Yu brought in. It was as she had guessed. It’s ‘Autumn flower’ and ‘Gold thread dress’.

“How beautiful!”

Even though Feng Yu is a middle-aged woman, after seeing these things, she couldn’t seem to put them down. She couldn’t help but say in admiration: “If given the chance, I really want to see that Guang Hua gongzi! How fine a person can be to have such an exquisite heart to be able to design such beautiful ornaments!”

When Feng Yu said that, Su Mei and Su Yue only laughed. The Guang Hua gongzi everyone is searching for is precisely Murong household's third miss, ah!

“Zeze, princess, look!”

Feng Yu carefully picked up golden crown.

“How beautiful, ah! Really beautiful. Princess, you will become the most beautiful person at the banquet!”

“It’s indeed very beautiful!”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t show much happiness like Feng Yu. Such stuff, she can get it just with a movement of her fingers. It’s her own design. She has long become bored from touching it.

Murong Qi Qi’s plain expression made Feng Yu love this future wangfei even more. If it’s an ordinary girl, seeing Tong Bao Zhai’s jewelries, she would surely be tempted. This princess Zhao Yang remained unaffected. Really a posture of someone grand! She is well matched with wangye!

At the palace, right at this moment, Longze Yu Er is kneeling in front of Longze Yu. Duanmu Qing is exculpating for her daughter.

“You… …”

Longze Yu looked at Longze Yu Er with some hate for iron not becoming steel.

  • Hate for iron not becoming steel: feel resentful/resentment

“Anybody else you mess with would be alright. You actually go provoke that bad star?! Could it be that you don’t know his rumors? How come I gave birth to such a stupid daughter?!”

“Emperor, appease your anger! This time, Yu Er really did wrong, but Feng Cang shouldn’t have killed inside the capital, ah! This is Xi Qi country, it’s Xi Liang. It’s not their Bei Zhou! Who gave him the gall?!”

Duanmu Qing knew that this wasn't Longze Yu Er’s fault. It would have been alright if she had stolen someone else’s dress. So you can’t blame her for stealing from Feng Cang. Feng Cang didn’t say his identity. In short, it’s Feng Cang’s fault!

Hearing Duanmu Qing say such ‘bad words’, Longze Yu’s finger pointed towards the sky. He didn’t know what to say anymore.

“Stupid! She is stupid, why do you follow her and also become stupid?! Is Feng Cang someone to mess with? Not mentioning the killing of forty people, if he wanted to hold Yu Er accountable for today, zhen[8. Zhen: I, used by an emperor] will not protect her!”

“Emperor, you being like this, is it not like letting another’s backbone be more impressive than yours?!”

Duanmu Qing is somewhat dissatisfied with Longze Yu’s fuss. The other party is just a wangye of different surname. How could he be more noble than the emperor of Bei Zhou?

  • Feng Cang’s surname is Feng. The imperial family of Bei Zhou’s surname is Wanyan. Most of the time, the title of wangye is bestowed on the princes of the imperial family. A wangye of a different surname usually has a lower status than those with the imperial family’s surname.

“Idiot! Zhen wondered why Yu Er is so stupid, it’s because she has such a mother as you! You think well about it!”

Longze Yu swung his sleeve and left Qing Luan Palace.

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