Chapter 45 Nan Feng’s princess Ming Yue Xin

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 45 Nan Feng’s princess Ming Yue Xin

Just as Longze Yu Er was about to stand up and make things difficult for Murong Qi Qi, a voice announcing “Nan Feng’s princess Xin has arrived” broke her actions.

Recently, it’s become known to everyone that Nan Feng’s country had the intention of forming a marriage alliance with Xi Qi country. As for Nan Feng’s princess Ming Yue Xin, she's imperial noble consort He Lan Min’s daughter and also the most favorite princess.

Today, Ming Yue Xin arrived at Xi Qi. She had directly come for the position of Jing wangfei[1. Wangfei: main wife of a wangye], making the faces of these officials and nobles change expressions. Especially Duanmu Qing, Murong Xue Lian and Murong Xin Lian. All three were related to this matter. Their expressions didn’t look good.

If Longze Jing Tian really became a couple with Ming Yue Xin, then it meant that behind Longze Jing Tian, there’s Nan Feng country’s support. This was not good news to the empress and imperial noble consort, both of whom hoped that the child in their belly will become the crown prince. Jing wangfei is a country’s princess position, so Murong Xin Lian’s dream of becoming wangfei would also get broken.

For a time, an undercurrent spread among these three women. No matter what their starting point was, their goal is now the same: unwilling to let Ming Yue Xin become Jing wangfei.

As the three were thinking of how to deal with the situation, Min Yue Xin slowly entered the hall.

From far away, a figure in white entered the people’s eyes. That white dress is very dreamlike, making the girl appear very refined. The girl’s hair is brushed into a shuangfeiji.

[caption id="attachment_6920" align="aligncenter" width="224"]shuangfeiji shuangfeiji[/caption]

The head is full of pearl jewelry. With one look, you would know that they had come from famous masters.

As the person approached the gathering, the people couldn’t help but lament. Nan Feng has good feng shui. It actually gave birth to such national grace and divine fragrance.

  • National grace and divine fragrance: outstanding beauty

“Xin er[2. Er: term of endearment] greets emperor uncle!”

Min Yue Xin’s voice was soft and pretty. Especially that ‘uncle’, which had a taste of a child acting spoiled. When people heard it, their hearts would itch like the feeling of a foxtail caressing the cheek. Really a temptation.

“Haha, go sit quickly!”

Longze Yu laughed. No man could resist feminine beauty even if this beauty was much younger than him.

“Last time when zhen[3. Zhen: I, used by an emperor] saw you, you were only four or five. Now ten years have passed, you have grown into a big girl! Zhen couldn’t help but feel old… …!”

“Emperor uncle, where are you old? You are still handsome as before!”

After Ming Yue Xin sat down, she kept bootlicking Longze Yu, making Longze Yu grin to his ears. Duanmu Qing and Murong Xue Lian, who were sitting beside him, both got a layer of goosebumps.

“Really? You are not allowed to lie to zhen!”

“Emperor uncle, Xin er never tells lies, really!”

While Ming Yue Xin is talking, a thumb-sized pearl on her forehead shook, making people have a ripple of amorous feelings.

A pity… …Murong Qi Qi sighed. The clothes and jewelries on Ming Yue Xin’s body came out of her hands. That white dress is obviously lofty and elegant and the pearls are noble, but has now been matched with a trace of tackiness by Ming Yue Xin. Really wasted!

But whatever the outcome, it’s still a living advertisement. At least it let Tong Bao Zhai and Jue Se Fang’s name become more known. The profit will also increase. This will be good.

Ming Yue Xin continued to compliment Longze Yu as if there was no one else around. Feeling a bit bored at this banquet, Murong Qi Qi lowered her head and played with the bottle of wine in her hand. Normally they would use cups, but on formal occasions, they changed to bottles. But the bottle prepared for Feng Cang was a bit too delicate; gold embedded into jade, very valuable. It did match with Feng Cang’s status.

Feng Cang didn’t have any interest in Ming Yue Xin. He also didn’t have any interest in this little trick of Nan Feng country and Xi Qi country. The person he's interested in was the little wangfei sitting next to him.

Murong Qi Qi playing with the wine bottle, Feng Cang's also watching it earnestly.

What made Feng Cang greatly surprised was that although Murong Qi Qi’s looks are ordinary, but that pair of soft, white and slender hands look like a work of art. White as porcelain and smooth as silk. The ten fingers are pointy like new bamboo shoot after the rain. Even the fingernails are cute. On the outer layer, there’s a thin painting of wind and mountain, making them appear more beautiful. People couldn’t help but want to take them to admire them.

Before when Murong Qi Qi was asleep inside the carriage, her pair of hands were inside her sleeves. Feng Cang didn’t see them. When he was holding them, he thought that inside his palms, there were really soft small hands. He didn’t look at them carefully. Now that he's looking at them, he loves them so much. He wished he can play with them every day.

Sensing Feng Cang staring at her hands, Murong Qi Qi quietly hid her hands under her sleeves. Could it be that this Nan Lin wang[4. Wang/ wangye: prince of the firt rank] has some strange fetish?

For example, there was once a person with a foot fetish who chopped off human feet and stacked them till they became a tower. On top of the tower was the pair of jade-like feet of his favorite concubine… ….If Feng Cang has a hand fetish, liked to collect human hands and wanted to make a tower out of human hands, then that scene would be really horrific… …

Murong Qi Qi’s small action made Feng Cang surprised for a moment. Then he smiled. He just stared at her and this little wangfei became shy? Then at the wedding night, would she not bury her head into his chest?

It’s just why does someone with such beautiful hands have such ordinary looks? Aside from her pair of eyes… …could it be that there’s some secret? Could it be that she wore a human skin mask? If it was true, Feng Yu had served Murong Qi Qi for so long, she must have sensed it. How is it that even she couldn’t have sensed it?

The thoughts in these two's heads were going in opposite directions. The more they thought, the further apart their thoughts became from each other’s. It’s only that the two didn’t notice it. And Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi’s ‘interactions’, when it reached some people’s eyes, became 'the man is full of feeling and the woman is full of desire'. Their hearts had become one.


Longze Yu Er forcefully put down the bottle of wine on the table. This sound broke Ming Yue Xin’s compliments and also pulled Murong Qi Qi’s thoughts back to the banquet.

Following Longze Yu Er’s gaze, Ming Yue Xin saw Feng Cang. With just one look, Ming Yue Xin almost felt that she couldn’t breathe. Heavens! The world actually has such a man! Why did she only meet him today?

Before, Ming Yue Xin also secretly saw Longze Jing Tian. Towards this husband that her consort mother had arranged, Ming Yue Xin was very satisfied. Besides, her consort mother had said that when she became Jing wangfei, she will support her to become the crown princess and let her become the mother of the country.

But now, after seeing Feng Cang, in Ming Yue Xin’s heart, Longze Jing Tian only become so so.

Ming Yue Xin clearly felt her little heart jump. The blood on her body also rushed to her face like a fire, burning her very badly. She has long heard that Nan Lin wang Feng Cang also arrived at Xi Qi, could it be this person was Feng Cang? Why's there such a big difference compared to the rumors?

Before, there was a Longze Yu Er. Now, there’s a Ming Yue Xin. It seems that this future husband of hers can really attract the bees and butterflies, Murong Qi Qi thought.

  • Attract bees and butterflies: attract the opposite sex

“What is Qing Qing thinking about?”

Feng Cang reached out and put Murong Qi Qi’s jade-like hands into his palm. Really small. They didn’t even reach the second joint of his middle finger.

Wangye, everyone is looking… …”

The other party’s intimate action made Murong Qi Qi uncomfortable. But in front of the crowd, it isn't good to resist. She could only pretend to be shy. She wanted to draw her hand back, but it had been grabbed by Feng Cang.

“Qing Qing’s hand is really beautiful!”

These words coming out of Feng Cang made Murong Qi Qi believe even more that this Nan Lin wang had a hand fetish! He's obviously quite a normal person; why does he have such a strange fetish?

Seeing the ‘intimacy’ between the two people, Longze Yu Er blurted: “Shameless!”

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