Chapter 48 Wangye, they are bullying me

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 48 Wangye, they are bullying me

Longze Jing Tian smiled at Murong Xin Lian, this smile let Murong Xin Lian’s disturbed heart calm down. He has always been cold, but now he smiled at her. This means, after he watched her dance he likes it! Murong Xin Lian was very happy. She walked back and sat down next to Longze Jing Tian.

Ce wangfei[1. Ce wangfei/ cefei: second ranked wife of a wangye], this is what empress niangniang[2. Niangniang: used to call a female of the imperial family by someon of lower rank] awards you.”

A palace maid appeared in front of Murong Xin Lian. She put down a plate of dessert and a glass of wine down. Then she quietly retreated.

Murong Xin Lian raised her head and saw Longze Jing Tian nod at her. She knows that she just performed well. She has been praised by the emperor. This is the same as a reasurement for him. Thinking till here, Murong Xin Lian was even happier. The heat made her feel somewhat thirsty. She tasted the dessert and drank the wine.

“Emperor uncle, at Nan Feng, Xin er[3. Er: term of endearment] heard that Xi Qi’s imperial noble consort and Jing wang’s[4. Wang/ wangye: prince of the first rank] cefei are sisters. The two are number one beauties and also have numerous talents. Just now, seeing cefei’s dance, Xin er couldn’t help but admire from the bottom of my heart. It seems that all misses from Murong household are exceptional. It’s just that I don’t know if Murong third miss is also as remarkable as her two sisters……”

Ming Yue Xin’s words once again let everyone’s gaze fell on Murong Qi Qi. Knowing the other party’s intention, Murong Qi Qi lowered her head. She played with her fingers as if there was no one around. As if she didn’t hear Ming Yue Xin and she doesn’t seem to know that Ming Yue Xin is waiting for her to make a fool out of herself.


Longze Yu saw Murong Qi Qi’s expression, he was somewhat embarrassed and helpless.

Although Murong Qi Qi is Murong fu’s third miss, but now she has another identity. That’s Bei Zhou’s Nan Lin wang’s wangfei[5. Wangfei: main wife of a wangye]. And just now everyone saw the attitude of Feng Cang towards Murong Qi Qi. Even if Longze Yu was muddle headed, he won’t go look for trouble at Murong Qi Qi’s.

At this time, the one who is the happiest can’t be anyone but Longze Yu Er. Having Ming Yue Xin’s at the head, she can just put a bit of firewood. She doesn’t believe that it won’t burn up.

“Third miss, since it’s a palace banquet, everyone is just planning to have fun. Princess Xin and Xin Lian imperial sister in law has danced a dance. Why don’t you also let us open our eyes, alright?”

Having Longze Yu Er join, this matter became even more interesting. Murong Qi Qi finally raised her head and revealed an innocent smile.

“Can it be that the edict emperor made known to the world is false? Why does everyone not know that bengong[6. Bengong: I, used by the females of the imperial family] is already princess Zhao Yang? Or is it that a princess title bestowed by emperor less noble than a princess from the imperial family, so that why I need to be like a geisha and please the crowd to let them have fun?”

Murong Qi Qi’s words made Ming Yue Xin and Murong Xin Lian’s expression change dramatically. What does she mean? Is it making fun of their action for being like a geisha? The two glared fiercely at Murong Qi Qi, but the other party still has a ‘I’m innocent’ expression which immediately made anger rose in the two’s hearts.

“Ah, a rubbish is just a rubbish. Even if you let her wear a princess hat, she will still be a rubbish.”

Taking advantage that Feng Cang isn’t here, Longze Yu Er continued to attack Murong Qi Qi with vicious words.

Anyway, the other party has information that can be used against her (MQQ) in her (LYE) hand. If it becomes a big deal, she can just make those scandals of Murong Qi Qi public. Presumably Feng Cang won’t marry a wangfei full of misdeeds, not to mention that she isn’t a virgin anymore! These pasts of Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang certainly doesn’t know them!

Nobody spoke against Longze Yu Er’s words. Longze Yu, Duanmu Qing and Murong Xue Lian only listened, nobody stopped her.

Seeing all of these people with the appearance of spectators, Murong Qi Qi sneered in her heart. Just now when Feng Cang was here, they were like mouse seeing cat. They didn’t even dare to breath loudly. Now they didn’t have any care and said what they wanted. Really dog eyes who looked down at people!

“What are you talking about?”

Just as Murong Qi Qi was about to counter attack, when a soft voce ringed in her ears. Feng Cang came back after changing into clean clothes.

Seeing Feng Cang, Longze Yu Er’s expression changed. She didn’t know if Feng Cang heard those sarcastic words or not……

Wangye, you finally came back!”

Murong Qi Qi looked up with a face full of grievances. Two sparkling tears rolled in those black and white eyes for a long time, before they finally rolled down her face and fell onto Feng Cang’s hand.

“What happened?!”

Seeing Murong Qi Qi cry, Feng Cang felt that his heart was also in pain. The aura of hostility on his body also broke out.

“Qing Qing, who bullied you? After you tell benwang, benwang [7. Benwang: I, used by a wangye] will give you justice!”

Feng Cang’s words made Longze Yu’s heart tremble.

This Feng Cang is someone who says something and will definitely do it. Even if he is at Xi Qi country now, if he wants to kill someone, as an emperor Longze Yu is also unable to prevent it. Although Feng Cang only came with thousand eagle guards, but those thousand eagle guards are elites; one can kill hundred. It’s not impossible if Feng Cang wants his palace to meet its demise.


Murong Qi Qi’s fingers circled around the entire banquet. She included everyone who wanted to watch a play, making Longze Yu’s little e heart shook badly

“Don’t be afraid!”

Feng Cang pulled Murong Qi Qi into his embrace and gently wiped the tears for her.

“It seems that Xi Qi country already healed from the scar of fifteen years ago. That’s why in everyone’s eyes, Bei Zhou is nothing. Feng Cang is also nothing. So, that’s why you dare to insult benwang’s beloved consort……”

Feng Cang said those words very slowly and also extremely gently as if he was just telling something and didn’t seem to have any lethal energy. But the people who heard those words, began to worry in their hearts.

Everyone knows that Bei Zhou is the strongest amongst the four countries. Their military force is also the strongest and Bei Zhou’s emperor Wanyan Lie is very ambitious. He likes the war very much and Feng Cang is a rare genius at war. Plus, the fact that this Nan Lin wang’s personality is strange. If he really uses this as an excuse to declare war, the consequences will simply be disastrous!

“Misunderstanding, all was a misunderstanding!”

Longze Yu quickly tried to save everything and also continued to send signals at Murong Qi Qi to let her explain.

Just now he has an expression that it’s not related to him and now he is begging her? Is she Murong Qi Qi so good to speak to? Murong Qi Qi’s mouth lifted. Her tears continued to spread, making Feng Cang anxious. He continued to wiped her tears. The cold aura on his body became more intense.

Wangye, they say I’m rubbish and laughed at me that I can’t do anything. I argued, but no one believed. Everyone bet that princess Xin and princess Ping Yang will win. No one believed in me……”

Murong Qi Qi voice was very soft full of innocence and grievances, making people who just listen to the sound will willingly protect this little poor thing.

After hearing Murong Qi Qi’s words, Longze Yu almost vomited blood. What is called add oil and vinegar? What is called pour oil on the fire? How can Murong Qi Qi make up those words to have said it so smoothly? Not only was Longze Yu surprised, the other people who heard those words also almost fainted.

  • Add oil and vinegar: exaggerate things
  • Pour oil on the fire: enrage people and make matters worse

It seems that this princess Zhao Yang can also invert the right and wrong! Ming Yue Cheng at a side revealed a meaningful smile. Just now he was worried that she will be insulted by people. Now it seems that his concerns are superfluous. This woman is a master at playing games!

And seeing Murong Qi Qi act ‘spoiled’ to Feng Cang, Longze Jing Tian felt strange in his heart. If he had insisted, then will the one embracing her now be him?

Wangye, I’m not a rubbish. If you don’t believe me, I can go compete with them! Really, I won’t let you lose face!”

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