Chapter 53 Longze Yu Er’s hidden card

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 53 Longze Yu Er’s hidden card

The time from painting till cutting off the hands has only been one hour, but there has been such a change, making the people in the imperial garden feel frightened. The way they looked at Murong Qi Qi became even stranger.

“Servants, quickly bring princess Xin down for treatment!”

Longze Yu was the fastest to recover from the shock.

Nan Feng’s princess’s hands has been cut off in front of him. It happened so fast that he was too late to stop it, making Longze Yu’s expression become very ugly. Just now, he was immersed in the happiness of ‘good fortune from heaven’, now he couldn’t help but get a headache because of Ming Yue Xin’s matter. If Nan Feng country asked for who was responsible, what should he do then?

One side is the 'trying to form a marriage alliance' Nan Feng country, the other side is the arrogant Feng Cang with Bei Zhou glaring like a tiger behind him. Which side to choose is the problem that Longze Yu must consider now. A mere Nan Feng country, Xi Qi is not afraid of. But if this matter isn’t handled properly, offending both sides; by then, the two sides put together will cause him many troubles.

Longze Yu is considering about his country and empire. Longze Yu Er is thinking about how to keep her hands.

Feng Cang’s means went into her eyes, fear into her heart. But still Longze Yu Er didn’t come to her senses. She thought the reason Feng Cang's acting like this is because of Murong Qi Qi's provocativeness. So as long as she attacks Murong Qi Qi and let Feng Cang know about Murong Qi Qi’s ‘true colors’, then she can be saved!

Not having Ming Yue Xin as a competitor and also ruining Murong Qi Qi’s reputation, then wouldn't the position of Nan Lin wangfei[1. Wangfei:main wife of a wangye] be hers, Longze Yu Er’s?!

Thinking till here, Longze Yu Er clenched her fists and took a deep breath. She tried to make herself look calmer and not to think of Ming Yue Xin’s bloody hands anymore.

“Nan Lin wang[2. Wang: prince of the first rank], bengong[3. Bengong: I, used by the females of the imperial family] has something to say!”

Feng Cang carefully checked on Murong Qi Qi to see if anything happened to her. He simply ignored Longze Yu Er.

The other party ignoring her made Longze Yu Er’s expression turn very ugly. She hated Murong Qi Qi even more. Her voice also reached its highest pitch: “Nan Lin wang, you have been cheated by Murong Qi Qi! Not only is she a rubbish but she is also a thief. Stealing is her nature!  She even stole her sister’s glowing pearl. This is a matter that everyone knows about. Don’t believe her!”

Longze Yu Er’s words made Feng Cang raise his head. Seeing that he was looking at her, Longze Yu Er’s heart sped up and she also became more excited. She must expose Murong Qi Qi and let Feng Cang know her true colors! She must save him and not let this bitch Murong Qi Qi bewilder him!

“What bengong said is true! You just arrived at Xi Liang and don't know about these matters. As long as you go out and just ask anybody, even if they are commoners, everyone knows about this shameful thing. She also has something going on with Lian gongzi[4. Gongzi:young master/ also used to refer to a famous man]. They even have a child together! You must believe bengong. Every word bengong said is true. Bengong also has a witness!”

At this time, Longze Yu wanted to die. Why is it that at this time, when he is under great pressure and wanted to calm things down, wanted to protect Longze Yu Er, this daughter seemed like she's out of her mind and would say such things? Could it be that faeces entered her brains? If Feng Cang finds out about this ‘brilliant’ past of Murong Qi Qi, the first one he would held accountable is Xi Qi country!

“Yu Er, shut up. Don’t talk nonsense!”

Longze Yu really wanted to let someone seal Longze Yu Er’s mouth.

“Emperor father, why don’t you let me say it? Today, I want to make all things clear!”

Longze Yu Er completely disregarded Longze Yu’s ‘good intentions’. She poured out all those bad rumors with added oil and vinegar.

      • Add oil and vinegar: to exaggerate things

Around them was a dead silence. Longze Yu Er’s totally unaware that these words would cause much anger.

Li Yun Qing clenched his fists. Shangguan Wu Ji gritted his teeth and Longze Jing Tian was trying very hard to suppress his anger. If it wasn’t because of his special identity, Longze Jing Tian would’ve rushed forward and kicked her!

As for Ming Yue Cheng, his pair of player’s eyes turned increasingly cold and ruthless. How could he bear to hear such slander on Murong Qi Qi?

“Princess said so much, could it be that princess is jealous of princess Zhao Yang? Since princess said this with such detail, why don’t you come out with evidence to let us be convinced?”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t expect that the first one to open his mouth to protect her would be Ming Yue Cheng. She couldn’t help but look at Ming Yue Cheng twice more, but she didn’t know that her little actions made the person next to her become jealous.

“Qing Qing, I’m still next to you and you're thinking about fondling the flowers and trample the grass?”

      • Fondle the flowers and trample to grass: to womanize. 
      • TL Note: A man womanizes, a woman... comment below if you know.
      • Editor: There isn't a perfect equivalent but I'd say any of these: 'temptress', 'coquette', 'manizer', 'player' or 'man-eater'. 

Feng Cang really didsn’t rest until he startles people. Longze Yu Er is spitting saliva in all four directions at the other side; he is here on this side, putting on a ‘jealous husband’ expression. Accompanied with that beautiful face, Murong Qi Qi almost lost her soul.

Seeing that ‘amazement’ at the bottom of Murong Qi Qi’s eyes, Feng Cang finally smiled.

“I’m more handsome than him, Qing Qing!”

Feng Cang’s actions inadvertently provoked Longze Yu Er, she rushed towards Murong Xin Lian and pulled Murong Xin Lian forward.

“Jing wang’s cefei[5. Cefei/ce wangfei: second ranked wife of a wangye]. is the witness! She previously witnessed with her own eyes how Murong Qi Qi stole imperial noble consort's glowing pearl. She is the witness!”

Those ‘gossips’ she talked in her free time with Longze Yu Er, has been brought out by her. At this time, Murong Xin Lian is standing awkwardly there and accepted everyone’s attention.

“Imperial sister-in-law, say it! Quickly say that everything bengong said is true and expose her with bengong!”

Seeing that Murong Xin Lian didn’t say anything, Longze Yu Er became anxious.

“Imperial sister-in-law……”

“Beloved consort, did you…really…saw…with…your…own…eyes?”

Murong Xin Lian is actually Longze Yu Er’s ‘partner’, making Longze Jing Tian really angry. This bitch is really restless. It seems that he needs to remind her of her status.

Although Longze Jing Tian used ‘beloved consort’, but Murong Xin Lian saw the disgust and coldness in Longze Jing Tian’s eyes, making her shudder. Could it be that he misunderstood the closeness between Longze Yu Er and her? And thought that she is the empress’ people? No, she isn’t! She can’t let Longze Jing Tian misunderstand!

Thinking till here, Murong Xin Lian hastened to deny that she saw anything, but she didn’t want to offend princess Ping Yang, so she pushed all the fault onto the deceased Fei Cui.

“It’s my maid Fei Cui who saw it!”

“Then where is Fei Cui? Let her come out to testify!”

Longze Yu Er was unwilling to let go of any opportunity.

“She… …”

Murong Xin Lian glanced once at Murong Qi Qi and put on a look of apprehension.

“She has already been murdered by princess Zhao Yang.”

Having seen many shameless people, but never has once seen such a person without face or skin! Murong Qi Qi once again gave her complete admiration to Murong Xin Lian.

“Haha, did you hear! She did something wrong and in order to hide it, she actually murdered someone!”

Longze Yu Er was very happy. This is great. Not only will Feng Cang be disgusted by Murong Qi Qi and the marriage will get annulled, she'll also have a lawsuit!

“Imperial big brother, speak! What did you see on that day at Duanmu family’s?! Isn't it right that you saw her and Lian gongzi do that dirty thing? That’s why you wrote the 'breaking engagement' letter in anger? Nan Lin wang, don't you see? The woman you're going to marry is not only snake-hearted but she also had an affair with another man. She's a broken shoe that my imperial big brother didn't want! A broken shoe, ah!”

      • Broken shoe: loose woman


A roar made Longze Yu Er’s ears in pain.

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