Chapter 69 Snake beauty’s heart (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 69 Snake beauty’s heart (1)

“Qing Qing, the first time we met was at Murong residence. That night, you played ‘A glance at the mundane world’ under the moonlight. It’s at that time when your self-confidence and pride was engraved in my heart. Like a warm day, it lightened up my life.”

Thinking about those memories, Feng Cang’s voice became exceptionally gentle. It’s as if he’s describing the best thing he had ever encountered in his life.

“Later, you were accidentally bestowed the title of princess Zhao Yang and had to become my wife. The moment I got that news, I was so excited. I won’t hide this from Qing Qing. In fact, I was planning to use some means to let you marry me. But I didn’t expect that everything would be destined by heaven; that you would become the princess to form a marriage alliance. Qing Qing, you say, is this not fate?”

Facing this Feng Cang, Murong Qi Qi didn’t know what to say.

Feng Cang’s words unlocked all of the doubts that were in her heart. No wonder he let Feng Yu and Nalan Xin go to Murong residence to teach her those things. No wonder he couldn’t wait to move the entire wangfu[1. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank].  No wonder he protected her like that at the banquet. No wonder……

It’s just that Murong Qi Qi doesn’t know how to face Feng Cang’s adoring confession. Such an excellent and affectionate Feng Cang made Murong Qi Qi’s heart become timid. She was somewhat afraid; afraid that Feng Cang had too high expectations of her and that she would disappoint him.

Looking at her own image inside Feng Cang’s black eyes, Murong Qi Qi wanted to back down, but Feng Cang trapped her in his embrace.

“Is Qing Qing afraid of me or does Qing Qing loathe me? Is it that Qing Qing also heard those rumors and became scared?”

Feng Cang’s injured voice sounded once again.

“No, no, it’s not like that!”

Feng Cang’s voice was like the wind chiming under the eaves. The moment the wind breeze passed by, sad music would play. In the end, Murong Qi Qi couldn’t hold it in any longer and also embraced Feng Cang. Why is this man’s smile so warm, but his body is so cold? Murong Qi Qi’s heart gave birth to pity.

Wangye[2. Wangye/wang: primce of first rank], I’m someone who doesn’t understand love. I've never experienced such a thing. I don’t know what to do……”

This was the first time Murong Qi Qi has bared her own heart. She also didn’t know why she was able to reveal this. Maybe it’s because she felt trust from Feng Cang. Maybe it’s because she also wanted to get a taste of love……

Such frank words coming from Murong Qi Qi made Feng Cang’s heart beat very fast.

Does this mean that in her heart, there’s now a small bit of trust for him? Does this mean that she’s slowly beginning to open her heart to him? So, the barrier of her heart is this. She is worried that she will not do well. This little wangfei[3. Wangfei: main wife/ consort of the prince of first rank], ah. Really silly, naïve and cute!

“I can teach you, ah!”

Inside Feng Cang’s voice, there was a trace of laughter.

“Why don’t we slowly learn together?”

“Slowly learn together?”

Hearing these words, Murong Qi Qi’s first reaction was to verify carefully.

This seemed to be a good way. Adopted father didn’t teach her this, so maybe Feng Cang can teach her. It’s just that why did she see some pride and some small calculation in Feng Cang’s eyes? Why does she have a feeling like she's a sheep falling into a tiger’s mouth?

“Qing Qing, this is the first time you threw yourself into my arms!”

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi was in a daze again, the laughter in Feng Cang’s eyes became stronger.

“Originally, I thought that Xi Qi’s women are reserved. Only now do I know that Qing Qing is so hot and passionate. Really…… very charming!”

“Ah……” Only now did Murong Qi Qi remember that she's still embracing Feng Cang. Immediately, she pushed him away. Unfortunately, it’s too late. Feng Cang had already circled her into his arms. Strong arms trapped her; not letting Murong Qi Qi get away.

“Feng Cang, let me go. Everyone is watching!”

Hearing the laughter around them, Murong Qi Qi discovered that they had become the focus of everyone. Immediately, her cheeks became red. Even her ears became red.

“Not letting go. Not letting go for a whole lifetime!”

Murong Qi Qi’s pinkish face let Feng Cang’s mood become very good. Once again, he laughed out loud. That radiant look made every woman nearby lose their soul. Wanyan Bao Zhu and Mu Yu Die's faces both have looks of infatuation.

From Feng Cang’s embrace, Murong Qi Qi saw the infatuation of those women. Inexplicably, she felt a bit unhappy and there was a block in her heart. Since she had just opened her mind and told Feng Cang her feelings, the seal between them had separated. Murong Qi Qi was no longer acting cautious.

Adopted father said to follow your heart. He was probably speaking about expressing her true feelings to let the other person know. So, now Murong Qi Qi was feeling unhappy. She immediately reached out and grabbed Feng Cang’s face to let him look at her.

Wangye, you are too able at fondling flowers and trampling grass! This makes me very unhappy!”

  • Fondling flowers and trampling grass: to womanize.

Murong Qi Qi’s angry small face with the pinkish blush on her cheeks matched the burning small flame in her eyes, and it made Feng Cang lose his soul. So, it turned out that she's so beautiful when angry!

“Qing Qing……”

Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to understand, she felt something warm at her forehead. Feng Cang gently kissed her forehead in front of everyone.

Pupupu…… Murong Qi Qi could hear her heart beating; it’s fast like a small pony running. She didn’t move and didn’t dare to move. She only foolishly opened her eyes widely.

Murong Qi Qi’s reaction made Feng Cang want to dote on her even more. Although he only kissed her forehead, but her smooth skin which exuded a fragrance of green apple, made him unable to stop.

No, he can’t! Only just now, his little wangfei opened her heart to him. He can’t force her too much lest she would flee.

Thinking till her, Feng Cang’s lips left Murong Qi Qi’s forehead. He had known that her taste is sweet, but he hadn’t expected that with a simple kiss, she could let him become bewildered.

“Qing Qing, my heart only has you. My eyes also only have you. You must believe in me!”

Feng Cang held Murong Qi Qi’s hand to his chest.

Ruo river is three thousand li, one only drinks one ladle worth of water from it.”

  • Ruo river is three thousand li, one only drinks one ladle worth of water from it: there are so many potential lovers to choose from, but you only pick one from among those potential lovers.
  • Li: Chinese mile: 500 meters

When Feng Cang said ‘Ruo river is three thousand li, one only drinks one ladle worth of water from it’, the dance in Taiji Hall stopped right at that moment. It was so quiet that the silence highlighted Feng Cang’s voice even more.

“Well said! A very well ‘Ruo river is three thousand li, one only drinks one ladle worth of water from it’,” Wanyan Lie praised. The intimate interaction between Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Lie saw very well from above. Now that Feng Cang had said such an oath, it could be seen that the feelings between the two were excellent.

The feelings of his nephew have found an owner; he, as an uncle, was naturally happy. However, to unlock empress dowager’s heart, it was not a simple matter. This was a big problem.

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi having a good relation was something that both Li Bing and Lin Ke Xin agreed on. Who didn’t know that in Nan Lin wang’s hands, there’s military power and he also had the favor of Wanyan Lie? If it wasn’t because his body was weak which made Wanyan Lie dispel the idea of passing the throne to him, the dynasty would have long changed surnames and become Feng Cang’s.

Now, Feng Cang liked Murong Qi Qi. This let Li Bing and Lin Ke Xin feel relieved.

The previous wangfei of Feng Cang were all rich and noble. If they had formed an alliance, they would have become his powerful allies. By then, even if their sons ascended the throne, Feng Cang would have been a danger. Fortunately, those women didn’t have a long life. Don’t know if they had bad luck or Feng Cang’s life was too hard. In short, they all died.

Now, Feng Cang was forming a marriage alliance with Murong Qi Qi, the rumored rubbish; this made the empress and consort De very happy.

Although Murong Qi Qi was a princess, but behind her was Xi Qi, was Murong Tai! Although Xi Qi and Bei Zhou acted amiably on the surface, but thanks to Wanyan Lie’s ambition, sooner or later there would be a battle with Xi Qi.

If there’s really a battle, then Murong Qi Qi being in the middle as well as Feng Cang being Xi Qi’s prime minister’s son-in-law would certainly gain criticism. Maybe at that time, they take away the military from Feng Cang. Not to mention that the empress dowager really disliked Murong Qi Qi.  Murong Qi Qi’s future days didn't look good.

So, although these two people were always on the opposite side on other things, but regarding the matter of Feng Cang marrying Murong Qi Qi, they were absolutely on the same page.

“Emperor, chenqie[4. This subject wife/ used by the females of the palace when talking to someone higher up] sees that princess Zhao Yang is someone who will arouse love and affection from people. Why don’t chenqie take her for a walk around the palace! Our Bei Zhou’s scenery is different from Xi Qi’s. Presumably, princess hasn’t seen it yet! What do you think?”

Lin Ke Xin being understanding made Wanyan Lie very happy.

“That’s right! Consort De, you take Qi Qi out for a walk. Let her become familiar with the environment. In the future, come to play frequently at the palace!”

“Yes! Chenqie obeys emperor’s command!”

“Emperor father! I also wants to go!”

Wanyan Bao Zhu saw that Consort De wanted to take Murong Qi Qi for a walk at the palace, so she immediately stood up.

Just now, Feng Cang’s doting towards Murong Qi Qi made Wanyan Bao Zhu so jealous that her eyes almost fell out. It would not be easy to find another opportunity to be alone with Murong Qi Qi; how can she let it go? She must let Murong Qi Qi be in shame! This was what Wanyan Bao Zhu was thinking in her heart.

Wanyan Bao Zhu acting like a spoiled little daughter amused Wanyan Lie so much that he laughed out loud. Being Wanyan Lie’s only daughter and also because she had lost her mother at a young age, Wanyan Lie loved this princess Bao Zhu very much. Seeing that his daughter was willing to take the initiative to get along with Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Lie felt very happy.

“Alright! All can go, all can go! Girls must have many topics to talk about! Crown princess, you also go! Yu Die, you also go. All the girls go! Young people should get together more often!”

Since Wanyan Lie said those words, even if Murong Qi Qi didn’t want to go, she could only stand up. Being in someone else’s territory, even if there’s Feng Cang at her side, but Wanyan Lie was this country’s biggest boss. She couldn’t make things difficult for Feng Cang.

“Qing Qing…...”

Feng Cang was somewhat worried. Although Murong Qi Qi was indeed smart, but now they were in Bei Zhou and not in Xi Qi. Would she be able to handle it?

Wangye, rest assured!”

Murong Qi Qi chuckled and gave Feng Cang an ‘I’m alright’ gaze.

“This time, it’s wangye’s turn to wait for me!”

Murong Qi Qi’s words let Feng Cang remember Xi Qi’s palace banquet. That day, one ‘I’ll wait for you’ from Murong Qi Qi made his heart warm for a long time. Now, it’s his turn to wait for her. This was not a bad thought.

“Troubling consort De!”

Feng Cang stood up and slightly bowed at Lin Ke Xin. Although he bowed, but it’s also a warning. I put this person in your hands. If something happens to her, then don’t blame me!

How could the clever Consort De not understand the meaning behind Feng Cang’s words?! It seemed that this time, Feng Cang really cared about princess Zhao Yang which was also what she wanted.

“Nan Lin wang, rest assured! Bengong[5. Bengong: I, used by the females of palace] will definitely take good care of princess Zhao Yang!”

Feng Cang personally put a light green hooded cloak on Murong Qi Qi and also carefully tied the strap for her. Only after putting a heater in Murong Qi Qi’s arms did he let her go.

Wangye really dotes on you!”

Lin Ke Xin personally held Murong Qi Qi’s hand with a kind smile. Under the empress’s lead, a line of women left Taiji Hall.

After leaving Taiji Hall, Lin Ke Xin first led Murong Qi Qi to her Jingxin palace. Later, Wanyan Bao Zhu proposed to go take a walk outside. Lin Ke Xin, because of the wind, got some headache, and asked crown princess Yu Shi Shi to take care of Murong Qi Qi. She (LKX) stayed inside Jingxin palace.

Niangniang,[6. Niangniang: Used to refer a consort of the palace] seeing princess Bao Zhu’s expression; it doesn't seem she has given up.”

Lin Ke Xin’s old maid handed her a cup of hot ginseng tea.

“Just now, Nan Lin wang handed princess Zhao Yang to you. If princess Bao Zhu does something, then what should we do?”

“What to do? Humph! Bengong handed her over to crown princess. You say, if something really happens, old and new love, who would Nan Lin wang choose?”

Lin Ke Xin’s words made old maid Du cover her mouth to snicker.

Niangniang still remembers such an old matter. The way I see it; there isn’t a man who doesn’t forgot the old and love the new. Not to mention Nan Lin wang, even emperor…….”

Speaking till here, Du mama suddenly paused. She realized that she was too blunt and actually mentioned the thorn in Lin Ke Xin’s heart. Not waiting for Lin Ke Xin to say anything, Du mama knelt in front of her and fiercely gave herself two slaps.

“Call you for being old and confused! Call you for saying the wrong thing! Call you for not remembering!”

Originally Lin Ke Xin was somewhat angry, but seeing Du mama like that, the anger in her heart slightly subsided. Only after Du mama’s old face turned red, did Lin Ke Xin open her mouth again: “Enough, mama, in the future, don’t say such words again. If this gets to the ears of the emperor, even bengong will not be able to protect you!”

“Yes! Thanks, niangniang! Thanks, niangniang!”

Only when Lin Ke Xin nodded, did old maid Du stand up.

It’s just the originally happy mood had been ruined by old maid Du words. Now, Lin Ke Xin’s expression was somewhat ugly: “How is that one of Changqui palace doing?”

“Answering niangniang, after noble consort Yue got a miscarriage, she became sickly. Now, she lost a lot of weight and looks just like a sick beauty. The emperor still goes there every day. It’s just that a string is stuck in noble consort’s heart. Every day, she eats very little. I heard that now only thin bones are left on her.”

“Humph! Even if she is skinny, the emperor still loves her,” after hearing those words from old maid Du, Lin Ke Xin’s voice couldn’t help but get louder, making old maid Du hurriedly rush towards her and cover her mouth.

“My niangniang, these words can only be said privately. If the emperor gets to know this, it’ll be very troublesome! Could it be that you forgot beautiful lady Zhou’s ending!”

  • Beautiful here doesn't mean beautiful. It's a rank. On a side note, every women in the palace is beautiful

Old maid Du’s words made Lin Ke Xin shudder.

That beautiful lady Zhao only said one bad sentence about Yue Lan Zhi. When that had reached to Wanyan Lie’s ears, her tongue was pulled out. Before she was a water-like beauty. Now, not only had she become a mute, but her legs had also been crippled. She could only pass the rest of her days in the cold palace. Really pitiful.

However, just the thought of that one in Changqui palace would make an inexplicable anger rise in Lin Ke Xin’s heart. That Yue Lan Zhi had only entered the palace for half a year, but had already jumped from a talented lady to the position of a noble consort. Such a speedy upgrade was unprecedented within the palace.

  • Talented lady is one of the lowest ranks in the Chinese imperial harem. From low to high: talented ladies, beautiful ladies, noble ladies, ladies of bright countenance, ladies of bright deportment, ladies of handsome fairness, imperial concubines, consorts, noble consorts, imperial noble consorts and finally the empress. So, she jumped 7 ranks in half a year.

Not only that, Wanyan Lie also bestowed her Changqui palace, which had always been the living place of the empress.  Every month, most of the time he spent with her (YLZ). That’s why she got pregnant quickly even though she had only lived in the palace for such a short time.

Although in the end, Yue Lan Zhi couldn’t protect the child, but it’s obvious to all that Wanyan Lie doted on her. How can the once favored consort De accept this? No need to even mention the many women in the imperial harem waiting for the favor of the emperor.

In this meat more than wolves, porridge more than monks harem, which piece of meat doesn’t want to be eaten by the wolf? Which porridge was not begging the monk to eat it? However, this Yue Lan Zhi occupied Wanyan Lie and became the most favored of the harem. This let her inadvertently become the thorn in the women of the harem’s eyes.

“Serve her right! According to bengong, she miscarriaged because she accumulated too much resentment. That’s why she couldn’t keep the child!”


Old maid Du got more frightened seeing that the more Lin Ke Xin talked, the angrier she (LKX) got. She quickly looked around. Only when she saw that there was no one around, did she let out a sigh of relief.

Niangniang, now she's favored. She's the meat for the emperor. You can’t touch her. Bear with it a while longer! In this palace, there are many people who hate her. Naturally, there will be people who will deal with her. You should just protect the two princes, why bother with her?!”

When old maid Du mentioned the princes, Lin Ke Xin’s mood turned a lot better. Just the thought of her second son, the second prince Wanyan Yi of this dynasty, Lin Ke Xin finally revealed a smile.

Wanyan Lie had five sons. She had given birth to two. That’s why she was able to become Consort De. Lin Ke Xin was very proud of that. Although Wanyan Kang was a bit unruly, but Wanyan Yi was perfect and also the strongest competitor against the crown prince.

Three forces hold the court. The literary officials are divided in two groups. The group led by the imperial father-in-law support the crown prince. The group led by the prime minister support Wanyan Yi.

The military officials see Feng Cang as their leader, but they are loyal and support the emperor. Whoever gets Feng Cang’s support would become the future emperor. It’s just that Feng Cang wouldn’t accept salt nor oil and has now become a candidate for the crown prince’s position. This let Lin Ke Xin become somewhat worried. How to draw Feng Cang to their side and how to control him were the questions that consort De and empress were both thinking about……

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