Chapter 7: Four Women One Drama

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 7: Four Women One Drama

It’s just that here, after all was Murong residence. How he taught his daughter a lesson, Li Yun Qing had no right to intervene.

Thinking till here, Murong Tai’s eyes swept twice over Murong Qi Qi. He didn’t expect that after not seeing her for five years, she had learned to complain. Li Yun Qing saying this, could it be that she had said something in front of Li family?

Seeing Murong Qi Qi maintaining her timid appearance, anger swelled up in Murong Tai’s heart. If it wasn’t because of Li Yun Qing’s presence, he would have kicked this rubbish. Wanted beauty, had no beauty. Wanted ability, had no ability. How did he, Murong Tai, gave birth to such a thing?! It really was a disgrace!

After Murong Xin Lian listened to Li Yun Qing, she was somewhat afraid and thought that the things she’d let Fei Cui do had been discovered. But she waited for a long time – Li Yun Qing didn’t speak and Murong Tai also didn’t pursue the matter. Murong Xin Lian let out a sigh of relief.

It seemed that father really didn’t care about Murong Qi Qi! In the end, rubbish was still rubbish and was no use to the family. No wonder father had turned his back on her!

Before Murong Tai could say which side he stood after Li Yun Qing’s words, they heard a cry that could shook the heaven and earth. Two women dressed in flirtatious clothing cried ‘my child’ one after another and directly charged into Cui Zhu yuan.

“Qing er[1. Er: term of endearment], how come your face is like this?”

Liu Yan Zhi shook her head which was full of gold and silver jewelries. She put Murong Qing Lian’s face in front of her.

“Who has such a black heart and used such a hard method, wanting to ruin my child’s face?”

Liu Yan Zhi’s tearful voice just fell, Zheng Min also began to wail: “Xin er, my Xin er, how come you’re hurt like this? The most important thing of a girl is her looks. Who is it that hates your beauty and wanted to destroy you so viciously?! My pitiful Xin er, ah!”

Because these two people came, Cui Zhu yuan became lively. Liu Yan Zhi embraced Murong Qing Lian and came in front of Murong Tai to let him see the traces of whip on Murong Qing Lian’s face.

“Old master, look at our Qing er, ah. She’s someone who needs to attend the tournament of the four countries, ah. Now that she is hurt like this, how could she go see people?!”

Liu Yan Zhi was quite a charming woman. Although she had given birth to two children and was already thirty-six, but her skin was still soft and tender. Her facial features had a completely seductive appearance. While she was wiping her tears away with a handkerchief, she also looked furiously at Murong Xin Lian.

“Old master, if something happens to Qing er, this concubine will also not live anymore!”

Seeing Liu Yan Zhi ‘being the thief, crying thief’, Zheng Min didn’t spare a minute and grabbed Murong Xin Lian to let Murong Tai see the face which had been ruined by a sword.

Compared with Liu Yan Zhi’s grace, Zheng Min’s body gave out a more delicate and charming state. In particular, that pair of watery eyes. Just inducing a little, it would make people’s hearts be in so much pain.

“Old master, Xin er is the number one beauty of the capital, ah! How many young masters from the official families have a crush on our Xin er? How many rich legitimate sons want to marry her? But now her looks have been destroyed, how should my pitiful Xin er continue to live, ah?! Old master, you should get justice for us, ah!”

Two women plus two unmarried young maidens; four people crying in a circle, really noisy. Murong Qi Qi couldn’t help but frown. If she had known that this would’ve lead to the noises of these women, she would not have let the two begin to fight.

Murong Qi Qi’s impatience, falling into Li Yun Qing’s eyes had another meaning. It seems that this little cousin sister really had changed……

Two beloved concubines were crying really hard and wanting him to give them justice, making Murong Tai got a headache. The palm of the hands and the backs of the hands were all meat. Two daughters, one had outstanding ability and one had outstanding looks. Usually, they didn’t have such a state of hostility towards each other. What had happened today that they turned out like this?!

No matter how much Murong Tai thought, he couldn’t understand the hidden reason plus the women’s cries were really noisy. And Li Yun Qing was still standing with his hands crossed over each other and with an appearance of wanting to watch a good play, making the anger in Murong Tai’s heart immediately rise.

“Stop, don’t make any noise! There’s a guest here. Go back to your own yuans[2. Yuan: parts of a residence]!"

Liu Yan Zhi and Zheng Min were surprised by Murong Tai’s shout. They saw that Murong Tai was really angry.

These two women, who’d followed Murong Tai for so many years, recovered their tempers and wiped their tears. Each one pulled their daughter away and left Cui Zhu yuan.

When Zheng Min left, she glanced once with resentment at Murong Tai. In contrast, Liu Yan Zhi, with an appearance of calling innocence for her daughter, casted an affectionate glance at Murong Tai.

“Old master, today this concubine personally boiled chicken soup for master. Tonight, old master must come, ah!”

If it wasn’t because there were still people next to her, Murong Qi Qi would’ve certainly held the spittoon and vomited. No wonder Liu Yan Zhi’s status at the prime minister's concubine was greater than the first wife. Such a woman was really a ‘rarity’.

After the people had left, Murong Tai looked coldly at Murong Qi Qi.

“You stay here well. Just came back and provoked so many happenings! Punishing you with house arrest for one month and thinking about your mistakes! Don’t be a disgrace! Humph……”

With a wave of the sleeves, Murong Tai didn’t care that Li Yun Qing was still here, strode away and left Cui Zhu yuan. The direction he went to was Ou Xiang yuan, the place where Zheng Min lived. At this moment, Murong Tai was most worried about Murong Xin Lian’s looks getting ruined. This daughter was the number one beauty of the capital. Murong Tai was even planning to marry her into the royal family. By that time, he would have two daughter consorts, who will bring him unlimited glory!

Murong Tai’s hurried appearance made Murong Qi Qi’s heart completely turn cold for this family. It seemed that this Murong Tai really had no feeling for this third daughter! If it wasn’t because she’d promised godfather that she would protect that person, she would have gone traveling through the jianghu[3. Jianghu:world of martial arts] and wouldn’t be staying here to play the role of the useless third miss!

“Su Mei, Su Yue, troubling you to clean up here. The ones that have no use, throw them away and there’s also no need to purchase them again lest they get destroyed again next time and need to be thrown away once again.”

Being disturbed by four women, Murong Qi Qi was somewhat tired. She turned and looked at Li Yun Qing. Murong Qi Qi was even too tired to pretend anymore.

“Big cousin brother, help yourself. I’m going to make up for my lost sleep!”

“Not pretending anymore?”

Li Yun Qing was surprised my Murong Qi Qi’s magnanimous. The eyes of this girl showed timidity just now. At this moment, she was lazy as a cat. Only occasionally flashing some light, revealing her true nature. This was the real her!

“Big cousin brother is a smart man. Pretending in front of a smart man, isn’t that really ridiculous?”

In this world, there were some people who are lucky. From the moment they were born, they were superior to others and their wisdom was also unparalleled in the world. No matter how people acted in front of them, they knew what kind of face was hidden under the mask.

Li Yun Qing was such a person. Since he saw through her, she could better openly show herself, lest treated as a clown while she was still feeling triumphant.

“If aunt saw the changes of little cousin sister, she would be very happy.”

Li Yun Qing smiled. He really didn’t see wrong. This girl had a pair of lively eyes and an appearance of a lazy cat. Not right, she was as rebellious as a leopard. It seemed that the future would not be so boring!

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