Chapter 82 The out of control Nan Lin Wang (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 82 The out of control Nan Lin Wang (2)

“Wake up! Wake up!”

Chou er[1. Er: term of endearment] shook Mu Yu Die till she woke up.

“What has happened? Why are they all dead?”

“Princess, save me! Princess, save me!”

Seeing Chou er, who was dressed like Wanyan Bao Zhu, Mu Yu Die tightly held onto her arm.

“Princess, many people have died. Let’s leave quickly. Let’s get away from here. Princess, let’s leave quickly!”

Seeing Mu Yu Die’s silly appearance, Chou er shook her head at Zhao Lang. It seemed that they won’t be getting anything out of Mu Yu Die. Now, what she wanted to know the most were: Where did Murong Qi Qi go? And why are these people dead?

“Princess, save me! Very scary! Princess, save me!”

Mu Yu Die held onto Chou er’s arm and didn’t want to let go. Zhao Lang walked over and hit Mu Yu Die at her neck. She immediately fainted.

“Zhao Lang, why did the situation become like this? Didn’t we use the soft fragrance powder? How did Murong Qi Qi escape? What do we do now?! If Feng Cang comes here, we’re finished!”

“Shut up!”

Chou er’s nagging made Zhao Lang completely angry. He grabbed her shoulder and glared into her eyes.

“Tell me, does Murong Qi Qi know martial arts? Also, did you really put the soft fragrance powder in the incense burner? Did you really give them the antidote? Why does Mu Yu Die’s body have signs of being drugged by the soft fragrance powder?”

Seeing that Zhao Lang didn’t believe her, Chou er almost cried.

“I did everything exactly how you told me to do them! I personally put the soft fragrance powder into the incense burner. I also personally watched princess and Mu Yu Die take the antidote. There shouldn't have been anything that went wrong! As for Murong Qi Qi, everyone knows she’s a rubbish. How can a rubbish have martial arts? I also don’t know how it became like this, ah!”

Chou er’s eyes were red. She almost cried loudly. Obviously, they had calculated Murong Qi Qi. All the arrangements were in place. Why did the result become like this?

Similarly, Zhao Lang’s mood was also very bad. Losing ten underlings at once and they were killed with one stroke, it seemed that they had encountered a high level martial artist. Zhao Lang’s heart couldn’t help but get a chill. Could this have been done by his enemies? But this doesn’t make sense! Who was it?!

Chou er stood next to Zhao Lang while biting her lips. Originally, she wanted to come here to see the tragic state of Murong Qi Qi, but now she saw such a scene. At the scene, there weren't many traces left. Before dying, what did the people on the ground experience?

“You let me hide at the princess’s. Now, princess is gone. Yong er knows that I planned all of this. I definitely can’t go back. Zhao Lang, take me away! Seeing so many people have died, I’m very scared!”

Chou er suddenly hugged Zhao Lang from behind. Her face rested on his wide back, wanting to seek a trace of warmth. She didn’t expect Zhao Lang to turn around and grab her shoulder.

“Xin er, now you and I can’t go away yet. The task his highness the crown prince gave us, isn’t finished yet. If we go away without care, his highness the crown prince will not let us off the hook. By then, we’ll be facing the fate of being wanted and being chased by assassins. Our whole life, we won’t be safe!”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as I can be with you, no matter what kind of life we’ll be having, I’m willing.”

Chou er simply flew into Zhao Lang’s embrace. Listening to the beating of his strong heart, her anxious heart calmed down a lot.

“Zhao Lang, take me away! These dead people make me very afraid! As long as you let me stay by your side, even if we wander to the horizons, I’m willing!”

“Xin er, you’re very good!”

Zhao Lang hugged Chou er tightly, using his heat to warm her. His voice was very emotional and very gentle.

“Silly Xin er, you’re willing to follow me, but I’m not willing, ah! I’m not willing to let the woman I love suffer. I also don’t want my Xin er to follow me at roaming and being a wanderer.”

“I’ve rough skin and thick meat. It doesn’t matter if I live hard days. However, Xin er, you can’t, ah! You’re the goddess of my heart, the woman I love the most, how can I let you suffer?! Xin er, do you know, from the first time I saw you, I fell deeply in love with you. At that time, I swore in my heart that I’ll definitely protect you, love you and not let you suffer any grievances!”

“Xin er, my Xin er, ah. How would I be willing to let you suffer and have difficulties……”

Must say, Zhao Lang was a master at talking about love. He spoke those melancholic and moving words, making Chou er’s eyes become full with tears of happiness.

“Zhao Lang, you’re very good to me! Never has someone ever treated me like this! For you, I’m even willing to die!”

“Silly Xin er……”

Zhao Lang’s thick lips fell onto Chou er’s cheek, letting her falling tears go into his mouth.

“Silly, in the future, don’t talk about foolish things like death anymore! Could it be you have the heart to leave me alone in this lonely world, living a lonely life? My silly Xin er! I still have to marry you and let you give birth to our children. Don’t say such silly words anymore!”

Women, no matter if they’re wise, astute or intelligent and sly; no matter if they’re good and simple-minded or vicious and ruthless, as long as they fell into the strange circle of love, they would lose themselves.

Like Chou er, a few sweet words from Zhao Lang, she has long forgotten those scary bloody things. She also forgot her name and who she was. Now, in her eyes, in her heart, there’s only this one man, Zhao Lang, as if all the other men on earth have died. Only this man is the best. She completely belongs to him!

Zhao Lang’s words of love were like a drug, making Chou er lose her reasoning and also let her heart give birth to guilt. She had injured her body. How would she be able to give birth to children?! This man was so good to her and also wanted to give her a bright future. If she doesn’t confess, then she really wouldn't be able to cross this bridge in her heart.

“Zhao Lang, I have one thing that I didn’t tell you!”

Chou er raised her head slowly. With tears in her eyes, she looked at this man in front of her.

“I can’t give birth. Before, I had a miscarriage. The imperial physician said, I’m not able to have any more children……”

Chou er felt uneasy. She knew that men were traditional and wanted to continue their line. She can’t give birth; would Zhao Lang still love her? If Zhao Lang abandoned her because of this, what should she do?!

While Chou er was fearful, Zhao Lang used a more enthusiastic embrace to give her the greatest sense of security.

“Xin er, my pitiful Xin er. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have children. I only want you. I don’t want children. Besides, I can go search for doctors with you. You’re so good, the heaven will certainly not be willing to let you suffer. It will definitely give us a lovely child!”


Now, the strings of tension inside Chou er’s heart completely broke. That high line of defense, because of this ‘commitment’, completely collapsed.

“Wuwuwu……I was very scared just now……wuwuwu……I was afraid that you wouldn’t want me anymore because of this……wuwuwu……. you’re so good……”

“Don’t cry, don’t cry!”

Zhao Lang’s big hands gently wiped the tears for Chou er.

“Xin er, the moment you’re in tears, my heart will feel pain! Don’t cry anymore, my Xin er! Tell me, who has hurt you like this? I’ll go kill him!”

When saying those words, Zhao Lang truly emitted a cold aura, making Chou er feel a burst of gratitude. More and more, she felt that she had chosen the right man.

“It’s Murong Qi Qi!”

Chou er gritted her teeth while saying Murong Qi Qi’s name.

“She made me like this! She not only killed my child, but also killed my mother! Murong Qi Qi and I have so much hatred that we can’t live under the same sky!”

Chou er’s eyes burned with flames of hatred. Zhao Lang revealed a smile of success for only a moment. Chou er didn’t see it.

“So, it’s her! That bitch! I definitely won’t let her off! I want her blood as revenge for Xin er!”

Zhao Lang’s words surely made Chou er get rid of those ideas of just now about wandering to the horizons with him. Just thinking about her situation which was caused by Murong Qi Qi, Chou er once again burned with the thought of finding Murong Qi Qi for revenge.

“That’s right! Can’t let her off! I want to personally kill her!”

Although she said that, but today Murong Qi Qi escaped once again, making Chou er’s confidence reduce to the minimum once again.

“Zhao Lang, what should I do? Why is her luck so good that she escapes every time? Now that princess has died, I lost my cover identity. What should I do to be able to kill Murong Qi Qi?”

Seeing that Chou er finally mentioned the main topic, Zhao Lang felt relieved. Damn it. I flattered her for so long and wasted so much saliva, finally this woman is coaxed! This was what Zhao Lang was thinking in his heart.

If it wasn’t for the great cause of crown prince, he wouldn't have exhausted himself in coaxing Chou er to happiness. Seeing Chou er’s face full of a moved expression, Zhao Lang sneered in his heart. However, his face became more and more gentle.

“Don’t worry, I’ve a plan!”

Seeing that the time was ripe, Zhao Lang took a very thin human mask out of his sleeve and put it on Chou er.  Then he handed her a small bronze mirror.

“Take a look!”

Inside the mirror, where was there still Chou er’s face? It’s obviously Wanyan Bao Zhu!

Chou er covered her mouth. She was stunned. Her fingers touched her face. She looked left and right for half a day and couldn’t find even the slightest mistake.

“Before, I had the thought of getting rid of the princess and let you replace her. So, I made a human skin mask. Now, it seems that my preparations were necessarily. Letting you stay at her side, you’ve suffered! Xin er, now you have become the princess, alright? My Xin er is much better at being a princess than Wanyan Bao Zhu!”

Now, Chou er truly worships Zhao Lang. Earlier, Zhao Lang let her get to understand Wanyan Bao Zhu’s habits and characteristics more. He also let her imitate Wanyan Bao Zhu’s tone and movements. It seems, he has long arranged this for her!

“Zhao Lang, today you let me wear the same clothes as princess. Is it that you'd long had the thought of getting rid of her? Even if this matter didn’t happen, you’d have still find a way for me to become princess?”

The new identity made Chou er very happy. She never imagined that Zhao Lang would be so good to her. Princess! This identity had always been out of reach for Chou er. It’s undoubtedly a great temptation!

“My Xin er is smart! Even if today’s matter succeeded, I also hid some people in the woods outside the city. There, they’ll get rid of Wanyan Bao Zhu and let you take her place as princess!”

Zhao Lang pulled off all the accessories from Wanyan Bao Zhu’s head and put them on Chou er.

“Chou er, remember, from today on, you’re Bei Zhou’s princess Bao Zhu and is below one person and above thousands of people. No one will dare to bully you!”


The thought of her transforming into a princess, made Chou er very excited. While being excited, her brows furrowed again.

“Zhao Lang, when Wanyan Bao Zhu died, was Murong Qi Qi also present? If Murong Qi Qi saw Wanyan Bao Zhu die; now that a new Wanyan Bao Zhu appeared, will she expose me?”

Chou er’s question was also what Zhao Lang was worried about. If nothing happened to Murong Qi Qi, then this matter was quite mysterious. However, even if it’s like that, he still wanted to take the bet.

“Xin er, maybe the matter is not as complicated. We can take the gamble!”

Zhao Lang leaned towards Chou er’s ears and told her that. Chou er’s expression turned much better.

“Is it really useful? I’m very worried!”

“Rest at ease, I’ll be waiting outside for you. If something happens to you, give me a signal! Even if it depends on my life, I’ll still save you! Besides, don’t we not have a witness?!”

Zhao Lang gave Chou er a bamboo tube and hugged Chou er.

“Xin er, our happiness depends on you! As long as we help crown prince get rid of Feng Cang, I’ll be able to use the crown prince’s power to become the chief of the martial word. Then, I’ll give you a grand wedding in front of the world. I want you to become the happiest bride in this world!”

Have to say, Zhao Lang was weaving a beautiful dream for Chou er. A woman who had lost her head because of love, indulged in the lies of a man, and unable to extricate themselves out it. For example, Chou er, who was willing to dedicate all of her just because of a few empty words from Zhao Lang.


Chou er nodded with happy tears. Although she suffered those tragic things in the past, but the heavens didn’t treat her badly. Finally, she had met Zhao Lang, the man who truly loved her.

After the two pulled their thoughts together for some time, Chou er and Zhao Lang went with Mu Yu Die to the city’s entrance. When they entered, Chou er woke Mu Yu Die up.


Mu Yu Die’s eyes was confused. She looked at Chou er and then looked at Zhao Lang.

“Who is he?”

“Yu Die, this is young master Zhao. Don’t you remember? We were robbed by bad people. It’s this young master Zhao who saved us!”

Chou er held Mu Yu Die’s hand.

“Today, it was thanks to young master Zhao, otherwise, we’ll now be at another place!”

Chou er’s words brought back a little of Mu Yu Die’s memories. She immediately shouted while clutching her own head.

“No! No! Killing people! No!”

“Yu Die!”

Chou er clutched Mu Yu Die’s hands.

“Yu Die, look at my eyes. We’re alright now! We are safe!”

“We’re safe……”

Mu Yu Die looked innocently at Chou er.


“That’s right. Miss Mu, you’re safe now!”

Probably because Zhao Lang’s voice had that kind of masculine calmness, which made Mu Yu Die calm down.

“Princess, we were saved! We’re safe!”

After saying these two sentences, Mu Yu Die’s tears fell.

Seeing Mu Yu Die like this, Zhao Lang gave Chou er a meaningful glance and apologized to the two: “Since you two are safe now, I’ll go now.”

“Young master Zhao! Thank you!”

While Chou er was comforting Mu Yu Die, she watched Zhao Lang left.

(Note from the author: in the next chapters, Wanyan Bao Zhu will be used when referring to Chou er)

Only after coaxing for a long time, did Mu Yu Die calm down. Wanyan Bao Zhu supported Mu Yu Die. The two asked the whole way on how to go back. Only in the evening did they arrive back at the residence. Just at that moment, Feng Cang, with a group of people, was about to go find them.

Wangye[2. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank], princess and miss Mu are found!”

One person who saw Wanyan Bao Zhu and Mu Yu Die, immediately reported.

When Feng Cang heard that, he rushed over. He grabbed Wanyan Bao Zhu and dragged her in front of him.

“Say! Where did you bring Murong Qi Qi to? Why hasn’t she come back? What did you do to her?!”

The coldness emitting from Feng Cang made Wanyan Bao Zhu shudder. And that pair of flirtatious eyes, at this time was now cold and bone-piercing, making Wanyan Bao Zhu unable to dare face him. What should she do? What should she do? Wanyan Bao Zhu was very scared. Although previously, Zhao Lang said everything was fine, but now facing Feng Cang, Wanyan Bao Zhu still feared; feared that he would see through her identity, feared that she would die at Feng Cang’s hands.

“Say something!”

Seeing Wanyan Bao Zhu shivering, Feng Cang lost patience. His big hands directly grabbed Wanyan Bao Zhu’s neck and lifted her up in the air.


Originally, he went to see the venue of the tournament and came back a bit late. He didn’t expect that when he came back to Meixiang yuan[3. Yuan: part of a residence], he got to know from Su Yue that Wanyan Bao Zhu and Mu Yu Die had invited Murong Qi Qi out and still haven't returned.

The moment he heard this, he got anxious. He knew very well what kind of personality Wanyan Bao Zhu had. Everyone knew that woman’s attitude towards Murong Qi Qi. Inviting Murong Qi Qi out certainly wouldn’t be a good thing. As for Mu Yu Die, she's also not a person with good character. Feng Cang really hated himself for being soft-hearted and letting Mu Yu Die stay.

It so happened that today, Feng Cang went out with Jixiang. No one kept eyes on Wanyan Bao Zhu and these two took advantage of the loophole.


Wanyan Bao Zhu’s feet swung in the air. Her hands wanted to break Feng Cang’s big hand, but she couldn’t get any energy. Zhao Lang, Zhao Lang! Wanyan Bao Zhu screamed for Zhao Lang in her heart. Zhao Lang, why do you still not come save me?! I’m dying!

“Cousin brother, have mercy!”

The moment Wanyan Kang saw this, he stepped forward to plead for Wanyan Bao Zhu.

“Little sister, where is cousin-in-law? Say something, ah!”

“I……I don’t know……”

Wanyan Bao Zhu’s breathing became heavier. She could feel that Feng Cang really wanted to kill her. Even with Wanyan Kang at one side, Feng Cang would completely disregard her current identity of princess and kill her. If something happened to Murong Qi Qi……

For the first time ever, did Wanyan Bao Zhu hope that Murong Qi Qi was alive. If Murong Qi Qi was safe and sound, she would have a chance to continue living with this identity. If something had happened to Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang would definitely let her go accompany Murong Qi Qi.

She doesn’t want to die! After so much hardship, she got a new identity and would be able to start a new life; after so much hardship, she found a man she truly loves and has found her goal; she doesn’t want to die like this.

“I don’t know! I really don’t know!”

Wanyan Bao Zhu cried and prayed that nothing happened to Murong Qi Qi. She must be safe and sound.

“Killing, many people, a lot of blood! Killing!”

Just when Wanyan Bao Zhu felt her soul was about to leave and go see the Jade emperor, Mu Yu Die, at one side, began to shout.

  • The Jade emperor is the ruler of heaven

“Many people died! A lot of blood!”

“Where’s Murong Qi Qi? Did Murong Qi Qi die?”

The moment he heard Mu Yu Die’s words, Feng Cang’s hand loosened. Wanyan Bao Zhu fell onto the ground. Feng Cang rushed to Mu Yu Die like the wind. He grabbed her shoulder.

“Say, where is Murong Qi Qi?”

“A lot of blood! A lot of blood,” Mu Yu Die shouted and fainted.

Seeing Mu Yu Die like this, Feng Cang roared: “Jin Mo, quickly come here and wake her up!”

The people of Feng Cang had never seen such a wangye. Inside everyone’s memories, Nan Lin wang had always been calm and collected with an appearance of nothing had to do with him. Even with an enemy in front of him, he could still laugh and never put anyone in his eyes. But today, Feng Cang let the people see his other side.

Wangye, miss Mu was shocked and her head is in a mess. Temporarily we can’t ask her anything.”

Feng Cang’s face was very gloomy. The people around him were afraid to make a sound, fearing that with a little movement, they would anger this Nan Lin wang and bring trouble to themselves.

“Search! Order the eagle group to go search! Meng Tian Qi, mobilize the entire army of Yongzhou and find princess Zhao Yang!”

Feng Cang turned his face. Cold eyes swept over Wanyan Bao Zhu.

“Wanyan Bao Zhu, if we can’t find princess Zhao Yang, benwang[4. Benwang: this king/ I, used by the prince of first rank] will let you get a taste of what living is more painful than death is!”

On the streets, in front of the citizens, Feng Cang showed his intention to kill Wanyan Bao Zhu, making everyone surprised. What kind of holy person is this princess Zhao Yang to let Feng Cang lose control like this……

“Zeze, interesting!”

Not far away, a man saw this scene and revealed a strange smile.

“Go investigate princess Zhao Yang. I’d like to know what kind of woman can let demon wang Feng Cang become like this!”

TLNote: I kind of feel pity for Murong Xin Lian. She was brainwashed by her mother from when she was little and now she thought she found a man who truly loves her, which turns out to be a scam. Woman in love are truly stupid. I know that from experience. She should have just escaped that dungeon and live a comfortable life instead of searching for her so called revenge and be hungry for power.

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