Chapter 90 Despicable Dong Lu people (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 90 Despicable Dong Lu people (2)

“Qing Qing, don’t go! I feel that this pagoda is not that simple!”

Feng Cang also sensed that Jia Lan was a dangerous person. His smile exuded a dark atmosphere. It’s definitely not easy to pass this pagoda.

Seeing that Feng Cang was worried about her, Murong Qi Qi was very moved. However, if she didn’t go, then she wouldn't be at ease in letting Su Mei and the others go. Moreover, this pagoda evoked Murong Qi Qi’s curiosity. Where did that kind of confidence Jia Lan had come from? Could it be that there are some traps in this pagoda?

Wangye[1. Wang/wangye: prince of the first rank], I’ll be fine. Be at ease!”

“Qing Qing!”

Feng Cang grabbed Murong Qi Qi’s hand, refusing to let go. He was subconsciously aware that this knockout competition was not that simple. Who was that Jia Lan? Why was there never such a person mentioned in the information that came from Dong Lu? Moreover, his expression with that faint smile revealed danger. If Murong Qi Qi went in and something happened, then what?

Wangye, I’ll come back safely!”

Murong Qi Qi tiptoed and left a kiss on Feng Cang’s lips.

Wangye, wait for me!”

Murong Qi Qi taking the initiative to kiss him and also in front of so many people, almost made Feng Cang’s face turn red. However, not waiting for Feng Cang to react to the kiss, he felt his back turn numb. Murong Qi Qi had pressed his acupuncture point.

Wangye, apologizing for committing an offense! You must obediently wait for me! Let’s go!”

Seeing that the people of the other three countries had already entered, Murong Qi Qi led Wanyan Kang and the others inside the pagoda.

Only after Murong Qi Qi entered the pagoda, did Jin Mo release the acupuncture point of Feng Cang. The moment he released it, Jin Mo was lifted up by Feng Cang.

“Why didn’t you stop her? Why didn’t you release the acupuncture point for benwang[2. Benwang: this king/ I, used by the prince of first rank]?!”

Wangye, in front of so many people, give me some face.”

Only after Jin Mo coughed twice did Feng Cang let him down.

Wangye doesn’t need to worry. Princess will definitely come back safely!”

Seeing that Feng Cang wanted to go after Murong Qi Qi, Jin Mo went in front of Feng Cang and stopped him.

“Safely?! Can you guarantee that?!”

Wangye! You can’t lose your mind every time you encounter matters that are related to her! Where did that clear-headed and failing-to-panic Nan Lin wang from before go?!”

Seeing Feng Cang like this, Jin Mo got angry. Not caring if Feng Cang was happy or not, Jin Mo dragged Feng Cang to one side.

“If princess can’t come back safely, I’ll personally cut off my head and follow her!”

“Does wangye still remember my junior brother Lian gongzi[3. Gongzi: young master] that I mentioned before? In fact, my junior brother is princess. Princess is Lian gongzi.”

Seeing that Feng Cang had an ugly expression, Jin Mo had no other way but to confess Murong Qi Qi’s alter ego. Now, Feng Cang was surprised.

“She’s the famous Lian from the jianghu[4. Jianghu: world of the martial arts]? Is Lian gongzi not a man, not your junior brother?”

So, it turned out to be like this. No wonder she was able to escape from the hands of Wu Ji Gong’s people and could beat Guli……

Wangye, I also only got to know about it recently. Asking wangye to please relax. Princess’s ability is great! We should only wait patiently!”

With Jin Mo’s words, Feng Cang’s heart calmed down a bit. Now in his heart, there’s more shock. Murong Qi Qi was actually Lian gongzi? That brilliant doctor with magical hands, who could bring the dying back to life, but had a weird personality. Always, even when seeing the death, he still wouldn’t cure. Only looked to see if the patient was pleasing to the eye, before treating the patient. That Lian gongzi?!

While Feng Cang was waiting outside the pagoda, the contestants had already entered the first level of the pagoda.

The pagoda that drove evil spirits away was made completely out of huge rocks. It’s a stone pagoda. Inside, the sound of outside couldn’t be heard. When everyone entered, the door suddenly locked with a ‘kacha’ sound. The dull sound made everyone’s hearts startle for a bit.

Not waiting for the contestants to adapt to the environment, the fifty people of Dong Lu already surrounded the contestants of the other three countries.

“What do you want to do?”

Murong Qing Lian held a soft sword and looked at these Dong Lu’s people. They all glared like a tiger watching its prey.  On their face was a dirty smile as if they were wolves and the other three counties were lambs that almost fell into their mouths.

“Hehe, what do we want? Of course, it’s killing you all,” a tall man shouted. “As long as you die, then our Dong Lu will be this tournament’s winner!”


The moment Su Mei opened her mouth, she cursed.


Hearing Su Mei say that, the contestants of Dong Lu laughed.

“Little girl, are your ears deaf or what? Just now, sir Jia Lan already said ‘no matter if you beat a friend or a foe, as long as you can reach the top, then you’re the winner’. Of course, we must first get rid of you, these obstacles, first!”

“Really shameless,” Su Mei cursed. “If you want to kill us, then it depends on if you have that ability!”

“That’s right! Mei er[5. Er: term of endearment] said it very well!”

Wanyan Kang also began to shout.

“Want to kill this master, why don’t you urine to take a look at yourselves?!”


Su Mei completely collapsed. She couldn’t help but sweep her eyes once over Wanyan Kang. This master, aside from his noble aura which made him look like a prince; at other places, where could his identity as a prince be seen? Her family’s guye[6. Guye: son-in-law, used by the servants of the female family] was the one who's elegant and decent. On the other hand was this prince, his highness, who had a foul mouth. How come he didn't look like a son of the emperor? Could it be that they had misplaced the baby?

Wanyan Kang’s shout represented the inner thoughts of the three countries. Although the other party had fifty people and their three countries only had a total of fifteen people, making the other party three times more than them; but having more people didn’t mean anything. At this time, because of the provocation from Dong Lu, the contestants of the other three countries became united.

However, it seemed that the people of Dong Lu had long expected that the other three countries would join together. They didn’t intend on giving them this opportunity.


The tall man from Dong Lu ordered. The fifty people drew out their weapons. They scattered into three groups and surrounded each country’s contestants in a separate circle.


“Very good calculation!”

Murong Qi Qi looked at the ten or more Dong Lu’s contestants who surrounded the four of them.

“Cousin-in-law, let me deal with these small shrimps. You can go take a rest……”

Not waiting for Wanyan Kang to finish, Su Mei shouted: “Cover your mouth!”

She also covered her mouth and threw a bag of blue powder on the people of Dong Lu.

Those people of Dong Lu didn’t have enough time to cover their mouths. They inhaled the powder and all fell limp onto the ground.


Su Mei snapped with her finger. She raised one eyebrow and made a face at Wanyan Kang. She came to Murong Qi Qi’s side.

“Miss, all is done! Fortunately, miss was farsighted and let me prepare some things in advance. Otherwise, we've would have been thrown into a pit as lambs by these bastards and wouldn’t even know how we’d die!”

“Wow, wow!”

Wanyan Kang didn’t know what kind of poison Su Mei used. He only smelled a floral fragrance and then the thirteen Dong Lu people, who had surrounded them, collapsed. This poison is truly too powerful!

“Mei er, where did you buy this drug? Later, also buy one for me. Whoever I’m not happy to see, I’ll sprinkle it on him!”

Wanyan Kang’s words made Su Mei directly put him into the category ‘talking to himself. She was too lazy to pay any attention to Wanyan Kang. Su Mei took out a dagger and went to the side of those Dong Lu people who had fainted.

Just letting these people faint was not enough punishment for disrespecting miss. In Su Mei’s point of view, there’s no need to keep these heartless Dong Lu people!

‘Sou, sou, sou!’

The dagger in Su Mei’s hand was like a sickle harvesting wheat, accurately cutting these people’s throats. Blood poured out. In no time, the air was filled with the smell of blood.

In a blink of an eye, thirteen people’s lives were finished by Su Mei.


Seeing the dagger full of blood in Su Mei’s hand, Wanyan Kang was completely shocked. Her skills with the knife were excellent. Her attacks were fast and accurate. Moreover, this little girl was too fierce. Every attack was fatal. To her, these people of Dong Lu in front of her, were like killing small chickens.

“Gulp……,” Wanyan Kang swallowed and touched his throat. He couldn’t help but shiver. This small pepper is truly sinister and vicious, ah!

Not only Wanyan Kang, Ruyi was also scared. That Su Mei knew martial arts was an unexpected surprise for Ruyi.

Originally, he thought that wangfei[7. Wangfei: main wife/consort of a first-rank prince] was a delicate beauty. That day, when Murong Qi Qi played with Guli, she immediately overturned the impression Ruyi previously had. Originally, he thought that the two maids at Murong Qi Qi’s side were gentle and sweet. Now, after seeing this scene, Ruyi was completely awakened! These women, to be able to follow at wangfei’s side, must is simple. How could they be ordinary people!?!

Seeing that Wanyan Kang and Ruyi were standing there dazed and gazing at Su Mei as if they were looking at an alien, Murong Qi Qi smiled.

“What, scared?”

“Cousin-in-law, I truly adore you! In the future, this little brother will follow and mingle with cousin-in-law!”

After looking at Su Mei and then Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Kang thoroughly understood a truth. That is, all the people who followed Murong Qi Qi were very awesome. For example, Su Mei; she looked lively and hot, but in fact, she’ll kill without any hesitation. Truly handsome!

“Follow and mingle with our miss? You need to pass my barrier first! At my miss’s side, I won’t have any rubbish!”

Su Mei humphed and looked up and down at Wanyan Kang, as if she was saying ‘are you qualified?’.

“You don’t believe this master?! You look down on me!”

Su Mei’s scorn truly angered Wanyan Kang’s male self-esteem.

“You wait and see! This master hasn’t showed my killer move yet. Later, open your eyes and look!”

Wanyan Kang repeatedly said this master; how would he know that someone was attacking him from behind?

“Be careful!”

Su Mei reminded him, but she was one step too late. The other party had already raised his sword and chopped in the direction of Wanyan Kang’s shoulder.

“Shameless! Actually used a sneak attack!”

Wanyan Kang stayed calm and let his body slide back. The person behind him directly pierced the sword at his abdomen.


He raised his leg and kicked that person away. At the same time, pulled out his sword. That person’s blood sprayed on his whole body.

“F***, f***, f***. Too dirty!”

Seeing that his clothes had turned red, Wanyan Kang looked disgusted. He quickly jumped away in fear of being contaminating with more blood.

Su Mei let out a sigh of relief after seeing that Wanyan Kang was fine. This person looked like a player young master. His kungfu was not bad. At least, he could protect himself!

“How was it, little Mei er? Are you intoxicated by this young master’s handsome sword skills?”

Seeing that Su Mei loosened herself, Wanyan Kang felt happy. Smiling, he leaned over, laughing happily like a child begging for candy.

“Che……Only a jack of all trades. It’ll be fine, if I don’t need to clean your ass later!”

“Little Mei er, you saying it like that truly hurt my, a big man’s, self-esteem!”

While talking, Wanyan Kang sensed two people nearby, who were launching a sneak attack.

“Do you have more of that drug from before? Throw one more! Make them all faint, then we can go to the top of the pagoda!”

“Don’t have anymore!”

Su Mei shrugged.

“Do you think ‘Blue demon’ is very cheap? I spent five hundred silver liang to buy it. Moreover, I was only able to buy it because of an acquaintance! You want it? I’ll give it to you cheap. A hundred for the toll, a total of six hundred liang is right!”

“Six hundred! You are slaughtering people, ah?! Your master is so rich. Didn’t she extort hundred thousand golden teals from an idiot before? Wouldn’t it be alright if you take some?”

“Those are miss’s! They’re not mine! Do you understand?!”

Helan Lian Yi, who was fighting with the people of Dong Lu; when he heard 'idiot' coming from Wanyan Kang, he got distracted and was almost chopped.

After the escape, Helan Lian Yi cut that man down with one stroke of his sword. He also glared angrily at Murong Qi Qi. Extort hundred thousand golden teals from him, causing his funds to almost not be able to run and also let him lose a contestant in vain. These were all the good things Murong Qi Qi had done!

At the other side, the four people of Xi Qi coordinated well with each other. They were unruffled. That’s why Longze Jing Tian had more time to pay attention to Murong Qi Qi’s side. When he heard Su Mei mention ‘Blue demon’, Longze Jing Tian frowned.

It’s said that this ‘Blue demon’ came from Moyu. It’s Du Xian Er who made it. Before, when he saw Murong Qi Qi dance, he mistook her for Du Xian Er. When he went back to the house of embassy, he thought about Murong Qi Qi’s looks. Only then did he discover that the two’s looks were completely different. He really didn’t know why he saw those two as one at that time.

Now, Su Mei’s ‘Blue demon’ had been purchased. It proved even more that Murong Q Qi wasn’t Du Xian Er.

If Murong Qi Qi was Du Xian Er, then she could've just come forward and made all those people faint. With Du Xian Er’s tactics, don’t say only those ten or so people who had surrounded them, even if it’s all the contestants of Dong Lu, she would be able to deal with them. Where would it be complicated like this?!

Longze Jing Tian was a clever person who became a victim of his own ingenuity. Su Mei had deliberately said those words to let him overhear. Ever since that day of the duel with Guli, when Longze Jing Tian identified her as Du Xian Er, Murong Qi Qi had been thinking about how to let him dispel of that thought. That’s why there’s such a scene today.

The contestants of Dong Lu saw that their people who had surrounded Murong Qi Qi’s group were killed by Su Mei in a moment, so they took out some people from the other two groups to specially deal with this side.

Seeing that more people had come over, Wanyan Kang exposed a naughty smile. His eyes also became sharp.

“Ruyi, just now, the little girl acted first, making us, the two men, really lose face! Now, these people are ours. Don’t let a little girl look down on us!”

Ruyi was very satisfied with Wanyan Kang’s arrangement. Before, Su Mei had only used a very small way to let those people go see the king of hell. It’s they, the two men, who had nothing to do. How come no matter what, he felt some shame? Now, there are more people who had come to look for death, they couldn’t let Su Mei act first again. They’re men. They couldn’t hide behind a woman and enjoy.

“I’ll listen to your highness!”

When these two men reached an agreement, the two swords waved more dazzlingly. Ruyi was Feng Cang’s personal guard. To be able to protect Feng Cang, of course his martial arts were not bad. As for Wanyan Kang, although he looked like a ruffian and always joked without having a serious moment, but at critical times, his actions were very vicious.

Having the men to take charge, Murong Qi Qi went to one side to watch the play. Su Mei wanted to attack, but those two didn’t give her the opportunity, making her very anxious.

“Wait! There are still six more levels. We’ll be very busy going through one level after another. Now, don’t waste your energy!”

Seeing that Su Mei’s hands were itching, Murong Qi Qi laughed.

“Yes! I’ll listen to miss!”

After about half an hour, the fight on the first floor had stopped completely. Aside from Murong Qi Qi’s group who were unscathed, some of the contestants of the two other countries were injured. And more than half of the people of Dong Lu had died. Only six people surrendered.

Wanyan Kang originally wanted to take the opportunity to kill these six people, but in the last moment, he was stopped by Murong Qi Qi.

“Cousin-in-law, it’s better to kill these people. Why should we keep them?”

Just the thought of Dong Lu’s despicable behavior made Wanyan Kang angry.

If it wasn’t because Murong Qi Qi was far-sighted and prepared the poison, maybe they would also be like the other two countries, where there were some people who were greatly injured. Before coming, he had promised Feng Cang that he’d protect Murong Qi Qi and wouldn’t let anything happen to her. If this time, something happened to Murong Qi Qi, how would he explain to cousin brother? That’s why, these people deserved to be killed!

“Don’t know what is waiting for us upstairs. It’s better to let them go explore. Just right, one person, one floor……”

After Murong Qi Qi said that, Wanyan Kang quickly understood. That handsome face immediately radiated with delight.

“Cousin-in-law, you are truly evil, ah! You can even think of such an idea. This little brother truly admires you, ah!”

“Hey, hey, hey! What are you saying? It is called being smart. It’s wisdom, do you understand?!”

Seeing Wanyan Kang speak rudely towards Murong Qi Qi, Su Mei jumped.

“My miss is not like a certain person with only developed limbs and a simple brain!”

“You said my limbs are developed and my brain is simple?!”

Wanyan Kang pointed at his nose with a face full of disbelief.

“Humph! I, such a handsome, dashing, outstanding, elegant, having an universal appeal, flowers bloom whenever they see me, very easy-going and at the same time, having intelligence, man, won’t lower myself to your, a little girl’s, level! Let’s go! To the second floor!”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t follow Wanyan Kang. Instead, she went to Bai Yi Yue. Just now, Bai Yi Yue had been wounded in the fight. She was scratched by a sword. Now, she’s bleeding.

“This is gold medicine for skin ulcer! Your wound isn’t deep. Put on medicine quickly to stop the bleeding. Then, it won’t leave a scar!”

Murong Qi Qi tore a white cloth and was about to bandage Bai Yi Yue, but she was stopped by Murong Qing Lian.

“Wait, wait! You said that this is golden medicine for skin ulcer, then is it really golden medicine for ulcer? Who knows if you really have a good heart, ah? What if it’s poison? Then what?”

Murong Qing Lian’s words were very sarcastic. In the quiet first floor, they were particularly piercing to the ears.

“There’s no knowing what is in a person’s heart. A certain someone, ah, she has became crazy thinking about how to get the first of the tournament! Because this is related to her marriage, ah! If she doesn’t get the first place, then she can’t get married. By then, it will be truly embarrassing enough to die! So, ah, some people may do some things to hurt another to get the first place! Miss Bai, it’s better to be careful and to not easily believe people!”

After listening to Murong Qing Lian, Bai Yi Yue smiled.

“Thanking miss Murong for your concern. Princess Zhao Yang is my friend. I’m very clear about how her character is. Princess Zhao Yang does things always in a straightforward and upright manner and is not like certain people who only will use sneak attacks. I believe that princess Zhao Yang won’t hurt me! Princess, my hand is not convenient right now. Troubling you to put medicine on for me!”

Bai Yi Yue’s words was the same as a slap on Murong Qing Lian’s face, making her be put on the spot immediately. Her face turned pale and then red repeatedly.

“Really treating good intentions as a donkey’s liver! Miss Bai, don’t believe in the wrong person; otherwise, it’ll be too late to cry!”

“No need to trouble miss Murong to worry about this. I've always believed that he who never wrongs others doesn’t fear the knock of ghosts in the night. Walking upright, won't fear the shadow to be at a crooked angle.”

When Bai Yi Yue and Murong Qing Lian were going against each other, Murong Qi Qi had smilingly put a layer of green cream on Bai Yi Yue’s hand. Immediately, a fragrance of lotus flower spread around and the burning pain on Bai Yi Yue’s skin was covered by a coolness.

Smelling the medicine, Li Yun Qing came over. After carefully examining the color, Li Yun Qing exclaimed: “Could this gold medicine for skin ulcer be Lian gongzi’s ‘New Lotus’? I heard that this New Lotus was made with the summer’s lotus heart. No matter what kind of scars, as long as you put on the medicine every day; then not even half a month passes before the skin is as good as new. It’s the best of all gold medicine for skin ulcer. Even money can’t buy it!”

“It’s the same one! Cousin young master has very good eyes!”

As Su Mei said those words, she deliberately casted a glance at Murong Qing Lian.

“In the end, you’re truly a great family’s young master to have such good eyes, unlike a certain someone who doesn’t know the good things. Also, to lie with open eyes and splash dirty water at someone to the greatest extent!”

“You! Lowly servant, where do you have the right to speak here?”

Murong Qing Lian raised her hand and it went straight at Su Mei’s white cheek.

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