Chapter 97 Cousin brother, you this beast (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

TLNote: Unedited chapter. A few chapters ago, I made a mistake. It's Fo Sheng Men, not Fu Sheng Men.

Chapter 97 Cousin brother, you this beast (1)

Hearing Feng Cang say that, Nalan Xin also laughed.

Wangye[1. Wangye/wang: prince of first rank], in the past, Moyu’s Mozun wanted to marry Du Xian Er to you to let Moyu and our Fo Sheng Men become in-laws. If you didn’t refuse that years, maybe the two families would've been one family by now.”


Feng Cang leant slightly back on the rattan chair. He smiled. His eyes were cold.

“No matter how good Du Xian Er is, how could she compare to my little wangfei[2. Wangfei: main consort of the prince of first rank]?! Although Mozun had the grace of saving my life, but I definitely won’t repay this grace with my own happiness. Besides, that year, that Du Xian Er was just a little girl. I don’t have pedophilia!”

When Feng Cang said ‘pedophilia’, Nalan Xin was surprised for a moment. Then he immediately understood. This is a new vocabulary wangye learned from Murong Qi Qi. Recently, wangye’s vocabulary enriched a lot. All of them were strange. It seemed that wangye is deeply influenced by little wangfei.

“That’s why you promised Mozun that for ten years, our Fo Sheng Men won’t touch Moyu. Keeping Moyu safe could also be considered repaying Mozun. It’s just, these past five years Moyu reached great development at the hands of Du Xian Er. It’s not the same as five years ago anymore. Wangye, among these four countries, the only one who has the power to contend with us is Moyu…….”

When mentioning Du Xian Er, Nalan Xin revealed a trace of admiration in his speech.

Although no one has seen Du Xian Er, but with only a girl’s power, increasing Moyu’s strength to more than a double and also increasing their scope of forces by don’t know how much, how could such a girl be ordinary? However, this Du Xian Er appears and disappears unpredictably. There’s a lot rumors about her, but the people who saw her and still are alive, are really very few.

Wangye, a few days ago, Moyu’s Fang Jing came to Fo Sheng Men to find you. He wanted to buy Wing Chase Cliff and has been rejected by our people.”

“Wing Chase Cliff? What do they want to buy Wing Chase Cliff for?”

Feng Cang sat up. He got interested in that matter of Moyu wanting to buy Wind Chase Cliff.

“Before, wangfei mentioned Wind Chase Cliff and said the scenery there is not bad. She wants Wind Chase Cliff and built palace there.”

“Moyu wants to buy Wind Chase Cliff was for nothing more than because they took a fancy on the strategically situated and easy to defend location. Presumably, it’s Du Xian Er’s idea. Since wangfei took a fancy on Wind Chase Cliff, then I’ll reject them to avoid creating some conflicts later. What do you think?”

“Mm! Go, apologize to them. I already promised this place to wangfei and gave it to her. She usually doesn’t like jewelries and also didn’t ask me for anything. This is the first time she asked. How could I not agree? Besides, so far, I haven’t given her any decent gift. Since she took a fancy on it, naturally I should make her happy.”

Hearing Feng Cang mention Murong Qi Qi the moment he (FC) opens his mouth, Nalan shook his head smilingly.

“Before, when Jin Mo said wangye took wangfei as the meat of your heart, this subordinate didn’t believe it. This subordinate followed wangye for more than ten years and didn’t ever saw wangye put a girl in your heart. Now, seeing with my own eyes how wangye pampers wangfei, this subordinate finally understood that it could be considered that wangye found your fated soulmate.”

“What do you mean with it should be considered? It’s a fact!”

Feng Cang drank his medicine and put a candied date in his mouth.

“Nalan, now you and Jin Mo are making fun of me. When you find the woman of your heart, maybe you’ll be more out of your mind than me……”

“Haha! Under the care of your words, this subordinate hopes to meet my soulmate sooner!”

When Nalan Xin was about to leave, Feng Cang suddenly stopped him.

Wangye has more orders?”

Seeing that Feng Cang’s expression was not right, Nalan Xin quickly asked.

“Investigate the matter of the four Nan states in secret. If it’s really Moyu, don’t take action. As for the matter of Du Xian Er, you must definitely not let wangfei know. I mean, the matter of Mozun once wanting to marry Du Xian Er to me, don’t let a word leak out……”

Feng Cang’s clumsy ‘cover up’, made Nalan Xin speechless.

Could it really be like what Jin Mo said; that in the future, their wangye will be someone who’s afraid of his wife? Thinking about their wangye’s shaking the world and legendary reputation, now for such a small matter is ‘begging’ him. From the bottom of his heart, Nalan Xin thought that love and marriage were fearful things. He must not provoke those two things, lest to become the same as Feng Cang.

Wangye, don’t worry. Wangfei won’t get to know wangye’s past. You’re still the most perfect person in wangfei’s heart.”

“Hmm…...that’s good! That’s good!”

After saying twice ‘good’, did Feng Cang let out a breath of relief. He’s very clear about this little woman’s overbearing possessiveness and also enjoying it very much! He didn’t want other people or matters about other people to interfere between them!

After resting for three days, it’s finally the day of the finals. Early in the morning, Feng Cang came to Murong Qi Qi’s room. Seeing Feng Cang, Su Mei wanted to go inside and report, but she was stopped by Feng Cang.

“Did your miss woke up?”

“No, in the winter miss usually slept in.”

Su Mei shook her head.

“Let her sleep some more! I’ll wait here.”

Feng Cang wanted to wait outside. Su Mei saw that it was such cold weather. It’s not good to let Feng Cang wait outside in the cold. So, she lifted the curtain and invited Feng Cang in.

Inside the room, incense was lit. Faint fragrance of flower, very fresh too smell. After getting to know Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang knew she likes natural things. For example, this incense. It’s made from something called ‘lavender’. It’s said to have a calming effect. Murong Qi Qi taught Su Yue how to make it. These have been made by Su Yue.

Wangye, please wait for a moment!”

Su Yue said that in a low voice.

“Miss’s wake up mood is very heavy. Can’t disturb her otherwise, her mood will be bad for the while day.”


Feng Cang also lowered his voice and gestured that he understood.

Su Mei and Su Yue saw that Feng Cang was being so considerate, they glanced at each other and smiled. They quietly retreated.

Feng Cang quietly sat on a chair next to the bed. He silently looked at the sleeping Murong Qi Qi; rosy cheeks and red lips. The usually lively eyes are now closed. The long eyelashes moved following the rhythm of the breathing. They looked like two small fans, gently fanning, leaving a thick shadow at the lower lash line.

Murong Qi Qi was not well behaved while sleeping. Two hands were outside of the bedding. One hand was in a fist next to her head. The other hand was also in a fist on her chest. She looked like a new born baby, huddled together.

Feng Cang kept in mind that Su Yue said to let Murong Qi Qi wake up naturally. Obviously, he loves her very much and wanted to wake her up with a kiss, but Murong Qi Qi has gloomy mood while waking up not naturally. She would then be unhappy the whole day. So, he didn’t dare to make any sound and only looked greedily at Murong Qi Qi while also fighting back his urge of wanting to kiss her.

After waiting for a very long time, finally, Murong Qi Qi made a sound and rubbed her eyes. Her brows furrowed and her mouth muttered a bit. Feng Cang thought that Murong Qi Qi woke up. He didn’t expect that the little woman on the bed would curl up her legs, turned the other side and continued to sleep soundly.

Her small mouth was slightly open like two red rose petals blooming under the tall and straight bridge of Murong Qi Qi’s nose. How beautiful! Feng Cang couldn’t help but admire in his heart.

He didn’t know why, but the ordinary Murong Qi Qi in everyone’s eyes, in his eyes turned more and more beautiful. Sometimes Feng Cang would really feel like as how Jin Mo said it; she’s Xi Shi in a lover’s eyes. If it wasn’t like that, how come the more he looked at her, the more he loved her. The more he looked, the more reluctant he was to let her go……

  • Xi Shi: one of the four beauties of China.

After waiting till one more incense stick burned, did Murong Qi Qi slowly wake up. She slowly opened her eyes and softly asked: “Su Yue, what time is it?”

Hearing Murong Qi Qi’s voice, Su Yue quickly answered.

“Miss, it’s sishi (9-11am)”

Sishi? Nine o’clock!”

The moment Murong Qi Qi heard that, her eyes suddenly opened. She rolled and sat up.

“Oh no, oh no! The tournament is today. It’s already sishi. I’m certainly late. Su Mei, Su Yue, quickly come in and help me! Wangye must be anxious because of the waiting! Geez! I actually overslept! Su Yue, why didn’t you wake me up?! It would be troublesome if I miss the tournament later! I haven’t gotten Wind Chase Cliff yet. At court, there’s that old empress dowager watching. If I miss the tournament and is sentenced to lose, I’m done then!”

Murong Qi Qi was worried. She didn’t see Feng Cang sitting there next to the bed. Plus, the fact that there was a curtain bound at the bed with happened to block Feng Cang, Murong Qi Qi ignored the fact that a big man was next to her.

When Murong Qi Qi jumped barefoot from the bed to the ground, her bare feet stepped on the carpet; when she was looking for her clothes on the hanger, did she see a smiling Feng Cang through the mirror.

Murong Qi Qi turned and saw Feng Cang. Her expression was somewhat stunned. Then she looked at herself. She was only wearing a thin layer of silk. Because Murong Qi Qi didn’t have the habit of wearing undergarments to sleep, that silk was worn next to the skin. It sketched out her exquisite figure. Especially two rebellious clouds fell into Feng Cang’s eyes.


Murong Qi Qi screamed, hugged her chest and squatted. Two cheeks became red. Her head almost touched the ground because of shyness.

Hearing Murong Qi Qi’s scream, Su Mei and Su Yue lifted the curtains and came in. When they saw this scene, they immediately understood.

Wangye, we’ll help miss dress up. Please go wait outside.”

Su Mei held her laughter and looked at the also red faced Feng Cang. At this time, Feng Cang was somewhat ‘at loss’. His face was so red as if blood would flow out if you pinch his cheeks.

After hearing Su Mei say to let him go wait outside, Feng Cang was like he got a way out of this predicament. He immediately nodded: “Good! Good! Benwang [3. Benwang: this king, I, used by the prince of first rank] will wait outside!”

In the end, Feng Cang rushed out as if he was fleeing, making Su Mei and Su Yue almost laugh out loudly. They didn’t think that their guye[4 Guye: son in law, also used by the servant's of the mistress's family] was so innocent. They thought he did something to miss. It’s just, seeing miss in pajamas, his face was already red like that. If he saw Murong Qi Qi’s true appearance or when it’s the bridal night, they really don’t know how shy this guye will be……

After getting out, Feng Cang took a deep breath. The cold air stimulated him, letting his banging heart gradually slowed down.

He originally was thinking about to personally dress Murong Qi Qi up to show her his tenderness, consideration and intimacy. He didn’t expect that when Murong Qi Qi turned, she would let him see such a beautiful picture.

Although Feng Cang is already twenty-five; in this era, he should already have a wife, concubines and many children and would be a young person in his late twenties. Even though he didn’t have any intimate contact with a woman before, but he also knows the intimate love between men and women; the forming of the harmony between yin and yang. However, when he personally encountered such a situation, he was truly somewhat unable to hold it.

Especially, the thought of that wonderful body wrapped in silk, as well as the two towering clouds and also Murong Qi Qi’s white jade like small toe. All blood from Feng Cang’s body couldn’t help but rush to his brain. His heartbeat once again accelerated. Boom, boom, boom! Even Feng Cang himself could hear the strong as horse’s steps heartbeat. This has never happened before.

“Tsk, tsk, cousin brother, you actually blushed!”

Just at this time, that handsome face of Wanyan Kang appeared in front of Feng Cang. Inside the smiling eyes were full of jokes. Wanyan Kang carefully looked up and down at Feng Cang for a long time. He suddenly laughed out loud.

“Cousin brother, what kind of improper things did you do to cousin in law? Cousin in law’s scream called the whole street over!”

Wanyan Kang’s voice was very high as if he wanted to let Murong Qi Qi inside the room hear it. When Murong Qi Qi heard Wanyan Kang’s words, she jumped in the quilt.

“I’m finished. Su Mei, Su Yue, my image is completely destroyed!”

“Miss, he said it intentionally. Don’t bother with him!”

The ‘he’ from Su Mei was naturally referring Wanyan Kang. Seeing that Murong Qi Qi was embarrassed, Su Mei went forward and pulled her up.

“My good miss, just now, you said the tournament was about to begin, that you’re late. How come you’re not worried now?”

Murong Qi Qi’s small face was flushed. Her eyes showed much shyness. She was afraid that Su Mei and Su Yue would laugh at her. She also couldn’t tell them what Feng Cang saw just now. she could only lower her head and let Su Mei and Su Yue help her dress.

“When did wangye come in? Why didn’t you say something? He scared me to death!”

Hearing Murong Qi Qi ‘explain’ like this, Su Mei and Su Yue exchanged a knowing smile. It seemed that their miss was shy. Let’s don’t tease her too much!

Wangye came for quite a while. He was afraid to wake miss up, so, he has been waiting at a side.”


Murong Qi Qi nodded and dawdled for a long time before going out.

The moment she got out, Murong Qi Qi saw the bad smile on Wanyan Kang. Her heart skipped a beat. She felt that today she lost many faces. Wanyan Kang wanted to tease Murong Qi Qi a bit, but has been stopped by one gaze from Su Mei. The warning was very strong in Su Mei’s eyes. Wanyan Kang didn’t dare to offend Su Mei. He could only smile like a thief at a side without saying anything.


Murong Qi Qi was somewhat embarrassed seeing Feng Cang. She quickly looked elsewhere and didn’t dare to look him in the eyes. Feng Cang was also like that. The two turned their face to elsewhere and didn’t look at each other.

“Mm! You woke up. First eat breakfast, then we’ll go……”

Such awkwardness continued till they were about to enter the carriage. Feng Cang has been pulled to a side by Wanyan Kang.

“Cousin brother, what are you doing?! Weren’t you very sticky with cousin in law before? Why are you so alienated today? Didn’t you see that cousin in law is about to cry?”

“She’s about to cry?”

Feng Cang was startled. He didn’t dare to look at Murong Qi Qi’s face. How would he know these? Hearing Wanyan Kang say this, Feng Cang panicked. What should he do? He saw her body. This little woman must want to cry because of shame! This is bad. Now, she wouldn’t misunderstand that he’s a lecher, right?!

“That’s right! You ignored cousin in law. Cousin in law feels very wronged. I saw those tears rolled several laps in cousin in law’s eyes. They almost fell out.”

Hearing Wanyan Kang’s explanation, Feng Cang’s hanging heart went down. So, it’s because he ‘ignored’ her. That’s why she was sad. He actually thought that it was……it’s just hearing that Murong Qi Qi was about toc cry, Feng Cang also felt heartache. He wanted to go comfort her, but he was also a bit afraid.

“Cousin brother, women need to be coaxed. You put a cold face early in the morning; let alone cousin in law, even I, when looking at it will feel the chill, ah! Quickly go coax cousin in law! Go……”

Originally Feng Cang wanted to be in a carriage with Wanyan Kang, but he was pushed by Wanyan Kang into Murong Qi Qi’s carriage. Seeing Feng Cang enter, Su Mei and Su Yue were very understanding and left the carriage to leave this space for the couple.

“That, this morning, this morning I didn’t see anything……”

The always eloquent Feng Cang became clumsy at this time. That sentence let the color that originally reduced from Murong Qi Qi’s face came back again.

“I really didn’t see anything! I only saw a silhouette, really…...”

In the end, Feng Cang’s clumsy appearance while explaining made Murong Qi Qi laugh. Only now did she know this man is so cute. On the matters between men and women he’s more reserved than her.

“I’m fine.”

Murong Qi Qi’s cheeks were pinkish. She moved a bit to a side to vacate a place.

Wangye, sit!”

Feng Cang’s phoenix eyes warmed up. He sat next to Murong Qi Qi. He gently put her into his embrace. Murong Qi Qi’s ‘sit’ let the embarrassment, shyness and other emotions of Feng Cang all be released. In his heart only remained the love for this woman.

“Qing Qing, you’re truly beautiful!...”

This sentence made Murong Qi Qi’s earlobes also became red.

He truly saw...However, they are engaged. Sooner or later, she’ll be his. She was just seen wearing a pajama. It’s nothing much.

Now, Murong Qi Qi felt that her reaction this morning was a fuss about nothing. Being a person from modern day, that reaction was a bit too much. It’s just that he never expected Feng Cang to appear in her room at that time. Her ‘dirty’ appearance being seen by the man she likes, made Murong Qi qi’s beautiful heart have a small regret.

At least, it should be when she was prepared and with the most beautiful appearance, giving him an image he won’t forget for life. Like that, she would be more willing to accept. Thinking about the problem of image, suddenly Murong Qi Qi came up with an idea to tease Feng Cang. She came out of Feng Cang’s embrace and looked at him with a serious expression.

Wangye, it’s unfair!”

“What’s unfair?!”

Feng Cang was puzzled. What did Murong Qi Qi mean by that?

Wangye has already seen me……I haven’t seen wangye yet.”

This sentence was like to pester endlessly and also somewhat arrogant and cute. Plus, with Murong Qi Qi’s blushing face, it moved people even more. Murong iQ Qi’s request also made Feng Cang’s face turn red immediately. When he saw the slyness in Murong Qi Qi’s eyes, Feng Cang finally understood. This little woman wanted to tease him. Immediately, his big hand grabbed Murong Qi Qi’s slender waist and firmly held her in his arms.

“Since Qing Qing wants to look, then today is better than another day. I’ll let you look now!”

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