Chapter 10: Yu Wanrou’s Secret

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Yu Wanrou had crossed over – she was not originally from this world.

Of course, if that were the only secret that she had, then it would not justify the level of self-confidence that she had. The real reason why she felt so confident was that the host body of hers contained something special. This secret of hers had transformed her trash-grade spiritual root to a heavenly-grade spiritual root, and even changed her previous “ugly-duckling” self into a matchless beauty that causes male cultivators to fall head-over-heels in love with her.

This gift was a spectral demiplane, residing under Yu Wanrou’s right clavicle in the form of a blue, fox-shaped mark.

When Yu Wanrou crossed over to this world, her host body was only ten years old. The body originally belonged to the child of a poor family, living in a run-down village. This child was playing by the waters when he slipped, fell into the waters and drowned. Yu Wanrou’s soul occupied the child’s body as his soul departed.

After learning that her new world was one where cultivators existed, while her host body belonged to a mere mortal, Yu Wanrou was so mad that she almost wanted to die again.

Before crossing over, Yu Wanrou was a girl of sixteen years of age, and her mother was the mistress of a married man. Even though she was the daughter of a mistress, her father had always doted on her because he much preferred the gentle and pleasant look of Yu Wanrou’s mother over his first wife’s perpetually cross and stern face.

Therefore, Yu Wanrou had never experienced much hardship in the sixteen years of her previous life. Her father was a huge moneybag. Whenever she wanted something, she only had to pout or make an aggrieved face, and before long, her father’s servants would come running to her with the items that she coveted. Unfortunately, on one fateful day, her older stepsister pushed her and caused her head to slam onto the corner of a table. She passed on there and then. But when she later opened her eyes, she found out that she had somehow crossed over to this world.

Even though Yu Wanrou hated any form of suffering, she was even more afraid of death. Therefore, after the ten-year-old Yu Wanrou weighed the pros and cons, she abandoned her feeble, sickly parents and her few brothers and sisters and absconded with her family’s money.

She wanted to leave the poor village to establish her own footing in life!

However, she forgot that this was a world fraught with many dangers, vastly different from the world which she used to live in where peace and stability was built upon the rule of law. Not long after leaving the village, she met with a crisis and was almost bitten to death by wild beasts.

It was just at this moment that Lin Qingyu chanced upon her and rescued her from her peril.

Qin Lingyu’s suave and striking appearance immediately caught Yu Wanrou’s eyes. Even though her host body was only ten years old, her soul was not. She had long understood and experienced what love meant, and she knew that this man before her had moved her heart.

Therefore, Yu Wanrou made every effort to convince Qin Lingyu to take her in. She knew the lustful nature of men, and she knew exactly how to take advantage of that in order to firmly seize the hearts of these men and manipulate them. These were all part of the “knowledge” imparted to her by her mother. However, Yu Wanrou knew that realistically she did not have any capacity to physically attract Qin Lingyu then.

Therefore, she fabricated a pitiable past for herself – her parents were hounded and killed by bandits, and overnight she became homeless and was forced to wander the streets.

Sure enough, Qin Lingyu took in Yu Wanrou and brought her back to the Sect.

Yu Wanrou felt that this itself was already a fortunate turn of events. Little did she know that shortly after she would receive an even bigger surprise – she inadvertently discovered the secret of this host body of hers!

Under the right clavicle of the host body sat a blue fox-shaped mark which she had always thought to be merely a birthmark. However, when she was bitten by the wild beasts, her blood fortuitously flowed onto this mark, stimulating this mark to effect.

This mark was in fact the gateway to a spectral demiplane. Yu Wanrou inadvertently entered this space, discovering that the space contained a spirit spring, a secret art manuscript and a scroll containing the mysteries of life.

As it turns out, the host body contained with it traces of the fox clan’s blood, and this spectral demiplane was an inheritance handed down by her fox clan ancestors.

Yu Wanrou could not understand why it was only her who seemed to have inherited this gift from the fox clan, and not her host body’s parents. But it did not matter. Since the spectral demiplane approved of her, then there was no doubt that she must be the rightful inheritor of its gifts.

The deep spirit spring within her spectral demiplane was a heaven-defying existence. Its functions could be described as all-encompassing, ranging from cleansing her bones and refining her meridians to improving her spiritual roots; from healing any ailments or injuries to even tempering and refining herbs! It was practically a tailor-made gift for the present Yu Wanrou!

With this spirit spring, even her trash-grade spiritual root could be transformed into a heavenly-grade spiritual root. Even an “ugly-duckling” like her could blossom into a beautiful white swan!

Yu Wanrou could not contain the excitement in her heart! After glancing through the preamble of the secret art manuscript, the ambitions of her heart were ignited like a fierce furnace. With the secrets contained in that manuscript, how could any man ever resist her?

This was a supreme-grade dual-cultivation technique, requiring one male and one female cultivator to work together. Furthermore, the technique would only be effective if at least one of the cultivators carried the blood of the fox clan. However, if all conditions were met, the resultant cultivation speed would be more than ten times that of any traditional cultivation methods!

Yu Wanrou could almost foresee a future where she would have many formidable cultivators living in servitude under her!

In Jun Xiaomo’s previous life, Yu Wanrou did achieve this goal of hers. Many of the male cultivators involved with Yu Wanrou had tasted her goodness, and they could not bring themselves to give up on this opportunity to both feel pleasure and at the same time improve their cultivation. Even if they had to share the same woman!

The present Jun Xiaomo was still unaware of the exact nature of Yu Wanrou’s secret. But even if she knew, she may only sneer dismissively at her.

Cultivation levels did not equate to prowess or strength. Using such methods to “level up” may well leave these male cultivators nothing more than beautiful shells – impressive on the outside but lacking in substance on the inside.

Jun Xiaomo firmly believed that only by staying down-to-earth and diligently forging ahead, then can the resulting strength truly be called one’s own.  

But unlike Jun Xiaomo, Yu Wanrou did not have such epiphanies. She made full use of the spirit spring to transform her body. Under the cleansing effect of the spirit spring, her trash-grade spiritual root transformed into a heavenly-grade spiritual root. Her complexion also gradually improved as though she constantly bathed in moonlight – her skin grew white and glossy; smooth and delicate. With this, not only did she succeed in earning the favour from a Pill Cauldron Peak Sect Elder, she also finally captured the attention of Qin Lingyu.

Yu Wanrou was truly fond of Qin Lingyu. But Qin Lingyu was not the only person whom she paid attention to. Qin Lingyu and Jun Xiaomo had a marriage arrangement, and Yu Wanrou deeply hated Jun Xiaomo – that talented love rival who had powerful backing behind her.  

Worse, Jun Xiaomo also reminded her of the stepsister in her previous life who had caused her death. They had the same powerful backing and the same headstrong and unruly nature. It was as though all of the world’s desirable things could be obtained without any effort on their part. Why was this the case? 

Yu Wanrou longed to see for herself the look on Jun Xiaomo’s face the moment she realizes that everything she had has been taken away. That face that would be filled with such dejection and despondency – it would be absolutely delightful!

Therefore, Yu Wanrou had always put up a weak appearance, so that whenever a conflict arose, others would instinctively take her side and find fault with Jun Xiaomo.

At this moment, Yu Wanrou held onto the jade bottle containing her spirit spring water. However, her eyes revealed a trace of indecision.

She initially wanted to drink it all up and recover completely, but then her thoughts lingered on the fact that Jun Xiaomo had hurt her so badly this time. How could she take it lying down and not teach Jun Xiaomo a lesson?!

After pondering for a moment, Yu Wanrou placed the bottle back into her clothes, and retrieved a Messenger Paper Crane from her Interspatial Ring.

“Help…help me……” After weakly articulating these few words, Yu Wanrou made a few hand seals and cast a spell on the Messenger Paper Crane. As her hands were stained with blood, the Messenger Paper Crane also had two blood-red fingerprints imprinted on it.

After releasing her hand, the Messenger Paper Crane flew off. Yu Wanrou knew that this Messenger Paper Crane would fly directly towards where Qin Lingyu lived.

Lingyu, you will definitely save me…right?

A soft and sweet smile shone on Yu Wanrou’s face, yet her eyes glistened with cunning and trickery.

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