Chapter 109: Sadistic Second Prince

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

“Hehe, Little Mo is truly audacious to have entered my residence alone. You truly deserve your place in my sights.” The second prince licked his lips as a roaring flame of passion ignited in his coquettish eyes, “What’s the matter? Where’s your dear knight in shining armor? Is he at ease that you’re coming alone to meet this prince at night?”

Jun Xiaomo chuckled lightly. There was not a single shred of anxiety on her face as she slowly replied, “The second prince likes to joke. Brother Ye and I are just regular friends, and it wouldn’t be right to describe him as my knight in shining armor.”

“Oh? Are you only regular friends?” The second prince responded with a meaningful gaze in his eyes. He had deliberately emphasized the word “regular”.

Jun Xiaomo raised her eyebrows, “That’s right. What other kind of relationship could we possibly have? Besides, second prince’s residence isn’t a tiger’s lair. Since it can’t swallow me or devour me, then there’s no reason for me to be afraid and cautious, right? Don’t you agree, second prince?”

“Hahaha…well said! This prince’s residence cannot be said to be a tiger’s lair at all. This residence is in fact a place where Little Mo can relax and enjoy life.” The second prince spoke suggestively. Then, he clapped his hands twice, and two beautiful women wearing nothing more than a translucent, silk-like cloth covering their bodies strutted out from the side of the courtyard, each of them holding a tray. Several bottles of wine were placed atop these trays, and the corks on these bottles had already been removed for their convenience. As these ladies walked along, the fragrance of the wine began to diffuse throughout every corner of the courtyard.

Then, the two beauties began to place the bottles of wine onto the stone table just beside the second prince. They even prepared the wine cups and wine carafes. After they had set up the table, they bowed courteously at the second prince and reported, “Please enjoy, your highness.”

“Good~” As the second prince responded, he ran the back of his hand along each of their bodies, all the while keeping his eyes transfixed on Jun Xiaomo’s body.

It was as though the body he was touching was that of the “young man” in front of him right now.

This was the first time that Jun Xiaomo had encountered someone who brazenly defied the taboos in this world and lusted after “his” body so blatantly. If the second prince weren’t a prince of the Inferno Kingdom, she might not have been able to resist the urge to send a Thunderbolt Talisman flying straight at his disgusting eyes!

It would be best if that pair of lecherous eyes could be completely destroyed.

Even though she were extremely fed up in her heart, she did not reveal any of these thoughts outwardly. She simply continued to observe the second prince’s actions with indifference.

Those two ladies had thought that they had been invited over to wait upon the second prince and Yao Mo. As the second prince continued to tease them, they appeared flushed with embarrassment and shy as they continued to laugh melodiously with the second prince. Then, after a few moments, the second prince impatiently waved his hands and dismissed them.

Immediately, their laughter seized up, but they did not dare to show any displeasure or resistance. They bowed once again, before they took their leave in a plaintive manner.

Just before they left, one of the ladies even sized up Yao Mo’s appearances, and she immediately understood the second prince’s intentions – he had a new prey to subdue.

I’m afraid it’s not going to be too long before this courtyard’s going to welcome its newest addition. After all, this is not the first time the second prince has forcibly seized possession of a prey.

As that lady thought about these things, deplorable and bewailing thoughts arose in her heart, and she decided to shelf these for now and leave this place.

After the two beauties had left, the second prince Rong Yebin once again turned towards Yao Mo with renewed vigor and passion. In contrast with the two beauties that had just taken their leave, he was evidently still far more intrigued by Yao Mo whom he just couldn’t lay his grasp on.

“Since Little Mo knows how to appreciate a good wine, this prince has especially prepared some delectable, aged wine for our thorough enjoyment. How about it? Is Little Mo happy? Are you pleased?”

Jun Xiaomo strode over towards the table with a little bit of a swagger, before pouring out a cup of wine for both the second prince and herself. Then, she raised her wine cup respectfully and made a toast to the second prince as she exclaimed, “Many thanks to the second prince for the bestowment of wine.” As she said that, she downed the cup of wine in one shot and remarked, “Good wine!”

The second prince laughed heartily as he reciprocated, “Excellent! Forthright!”. Then, he too, downed the cup of wine in a shot.

After drinking this cup of wine, Jun Xiaomo curled her lips up to a smile and continued to gaze at the second prince with a pensive look as she said, “Second prince, you haven’t forgotten the true reason why I’m here, have you?”

The second prince wiped his lips with his index finger as he replied, “Of course this prince hasn’t. Look, isn’t the Blackmoon Grass right here?”

As he said that, the second prince knocked twice on the exquisite box containing the stalk of Blackmoon Grass.

Jun Xiaomo glanced over suspiciously at the box containing the Blackmoon Grass, before she turned her attention back to the second prince and cautiously responded, “Second prince, I wonder if you would mind opening the box so that I can inspect its contents?”

“What’s the matter? Are you afraid that this prince will trick you?” The second prince pretended to be displeased as he skirted the question.

Jun Xiaomo continued to smile faintly at the second prince, but she remained taciturn.

“Alright, since Little Mo wishes to ascertain the contents of the box, then this prince shall bestow you that honour.” With that, the second prince opened the box towards Jun Xiaomo.

As the box opened, a dim shimmer emanated from within the box. Under the illumination of the moonlight, that stalk of Blackmoon Grass appeared to be beautiful and flawless, just like a single stalk of flower that blossomed in the dead of the night.

Jun Xiaomo’s finger twitched, and she slowly clenched her fists tightly.

The second prince noticed Jun Xiaomo’s little reactions to the sight of the Blackmoon Grass, and he immediately grew more confident in subduing his prey tonight.

He was not afraid of Yao Mo coveting that stalk of Blackmoon Grass. Conversely, the more Yao Mo coveted the Blackmoon Grass, the more likely the second prince was to get what he wanted!

At this moment, the second prince once again closed the box containing the Blackmoon Grass as he leisurely queried, “Little Mo, I’m sure you’ve heard of the term – fair trade – haven’t you? Since you’re here, what do you intend to use in exchange for this, hmm?”

“I’ll offer you three times the price you’ve paid for this stalk of Blackmoon Grass. What do you say?” Jun Xiaomo suggested with indifference.

“Haha…” The second prince shook his head, and a lascivious gleam flashed across his eyes as he responded coyly, “Little Mo, oh Little Mo, are you truly naïve, or are you feigning ignorance now? This prince is the crown prince of an entire kingdom – I can get anything I want! Do you think that I’ll covet that few measly spirit stones from you?”

Jun Xiaomo lifted her eyes as she responded wryly, “I know that the second prince doesn’t lack these few spirit stones. Let me put this differently – establishing a friendship is always better than gaining an adversary. If the second prince is willing to sell to me this stalk of Blackmoon Grass at three times the purchase price, then I will be able to maintain a cordial relationship with the second prince. There’s everything to gain, and nothing to lose, don’t you agree?”

“Oh? Are you saying that if this prince doesn’t sell the Blackmoon Grass to you, then you’re going to view this prince as an adversary?”

“Of course I wouldn’t dare to.” Jun Xiaomo made a fist and palm salute to the second prince.

“Haha, as this prince sees it, it’s not that Little Mo doesn’t dare to. Rather, you’re just feigning ignorance… Well, let me put this across unequivocally. This prince is not interested in establishing a friendship with you at all. Rather, this prince is simply…interested in Little Mo.” As the second prince finished speaking, he immediately caught Jun Xiaomo’s sleeve with one swift grab and attempted to pull her into an embrace.

A vicious gleam instantly flashed across Jun Xiaomo’s eyes, and she retrieved a spirit sword from her Interspatial Ring and slashed at the second prince with one smooth action.

However, the second prince swayed his body and easily avoided Jun Xiaomo’s attacks. As he dodged about, he coldly chuckled, “Yao Mo, do you think you can defeat this prince? If you know what’s good for you, then lie down obediently and let me have a taste of you. Otherwise, as soon as my patience wears thin, I’ll make sure you thoroughly experience an immense agony!”

That’s right. Not only did the second prince enjoy seizing what was not his and collecting various kinds of beauties as his “spoils of war”, he even had abusive, sadistic tendencies.

Whenever the second prince encountered beauties who refused to submit to him – even on their deathbed – they would invariably be put through incredible inhumane abuse after the second prince has had his way with them. Those who were lucky would be able to escape with their lives intact. However, there were several beauties who had perished in this manner as well.

Of course, this was a well-concealed secret that stayed within the four walls of the Inferno Kingdom’s palace grounds. None of the palace maids or eunuchs dared to wag their lips and spread word of this for fear of their lives. This was one of the main reasons why the grand eunuch who knew about these things only continued to watch on silently or turn a blind eye to these things.

This was also why the grand eunuch had expressed his sympathy and pity towards Yao Mo once he ascertained that the second prince had made him into his next target.

He knew that if Yao Mo remained unyielding until the very end, then once the second prince’s patience wore thin, Yao Mo was almost certainly going to meet with a tragic fate. He knew that the meagre First-Seat Disciple of Heavenly Peak did not possess the abilities to rescue Yao Mo. In fact, it might not even be enough if the Heavenly Peak’s Peakmaster personally came to rescue Yao Mo. After all, the second prince had the backing of the Inferno Kingdom’s Grand Vizier, who possess a cultivation level far higher than most others.

When the second prince’s grand eunuch led Jun Xiaomo over to this place, he had already anticipated what Jun Xiaomo’s fate was going to be – either compromise, or be forcibly used, tormented and discarded like those who came before him.

Jun Xiaomo had been completely kept in the dark about these things. However, the hidden intentions concealed within the second prince’s gaze was not unfamiliar to her.

In her previous life, Jun Xiaomo had encountered several demonic cultivators who possessed similar eccentricities of abusing their “spoils of war”. In fact, some of these demonic cultivators would make it a point to torment their targets to their heart’s content before finally draining these targets dry of all their cultivation.

Demonic cultivators were not limited to conventional cultivation methods to increase their abilities – some demonic cultivators who coveted quick gains would even resort to absorbing the cultivation of others and seizing their abilities for themselves.

This was one of the reasons why demonic cultivators attracted the contempt and rancor of everyone else. Even though this was clearly a stereotype or hasty generalization of all demonic cultivators, it did not change the fact that these demonic cultivators lived by morals that were so depraved that the world began to view demonic cultivators with increasing intolerance.

When these depraved demonic cultivators sought to torment Jun Xiaomo in her previous life, she repaid every single bit of their repulsive intentions with interest. Right now, even though she was temporarily unable to deal with the second prince in the same manner, this did not prevent her from giving him a slight taste of his own medicine.

At this moment, Jun Xiaomo tossed out a Thunderbolt Talisman towards the second prince. However, the second prince easily avoided it as he mocked, “Do you think that you’ll be able to put up any form of resistance with just your cultivation at the second level of Qi Mastery?”

The second level of Qi Mastery and the twelfth level of Qi Mastery. There was a chasm of ten levels’ worth of abilities between the two of them. Jun Xiaomo’s speed wasn’t even something that the second prince had to concern himself with.

However, how could Jun Xiaomo be unaware of all these? She had never intended for the Thunderbolt Talisman to strike the second prince to begin with!

The Thunderbolt Talisman exploded right in front of the second prince’s eyes with a dazzling flash of light. Even though the second prince had operated his spiritual energies to shield his body, the blinding light was something that the second prince wasn’t able to avoid!

“Ahhhhh! My eyes!!”

The second prince reflexively shut both eyes, and the pain in his eyes caused him to recoil and retreat two steps back.

Jun Xiaomo’s lips curled into a wicked smile. Just as she was about to continue with her attacks, the second prince suddenly waved his hands, channeling his spiritual energy towards a nearby location. Then, in the next moment, Jun Xiaomo found a formation array appearing underneath her feet.

It’s a Confinement Array!

Jun Xiaomo was frozen in her tracks, and she realized that she could no longer take any step forward.

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