Chapter 114: The Moment of Confusion and Passion

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Ye Xiuwen reeled in shock for a moment before he managed to collect himself. Then, the first thing that he noticed was how the heat emanating from Jun Xiaomo seemed to burrow through their clothing and onto his skin, causing his chest to experience a burning sensation.

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes darkened instantly. His rationality told him that he should strongly resist Jun Xiaomo’s advances. However, his body seemed to ignore the commands of his rational mind, and both of his hands remained frozen there in shock.

Jun Xiaomo’s soul could hardly be considered young or immature. After all, she had at one point in her previous life even been pregnant with child. At this moment, she clutched tightly at Ye Xiuwen’s neck as she tilted her head back with sensual delight. Her small delicate tongue crept out of the small crevice between her lips as though she were attempting to savour a delicacy placed right in front of her lips.

But her efforts were in vain. The tip of her tongue darted about Ye Xiuwen’s lips like a dragonfly skirted about the surface of a water body, but it couldn’t find an entry point. After thoroughly moistening Ye Xiuwen’s slightly parched lips, Jun Xiaomo retracted her tongue back into her mouth and continued to press her lips against Ye Xiuwen’s lips as she heaved and gulped sensually.

Jun Xiaomo’s eyes were extremely hazy, and her cheeks were slightly flushed as though she were intoxicated. However, though cheeky and mischievous, her actions had not come close to the line of debauchery or depravity. Rather, her earlier kiss was filled with a sense of sincerity that came from the bottom of her heart, as though she were communicating her deepest emotions to the person of her dreams.

At the same time, Ye Xiuwen reacted as though Jun Xiaomo had placed him under a bewitching spell. He finally lifted his hands and gently wrapped his arms around Jun Xiaomo’s nimble body as he embraced her.

“Martial brother…” Jun Xiaomo called out once more. Her voice sounded both aggrieved and bewildered at the same time –

She was thoroughly aggrieved because the discomfort in her body had not dissipated in the slightest, and her body continued to feel as though it were being immolated by an all-consuming fire – it would not subside no matter what she did. At the same time, she was bewildered as to why the person standing in front of her was simply watching her suffer without lending any assistance to alleviate this suffering at all…

If Jun Xiaomo had not lost her rationality, she would never have done all these shameful deeds to Ye Xiuwen – not over her dead body. But right now, she had lost all sense of rationality, and everything she did was purely based on her primal instincts.

Then, Jun Xiaomo opened her eyes again. This time, her gaze was filled with a naïve sense of ignorance that seemed akin to a newborn animal. It was a gaze filled with reliance, laced with a trace of the profundity of life.

In this moment of discombobulation, Ye Xiuwen could hardly tell whether the person in front of him was Yao Mo or Jun Xiaomo.

Regardless, something seemed to click within Ye Xiuwen’s mind, and the walls that he had built up around his heart began to collapse. He lightly shifted his hand around to the back of Jun Xiaomo’s head and pulled her into a tighter kiss. Jun Xiaomo didn’t resist it either. In fact, she tilted her head backwards even more in delight, as though she were presenting herself ripe for “harvest”.

Ye Xiuwen applied a little bit more force, and he managed to pry open Jun Xiaomo’s teeth. Then, he began to wrap and tangle his tongue with hers as they tangoed to his lead.

Jun Xiaomo had earlier already consumed some wine at the second prince’s residence. Right now, as her body heated up in tandem with their blossoming passion, the fragrance of alcohol that wafted out from her lips and nose became even more apparent. Just like that, the faint aroma of alcohol danced between the two entangled bodies as intoxication began to fill this night of passion.

Ye Xiuwen had thoroughly cast off any resistance stemming from his rationality. His thirst for the person in his bosom was like the floodwaters gushing out of a dam that had just been breached. This dam could never be closed again.

This had been a long and lingering kiss. But right now, time stood still for Ye Xiuwen who had completely immersed himself in the delight of this kiss.

It was only when Jun Xiaomo grew slightly breathless and let out a small moan that Ye Xiuwen relented for a moment. But it was only a moment. After Jun Xiaomo managed to catch her breath, Ye Xiuwen once again kissed Jun Xiaomo with renewed vigor and passion.

It had to be said that Ye Xiuwen ordinarily behaved in a cool, composed and even passive manner. Yet the present Ye Xiuwen was like a completely different person – his every action was imbued with immense initiative and the desire to seize!

Despite this, Ye Xiuwen could hardly care less about his ostensible change in his personality right now.

Just when their breathing grew haggard and things were about to escalate to the next stage of passion, an intense portent of crisis swelled up from within as a sense of danger rushed at Ye Xiuwen’s back!

In one smooth action, Ye Xiuwen pulled Jun Xiaomo into his embrace, unsheathed his Frostburn Sword and slashed behind where he originally stood.

The sword intent from this slash flew ahead, instantly slicing in two the enormous trees in its path like they were butter. However, the woods remained completely still and silent. It was as though that portent of crisis had been nothing more than a mere illusion.

However, Ye Xiuwen trusted his instincts and knew that this was no illusion. He released his divine sense and thoroughly probed about his surroundings with vigilance.

The right side!

A black figure flickered as it rushed towards Ye Xiuwen from his side. Ye Xiuwen’s reflexes were extremely quick. Within moments, Ye Xiuwen was completely locked in combat with this black figure.

However, this black figure’s abilities were greater than Ye Xiuwen’s to begin with. Furthermore, Ye Xiuwen was concerned that the black figure would hurt Jun Xiaomo if he put her down. Therefore, he continued to hold her in his embrace as he fought off the advances of the black figure without a single thought of setting her down.

Naturally, this obstructed his ability to fight. The black figure’s speed was at least as fast as Ye Xiuwen’s, if not more. There were a few instances that Ye Xiuwen only managed to dodge the black figure’s attacks by a hair’s breadth. On other instances, Ye Xiuwen would even throw his body in the way of the black figure’s attacks in order to protect Jun Xiaomo.

As the fight went on under such circumstances, the number of wounds on Ye Xiuwen’s body continued to increase as it got more and more difficult for him to deal with the incoming attacks.

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes darkened, and he resolved in his heart that when push came to shove, he would think of a way to let Yao Mo use an Escape Scroll to get away safely, while he would personally lure this unknown assailant away from Yao Mo.

By now, the effects of the Euphoria-Stimulating Incense had thoroughly manifested itself in Jun Xiaomo’s body. Then, when Ye Xiuwen passionately locked lips with Jun Xiaomo earlier, any remaining sense of rationality within Jun Xiaomo had been completely overwhelmed and evicted from her mind.

However, as the number of wounds on Ye Xiuwen’s body began to increase, the stench of blood and the vigorous movement of their bodies began to rouse Jun Xiaomo from her stupor and shake off the effects of the Euphoria-Stimulating Incense. As a result, Jun Xiaomo gradually began to return to her senses.

As clarity began to permeate her mind, the first thing that Jun Xiaomo noticed was how Ye Xiuwen’s clothes had been stained a sharp crimson red from the wounds on his body. Then, the stench of blood assaulted her olfactory senses – it was obvious that the blood was Ye Xiuwen’s.

“Brother Ye!” Jun Xiaomo clutched anxiously at Ye Xiuwen’s clothes as she noticed the black figure launch another flurry of attacks at Ye Xiuwen once more.

Jun Xiaomo’s cry momentarily seized Ye Xiuwen’s attention and diverted his focus away from the difficult skirmish he was engaged in. As a result, his reactions to the black figure’s attacks came a split second later.

In a battle, any momentary loss of focus such as this could potentially cost one his life. Just as the black figure’s attacks were about to hit Ye Xiuwen, Jun Xiaomo’s heart constricted in fear. In that moment of panic, she pushed Ye Xiuwen away to safety and placed herself directly in harm’s way!

This entire series of events had occurred as a manifestation of her basic instincts that were deeply ingrained in her heart. There was only one thought running through her mind right now – that is, she was not going to let her martial brother die because of her ever again!

Ye Xiuwen had never expected Yao Mo to do such a thing for him. Thus, his heart stopped, and he almost lost his mind when it occurred to him what Yao Mo had just done.

Unexpectedly, the black figure came to a complete halt in front of Jun Xiaomo.

“First prince?!” Jun Xiaomo gave away the assailant’s identity as she blurted out in astonishment.

Shouldn’t the first prince be in the inn? She had clearly restrained the first prince and her little packrat within the domain of her Confinement Array earlier. How could the first prince be here? Furthermore, the first prince’s body was clearly roiling with dreadful demonic energy right now. Just what in the world was going on?!

A series of questions immediately popped up in Jun Xiaomo’s mind. However, the first prince continued to gaze deeply at her. His eyes were densely filled with an air of vicious and macabre intent.

Ye Xiuwen had also recoiled in shock when he heard Jun Xiaomo refer to the assailant as “first prince”. He heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that Jun Xiaomo was not hurt. At the same time, he looked solemnly at his assailant and size up the man who had been attacking him – outstanding, deep features; sharp, expressive brows, replete with a pair of eyes that were filled with an evil-looking gaze. It was as though he was a spirit that had escaped from the depths of hell in the cover of the night.

No wonder Little Mo can immediately tell at one glance the identity of this assailant. His looks are indeed unique and outstanding.

Even though the first prince was no longer poised for attack, Ye Xiuwen continued to remain vigilant. He took two steps forward, stepped in front of Jun Xiaomo and shielded her behind his back as he brandished his Frostburn Sword in front of him.

“Aaoooo!” The first prince’s eyes erupted with a vicious intent and he once again got on all fours as he lunged towards Ye Xiuwen.

Jun Xiaomo grimaced. She immediately retrieved a Heart Purging Pill from her Interspatial Ring and yelled at the first prince, “Little Han, over here!”

The first prince’s name was Rong Ruihan. However, whenever he lost all rationality and transformed into that half-man, half-beast state, the first prince would never respond to his first name. Instead, he only responded to references such as “Little Han” or other similar pet-names.

The first time that Jun Xiaomo discovered this, she was completely rendered speechless. However, as time went by, she grew more and more accustomed to it, as though it had become second nature. In fact, she had even begun to treat the first prince who had lost all rationality as a pet, just like how she had treated her little packrat…

As expected, in that moment that Jun Xiaomo bellowed “Little Han”, the first prince stopped attacking and turned its attention eagerly towards Jun Xiaomo.

That obsequious expression on his fact right now was almost akin to when a large-sized pet hears its master calling it.

Jun Xiaomo held the Heart Purging Pill in her hand, imbued it with her spiritual energy and gave it a quick flick. Under the effects of her spiritual energy, the Heart Purging Pill very quickly found its way into the first prince’s mouth.

Truth be told, resorting to the Heart Purging Pill while the demonic energy was wreaking havoc within the first prince’s body was not a good solution. This was because the demonic energy would have nowhere else to go, and the resultant demonic backlash would be even greater.

However, Jun Xiaomo could hardly think of a better solution at this moment. Overnight, the amount of demonic energy wreaking havoc within Rong Ruihan’s body had not only lessened – it had even increased! If she did not do anything to counteract this surge of demonic energy and suppress the condition in his body, the first prince might possibly end up losing all rationality for good and become nothing more than a wild beast without any cognitive functions.

Once the Heart Purging Pill entered his lips, Rong Ruihan shut his mouth and swallowed it with a gulp.

Then, just as Jun Xiaomo motioned towards Rong Ruihan’s side, Ye Xiuwen immediately gripped onto her arm tightly.

Jun Xiaomo turned back in shock as she stared at Ye Xiuwen. Ye Xiuwen was no longer wearing his veiled conical hat at the moment, and she could finally see the expressions in his eyes.

Worry, anxiety, and there were even some expressions that were rather peculiar and unfamiliar to her…

“It’s fine, I’m just going to check on that fella. His current condition isn’t quite right.” Jun Xiaomo patted Ye Xiuwen’s hands as she reassured him.

Then, Ye Xiuwen let go of Jun Xiaomo’s hands. Even though he had not raised any objections, a trace of internal struggle could still be seen in his eyes.

After Rong Ruihan had swallowed the Heart Purging Pill, the tumultuous demonic energy roiling about his body subsided substantially. The redness of his bloodshot eyes had even dwindled slightly.

“Little Han, give me your hand. Let me take a look.” Jun Xiaomo patted Rong Ruihan’s arms as she instructed.

Ye Xiuwen tightened his grasp around his Frostburn Sword, evidently afraid that Rong Ruihan would suddenly attack Yao Mo.

Unexpectedly, Rong Ruihan only glanced over lazily at Jun Xiaomo, before obediently stretching out his right hand. Then, Jun Xiaomo placed three fingers onto Rong Ruihan’s wrist and sent a thread of demonic energy probing about Rong Ruihan’s Dantian and meridians to observe his body’s condition.

It was at this moment that Jun Xiaomo finally discovered that, apart from that demonic core which had already been wreaking havoc within his body, there was now another immense source of demonic energy within his body.

“Little Han, why are you always eating all sorts of nonsense?” Jun Xiaomo retracted her hand and rapped Rong Ruihan on the head as she chided, “Demonic energy isn’t something that you can just eat and accumulate without regard or restraint. If you accumulate too much of it and you can’t absorb it in time, you might even explode and die, understand?”

Jun Xiaomo found herself unable to harden her heart against the first prince as he behaved like a large dog. After all, she had always liked little animals to begin with. Her little packrat was one; and she viewed “Little Han” as another.

“Ao!” The first prince yowled in a husky voice. However, nobody else around could understand what it was trying to say.

Gradually, under the effects of the Heart Purging Pill, the first prince’s “beast-transformation” was suppressed, and his eyelids slowly drooped over his eyes…

The towering man collapsed as soon as his eyes were completely shut. Jun Xiaomo held onto his body, intending to lend the first prince a hand. Yet the weight of the first prince proved to be too much. Under his weight, she also fell forward, landing onto the first prince’s body as he slammed into the ground.

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes darkened, and he immediately shot forward and gave Jun Xiaomo a hand.

As Jun Xiaomo scrambled off the first prince’s body, she suddenly found herself caught within Ye Xiuwen embrace once again. He even wrapped his arms tightly around her waist.

Ye Xiuwen was truly unwilling to see Yao Mo lying on the first prince’s body. And this was despite him being absolutely certain that there was nothing peculiar going on between Yao Mo and the first prince.

Are there really no other feelings involved? As he thought about how the first prince seemed to be especially obedient to Yao Mo, Ye Xiuwen couldn’t help but doubt his eyes as he furrowed his brows.

“Brother Ye…ungh…” Jun Xiaomo furrowed her brows as well. Earlier, the stench of blood emanating from Ye Xiuwen’s body had temporarily repressed the effects of the Euphoria-Stimulating Incense. As a result, it brought a short moment of reprieve to Jun Xiaomo’s mind, allowing her to momentarily regain her clarity of mind. Now that things had been resolved and the stench of blood was gone, the effects of the Euphoria-Stimulating Incense once again manifested itself.

Jun Xiaomo was completely unaware of what she and Ye Xiuwen had done in her earlier moment of stupor. Furthermore, she now found herself fading in and out of her state of semi-consciousness again. At the same time, she knew that she did not want to reveal to Ye Xiuwen the vulgar expressions that the Euphoria-Stimulating Incense would bring out in a person when it manifested completely. Therefore, while she clung furiously to that modicum of rationality residing within her mind, she immediately retrieved some paper and a brush from her Interspatial Ring and began drawing the shape of the Soul Acuity Grass.

Jun Xiaomo was sprawled all over the floor, and her body quivered as she struggled with each stroke of the brush. Wave after wave of emptiness ebbed away at her senses, causing her great discomfort.

Ye Xiuwen did not do anything to stop Jun Xiaomo. However, when he noticed how Yao Mo was drawing the shape of the Soul Acuity Grass in such a painstaking manner, it suddenly dawned on him that his earlier moment of unrestraint was extremely uncharacteristic of him – and he felt extremely shameful about it.

After all, Yao Mo’s heart had always been fixated on that martial brother of his, yet he had taken advantage of this and kissed Yao Mo.

Just then, a drop of sweat landed on the ground and seeped through the surface of the soil. Jun Xiaomo hand tremored, and the brush slipped out of his hand and landed on the ground with a “clack”.

The drawing was finally complete, and she was already at her limits. She eased up on her focus ever so slightly, and the effects of the Euphoria-Stimulating Incense once again overwhelmed her senses and consumed her rationality.

Jun Xiaomo’s hands weakened, and her entire body collapsed to the ground. Fortunately, Ye Xiuwen managed to support her in the nick of time and held her closely in his bosom.

The fragrance from Ye Xiuwen’s body once again assaulted Jun Xiaomo’s olfactory senses, “Martial brother…” Jun Xiaomo rubbed his head gingerly against Ye Xiuwen’s chest as she hazily lifted her head towards Ye Xiuwen.

This time, Ye Xiuwen no longer had possessed any untoward thoughts against Jun Xiaomo. He caressed Jun Xiaomo’s pouting and slightly swollen lips with his thumb as he calmly said, “Don’t worry, Little Mo. I’ll definitely help you locate the Soul Acuity Grass.”

Deep within Ye Xiuwen’s heart, he resolved to thoroughly forget everything that had happened this very night.

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