Chapter 172: Grand Arrival of Du Clan’s Head

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

This unexpected development weighed heavily on Jun Xiaomo’s heart like a huge rock. There was no longer a trace of smile on Jun Xiaomo’s face, and her crestfallen expression cast a dark shadow over her face.

Just then, a warm and firm hand pressed on Jun Xiaomo’s head and patted it.

“Mum…” Jun Xiaomo came back to her senses and turned to look behind her.

“You’re just seventeen years-old. Leave these things to the adults. Don’t think too much about it. Just focus on your competition at hand.” Liu Qingmei’s soft and warm voice cajoled her.

A trace of warmth washed across her heart and the ends of her lips curled into a faint smile. Jun Xiaomo nodded her head as she lightly responded, “Mm, alright. Mum, don’t worry about me.”

Liu Qingmei found that her daughter had never been truly happy ever since Ye Xiuwen’s disappearance from the Sect. But she knew that no amount of consolation would be able to rouse her daughter from this faint stupor of hers. Her daughter had to recover on her own.

After patting her daughter’s shoulder, Liu Qingmei returned back to her husband’s side.

The Secondary Inter-Sect Competition were separated to two main segments. The first component was individual battles, which was subdivided into the Lower Category, the Middle Category and the Open Category, while the other component was group battles. The group battles were slated to take place after the conclusion of the individual battles.

Both the individual battles and group battles were conducted in the style of elimination brackets. In other words, as soon as one lost a battle, that person would immediately be eliminated from the rest of the competition. There were no second chances.

The first day begun with the Lower Category competition, which was none other than the competition between cultivators from the first to the eighth level of Qi Mastery. There was generally an unwritten rule that sects would send their weaker disciples up to take the stage first, before sending out increasingly stronger disciples as time went by.

Naturally, there were exceptions to this. For example, Jun Xiaomo was not slated to compete today despite the fact that her cultivation level was only at the fifth level of Qi Mastery – one of the lowest among all who were participating in these competitions.

“Why isn’t martial sister Xiaomo making her appearance today? The other sects might very possibly be sending out their own core disciples tomorrow! How would martial sister Xiaomo be able to defeat them?!” Wei Gaolang bemoaned with indignation.

The order of participation was entirely up to the Sect Elders to decide. In fact, they had sent most of Dawn Sect’s weakest disciples to take the stage today, with the exception of Jun Xiaomo. If Jun Xiaomo did not take the stage today, then she was bound to take the stage in the next few days. The later she made her appearance, the more likely she would be to meet a strong opponent.

“Perhaps what they’re trying to do is to get us Heavenly Peak disciples eliminated right at the outset.” Martial brother Chen coldly made his conjecture, as his assessment of the Sect Elders worsened by the minute.

Perhaps they’re hoping that I would die on the arena, or maybe provoke the demonic energy in my body so much that I would suffer from a demonic outburst in front of all of these spiritual cultivators.

Wasn’t this exactly what happened in the past? They made the demonic energy in my body erupt in front of other guests, making it incredibly difficult for father and mother to explain themselves. In the end, they had no choice but to hide me from the persecutors.

Jun Xiaomo derided in her heart as a frigid intent flickered across the depths of her pupils.

Regardless, she had resolved that she was going to keep all of her thoughts to herself. She was not afraid that her loved ones from Heavenly Peak would despise or abandon her. She simply didn’t want them to worry for her.

She knew that no matter what she had become, the lovely people from Heavenly Peak would never abandon her. Just like in her previous life, they would continue to protect her; and they would continue to protect the Peak until they drew their very last breaths.


Just as Jun Xiaomo had expected, the Dawn Sect’s Sect Elders had arranged the order such that Jun Xiaomo was one of the last few disciples to make her appearance. They had done so precisely in the hope that she would be eliminated from the competition right from the outset.

Of course, it was not every single Sect Elder that had maliciously hoped for something to happen to Jun Xiaomo. For example, the Seventh Elder, Yu Zhuolian, had never harboured any thoughts of annihilating the Heavenly Peak.

But at the same time, she was only prepared to withhold her assistance. She had decided to be a passive observer in these entire proceedings. In fact, there were a number of others who had similarly chosen self-preservation over what was right.

This was one of the reasons why, in Jun Xiaomo’s previous life, few people had stepped out to render their assistance to the Heavenly Peak even after discovering that Jun Xiaomo had been framed. Everyone had simply been minding their own business.

After an entire day of competitions, He Zhang finally retired to his own room. To his surprise, someone else was already there, waiting for him. That person had even helped himself to the tea in his room, and was presently seated at the table, appreciating a steaming cup of hot tea.

He Zhang was momentarily stunned, before he hurriedly took a few steps forward and respectfully bowed as he said, “Pardon me for my rudeness and ignorance. I was unaware of the Du Clan Head’s arrival.”

“Alright, dispense with the formalities. Don’t be annoying.” The guest waved his hand without even looking at He Zhang, as though He Zhang were no more than a mere ornament within the room.

Yet He Zhang was hardly angry at all. He remained absolutely polite and courteous as he cautiously responded, “Yes.”

If other Dawn Sect disciples were present to witness this sight, they might find themselves in such disbelief that they would even suspect that this was an illusion. After all, with He Zhang’s stature, who would dare be disrespectful to him? Who dared to incite the wrath of this powerful man?

But there was in fact a person who dared to treat He Zhang with such insolence, and he was none other than the man seated in front of He Zhang right now.

He dared to do so because his stature was far higher than He Zhang’s. In fact, it was far higher than what He Zhang could even hope to achieve in his entire lifetime. If this man had wanted to kill He Zhang, it was as simple as the snap of his fingers. Even the Sect Elders might not dare to seek vengeance on He Zhang’s behalf if this happened.

He was none other than a clan head of one of the eight great sects, Du Clan Head, Du Ruiguang.

He was here for revenge. But naturally, he wasn’t here for He Zhang’s head. Otherwise, there was no way that He Zhang would still be alive by now.

The people he sought was Jun Linxuan, Liu Qingmei and Jun Xiaomo. Consequently, Jun Linxuan’s Heavenly Peak also fell within the ambit of his vengeance.

One year ago, his nephew Du Yongxu had led a team of his Du Clan disciples out for travels, and they had been entrusted the task of picking and harvesting twenty Basilisk Fruits from the Mystic Woods.

This task was not difficult for the entourage that had set out on the travels then. As his martial uncle, Du Ruiguang firmly believed in his nephew’s abilities, and he had expected Du Yongxu to complete his task within the span of two months’ time.

Yet not only did he fail to complete his mission, Du Yongxu and the other disciples had even been reduced to a tragic state and barely escaped death as they used their special spirit tool to return to their clan’s grounds. Some of the disciples’ injuries were particularly grievous, and it took them almost half a year before they could get out of bed once more.

This was something unprecedented in the history of the Du Clan. After all, as long as the Du Clan disciples revealed their background and identity, most cultivators in the world would naturally defer to them.

Of course, whether these other cultivators were willing to defer was something which was outside the scope of the Du Clan’s considerations.

But according to Du Yongxu’s account of what had happened, despite revealing their identity to the cultivators they had encountered, not only did they refuse to hand over their Basilisk Fruit, they even revealed the Du Clan’s secrets and beat up the Du Clan disciples.

As the Clan Head, how could Du Ruiguang simply take this lying down?!

Thus, after analyzing the situation and conducting their own investigations, the Du Clan finally discovered who the perpetrator was.

Ah, I’d thought it was some large clan’s disciples. Who would’ve thought that this was only a measly Secondary Sect Peakmaster and his daughter!

Du Ruiguang initially had the intention of completely annihilating the entire Dawn Sect. From his perspective, it would hardly be an issue if they were to use the Du Clan’s power to wipe out this insignificant Secondary Sect from the face of the earth.

But after he had learnt of He Zhang’s secret schemes against the Heavenly Peak, the Du Clan Head decided to change his approach.

Jun Linxuan was only a Peakmaster after all, and his meagre status did not deserve the involvement of the entire Du Clan. Rather than destroy the entire Dawn Sect and attract the wrath of the rest of the cultivation world, why not let Jun Linxuan and his Peak fall prey to their internal politics and strife instead?

Thus, Du Ruiguang decided that he was going to lend He Zhang a hand and help him carry out his schemes. Furthermore, as the enabler from behind the scenes, he could maintain a front of being completely uninvolved in their matters.

When Du Ruiguang first met up with He Zhang to discuss his plans, He Zhang’s heart could only be described as overjoyed.

He had never expected Jun Linxuan to have offended, of all people, the Du Clan from the eight great sects. The heavens must be on his side!

At the same time, He Zhang was also wary and fearful of Du Ruiguang.

He knew that Du Ruiguang’s abilities were incredible. In fact, he knew that it was so incredible that Du Ruiguang could squish him like an ant whenever he wanted to. This was also why he had tolerated and deferred to Du Ruiguang from the start, despite Du Ruiguang’s arrogance.

Without power, he could only conform. This was one of the undergirding principles of the cultivation world since time immemorial.

From the first meeting to date, Du Ruiguang had already met up with He Zhang for over ten times. Every visit after the first had been with the hope and expectation of seeing results. Yet, each visit had been met with disappointment. At this moment, Du Ruiguang’s patience had long worn thin, and he was increasingly displeased with He Zhang’s progress.

Du Ruiguang had given He Zhang immense support over the last few months, but all He Zhang had achieved had barely scratched the surface of Jun Linxuan’s skin.

If He Zhang was still unable to produce any results by the end of the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition, then Du Ruiguang would have no choice but to cooperate with somebody else.

He Zhang understood this as well. Therefore, he eagerly explained his plans to Du Ruiguang.

“Are you saying that you intend to cause Jun Xiaomo to have a demonic outburst through the competition?” The Du Clan Head squinted his eyes as he tapped the table.

“That’s right. Your junior has such an intention.”

“Ah, but didn’t you say that you’ve already given her an acquired demonic body some time ago? Why hasn’t anything happened yet? In fact, her cultivation has even increased, hasn’t it? Could she be practicing a refinement technique from elsewhere?” The Du Clan Head queried coldly.

“This…She had encountered a demonic cultivator during her travels outside the sect a little while ago. They had even travelled together for some time. I’m afraid that she must have obtained a refinement technique for demonic cultivation from him.” He Zhang hesitated as he spoke, “This junior had checked her meridians and Dantian before. Her body is filled with demonic energy right now. There shouldn’t be any doubts in this regard.”

“I hate hearing things like ‘should’ or ‘maybe’.” Du Ruiguang glared coldly at He Zhang, “Furthermore, I’m not confident in your ability to excite and provoke a demonic outburst from Jun Xiaomo’s body during the course of this competition. You must certainly understand that if she’s practicing a demonic refinement technique, then she would naturally already be employing the use of demonic energy. Do you think it would be so easy to provoke a demonic outburst if that’s the case?”

“This…” He Zhang had not thought so far. He had only thought that Jun Xiaomo’s demonic energy would burst out of her body if she was placed in a dangerous predicament.

“I knew that you buffoons from small sects can’t be relied on. Sigh, do I really have to do everything just so that I can see the results I want?” The Du Clan Head derided as he chuckled bitterly.

A trace of indignation swelled up from the depths of He Zhang’s heart, but he dared not reveal it on his face.

“Take this package. Think of a way to make Jun Xiaomo ingest this before the competition.” Du Ruiguang handed a small packet of powdered substance to He Zhang.

“This is…” He Zhang could not tell what the powdered substance was.

“This is a substance that can thoroughly excite the demonic energy within a demonic cultivator’s body, even when used in small amounts. This is something that demonic cultivators like to use in their cultivation. However…” Du Ruiguang chuckled coldly, “If you use too much of it, then this miraculous herb would become no different from a poison. Not only would the demonic cultivator lose his mind, the demonic energy within their body would even become chaotic and burst out of their body. In serious cases, the demonic cultivator might even find his cultivation crippled. Furthermore, this substance can only be used against demonic cultivators.”

He Zhang received the packet of powder and a bright gleam flashed across his eyes.

“That’s right, there’s one other thing. Find the right opportunity to use it. Don’t waste my efforts locating this powdered substance. These things aren’t easy to find.” The Du Clan Head cautioned dispassionately.

“Yes, this junior is aware. Much thanks to Du Clan Head for your support.” He Zhang obsequiously bowed to Du Ruiguang.

“Hah.” Du Ruiguang chuckled one last time, before he waved his sleeves and vanished from under He Zhang’s eyes.

He Zhang’s room became completely silent and still once more, as though nobody had ever been there. The only evidence of Du Ruiguang’s presence earlier was the lukewarm tea that he had been drinking earlier.

He Zhang wrapped his fingers tightly around the packet of powdered substance, and a wicked smile crept up the corner of his lips.

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