Chapter 183: Obstructing Rong Ruihan

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Rong Ruihan used the quickest means of relaying the message back to the Chi Clan’s residence. But he knew that old man Chi might not have an answer for him so readily.

Thus, Rong Ruihan remained by Jun Xiaomo’s side until it was evening, but Jun Xiaomo still remained unconscious. The silver lining to all of this was that Jun Xiaomo’s condition did not continue to worsen – there was no way for the amount of true energy within her Dantian and meridians to increase on its own, so there was no risk of her imploding and dying in the near future. That said, the true energy within her body continued to clash about with the walls of her meridians and Dantian as long as they were not sorted out and soothed properly. Therefore, Jun Xiaomo remained in a perpetual state of unconsciousness.

Jun Linxuan’s impression of this young man had grown better over time. He deliberated for a moment before relating to Rong Ruihan, “There were quite a number of people who noticed it when you departed the competition grounds while carrying Jun Xiaomo. I’m afraid that the Eternal Summit Sect wouldn’t welcome you on their end anymore.”

The Eternal Summit Sect and the Dawn Sect had always maintained a rivalrous relationship. Thus, the fact that Rong Ruihan was close to someone within the Dawn Sect would almost certainly offend the members of the Eternal Summit Sect.

Rong Ruihan chuckled nonchalantly as he responded, “That’s fine. I’m not someone from the Eternal Summit Sect either.”

The only reason why he had chosen to stay with the Eternal Summit Sect was because he wished to further investigate the culprits who had killed his mother and massacred of the Jiang Clan some years back. His investigations had already turned up some results, and he vaguely knew the truth of the matter. Thus, there was no longer any reason for him to be staying around the members of the Eternal Summit Sect.

In fact, it was only going to be a matter of time before he found a way to take back everything that the Eternal Summit Sect had stolen from him and his clan.

Jun Linxuan noticed a frigid intent flash across Rong Ruihan’s eyes. But Jun Linxuan could hardly care less about his enmity with others as long as that frigid intent was not targeted at his daughter.

“Senior, I’ve still got some matters to take care of, so I might not be able to stay by her side for now.” Rong Ruihan stood up.

“Mm, go ahead.” Jun Linxuan responded curtly.

After leaving Jun Xiaomo’s room, Rong Ruihan made a beeline towards where the Eternal Summit Sect’s inn was located. He intended to check out of the inn and then find another lodging that was closer to the Dawn Sect’s inn.

Everything went on uneventfully, until Rong Ruihan found himself being obstructed by Dai Yue’s party on his way back to the Dawn Sect’s inn.

Dai Yue led several disciples from the Eternal Summit Sect and stood in front of Rong Ruihan’s path of travel.

Rong Ruihan paused for a moment and swept his gaze across each and everyone of the disciples blocking his path. Then, he completely ignored them and continued to make his way forward.

“Wait a minute! Where are you going, brother Rong?” Dai Yue stepped in front of Rong Ruihan and asked with a slightly maddened expression.

“Since when do I have to report where I’m going to you?” Rong Ruihan responded with a rhetoric.

“I knew it! You must be going to look for that slut Jun Xiaomo, aren’t you?!” Dai Yue bemoaned, “I saw you carry her off the competition grounds. What’s so good about her that you fell in love with her the moment you saw her? Are you willing to give your heart to her despite the fact that she’s just a lowly piece of trash?!”

The moment I saw her? Rong Ruihan’s eyes flickered. No, he had never believed in love at first sight.

If not for the series of dreams that he had been having since young, and if not for the fact that he had earlier encountered Yao Mo, then Jun Xiaomo would be no more than a stranger to Rong Ruihan right now.

That said, he did not intend to tell Dai Yue these things. There was simply no need to.

Rong Ruihan couldn’t be bothered to engage in a protracted argument and debate with Dai Yue. Thus, he ignored everyone around, circled around them and began to forge forward once more.

But Dai Yue was relentless. Within moments, she and her entourage of disciples once again blocked Rong Ruihan’s path of travel. This time, they formed a tight human wall in front of Rong Ruihan and completely obstructed his path of travel.

There was no way that Rong Ruihan would be able to circle around them now.

“Dai Yue, what’s the meaning of this?” Rong Ruihan asked dispassionately. There was no way of knowing the state of his mind through the tone of his voice.

“Aren’t my intentions patently clear?” Dai Yue stared intently at Rong Ruihan, “I don’t want brother Rong to leave.”

“So you send these people to block my way?”

“So what if I did? They won’t do anything to brother Rong if you don’t leave.” Dai Yue’s eyes gleamed viciously as she retorted.

Rong Ruihan finally turned his attention to Dai Yue.

“Dai Yue, are you only capable of this? Threatening your father’s disciples so that they would help you to obstruct my way?”

Rong Ruihan’s words were placid and calm, yet Dai Yue picked up on the thick undertones of mockery from within.

“What…what do you mean by threaten?!” Dai Yue felt so humiliated that she grew infuriated. Her face flushed in fury as she barked, “They’ve all followed me of their own volition! Why don’t you ask them, huh?!”

“There’s no need to ask, because their eyes already reveal the state of their hearts and minds right now.” Rong Ruihan calmly explicated, “Truth be told, I feel sorry for your father that he’s got such a daughter like you. If you carry on like this, won’t these martial brothers of yours lose faith and grow wary of you father-daughter-duo? I don’t see any trace of ‘willingness’ in any of their eyes. I only see ‘humiliation’.”

“You!” Dai Yue had never thought that she would hear such incisive comments coming from Rong Ruihan’s lips. The rims of her eyes reddened almost instantly.

Yet Rong Ruihan did not pause to give Dai Yue any opportunity to make her rebuttal. He continued, “Furthermore, even with these poor Eternal Summit Sect disciples here, do you really think you can stop me from leaving? Dai Yue, where did your inflated sense of ego come from?”

“I…you…” Dai Yue panicked. Yet she was rendered momentarily speechless, unable to find the words to respond to Rong Ruihan.

Rong Ruihan noticed that his spiel had derived the results that he had desired. Thus, he began to walk towards Dai Yue and her party of people slowly as well. As he drew closer to the Eternal Summit Sect disciples, he immediately released the oppressive aura from his body that accompanied a cultivator at the advanced-tier Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation.

The entire entourage of Eternal Summit Sect disciples were in the Qi Mastery stage of cultivation, and there was no way they would be able to withstand the powerful, oppressive aura that was approaching them. Thus, they subconsciously took a few steps back in fear.

Just like that, Rong Ruihan walked past Dai Yue and the rest without a hitch.

As she stared blankly at Rong Ruihan’s departing silhouette without any means of stopping him, the rims of Dai Yue’s eyes reddened even more, while the hatred in the depths of her pupils intensified! Her gaze remained transfixed on Rong Ruihan’s back as she bellowed –

“Rong Ruihan! You’re going to regret this! Do you think the backing behind Jun Xiaomo is really so firm and steady? The Heavenly Peak’s fate has already been written in blood. Everyone is glaring at them as a prey to be devoured. Even the Dawn Sect can’t stand their ilk. Rong Ruihan, you’re only going to be implicated with them if you go to their side right now. Just you wait!”

Yet Rong Ruihan completely ignored her.

Dai Yue clenched her fists. She wanted Rong Ruihan to stay behind no matter what. Thus, she ran up to him once more, thinking to grab only Rong Ruihan’s arm and dragging him back. However, she found that Rong Ruihan’s aura had completely blocked her off from getting within a one-meter radius of Rong Ruihan’s body.

Left with no choice, Dai Yue began to plead with him, “Brother Rong, don’t leave, please? I really like you very much… And besides, Jun Xiaomo’s not a good person at all. She’s still got a marriage arrangement with Qin Lingyu, and you don’t even know the extent of her relationship with those martial brothers of hers within the Heavenly Peak. I don’t want brother Rong to be deceived by her appearances…”

Yet Rong Ruihan simply kept walking. He did not even turn his head around to acknowledge Dai Yue’s presence.

By this time, Rong Ruihan had already reached the fork in the road and he was soon about to disappear out of sight.

Jealousy toiled and roiled in Dai Yue’s chest. She began panting, and a manic expression filled her eyes as she bellowed, “Rong Ruihan, you’re going to regret this! I’m not going to let Jun Xiaomo off on the arena!”

This time, Rong Ruihan finally paused in his steps. He turned around and looked dispassionately at Dai Yue.

Dai Yue finally thought that he was going to change his mind about leaving, and a victorious expression began to overlay that vicious expression of hers. But before she could even begin to smile, Rong Ruihan’s response left her completely flabbergasted.

“I believe in Jun Xiaomo. If you compete solely on your abilities, you’re no match for her.”

In other words, unless Dai Yue resorts to some underhanded means, she would never be able to defeat Jun Xiaomo.

After saying his piece, Rong Ruihan turned around and immediately disappeared from sight.

“Ha…haha…what a joke! I’ll lose to a piece of trash at the fifth level of Qi Mastery?!” Dai Yue laughed sardonically, “Rong Ruihan, you truly are crazy.”

That’s right – Rong Ruihan was crazy over Jun Xiaomo. This fact left Dai Yue completely incensed.

“Mar-…martial sister, then are we going to return to the inn now?” A disciple standing beside Dai Yue queried.

“Where else would we go if we don’t return to the inn?! Stay here and be a complete laughingstock?!” Dai Yue glared at the disciple viciously, before turning around and marching towards the inn in fury.

The disciple that she had glared viciously trembled slightly before he ran over and caught up to the rest of the group.

The other disciples looked on at Dai Yue’s back, and a trace of humiliation and indignation swelled up from the depths of their eyes as well. But in the end, they could only collect and suppress these emotions of theirs, lower their heads and run back to Dai Yue’s side.

Rong Ruihan finally returned to the Dawn Sect’s inn and checked with the innkeeper for their availability of rooms. Fortunately, the Dawn Sect’s inn was a rather large one, and they were not fully booked out yet.

After completing the necessary registrations, Rong Ruihan made his way to the third floor of the inn. On his way there, he crossed paths with He Zhang and Qin Lingyu who happened to be making their way down from the upper floors.

As they passed each other by, Rong Ruihan and Qin Lingyu paused in their steps momentarily.

“I never thought that you would dare trespass the spiritual cultivators’ grounds. You’re truly brave, first prince of the Inferno Kingdom.” Qin Lingyu chuckled coldly.

“Just as you’re resilient, I won’t be felled so easily either.” Rong Ruihan calmly remarked.

Qin Lingyu’s eyes squinted. He was already at the secondary-tier Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation, but he was still unable to tell what stage of cultivation Rong Ruihan was at.

There were only two possibilities to this. The first was that there was an artefact on Rong Ruihan’s body that was suppressing his cultivation level; while the other is that Rong Ruihan’s cultivation level was higher than his own.

But was this even possible? Rong Ruihan was hardly any older than him, yet his cultivation level was still higher than his?! Furthermore, he had only managed to achieve a double breakthrough and attain his present cultivation level as a result of using Yu Wanrou’s spiritual waters.

Qin Lingyu’s heart was filled with some uneasiness as he mocked, “Those who are arrogant and prideful fall the hardest and quickest.”

Rong Ruihan glanced nonchalantly back at Qin Lingyu as he retorted, “Same to you.”

After saying his piece, he walked ahead without giving Qin Lingyu any further opportunity to respond to him. Qin Lingyu stared coldly at Rong Ruihan’s back, while a trace of hatred surfaced on his heart.

“Lingyu, who’s that?” He Zhang naturally discovered the tension between his disciple and the young man who had just walked upstairs. He also knew that the young man seemed to be rather close to Jun Xiaomo, so he asked Qin Lingyu about him curiously.

“He’s someone that Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen had met on their travels together. He’s also the man I’ve told master about some time ago, that demonic cultivator from the Inferno Kingdom.”

Qin Lingyu particularly emphasized the fact that he was a demonic cultivator.

“Oh? So that’s him…” He Zhang nodded knowingly, and a bright gleam flashed across his eyes.

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