Chapter 210: The Du Clan Disciples’ Exploitation of Garbage

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Dai Yanfeng watched on as the Du Clan disciples killed the swamp monster and retrieved its inner core, yet he simply couldn’t find a suitable excuse to explain the situation away.

Seeing Ge Kaibo’s bloodshot eyes, Dai Yanfeng knew that the relationship between the Boundless Peace Sect and the Eternal Summit Sect had completely broken down and reached a state where it was completely irreparable. If not for the fact that the competition prevented sects from clashing with each other outside of the competition itself, perhaps Ge Kaibo might well have led the rest of his sect and commenced an all-out battle against the Eternal Summit Sect for vengeance right now.

“Dai Yanfeng, you and your good Eternal Summit Sect disciples. Don’t you dare think for a moment that the Boundless Peace Sect is someone to bully and walk all over. We will settle our score with you one day!” Ge Kaibo declared as he swished his sleeve, and an incisive wind blade carved a line horizontally across the ground between Dai Yanfeng and himself.

He was cutting off all his ties with Dai Yanfeng and the Eternal Summit Sect.

Just then, the water screen displayed yet another development on the marshlands with the Eternal Summit Sect disciples. One of the surviving Boundless Peace Sect disciples tugged gently at the legs of a disciple from the Eternal Summit Sect, hoping that they would extend a helping hand to save his life.

The swamp monster was already dead, and all he needed was a simple recovery medicine and some time to recover from his injuries.

Unfortunately, he no longer had the energy to even swallow a recovery pill on his own, and he could only beg the Eternal Summit Sect’s disciples for help – rather, he could only beg the Du Clan disciples for help.

Du Yongxu turned around and witnessed this as well, yet he responded dispassionately, “Ignore him. Let’s go.”

In his eyes, these disciples of Secondary Sects were all a bunch of garbage, none of whom deserved any rescuing. After all, who could compare with the value of the disciples from the eight great sects?

Just like that, the Du Clan disciple glanced coldly at the Boundless Peace Sect disciple tugging at his leg, before kicking him away and wresting free from his grasp.

“Don’t touch me with your dirty hands.” He coldly stated, “Trash.”

As he finished speaking, he walked away quickly and caught up with the rest of the Du Clan disciples. Just like that, he walked away with his head held high, without turning back. The devastation behind him was horrendous – every single one of the Boundless Peace disciples lay there on the floor either dead or grievously wounded.

When the Du Clan disciple called the Boundless Peace disciple “trash”, the audience immediately burst into an uproarious commotion. There were initially some sects that witnessed the struggle between the Boundless Peace Sect and the Eternal Summit Sect but chose to mind their own business. But the final straw that broke the camel’s back was when the Du Clan disciple had called the Boundless Peace Sect’s disciple “trash”.

Although the Boundless Peace Sect did not stand at the pinnacle among the Secondary Sects, they still ranked among the top twenty. When the Eternal Summit Sect’s disciple called the Boundless Peace Sect’s disciple “trash”, was that not by extension tantamount to calling most of the other Secondary Sect disciples a piece of trash as well?

As a cultivator, no matter how weak one’s cultivation was, every single person possessed a certain sense of pride and self-worth with what they had achieved with their talents and their efforts. Could they really accept lying down the callous remark that threatened to tear down their self-worth and trample it on the ground?

Thus, everyone in the audience began to cast furious glares over at the members of the Eternal Summit Sect. Within moments, Dai Yanfeng began to feel countless people casting penetrating gazes straight into his back, making him feel as porous as a sieve.

The Boundless Peace Sect’s Ge Kaibo huffed coldly as he turned around and made his way back to his seating area while he fervently repressed the indignation swelling from the depths of his heart.

He was going to settle the score with the Eternal Summit Sect once the competition was over! How could he maintain his dignity as a sect leader if he took all of this lying down?!

Dai Yanfeng felt another pang of desire surface in his heart – again, he had the urge to just stand up and declare to everyone that the disciples that are running around in the marshlands are not from the Eternal Summit Sect!

But he knew he could not say it. Not only that, he had to keep this secret forever buried in the depths of his heart.

Dai Yanfeng thought about it, and he realized that the only person who could help to mitigate this problem was the Du Clan Head standing behind him right now.

“Du Clan Head, is it possible to get your disciples to spare some thought for the reputation of us Eternal Summit Sect disciples?” Dai Yanfeng discreetly asked with a polite and courteous attitude.

Even though his heart was already filled to the brim with hatred for the Du Clan right now, he knew that there was no way he could resist the formidable Du Clan. Thus, he could only beg the Du Clan for their help.

All of this was caused by those damned Du Clan disciples!

The Du Clan Head opened his eyes and looked straight at Dai Yanfeng as he responded, “It all depends on what the Eternal Summit Sect is willing to offer. After all, nothing in the world is free, wouldn’t you agree?”

Dai Yanfeng gritted his teeth. He knew that the Du Clan Head would most certainly take this opportunity to rip him off. But what could he do about it? He could only blame himself for transacting with the devil!

“I wonder what the Du Clan Head is looking for? If the Du Clan Head’s request is within junior Dai’s ability to fulfill, junior would be happy to agree without hesitation!” Dai Yanfeng bowed down obsequiously to the Du Clan Head. He had stooped so low that his face was practically in the ground.

“Actually, my request isn’t too outrageous. I’m happy to oblige as long as you offer these things to me.” The Du Clan Head went on to set out a list of items that he hoped to obtain.

The list was not long, but each of these requests were so hard to fulfill that Dai Yanfeng felt as though the Du Clan Head were skinning him alive.

He was like a proud rooster that was having its well-groomed feathers plucked out by the Du Clan Head.

Dai Yanfeng drew a deep breath, repressed the swelling rage in his chest as he muttered, “Alright. Junior Dai agrees to your conditions. I only hope that the Du Clan Head will fulfill his end of the bargain and help to salvage the Eternal Summit Sect’s image.”

The Du Clan Head was pleased with the fact that Dai Yanfeng knew what was best for himself. Thus, he responded, “Naturally. The Du Clan never reneges on its promises.”

As he finished speaking, he retrieved a Transmittance Talisman from his robes, wrote a few words on it and then chanted some mnemonics.

After glowing with a faint blue light, the words on the Transmittance Talisman disappeared together with the blue light.

This was the Du Clan’s unique Transmittance Talisman, and it possessed the ability to transcend and penetrate the formation arrays sequestering the competition grounds and the rest of the world.

At the same time, the Du Clan disciples who were led by Du Yongxu immediately received the message transmitted by the Du Clan Head – Ignore the points, rewards and other sects for now and focus on locating the Heavenly Peak disciples. Also, spare a thought for the Eternal Summit Sect’s image. Don’t do anything that is out of character.

The Du Clan disciples couldn’t help but pout slightly, and one of them even remarked sarcastically, “Won’t it be very easy for us to locate the Heavenly Peak disciples? Why is our Clan Head being so anxious this time? Their strongest cultivator is only at the eleventh level of Qi Mastery; it’s going to be far too easy for us to deal with them.”

Naturally, they were not specifically disdainful of the Heavenly Peak disciples or the Eternal Summit Sect. Rather, their pride was founded upon the fact that they were disciples of the eight great sects, and that in turn meant that these small Secondary Sects were hardly worth their consideration at all.

“Alright, the Clan Head must have his reasons for his orders. We need only execute his instructions accordingly.” Du Yongxu responded dispassionately as he stored his Transmittance Talisman within his Interspatial Ring. He also despised the small and inconsequential Secondary Sects, but he knew that the Clan Head’s instructions were still to be complied with.

Besides, the Du Clan Head was also his father.

The earlier exchange between the Du Clan disciples had been done through the effects of their Transmittance Talismans. These Transmittance Talismans had been imbued with the Du Clan’s unique formation arrays, and nobody outside were able to pick up what they had said. Otherwise the audience members’ impression of the Eternal Summit Sect would only worsen if it had not already hit rock bottom.

This was a turning point for the Eternal Summit Sect. As time wore on, the audience members began to realize that the Eternal Summit Sect’s disciples had changed slightly – they would take the initiative to rescue anyone in danger that they happened to come across.

That said, first impressions were sometimes difficult to get rid of, particularly when the Eternal Summit Sect’s disciples had behaved in such a horrendously wanton manner. Thus, notwithstanding their change in behaviour, several members of the audience grew suspicious as to whether they had ulterior motives in what they were doing.

While that was the case, these suspicions remained no more than contemplations on the hearts of the audience that brewed on the backburner as they continued to observe the Eternal Summit Sect’s disciples.

As time flowed by, the audience members discovered that an interesting phenomenon was panning out –

The Eternal Summit Sect’s disciples had begun to gather for themselves a following of people from other sects, just like how the Heavenly Peak disciples had also found themselves at the heart of a group that others had built themselves around.

Just like that, two days of the group battles elapsed. During this period of time, the Eternal Summit Sect and the Heavenly Peak disciples had evidently established each their own factions which garnered more strength as time went by. The points accumulated by these two sects had left every other competitor way in the lurch as well.

It was to be expected that the Eternal Summit Sect disciples were able to accumulate the amount of points that they had. What was far more unexpected was the fact that the Heavenly Peak had been able to do the same.

The Du Clan Head furrowed his brows. This was completely outside of his expectations.

The Du Clan possessed a unique formation array that allowed them to locate their targets without using any form of mediums or primers, and the Du Clan disciples participating in these group battles possessed one such formation array each.

But two full days had lapsed, and the Du Clan disciples were still unable to locate the Heavenly Peak disciples. Just what in the world is going on?

Would these three days of competition be wasted just like that? The Du Clan had sent an elite team of disciples to the group battles to achieve their main goal of dealing with the Heavenly Peak disciples – they had not made their appearance just to secure the Eternal Summit Sect victory and glory!

“Yongxu, what’s going on? Why haven’t you encountered the Heavenly Peak disciples yet?” The Du Clan Head left the seating areas and found a secluded corner where he checked in on his son.

“Father, I’m not sure what’s going on either. I’ve used the dowsing formation diagram three times now, and each time I’ve used it, I was pointed to an erroneous location…it’s almost as though something’s obstructing us from locating the Heavenly Peak disciples’ exact location.” Du Yongxu responded to his father through the Transmittance Talisman.

The Du Clan Head squinted his eyes. He was somehow reminded of the fact that Jun Xiaomo possessed a mysterious wealth of knowledge about talismans and formation arrays.

Could that little brat be thwarting our plans?

Every single formation array could be countered in one way or another, and the Du Clan’s unique formation array was the same as well. The Du Clan had treated these Secondary Sects with complacency, so the formation arrays that they were using were of the lowest, most ordinary grade.

It did not take more than a simple Confusion Array to counteract the Du Clan’s attempt to locate them. Given Jun Xiaomo’s depth of knowledge about talismans and formation arrays, their failure in this regard was hardly astonishing.

“Yongxu, I want you to use all of the Dowsing Arrays that the team possesses to locate the Heavenly Peak’s location. Then, give instructions to the other sects that are following you and use a carpet combing method to search through those locations for the Heavenly Peak disciples.” The Du Clan Head instructed.

“Those people following us?” A trace of contempt flickered across the depths of Du Yongxu’s eyes, “There’s no need to resort to those garbage, is there?”

The people following him was naturally none other than the disciples of other sects that the Du Clan had earlier rescued who had later pledged themselves to obsequiously following their lead.

These people were naturally unaware that their benefactors looked down upon them with such disdain.

“Even garbage has its uses. Given the current situation, I’m afraid that it’s not going to get any easier locating the Heavenly Peak disciples. There’s only one day left to these group battles. We have to succeed within the remaining time.” The Du Clan Head reminded Du Yongxu.

Du Yongxu deliberated for a moment before responding affirmatively, “Alright, father. I understand.”

It made sense. They had saved those people after all. It would be too much of a waste if they did not fully utilize the additional manpower that they had gathered.

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