Chapter 232: Yu Wanrou’s Desperate Attempt to Seize the Opportunity

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Although Jun Xiaomo no longer bothered herself with Qin Lingyu anymore, she was more than pleased to add fuel to the fire between this scheming couple, Qin Lingyu and Yu Wanrou.

Besides, she had not intentionally set things up for their fall this time. This incident had entirely been the result of Qin Lingyu’s wandering eye and rekindling of his old flame. If she remained passive and did nothing to stem the issue where it arose, this annoying man might end up obsessing over her and hovering about her incessantly.

Now that the cuckolds had finally locked eyes with each other, Jun Xiaomo could finally slip away quietly. She chuckled softly, before walking back into the inn, leaving the two behind to sort out their mess.

Yu Wanrou glared at Jun Xiaomo’s back with rage in her eyes, as though she wanted to stare daggers through Jun Xiaomo’s body and make a sieve out of it.

Finally, when Jun Xiaomo disappeared from her sight, Yu Wanrou turned back and glared at Qin Lingyu with a castigating look in her eyes.

“Lingyu, why?!” Yu Wanrou choked with emotion as she cried out, “When have I wronged you? Why did you choose to bring Jun Xiaomo to the Limitless Sect over me? You know how much I need this opportunity!”

Qin Lingyu squinted his eyes, and his lips stretched out with a grimace.

Yu Wanrou had wholeheartedly expected Qin Lingyu to bring up a bunch of excuses to appease her. It did not even matter that these excuses would be completely lame and baseless. As long as she could tell that Qin Lingyu’s heart was still with her, she was willing to let this entire matter slide, albeit perhaps with a little bit of a tantrum.

Yu Wanrou was tremendously conflicted in her heart right now. On one hand, she believed that the odds of Qin Lingyu having a change of heart was extremely low. Yet on the other hand, the fact that Qin Lingyu had recently been indisputably distracted by Jun Xiaomo was like an awl that was driven straight through her heart.

Especially that earlier scene, when Qin Lingyu had taken the initiative to humble himself and flash the olive branch at Jun Xiaomo as he invited Jun Xiaomo to enter the Limitless Sect through his backdoor – that entire incident had left an incredibly bitter and astringent taste in Yu Wanrou’s mouth.

Yu Wanrou felt sick and dizzy – How could Qin Lingyu treat me like this?! Yu Wanrou bellowed in her heart.

Then, the thought of another possibility crept up in Yu Wanrou’s heart – Perhaps all of this might be part of Lingyu’s ploys? After all, Jun Xiaomo had become elevated to the status of a celebrity after the group battles had ended. Qin Lingyu must be thinking of drawing close to Jun Xiaomo once more to beguile the buffoons from the Heavenly Peak, right?

That’s right! This must be the explanation for his actions!

Thus, it was only after Yu Wanrou had prepared her heart and constructed her own version of truth that she approached and demanded an explanation from Qin Lingyu. She had sincerely hoped from the bottom of her heart that Qin Lingyu would be able to provide her with a passable response.

Unfortunately, despite having waited for some time, Qin Lingyu showed no signs of response at all.

Qin Lingyu stared straight at her with a sullen look. Then, moments later, he simply turned around and began to walk away.

“Qin Lingyu, stop right there!” Yu Wanrou grew anxious. She no longer used her coquettish and soft voice to cajole Qin Lingyu. In fact, she even took a few steps forward and grabbed hold of his arm as she pressed the issue, “Why! Tell me, why!”

Yet Qin Lingyu slowly wrested his arm free from her grasp and simply continued to walk forward.

“Lingyu, have you had a change of heart? Answer me!” Yu Wanrou cried out hysterically, attracting the attention of several busybodies around.

Qin Lingyu’s eyes darkened. His earlier encounter with Jun Xiaomo had already left him boiling and incensed, yet this Yu Wanrou continued to press his buttons incessantly. He finally turned around, grabbed a hold of Yu Wanrou’s arm, before dragging her down a smaller street that was further away from prying eyes, until they were finally out of sight of onlookers.

“Lingyu, you’re hurting me!” Yu Wanrou cried out in pain. Her eyes were already glistening with some tears.

Qin Lingyu finally released Yu Wanrou’s arm as he looked straight back into her eyes. There was neither heartache nor affection in his eyes right now.

“Yu Wanrou, just what are you trying to do?” Qin Lingyu questioned dispassionately.

“You’ve taken the words right out of my mouth. Lingyu, just what are you trying to do? Why are you even suggesting to bring Jun Xiaomo to the Limitless Sect?” Pangs of bitterness and sour jealousy were emanating from the depths of Yu Wanrou’s heart.

“Do I need your consent on who I can bring to the Limitless Sect?” Qin Lingyu’s eyes grew colder.

“Who says you don’t need to? Aren’t we lovers? Why didn’t you even tell me about such an important thing? Furthermore, why are you bringing Jun Xiaomo and not me?!”

“Since when did I ever say that I would bring you to the Limitless Sect?” Qin Lingyu responded with another question with a frosty haze over his eyes.

“Qin Lingyu, you…!” Yu Wanrou was so infuriated that her breath had even become ragged, “Qin Lingyu, don’t you want the spirit spring waters anymore?”

Yu Wanrou’s voice grew harsher when she mentioned the spirit spring waters, as though she had intended to emphasize her worth to him.

She glared furiously at Qin Lingyu, taking in every bit of his change of expressions.

Despite that, Qin Lingyu only remained taciturn for a few seconds, before a mocking smile crept up the corner of his lips, “That’s right, you only have this much you can use to threaten me. What if I say that I don’t need the spirit spring waters at all?”

“Wha--…what?!” Yu Wanrou’s eyes widened. She had never expected Qin Lingyu to respond this way.

“Yu Wanrou, do you think that you’ll be able to control every fiber of my being just because you have that spirit spring waters on you?” Qin Lingyu chuckled coldly, “You’re far too naïve. The spirit spring water’s effects are merely to speed up the body’s recovery functions as well as to purge and cleanse the impurities from one’s body to a certain extent. But the world out there is massive, and the types of pills which perform both of these functions are innumerable. So why should I be limited to taking only the spirit spring waters from you?”

That’s right. This was one of the main reasons why Qin Lingyu had decided to discard the pawn that was Yu Wanrou. In his eyes, pawns will always remain as pawns. If a pawn decided to usurp the throne and even scheme in order to displace its master, that pawn can and should be discarded at the earliest possible moment.

Lovers? What a joke. Qin Lingyu had never loved Yu Wanrou to begin with.

In fact, this was something that Qin Lingyu had only recently come to realize – Yu Wanrou had in recent times begun to threaten him more and more with the access to the spirit spring waters in her hands, forcing him to make the decisions that benefitted her.

That said, Qin Lingyu had always placed himself on a pedestal. It had been fine when he failed to notice such insidious manipulation by Yu Wanrou. But now that he suddenly realized the extent of what Yu Wanrou had been doing, how could he possibly allow her to continue to climb all over his head?!

Did Yu Wanrou think that the world was her oyster just because she had some spirit spring waters? Qin Lingyu would let her fall harshly and learn the truth the hard way.

Qin Lingyu gaze was incredibly frigid right now, almost akin to the extreme cold of the Thousand Year Frost. Yu Wanrou couldn’t help but take a step back in fear.

She had never seen this side to Qin Lingyu. The present Qin Lingyu made her heart swell with an indescribable feeling.

Control? That’s right, Qin Lingyu said ‘control’… Yu Wanrou lowered her head and a glimmer flickered across her eyes.

She had indeed intended to control the male cultivators of the world so that they would perform her own bidding. But it was evident that even Qin Lingyu, whom she had already established an intimate relationship, would not be so easily controlled within her grasp.

Perhaps she had been too anxious and presumptuous, and this had resulted in Qin Lingyu’s resentment and retaliation.

Yu Wanrou lowered her head and bit down on her lower lip. Several different notions and ideas flashed across her heart, before she finally decided on sealing the deal with Qin Lingyu before considering anything else.

After all, she could only adhere to Qin Lingyu right now. There was not a single other male disciple who fulfilled her criteria.

She needed an opportunity. She needed the opportunity to enter and infiltrate a Greater Sect so that she would have access to more opportunities to interact with far better and more talented male disciples. She did not want to be trapped in this small and stifling Secondary Sect and mindlessly cultivate until she was thirty years of age before she had the opportunity to spread her wings and take flight.

To Yu Wanrou, such a wait was far too long and arduous.

Having thought things through, Yu Wanrou took a few deep breaths to appease the indignation and frustration in her heart and appease her mind. Then, she lifted her head once more and looked straight into Qin Lingyu’s eyes with red, puffy eyes as she began to plead with him, “Lingyu, I’ve never thought about controlling you, I…I’ve just been far too concerned about you. Will you please forgive me?”

The truth of the matter was that Qin Lingyu’s performance today had utterly disappointed Yu Wanrou. However, she could not reveal this on her face at all. She still needed the springboard that was Qin Lingyu. Thus, she decided to display her vulnerabilities and weaknesses to Qin Lingyu.

Qin Lingyu’s earlier encounter with Jun Xiaomo had left him feeling breathless and stifled as though she had viciously stamped on his windpipe. Thus, when he was faced with Yu Wanrou’s earlier relentless interrogation, he was naturally infuriated and exasperated.

But now that Yu Wanrou had finally taken a step back and displayed her vulnerabilities, his chauvinistic tendencies once again took the forefront of his mind, and he was now satisfied with her performance.

See? Female cultivators should all learn to be like this – submit to me and be compliant. Who does Jun Xiaomo think she is? To think that I’d even attempted to give her face!

Qin Lingyu’s heart was filled with indignation towards Jun Xiaomo. In contrast, Yu Wanrou’s transgressions towards him was far smaller, he no longer thought to pursue the matter with Yu Wanrou’s attempted manipulation of him.

“It’s good that you know your limits. Don’t you dare use such things to threaten me in future. I, Qin Lingyu, hate people who attempt to control or threaten me.” Qin Lingyu coldly and sternly cautioned Yu Wanrou.

“I know, martial brother Qin…” Yu Wanrou took a few steps forward. Then, she hooked her arm around his, leaned her body in towards him before lifting her head as she pleaded, “Lingyu, then…will you please bring me to the Limitless Sect? I really can’t do without you…”

Yu Wanrou’s voice even began to choke and sputter as tears began to roll from her eyes.

She had hoped that her pitiful appearances would be able to earn Qin Lingyu’s sympathy towards her. After all, Qin Lingyu had been rather susceptible to such coquettish behaviour from her in the past.

Qin Lingyu furrowed his brows. For some strange reason, he was once again reminded of Jun Xiaomo glancing back at him with a smirk on her face, as well as the resplendent smile on Jun Xiaomo’s face when she was caught in a terrifying predicament.

His heart constricted, and a raging fire burgeoned once more in his heart – Are the best things in life only those that I can’t have?! That’s enough! Since when have I become such a lowly loser?!

This time, Qin Lingyu’s infuriation was directed at none other than himself. That said, his external appearance simply darkened sullenly.

Yu Wanrou was slightly taken aback at Qin Lingyu’s change of expression. She lowered her eyes and gritted her teeth as she thought – Is this still not working?! Since when did Qin Lingyu become so impervious to all of these tricks? Hasn’t he always loved how I’ve behaved obsequiously by his side and feeding his ego?

Yu Wanrou was still leaning closely by his side when Qin Lingyu swept his glance towards her. He could only see her pale expression as well as the exquisite accessories on her hair.

In fact, these hair accessories were things that Yu Wanrou obtained from Qin Lingyu through various ways and means before their travels. At that time, he had willingly bought all of these things for Yu Wanrou. That said, the contemplations of his heart at that time were no more than a distant memory to him right now.

Qin Lingyu’s gaze grew ashen, and he finally remarked with a cold voice, “About what you had asked for…let’s shelve it for now and revisit it later. It’s still several months before I leave the Dawn Sect for the Limitless Sect. There’s no rush.”

Qin Lingyu’s words caused Yu Wanrou’s heart to thump furiously before sinking heavily…

Qin Lingyu, are you really so infatuated with your old flame?! Yu Wanrou gritted her teeth. Fine! Then, don’t blame me for drugging you!

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