Chapter 234: Qin Lingyu Swallows the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Yu Wanrou was a disciple of the Pill Cauldron Peak. It had to be said that the Peakmaster of the Pill Cauldron Peak was nominated based on his proficiency with refining medicinal pills, and not based on his cultivation level and combat prowess. That said, despite having been part of the Pill Cauldron Peak for most of her life, Yu Wanrou had never wholeheartedly delved into the discipline of refining pills. This was because refining pills entailed an arduous and complicated process. In order to refine a single pill, some pillmasters would remain in their room for days, or months, or even years on end.

Yu Wanrou did not have that kind of patience. Her goal was simply to use the objects gifted to her within her spectral demiplane to seduce men and through that obtain anything else she desired.

Thus, the years of her dilatory attitude towards the pill refinement process meant that Yu Wanrou had spent several nights attempting to refine the most basic of Mesmerizing Blossom Pills to no avail. All that she gained over the past few nights were an ashen face and a lack of sleep.

“Damn it. If not for the fact that I can’t buy these things off the market, why would I need to put in so much effort to refine it myself!” Yu Wanrou muttered to herself in frustration. She suddenly had the urge to mash up the constituent ingredients of the pill and mix them directly into Qin Lingyu’s food just to save herself the trouble.

“I’ll try it one last time. If it still doesn’t work, then forget it.” Incensed, Yu Wanrou muttered her ultimatum to herself.

After all, there were still other ways through which she could achieve her objectives, so why was there a need for her to go through such hassle? Once she attained the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation and finally unlocked her access to the dual-cultivation technique, that in itself would more than sufficiently cause male cultivators to swoon over and fall head over heels in love with her.

This time, Yu Wanrou added some of her spirit spring waters to the mix, and she finally succeeded.

She held up the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill that she had painstakingly refined, and a wicked smile crept up the corner of her lips –

She believed that with this Mesmerizing Blossom Pill, Qin Lingyu would most certainly fall in love with her once more.

After returning from the Secondary Inter-Sect Competition, Qin Lingyu had been helping He Zhang with the Sect’s matters over the last few days. Seeing how the Sect’s disciples treated him courteously and with the utmost of respect, the pride and ego in Qin Lingyu’s heart began to burgeon once more, and he developed a fresh new perspective of Jun Xiaomo’s earlier rejection towards him –

His previous indignation and embarrassment had transformed into contempt and disdain.

In his eyes, personally inviting Jun Xiaomo to enter the Limitless Sect with him was tantamount to providing Jun Xiaomo with the opportunity to climb the social ladder. No matter how strong her abilities were, the fact remained that her cultivation level remained at a low level within the Qi Mastery stage of cultivation. Yet notwithstanding all of this, that brat Jun Xiaomo had simply trampled on his goodwill when she rejected such a prime opportunity for herself.

Thus, he was content waiting for Jun Xiaomo to make a fool of herself. He would wait until Jun Xiaomo turned thirty-five and remained unable to breakthrough to the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation. At that time, none of the Greater Sects would accept her any longer.

Furthermore, with his master around, Jun Xiaomo might not even live till the ripe age of thirty-five years of age.

Qin Lingyu thought about these things with a frigid glint in his eyes. It was as though he could already see Jun Xiaomo’s tragic demise.

As for his promise towards Yu Wanrou to consider bringing her to the Limitless Sect instead, Qin Lingyu had already tossed this matter to the back of his mind.

To Qin Lingyu, Yu Wanrou was no more than a plaything used to occupy his time. Be it stature or abilities, he considered Yu Wanrou to be a complete mismatch with himself on both fronts.

At the same time, what he considered a mere “plaything” was in fact incredibly ambitious.

On the second night after she had successfully refined the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill, Yu Wanrou came knocking on Qin Lingyu’s door.

There was previously a secret passage connecting Yu Wanrou and Qin Lingyu’s room. But ever since Qin Lingyu grew tired of Yu Wanrou and decided to increase the distance between himself and her, he unilaterally sealed his exit of the secret passage so that Yu Wanrou could no longer sneak into his room.

Left with no other choice, Yu Wanrou could only take the main road to Qin Lingyu’s room under the cover of the night.

When Qin Lingyu opened his door and saw that the uninvited guest was Yu Wanrou, his facial expression immediately grew stern and cold. He had never expected this lady to be so gutsy to blatantly walk over to his room in the middle of the night. Was this not tantamount to declaring to the world that there was something going on between them?!

Yu Wanrou had already guessed that Qin Lingyu would react in this manner. After all, she knew that she would have to act submissive and obsequious towards men who were highly sought-after like Qin Lingyu. Otherwise, she would only attract his ire in backlash.

Thus, she very quickly adjusted her emotions and expressions and presented herself with red, puffy eyes as she sorrowfully chipped away at his heart, “Lingyu, are you really going to ignore me from now on? I know I’ve been in the wrong, and I’m willing to change. Will you be willing to give me another chance?”

Yu Wanrou’s appearances had always been her edge over others. Now that she presented herself as a weak and fragile flower with teardrops running down her face, this sight would very easily sway the heart of any men.

At the very least, Qin Lingyu’s chauvinistic attitude was well-pleased with Yu Wanrou’s submissive behaviour, and his initially harsh attitude softened substantially.

“Alright, I didn’t say that I was ignoring you either. It’s just that if others see you calling upon my room at night, it wouldn’t be good for either of us.” Qin Lingyu calmly explicated.

“I…It’s just that I’ve missed you so much. Ever since we’ve returned to the Sect, Lingyu hasn’t looked for me a single time.” Yu Wanrou lamented, “Furthermore, the marriage arrangement with Jun Xiaomo has already been rescinded, and there are no longer any shackles tying you down anymore, so why can’t I come looking for you, Lingyu…?”

Qin Lingyu’s expressions darkened as Yu Wanrou’s questions fell one after the other. The truth of the matter was that he had never had much feeling for Yu Wanrou to begin with. Everything that had happened within them was a result of their youthful vigour and their raging passions. In fact, once the shackles of the marriage arrangement had been removed, his secret rendezvouses with Yu Wanrou at night seemed to have lost some measure of excitement accompanying the fact that they used to be forbidden acts. Naturally, he began to find these tussles with Yu Wanrou far blander than ever.

Of course, these were not matters that he would expressly tell others. He was a person who considered his self-image and reputation as matters of the utmost importance. He would consciously steer clear of any words or actions that would potentially damage his image and reputation so that others would hardly have the chance to use any of these against him.

Yu Wanrou managed to roughly guess the contemplations on Qin Lingyu’s heart from his sullenness, and her heart once again began to roil with indignation and anger.

She was truly fond of Qin Lingyu. Why else would she have revealed to Qin Lingyu one of the greatest secrets within her body? Yet to her horror, she was nothing more than a plaything to Qin Lingyu. In fact, she had begun to suspect that Qin Lingyu’s earlier joy and delight in her was nothing more than a pretence to get access to the spirit spring waters on her body.

The more Yu Wanrou thought about these things, the more infuriated she grew. However, she knew that she could not reveal any of her innermost emotions outwardly, because she still needed Qin Lingyu’s help to bring her to the Limitless Sect. The Limitless Sect was where she would have access to far more outstanding male disciples. At that time, she would adhere herself to the other outstanding male disciples, and Qin Lingyu would have no choice but to come crying back to her!

Yu Wanrou continued to contemplate about these matters in infuriation. She did not think that there was anything wrong with eyeing what was in the pot as she ate from her own bowl.

In this regard, it had to be said that Yu Wanrou and Qin Lingyu were simply made for each other.

As Yu Wanrou collected her thoughts, she also decided to appear even more fragile and weak. She leaned into Qin Lingyu’s body, put her arms around the neck and lifted her head as she entreated pitifully, “Lingyu, I love you. I’m not asking for anything else right now. I just hope that we’ll be able to have some pleasant memories together before you leave the Dawn Sect, is that alright?”

Yu Wanrou was truly masterful. Apart from carrying that Mesmerizing Blossom Pill with her, she had even dressed herself with a simple silken dress that was almost translucent and scattered on her clothing some medicinal herbs that would arouse a person’s passion and vigour. When she placed her fair and soft arms around Qin Lingyu’s neck, the faint fragrance of the medicinal powder immediately diffused into the air around Qin Lingyu and wafted into his nose.

Qin Lingyu looked back at Yu Wanrou who had pulled out all the stops to seduce him. His eyes grew deep and abstruse, while his body grew invigorated with passion.

“Lingyu…” Yu Wanrou softly called out Qin Lingyu’s name beside his ears.

Qin Lingyu’s heart was finally moved. He immediately lifted Yu Wanrou up horizontally and carried him into his room, before kicking his room door shut.

Very soon, loud, embarrassing moaning and groaning sounds began to echo from Qin Lingyu’s room in the dead of the night.

Perhaps it had been too long since Qin Lingyu had released his tension in this manner, and perhaps it was partially a result of the enticing fragrance from the medicinal herbs on Yu Wanrou’s clothing as well, but the moaning and groaning sounds did not cease until the latter half of the night. After his final release, Qin Lingyu collapsed onto Yu Wanrou’s body, and he very quickly fell into a deep slumber.

Yu Wanrou had tussled in bed with Qin Lingyu for a long time now, and she had also grown weary and sleepy. That said, she knew that she could not fall asleep yet – there was something that she needed to do.

She clambered up from the bed and began to sieve through her clothes. After some moments, she managed to retrieve a single medicinal pill from her clothes.

This pill was none other than the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill that Yu Wanrou had prepared beforehand to drug Qin Lingyu with. The only reason she had intended to retrieve the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill only after Qin Lingyu had fallen asleep was the fact that this was when Qin Lingyu was the least guarded against her.

She had no means of feeding such a large pill to Qin Lingyu otherwise.

She also retrieved some Drowsiness Incense and waved it about Qin Lingyu’s nose. As soon as she was certain that Qin Lingyu was deep in his slumber, she cautiously pried open Qin Lingyu’s mouth and placed the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill in his lips.

The Mesmerizing Blossom Pill was a pill that was colourless and tasteless, and it melted in a person’s mouth. It was the ideal pill for drugging the person of one’s dreams. If not for the fact that the Mesmerizing Blossom was a difficult flower to locate and that the use of such flowers had already been restricted and forbidden by the spiritual cultivation world, the use of these pills might perhaps already have thrown the entire spiritual cultivation world into chaos.

After all, there were innumerable infatuated men and women in the world, and many of these would not hesitate to resort to extreme measures to earn the affection and adoration of their dreams. Thus, it was not a bad thing that the usage of the Mesmerizing Blossom and the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill had been restricted and forbidden in the spiritual cultivation world.

Naturally, the love and affection built on the usage of these pills amounted to no more than lies. So long as the person who used it possessed sufficient determination or consumed the antidote to these pills, these pills would naturally lose their effects, and the resultant false affection arising from the effects of these pills would also be dispelled.

On the dawn of the second day, Qin Lingyu found himself waking up to an immense heat and burning sensation within his body, as though his entire body had just been tossed into the furnace. He hurriedly got up and began looking for a way to cool his body down.

Qin Lingyu’s mind was so thoroughly assailed by the discombobulating effects of the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill that a notion flickered across his mind, but he was unable to latch onto it. Very soon, he found himself thoroughly succumbing to the effects of the Mesmerizing Blossom Pill.

In his muddle-headedness, he swept his hands around his bed, and he found his arm resting on a soft and smooth skin that was cool and comfortable to the touch.

Thus, his primal instincts took over and he immediately pressed his entire body onto the body that lay beside him…

That day, Qin Lingyu remained in his room for the entire morning. During this period of time, there was a younger martial brother who called on Qin Lingyu’s room in the hope that they could discuss some Sect matters with him. As he drew closer to Qin Lingyu’s room, he heard sounds echoing from the room that made him paused in his steps.


This lady’s voice was slightly husky, as though she had been crying out and moaning for a long period of time. At the same time, it was not difficult to tell how much the voice was filled with delight and pleasure.

That disciple’s heart immediately began to stir uncontrollably. Even though this disciple was young and had not experienced such matters for himself, he was not so young that he did not know about these things. These moans were undeniably related to cries let out in the heat of the moment. A stifling heat washed over his entire being from top to toe, and his face flushed as red as a tomato.

He immediately turned tail and ran back out.

However, after taking a few steps out from Qin Lingyu’s courtyard, a thought crashed through his mind, causing his eyes to widen in shock as he paused in his steps.

That voice…how come that voice sounded so much like martial sister Wanrou?!

At that moment, he realized that he had just witnessed something important.

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