Chapter 271: A Coincidental Clash of Personality

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

“Qin Shanshan” was a person who loved the taste of a good wine to begin with. That said, she had not had the right opportunity to appreciate a good wine for a long, long time. Her days, months and years had been spent learning and cultivating while hiding and escaping for her life. One slight slip up in her vigilance could mean the difference between life or death under the claws of a spirit or demonic beast. Where could she find the time or heart to brew her own wine and appreciate it to begin with? It was already very much of a miracle how she had managed to preserve her life over this long, arduous period of time.

It could not be understated that one of the necessary preconditions for enjoying a good wine was a safe environment. If a person’s life were in constant danger, there was no way he could possibly pause and immerse himself in the pleasures of life.

Back then, “Qin Shanshan” had only one condition for the food that she consumed – it sufficed that it did not cause her to die. As to the taste and textures, these were matters that were outside the ambit of her consideration. If she were too particular about these things, she might well have perished in the wilderness from hunger before the spirit or demonic beasts could even strike at her.

But now that the period of crisis was over, and there was nothing in the region that could threaten her life, “Qin Shanshan” couldn’t help but find herself drawn to the prospects of enjoying a good cup of wine.

Thus, she remained completely transfixed on the wine set on the table in front of Ye Xiuwen as she drifted over to his table. By now, “Qin Shanshan’s” stomach had already started to rumble and grown in anticipation.

Her nose twitched, and she followed the scent of the wine’s fragrance, completely ignoring the fact that she and Jun Ziwen were no more than mere acquaintances as she thickened her skin and approached Ye Xiuwen once more.

“Brother Jun, the fragrance of your wine is amazing. Do you mind sharing a little bit with me, please?” “Qin Shanshan” sat in front of Ye Xiuwen and craned her neck out as she took in the fragrance and licked her lips. She looked straight into Ye Xiuwen’s eyes expectantly.

Ye Xiuwen’s hand which was holding his wine cup paused momentarily just as the cup touched his lower lips.

He lifted his eyes and looked at “Qin Shanshan” once more.

“Qin Shanshan” was slightly startled. She noticed that there was a sense of familiarity from Jun Ziwen’s eyes that caused her heart to feel slightly stifled.

But…what could it be? Aren’t we no more than strangers who have just met? We hardly know each other at all!

Just as “Qin Shanshan” thought to take a closer look at Ye Xiuwen’s eyes, he shifted his gaze away. Even though this lady wore the exact same appearance that Qin Shanshan bore, he somehow also felt that there was a sense of familiarity in this lady’s expressions.

However, Ye Xiuwen simply concluded that he must have gone mad.

It was not that he had not considered the possibility that “Qin Shanshan” was his little martial sister. Rather, unless a miracle had taken place, he knew that his little martial sister could not have attained a cultivation anywhere near the Nascent Soul stage within such a short span of time.

Besides, it was not as though he had not seen the lady’s true appearances…

Ye Xiuwen’s mind was once again drawn to the fact that the imposter Qin Shanshan also possessed a pair of almond-shaped eyes. He felt that the uncanny semblance in this regard must have caused him to draw a connection between “Qin Shanshan” and his little martial sister.

“Qin Shanshan” was perplexed why Ye Xiuwen would shift his gaze away and immerse himself in his sullenness for such a long time. The stifling feeling in her heart had already dissipated as soon as Ye Xiuwen shifted his gaze away, and all that remained was the effusion of the wine’s fragrance that only served to whet her appetite and escalate the rumbling sensation in her stomach.

“Hey, brother, say something. If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it that you’ve tacitly agreed to my request.” “Qin Shanshan” waved her hand in front of Ye Xiuwen’s face for a while. Then, when she realized that he had no intentions of responding to her, she immediately retrieved a little porcelain cup from her own Interspatial Ring, picked up a bottle of wine on the table and poured herself a cup of wine. Then, she lifted the cup to her sharp nose, shut her eyes and took a deep whiff of the wine’s aroma. Instantly, her lungs were filled with the wine’s intense fragrance.

“It’s truly a good wine…” “Qin Shanshan” exclaimed, before sticking out her tongue and licking the wine in her cup. An intense combination of flavours immediately burst out on her tongue and permeated all of her senses, filling her with unprecedented delight.

As soon as “Qin Shanshan” picked up the bottle of wine, Ye Xiuwen’s gaze had once again returned to her body – It truly resembles her – her poise, her expression, and her little actions in appreciating wine…

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes darkened by several shades once more. No matter how similar they were, he knew that “Qin Shanshan” could not possibly be Jun Xiaomo.

A sense of stifling frustration washed over his heart. He had initially intended to wash away the frustrations and worries weighing on his heart with wine. Yet, despite all the wine he had consumed, his frustrations had only seemed to become more pronounced in the forefront of his mind. He had thought to wash away and dilute the roiling emotions in his heart; yet his heart had only become increasingly chaotic and frenetic as time wore on.

Ye Xiuwen had never been a person who wore his expressions on his sleeves. That said, this did not mean that he was an unfeeling and emotionless person. Conversely, the more intense the emotions in his heart, the colder and more emotionless the expression on his face.

Ye Xiuwen lowered his eyes and finished the remaining wine in his cup, before calmly stating to “Qin Shanshan”, “Could you kindly leave once you’re done with your cup of wine? Forgive me, but I’m really not in the mood to enjoy a drink with someone right now.”

More accurately, he simply did not wish to continue facing a stranger who somehow constantly reminded him of his memories with Jun Xiaomo.

As suddenly as Ye Xiuwen dropped the bombshell on “Qin Shanshan”, she also accidentally swallowed an entire mouthful of the wine without any warning. The alcohol within was so sharp and spicy that she almost instantly teared up.

She stared straight back at Ye Xiuwen with widened eyes. However, her throat was burning from accidentally swallowing the wine, and she found herself completely speechless at the moment. Thus, she could only continue to stare at Ye Xiuwen with a face flushed with fury.

“You…you…do you have to be so petty?!” “Qin Shanshan” finally managed to eke out an exclamation after remaining silent for some time.

She had noticed that Jun Ziwen would always shift his eyes away after just a short moment of eye contact, and she had attributed this to the fac that Jun Ziwen was not too fond of her. That said, she had only taken a few mouthfuls of wine from Jun Ziwen right now – did he really have to be such a petty person?!

Despite her exclamation, Ye Xiuwen remained taciturn, and his eyes remained shut as he continued to hold onto the cup of spirit wine in his hands.

“Alright. Very well.” “Qin Shanshan” glared at Ye Xiuwen in anger, “Do you think you’re the only person who has good wine? I’ve got the same as well! Innkeeper!”

“Oh, coming…” The innkeeper ran over obsequiously. He had been observing their interaction from the side, and he knew that this was the time for his business to shine.

“Bring me a few bottles of the best wine that you have. Remember, I want aged and flavorsome wine.” “Qin Shanshan” patted the table as she ordered.

“Right-o!” The innkeeper immediately instructed an attendant to fetch a few bottles of wine from their wine cellar.

Moments later, two of his attendants carried five bottles of wine that were covered in dust as they returned to the dining hall. Then, they began to set these bottles down on the table that “Qin Shanshan” and Ye Xiuwen were seated at.

“Dear guests, these are the best wines that our inn has. If you don’t believe me, you can open them up to take a whiff first.” The innkeeper suggested cheerily.

“Alright, I believe you. This is for the wine.” After “Qin Shanshan” handed some money over to the innkeeper, he smiled radiantly as he returned to his front desk.

Then, as soon as “Qin Shanshan” uncapped the bottles that had been sealed with wax, she lifted the bottles to her nose and took a good whiff of the wine – Damn, the best wine in this inn is still miles away from the quality of that fella’s personal stash of wines.

In fact, this was to be expected. The old fogey in the Death’s Gorge had always been a wine connoisseur. He was incredibly particular about the wines that he consumed, and his wines were naturally brewed with the best ingredients which were invaluable and difficult to locate even by the standards of the cultivation world. Furthermore, these wines would only develop a complex flavor if it was given sufficient time for brewing. Even though the innkeeper was a reasonably rich person, he was still an insignificant mortal when all was said and done. Thus, whether based on constituent ingredients or brewing time, the innkeeper’s wines could hardly hold a candle to the old fogey’s wines in both regards.

“Qin Shanshan” sighed in her heart, consoling herself by the fact that less was better than nothing. However, as soon as she glanced back at the unperturbed and unfazed person sitting opposite her at the table, her heart constricted with fury once more.

It had to be said that she was always the one provoking and aggravating others. Who would have thought that after emerging from the Proving Grounds, the first person she would encounter was such a cold and distant person whose every action seemed to annoy and upset her?

Had she cleared every single arduous trial and hurdle within the Proving Grounds, only to be angered to death by this insipid person?!

That’s right. “Qin Shanshan” was none other than the lady who had spent well over three hundred years within the Proving Grounds before recently re-emerging to the cultivation world. She was none other than Jun Xiaomo.

When she first emerged from the Proving Grounds, she had intended to look for her master, Tong Ruizhen, to apprise him of the good news. In the end, before she even arrived at the Zephyr Sect, she overheard on the grapevine a piece of tragic news that struck her like a bolt of thunder – Tong Ruizhen had disappeared, and nobody knew whether he was dead or alive!

Not only that, rumours had it that even Jun Xiaomo was proclaimed to be “dead” to the entire cultivation world. As a result, Rong Ruihan had attempted to seek revenge for her and ended up offending the entire Zephyr Sect and the Greenwich Kingdom, before finally departing from his encampment in sorrow, vanishing off the face of this earth.

When she first heard this series of bad news, Jun Xiaomo’s heart had already begun to tremble with fear. Thus, as soon as she got wind of the rumours that the Heavenly Peak had been annihilated, her mind went blank, and any modicum of rationality within her was cast aside.

She wanted revenge! She was going to take revenge on all the culprits who were responsible for these things. She was going to settle every bit of the score that she was unable to settle in her previous life, replete with interest!

With a raging inferno blazing in her heart, Jun Xiaomo switched out her characteristic striking-red clothes and applied an Alteration Talisman on herself as she began to move and act incognito. After asking around in many places, she finally caught wind of Qin Shanshan’s entourage and made contact with them.

Jun Xiaomo was not a brainless person. She knew that if she wanted to subdue and shake up such a massive entity that the Dawn Sect was, she could not tackle the problem head on.

Fortunately, her three hundred and thirty years within the Proving Grounds had taught her practically everything there was to know about formation arrays and talismans, and she was well equipped to set up some tremendously powerful formation arrays. With the backing of these powerful formation arrays, she knew that she could deal some massive damage against the Dawn Sect even if she were not able to uproot them completely.

Most importantly, since the members of the Dawn Sect sincerely believed Jun Xiaomo to be dead, they wouldn’t even know what struck them.

Thus, she could go all guns blazing and trap all of her enemies within her formation arrays.

With these thoughts in mind, she began to tail Qin Shanshan’s entourage. Along the way, she also gradually learnt more about the details of how the Heavenly Peak had come to be “annihilated”.

As it turns out, her parents and her martial brothers from the Heavenly Peak were not dead, and it was only a remnant portion of her martial brothers who had been trapped within the Dawn Sect’s forbidden grounds. He Zhang had consciously made the decision to hold them within the forbidden grounds as hostages in an attempt to lure the rest of the Heavenly Peak so that he can capture them in one fell swoop.

After learning about these things, Jun Xiaomo temporarily shelved her initial plans for revenge and prioritized rescuing her martial brother instead.

There was still a raging inferno blazing inside her chest. However, despite her continuing fury, her rationality had returned to her substantially.

In her previous life, she began absolutely frigid and frenetic as soon as she realized that she had lost everything. The primary reason for that was because there was nothing left to fear, because there was simply nothing else she could lose. However, in this life, as soon as she learnt that she had not lost everything, her heart was once again filled with hope.

She had teased and pranked the Dawn Sect disciples along the way because she hated how they were badmouthing the Heavenly Peak. She had killed Qin Shanshan without any mercy nor hesitation because she was one of her nemeses who had irretrievably wronged her, whether in her previous life or in her present life…

Ye Xiuwen was completely unaware that “Qin Shanshan” was Jun Xiaomo. If he knew this fact, perhaps he would have been able to understand why she did what she did. At the same time, Jun Xiaomo was similarly unaware that Jun Ziwen was none other than Ye Xiuwen. If she knew this fact, perhaps she would understand where his cold and distant attitude was coming from.

Thus, for some strange reason, the two of them found themselves locked in a clash of personalities.

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