Chapter 273: Qin Lingyu’s Rage, A Drunk Jun Xiaomo

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Back when Qin Lingyu was ten years-old and Qin Shanshan was two years-old, their parents had crafted for each of them an Origin Locket. One belonged to Qin Lingyu, and they hung it around Qin Shanshan’s neck; while the other belonged to Qin Shanshan, and it was stored within Qin Lingyu’s Interspatial Ring.

Then, in the very same year, Qin Lingyu entered the Dawn Sect in the same year and formally became He Zhang’s disciple.

Even though Qin Lingyu’s parents were no more than two mere mortals, this did not change the fact that their Qin Clan ancestors had in the past left an indelible mark in the historical annals of the cultivation world. Yet for some strange reason, the Qin Clan experienced a tragic decline, and their lineage’s aptitude for cultivation continually worsened. Finally, from the generation of Qin Lingyu’s great, great grandfather, everyone born thereafter were mere mortals who were completely incompatible with cultivation. Thus, Qin Lingyu and Qin Shanshan became the Qin Clan’s hope for a revival and resurgence in the cultivation world. This was particularly the case for Qin Lingyu, whose talent for cultivation exceeded even the strongest one among all of his ancestors.

Thus, Qin Lingyu’s parents handed to the siblings the most valuable treasures handed down from generation to generation over the centuries. Amongst other things, these treasures included the Origin Lockets.

The Origin Locket could not be considered a high-grade spirit tool to begin with. After all, any spirit tool craftsman of the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation would already be able to create a high-quality Origin Locket. Furthermore, the demand for the Origin Locket was extremely low, because it possessed neither offensive nor defensive abilities; its sole purpose was to keep others informed of whether its master was dead or alive. Once the Origin Locket’s master passed on, the Origin Locket would also shatter and lose its sheen and luster.

Truth be told, most spirit tool craftsmen could hardly be bothered with crafting tools such as the Origin Locket. After all, these items were hardly sought after by cultivators to begin with, and even if they successfully crafted these items, they might not be easy to sell. Thus, apart from some spirit tool craftsmen who had sought to familiarize themselves with their new abilities after they had just stepped into the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation, it was in fact incredibly difficult to find Origin Lockets sold on the open market.

Qin Lingyu and Qin Shanshan’s parents had hoped that the siblings could mutually support and lend each other a helping hand in the cultivation world. After all, the cultivation world was a perilous place, and every bit of help that they could get mattered.

Unfortunately, Qin Shanshan and Qin Lingyu were both unable to appreciate the extent and expression of their parents’ love for them. Qin Shanshan despised the fact that her parents were mere mortals, and the things that they could provide for her and her brother were incredibly limited. She despised their gifts for having mere ancillary effects; and she despised the fact that her parents were not like Jun Xiaomo’s parents who showered Jun Xiaomo with gifts that were both invaluable and useful at the same time. Thus, Qin Shanshan was filled with both admiration and jealousy whenever she saw Jun Xiaomo or her parents.

Then, later on, Qin Shanshan discovered how Jun Xiaomo had developed feelings for Qin Lingyu. After swindling item after item from Jun Xiaomo on various pretexts of putting in a good word for her and the like, she began to despise her parents’ gifts even more.

See?! What Jun Xiaomo could afford to part with on any other day is already far more valuable and powerful than the gifts that my parents are able to give me. What’s the use of having such parents?! I hate how my luck with reincarnation was horrible! I hate how I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth!

Thus, Qin Shanshan grew up with a toxic mentality enshrouding her through her formative years until she reached full maturity. Then, it finally pushed her over the precipice, onto a path of no return.

In contrast, Qin Lingyu was far cleverer than Qin Shanshan ever was. He, too, despised the things which his parents gave to them. However, he was hardly filled with jealousy or admiration for others like Qin Shanshan was. This was because he knew that with his talent and aptitude for cultivation, he would most certainly be able to go the distance and achieve great things in life as long as he was willing to put in a commensurate amount of hard work.

In fact, Qin Lingyu hardly held his sister Qin Shanshan in any special regard. After all, Qin Lingyu had already left his family and friends for the Dawn Sect back when he was ten years of age. When Qin Shanshan finally entered the Dawn Sect, he was already eighteen years of age – in other words, he was already at the age where he could be married to others. On the other hand, Qin Shanshan had always ridden on the coattails of his brother’s identity as the Sect Leader’s First-Seat Disciple, imposing her way onto others and having no form of restraint whatsoever. In turn, she had only served to cause Qin Lingyu much trouble as a result.

If not for the fact that they were related by blood, Qin Lingyu would never recognize Qin Shanshan as a relative to begin with.

It had to be said that by this point in time, Qin Lingyu had already shoved Qin Shanshan’s Origin Locket into a deep corner of his Interspatial Ring and forgotten about it a long time ago. To Qin Lingyu’s mind, whether Qin Shanshan was dead or alive was hardly of any concern to him.

However, everything changed as soon as he learnt of a particular matter. That was also when Qin Lingyu began to concern himself with Qin Shanshan’s life and safety once more.

As it turns out, one of the Qin Clan ancestors had been an incredibly clever and powerful spirit tool craftsman, and these Origin Lockets were one of his most prized creations.

On the surface, these two artefacts looked just like any other ordinary Origin Lockets. However, these Origin Lockets possessed a secret – they were two parts of a single spirit tool that had been cleaved in half, one half representing the yin, while one half representing the yang. As soon as these Origin Lockets were joined together once more, they would become the key to unlocking an entire Arcane Realm.

Access to an Arcane Realm was indubitably synonymous with immeasurable riches and treasures. It was an existence that would cause innumerable people in the world to drop any missions or tasks that they were doing and make a mad scramble for it. With such prospects of possessing the riches of an entire Arcane Realm, how could Qin Lingyu’s ambitious heart not be moved?

To date, the two Origin Lockets had already recognized their owners, and it would not be as easy to join them together once more. In fact, the preconditions for reforming the key could even be described as exacting and onerous, to say the least. Thus, before Qin Lingyu could figure out the most appropriate way to reform the key, he decided that he would do his best to keep everything status quo.

At the same time, this meant that he could not afford to let Qin Shanshan perish. If Qin Shanshan perished, Qin Shanshan’s Origin Locket would also shatter and lose its luster. At that time, Qin Lingyu’s plans would all have been reduced to nothing.

Thus, when Qin Shanshan travelled out of the Dawn Sect on an expedition, Qin Lingyu had time and time again instructed the Dawn Sect disciples travelling together with Qin Shanshan to take good care of his sister. If anything happened to Qin Shanshan, their necks would be on the chopping block.

The Dawn Sect disciples had thought that Qin Lingyu had made these threats because of their inseparable ties as brother and sister. Who could ever have imagined that Qin Lingyu possessed such treacherous ulterior motives under the pretext of a caring older brother?

Having made some slightly over the top threats against the group of martial brothers, Qin Lingyu had expected Qin Shanshan to be completely fine over the course of the travels. Besides, he had already provided Qin Shanshan with so many life-saving treasures.

Yet, unexpectedly, when he coincidentally retrieved and took a look at Qin Shanshan’s Origin Locket, he discovered that Qin Shanshan’s Origin Locket had lost quite a bit of its luster, and there were even faint traces of cracks on it!

What in the world does this mean?! The flabbergasted Qin Lingyu dared not dally any longer. After accounting for his leave of absence to his master from the Limitless Sect, he rushed day and night to where Qin Shanshan’s location was, and he arrived in the little town near within just two days’ time.

He had been unable to contact Qin Shanshan using his Transmittance Talisman, and he had only managed to locate their whereabouts by contacting another one of the disciples who had travelled out on the expedition together with Qin Shanshan.

Then, as soon as he arrived and learnt that the entire group of martial brothers had gone out to make merry, Qin Lingyu was completely overwhelmed and infuriated – Could they have left Qin Shanshan alone in the inn just like that?! If anything happened to Qin Shanshan, where would I find another replacement Origin Locket to match my own?!

Thus, Qin Lingyu barged into the brothel and yanked the Dawn Sect disciple straight out of bed while the disciple was in the midst of his euphoria, and Qin Lingyu bellowed, “Where’s Qin Shanshan?!”

“Qin…Qin Shanshan, she…she’s at the inn…she’s inside the inn…” The Dawn Sect disciple was so frightened by Qin Lingyu’s sudden appearance that he nearly passed out from shock and fear. Qin Lingyu’s present imposing appearance was incredibly fearsome.

“Did you all just decide to leave her alone at the inn, huh?!!” Qin Lingyu threw the Dawn Sect disciple out of the room. His throw had been backed by the strength of his spiritual energy, and the Dawn Sect disciple instantly felt his organs tremble and shift about slightly in the moment his back struck the pillar outside his room.

In fact, he had sustained a fractured bone as a result of Qin Lingyu’s manhandling. A peculiar, grotesque-looking lump protruded from the top of his shoulder, right above where his arm was. Yet the disciple dared not reveal his displeasure or put up any form of resistance. He knew that with Qin Lingyu’s present abilities, Qin Lingyu could very easily squash him like nothing more than a tiny and insignificant ant.

“Summon all of the disciples around and return to the inn with me!” Qin Lingyu coldly ordered, before turning around to leave.

The Dawn Sect disciple dared not dally any longer. After stuffing a recovery pill into his mouth, he painstakingly clambered to his feet, put on his clothes, and tossed a few low-grade spirit stones to the lady on his bed. She was still reeling in shock from what had just happened. Then, he retrieved the Transmittance Talisman from his Interspatial Ring and transmitted an urgent message to all of the martial brothers around, before running out of the room in a tragic, disheveled state.

As soon as the other Dawn Sect disciples received his message, they also ran out in a similar disheveled state as they made their way towards the entrance of the inn where Qin Lingyu was waiting for them.

Within a few moments, all of the Dawn Sect disciples who had travelled out of the Sect on the expedition had gathered there. All but one – Qin Shanshan.

Qin Lingyu’s suppression of the oppressive aura around his body was at an all-time low. As soon as he swept his glance at the group of martial disciples staring at him apprehensively, the pressure emanating from his body made all of the disciples tremble in fear.

“Where’s Qin Shanshan?” Qin Lingyu’s gaze finally landed on the leader of the present expedition, “Didn’t you say she was at the inn? Where’s she?”

Qin Lingyu’s tone of voice was incredibly calm. Yet everyone around right now could feel that this was the calm before the storm.

The leader of the Dawn Sect disciples shuddered, before stammering in response, “I…I’ve already transmitted a message to her. Per--…perhaps she’s still resting in her room upstairs…”

“Hah. Resting?” Qin Lingyu chuckled coldly, “Ah Che, go knock on Qin Shanshan’s door and see if she’s resting upstairs.”

The disciple singled out by Qin Lingyu immediately nodded his head, before rushing upstairs as quickly as he could, as though there was a wild beast chasing after him.

Moments later, he ran back downstairs and faced Qin Lingyu once more as he responded with a tremor in his voice, “Qin…martial brother Qin…it seems like martial sister Qin is…she’s disappeared…”

Bang! The table below Qin Lingyu’s palm instantly became nothing more than a pile of sawdust. All of the disciples who were looking at this shuddered once more.

“Great. This is just great.” Qin Lingyu stood up and began walking towards the entire group of Dawn Sect disciples, “So this is how you’d thought to look after and protect my sister, huh? All of you go out looking for a good time, leaving her completely alone at the inn, not even knowing when she disappeared from the inn. Is this what you call protecting her, huh?!!!”

Faced with Qin Lingyu’s burgeoning fury that seemed to loom over their heads like a sword of Damocles, all the disciples shrank back and began to retreat, remaining completely taciturn out of fear.

Truth be told, they had their reasons for doing so as well. Back when Qin Shanshan ran off alone as they were travelling through the wilderness, she still managed to return to them with her life and limb intact. Apart from the period of madness and self-abuse, Qin Shanshan did not appear to have any issues looking after herself or returning to the group thereafter.

Yet for some strange reason, it was only after they had returned to this seemingly safe place that she disappeared without any trace.

Regardless of what it was, they sincerely hoped that Qin Shanshan had only sneaked out to have some fun of her own in the middle of the night, and that she would be back soon. Otherwise, they might very well have to bear the brunt of the manifestation of Qin Lingyu’s burgeoning rage.

That said, would anyone even think about sneaking out to play in the middle of the night? The more the disciples thought about it, the less they believed in such a possibility.

Thus, the Dawn Sect disciples began to feel a sense of dread and despair washing over their bodies.

Just as the disciples were praying for the safety of their martial sister Qin Shanshan, “Qin Shanshan” was simply going wild in her drunken stupor at the pavilion seated atop the hill just outside the town.

The tun of aged spirit wine that Ye Xiuwen brought out was far too potent. Jun Xiaomo only managed to drink a grand total of five cups of it before she succumbed to the effects of the alcohol. Naturally, this was partially due to the fact that Jun Xiaomo had hardly touched a single drop of spirit wine in her present life. After all, those who were neither born with the ability to hold their liquor nor frequently drank alcohol would never be able to withstand the potency of what Ye Xiuwen had provided. On the other hand, those who possessed both these qualities, like Ye Xiuwen, would have no issues keeping their clarity of mind even if they guzzled one-fifth of the entire tun of spirit wine.

Thus, the result of Jun Xiaomo’s ineptitude meant that Ye Xiuwen remained completely sober, having no choice but to put up with the little madwoman’s antics as she tormented him. At times, she would tug at Ye Xiuwen’s arm, cajoling him join in the chorus as she sang out-of-tune nursery rhymes at the top of her voice; at times, she would attempt to grab at the stars in the sky, claiming that she was catching fireflies; and at times, she would slip under the stone table in the middle of the pavilion, asking Ye Xiuwen to play hide-and-seek with her. If he “spotted” her too quickly, she would feel displeased; yet if he “spotted” her too slowly, she would say that Ye Xiuwen was an idiot and slow like a sloth…

As time wore on, Ye Xiuwen grew increasingly worn out and weary from all of her tormenting ways. At one point in time, he was even tempted to leave her here at the pavilion to sleep off her intoxication. That said, when he looked at the pair of bright eyes that “Qin Shanshan” possessed once more, for some strange reason, he held himself back.

Forget it, it’s just for one night only. Let’s just treat it as though I’m playing with an old child for now. Ye Xiuwen consoled himself in exasperation, before taking his seat on the stone chair once more and pouring out another cup of spirit wine for himself. Thus, he continued to drink his spirit wine as he did his best to look after the “old infant” that was Jun Xiaomo.

Finally, Jun Xiaomo wore herself out from her playing, and she collapsed onto the stone table. With eyes that were now glazed over, she looked at the wine cup in Ye Xiuwen’s hands in bewilderment as she murmured, “Big brother, is the drink in your hands tasty?”

Ye Xiuwen’s hand that was holding onto his wine cup paused momentarily, and he looked with some measure of exasperation at the intoxicated mess that Jun Xiaomo had been reduced to as he responded, “It’s not tasty.”

“Since it’s not tasty, why are you drinking it?” Jun Xiaomo murmured with a tilted head, acting as though she were a child.

“It’s because big brother here isn’t happy. So, big brother is drinking it so that he will feel happier.”

“Is that so?” Jun Xiaomo tilted her head once more. Her eyes curled up joyfully, and her a smile crept up the corner of her lips, before she sprang to her feet once more, “Then I want to drink it as well!”

“What?! No way!” Ye Xiuwen fervently opposed that idea. Unfortunately, there was no way he could reason with an intoxicated person. As soon as Jun Xiaomo sprang to her feet, she immediately pounced towards Ye Xiuwen and attempted to snatch away the wine cup in his hands, while Ye Xiuwen did his best to retract his hand that was holding the wine cup.

Jun Xiaomo pounced directly at Ye Xiuwen’s body, and she began to bite and scratch and claw at him with the sole aim of obtaining the little porcelain cup in Ye Xiuwen’s hand. On the other hand, Ye Xiuwen had the urge to throw the intoxicated lady onto the floor, but he only held back because he was afraid that he would hurt her.

Thus, with unequal playing fields, Jun Xiaomo finally managed to snatch the cup of spirit wine from Ye Xiuwen’s hand after some time. At this moment, there was only about half a cup of spirit wine left; the rest had been spilt onto their clothes amidst the tussle.

Gulp. In her muddle-headedness, Jun Xiaomo swallowed the remaining wine in the cup in one gulp, and she began to cough and sputter as a result of the intense heat of the alcohol in the wine.

“Cough cough cough…it’s…it tastes horrible…” Tears began to run from Jun Xiaomo’s eyes as she threw the porcelain cup away. Then, she continued to cough as she cried and choked and sputtered – all whilst gasping for breath.

Ye Xiuwen had never expected such an outcome, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sight. After deliberating for a while, he walked over to Jun Xiaomo and began to pat her gently on the back, attempting to alleviate some of the discomfort from choking and sputtering.

Instantly, Jun Xiaomo turned around, grabbed onto his clothes, and began to wipe her tears on his body.

“You!” Ye Xiuwen never liked the prospects of people getting too close to him, and he could even be described to be a little bit of a germophobe. Yet Jun Xiaomo had ignored all of these aspects of his preferences in her intoxication and wiped her tears on his body.

Then, Jun Xiaomo lifted her head and looked into Ye Xiuwen’s eyes with tears in her eyes as she complained, “That thing tastes absolutely horrible…”

Ye Xiuwen rubbed his temples as he coaxed her, “Alright, alright. It tastes horrible, so let’s not drink it anymore, alright?”

“Alright…” As Jun Xiaomo finished speaking, she buried her face into Ye Xiuwen’s bosom, causing Ye Xiuwen’s entire body to stiffen up and reflexively have the urge to push Jun Xiaomo aside! After all, Jun Xiaomo was a mere stranger to him at this point in time!

Unfortunately, the intoxicated Jun Xiaomo possessed an unworldly strength, and Ye Xiuwen found that there was simply no way of pushing her away from her bear hug without hurting her. Furthermore…

Ye Xiuwen discovered that the person in his bosom seemed to be crying – and it was even the sorrowful type where she was sobbing and whimpering silently.

For some strange reason, it suddenly occurred to Ye Xiuwen that this person was quite similar to another person whom he knew – both appeared to be carrying several burdens all on their own; and both appeared to have these burdens weighing heavily on their hearts, stifling them.

As he was hesitating, Ye Xiuwen heard what sounded like a soft, choking sound coming from his chest. If not for the fact that the surroundings were absolutely silent, he might not have heard it at all.

“…I miss you…will you never be returning again? …”

In that one single moment, a similar kind of sorrow washed over Ye Xiuwen’s heart as well.

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