Chapter 278: The Duo with A United Front

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

The Dawn Sect disciples could all see with pristine clarity the cold, bitter tension between Qin Lingyu and Ye Xiuwen.

They could understand why Qin Lingyu harboured such feelings of hostility towards Jun Ziwen. After all, who could allow their own sister to be seduced by a man that had picked her up on the streets by chance? Anyone would get maddened by those prospects. But, what about Jun Ziwen? Where did his hostility towards their martial brother Qin come from? Logically speaking, if Jun Ziwen had truly fallen for his sister, Qin Shanshan, should he not be thinking of various ways and means to appease his potential brother-in-law, Qin Lingyu?

With some measure of perplexity in their minds, the Dawn Sect disciples looked at Qin Lingyu, and then they swept their gaze back towards Ye Xiuwen. At that instant, all of the disciples unanimously resolved to remain silent and quietly observe how things would develop and unravel.

After pausing for a moment on the steps, Ye Xiuwen continued to make his way down to the dining hall. Then, he walked over to the table where the disciples were located, before helping himself to a seat and pouring himself a cup of tea.

He was the first one to break eye contact with Qin Lingyu.

Qin Lingyu squinted his eyes in displeasure. Jun Ziwen’s nonchalance thoroughly annoyed him.

In particular, Qin Lingyu felt that this man’s disposition, personality and behaviour was far too similar to that man, Ye Xiuwen, who should already have perished in the depths of the Mystic Woods.

“Speak. Tell us your true motive for travelling together with the expedition from the Dawn Sect. Don’t tell me that you’d agreed to my sister’s invitation just because you’re curious about the inside workings of the Dawn Sect. This excuse might work with my naïve, innocent little sister, but it’s ridiculous if you think that that excuse is going to work with me.”

Ye Xiuwen looked up once more and stared straight at Qin Lingyu – Naïve and innocent? Is that really how you would describe Qin Shanshan?

The other Dawn Sect disciples thought in the same manner. Each and everyone of them believed that a person who had habitually killed and seized the belongings of others could never be considered an innocent and kind person at all.

And, rather than saying that she was a naïve person, perhaps it might be more accurate to describe her as a simpleton, easily enthralled and mesmerized by a person’s looks.

Qin Lingyu noticed that Ye Xiuwen had responded with a mere placid look in his gaze. Apart from that, there was no indication whatsoever that Ye Xiuwen was prepared to explain himself to Qin Lingyu at all. Thus, a fiery indignation began to burgeon in his heart.

Does he not have any regard for what I’ve just said?!

“Hah, brother Jun, you must be mistaken if you still think that you’re able to enter the Dawn Sect with just my sister’s invitation. I’m the First-Seat Disciple of the Dawn Sect’s Sect Leader. If you want to enter the Dawn Sect, you’ve got to clear this hurdle of mine first. Do you believe me when I say that you won’t be able to take a single step into the Dawn Sect’s territory as long as I give the word?!” Qin Lingyu smiled coldly as he threatened Ye Xiuwen with a frigid gaze in his eyes.

“I believe you.” Ye Xiuwen took a sip from his teacup, before setting it down gently on the table, “But, so what? I’ve never said that I simply must enter the Dawn Sect, did I? Let me make this clear to you – it was Qin Shanshan who had invited me to the Dawn Sect, and I had never at any point brandished a knife to her neck demanding her to extend such an invitation to me. It doesn’t matter to me whether I visit the Dawn Sect or not. Thus, your threats don’t mean a thing to me.”

“Pfft…” One of the attendants who had been silently watching at a corner of the dining hall couldn’t contain his laughter and let slip a slight chuckle.

Qin Lingyu was incensed and frustrated. Ye Xiuwen’s simple retort made him look like a complete fool in front of everyone. At the same time, Qin Lingyu felt that his earlier threats and interrogation were all like punches that had landed on a bed of cotton – there was neither any impact nor damage done.

The juxtaposition between his outrageous reaction and Ye Xiuwen’s cool indifference made it evident that Ye Xiuwen had once again come out ahead of him.

In his avid anger and frustration, Qin Lingyu found himself completely lost for words. At the same time, he cast an incensed look at the attendant chuckling silently at the corner of the dining hall.

In the very next moment, Qin Lingyu waved his sleeves, and a powerful wave of energy instantly surged towards the attendant in the corner, smashing to smithereens every single table, chair and bench in its way.

This was something that had occurred in the blink of an eye, and even the Dawn Sect disciples were unable to react to the situation, much less a mere mortal.

The attendant’s mind went numb at the sight, and he stared blankly at the incoming wave of energy with his feet completely rooted to the ground in fear.

Even though everything occurred in the blink of an eye, Ye Xiuwen managed to react to the situation within a split second. In a similar fashion, Ye Xiuwen also waved his sleeve, and another, more powerful wave of energy immediately surged out and shot straight at Qin Lingyu’s wave of energy, instantly engulfing and consuming Qin Lingyu’s wave of energy.

Hong! As the two energies collided and exploded, everything within a two-meter radius of the attendant was instantly reduced to sawdust. However, the attendant remained completely unharmed.

Thud. The attendant’s knees buckled, and he collapsed on the floor as he stared vacantly at how everything around him had disintegrated just like that. His pupils constricted tensely, and he nearly wet himself.

The Dawn Sect disciples watched in amazement as the clash of powers unfurled. Then, in the next moment, they couldn’t help but gasp in shock and awe.

Not only had Ye Xiuwen’s wave of energy consumed and overpowered Qin Lingyu’s attack, Ye Xiuwen’s attack had been so well timed and controlled that he had managed to intercept Qin Lingyu’s attack whilst leaving the attendant completely unharmed. What did this mean? This meant that Ye Xiuwen’s abilities were well above that which their martial brother Qin possessed!

The Dawn Sect disciples had originally already suspected that Ye Xiuwen’s abilities would be slightly stronger than their martial brother Qin’s abilities. However, this incident revealed that the difference in extent of their abilities was more than just a “slight” bit.

If the simple-minded Dawn Sect disciples were able to deduce as much from the incident, Qin Lingyu was most certainly able to do the same as well. In fact, he had hardly held back in his earlier strike. In other words, in his anger and frustration, he had used a hundred percent of his strength to attack a mere mortal.

Unexpectedly, his ferocious attack was so easily deflected and neutralized by the man in front of him.

Qin Lingyu couldn’t help but look at Jun Ziwen in a new light. For some strange reason, the desire to suppress Jun Ziwen had diminished substantially. This did not mean that he had come to wholeheartedly believe in Ye Xiuwen’s earlier explanation. Rather, he had simply acknowledged the fact that he did not have sufficient power to deal with Jun Ziwen, and he knew that he had to escalate this issue to higher powers.

In other words, Qin Lingyu knew that he had no choice but to send a message to his master in the shortest time possible, alerting him to the suspicious man that was Jun Ziwen. Then, if need be, they could work together to dispose of Jun Ziwen discreetly.

Qin Lingyu firmly believed that the changes to Qin Shanshan’s personality must have had something to do with Jun Ziwen. Rather than to drag things out and let the problem fester, it would naturally be prudent to nip the problem in the bud.

It had to be mentioned that Ye Xiuwen did have other means of neutralizing Qin Lingyu’s wave of energy earlier. However, he consciously chose to do so in the most uncharacteristic, explosive and ostentatious display of might.

The main reason why he chose to do so was because he could tell what Qin Lingyu was thinking. Quite apart from what he had said, he knew that he needed to find a way into the Dawn Sect, and things would be far more troublesome if Qin Lingyu were to obstruct his means of infiltration through “Qin Shanshan”.

Thus, he decided to use the display of his might to shock and awe everyone from the Dawn Sect, especially Qin Lingyu. He knew that Qin Lingyu was a person who treasured his own life more than anything else in the world. Rather than to continue to butt heads with the arrogant and scheming man, he knew that the option he had chose would most certainly silence him in the shortest and swiftest possible manner.

As expected, Qin Lingyu immediately shut his trap after witnessing Ye Xiuwen’s display of abilities.

However, the hostile glances that Qin Lingyu cast at Ye Xiuwen from time to time told Ye Xiuwen that Qin Lingyu was not going to leave things lying where they were.

Ye Xiuwen shut his eyes and immersed himself with his thoughts.

Moments later, Ye Xiuwen’s hand that was holding his teacup trembled slightly, and the silhouette of a person’s figure flickered across his heart.

His mind had been made up.


Third floor of the inn, at Jun Xiaomo’s room.

Moments after Qin Lingyu departed from the room, Jun Xiaomo began to rub her head that was throbbing from her hangover. Supporting herself with the bed frame, Jun Xiaomo stood up and slowly made her way to the window in her room.

She pushed open the window. Instantly, a gust of cool, fresh air swept into the room, alleviating some of the throbbing, painful sensation weighing heavily on her mind. The cool breeze also helped her to calm her emotions that were roiling as a result of Qin Lingyu’s earlier appearance.

Jun Xiaomo could tell that Qin Lingyu was no longer a match for her, given her current abilities. However, she was still wary of the entire Dawn Sect who stood firmly behind Qin Lingyu.

Jun Xiaomo knew her limits. There was no way that Jun Xiaomo was going to be able to escape from the Dawn Sect’s concerted attacks against her, much less overcome and subjugate the entire Dawn Sect. She knew that as soon as she arouses Qin Lingyu’s suspicions and starts to draw flak from the entire Dawn Sect, infiltrating the Dawn Sect would most certainly become an impossible task.

Apart from the issue with Qin Lingyu, she couldn’t stop thinking about the dreams that she had last night as well. Jun Xiaomo had already forgotten most of the dream by now. All she could remember was the fact that she was elated and blissful in that dream.

She could vaguely also recall that she had seen her martial brother Ye in the dream. In fact, she could sense that the familiar feeling of being at ease in Ye Xiuwen’s presence had somehow seemed to linger on after the dream. Despite having already aroused from her slumber, there was still a warm sensation lingering in her heart.

Jun Xiaomo grimaced as she massaged her forehead.

I must have missed martial brother Ye too much. That’s the only explanation why I’d fallen into such a deep, long dream last night that even left me with a lingering feeling of martial brother Ye’s aura and presence.

Just as Jun Xiaomo was fully immersed in her own thoughts, two knocks resounded on her door.

“Come in.” Jun Xiaomo reflexively called out as soon as it occurred to her that she had a visitor. She turned around and looked in the direction of the door.

The door swung open. Ye Xiuwen stood at the door.

The sun shining into her room from behind her door meant that Jun Xiaomo could only see the silhouette of a figure standing at that door. That said, the garments and the familiar cool, dignified aura about the visitor tugged strongly at her heartstrings.

Her heart pounded, and her pupils constricted. She almost blurted out the word, “Ye”.

However, as Ye Xiuwen walked into the room, allowing Jun Xiaomo to get a closer look at his appearances, Jun Xiaomo held herself back from addressing her visitor as “martial brother Ye”.

It’s not martial brother…it’s just a person who presents himself similar to martial brother Ye…

Jun Xiaomo’s heart sank heavily once more. However, at that moment, a voice in her heart cried out –

Is this really not martial brother Ye? If he’s not martial brother Ye, why would I feel so much at ease around him, revealing my innermost, vulnerable self to him?

I don’t place my trust in people easily after all…

The cry of her heart reverberated strongly throughout her mind, and Jun Xiaomo found that she was unable to ignore it; and powerless to silence it.

Jun Xiaomo looked at Ye Xiuwen with a gaze that was now laced with something more. However, Ye Xiuwen failed to notice this.

After shutting the door, Ye Xiuwen walked over to Jun Xiaomo’s side and asked, “You were quite severely inebriated last night. Are you feeling better?”

Jun Xiaomo smiled, “As you can see, I’m more or less alright now. Oh yes, you must have been the one who’d sent me back last night, right?”

With some measure of exasperation, Ye Xiuwen nodded his head, “We were the only two around at that time. Who else do you think could have sent you back if not for me?”

Jun Xiaomo exclaimed in her heart – As expected…

“Then how did you send me back last night? By carrying me like a princess?” Jun Xiaomo asked half-jokingly as she scrutinized Ye Xiuwen’s response.

Ye Xiuwen furrowed his brows. “Qin Shanshan’s” peculiar gaze made him feel rather uncomfortable. Even then, he responded placidly, “Naturally, I had carried you back on my back.”

On your back… Jun Xiaomo recalled the dream that she had last night, and the sensation of feeling at ease once again surfaced in her mind, together with the incessant cry of the voice of her heart.

She could now vaguely recall that she had dreamt of her martial brother Ye carrying her on his back as well.

With clenched fists, Jun Xiaomo fervently suppressed the urge to press this line of questions. She knew that now was not the time for this.

Furthermore, she could see from Jun Ziwen’s expressions that if he continued to press the issue, he could very well develop a misunderstanding or get upset.

“That’s right, brother Jun, did you come looking for me for anything in particular?” Jun Xiaomo tactfully changed the subject.

As soon as she brought the conversation back to the issue at hand, Ye Xiuwen’s instantly refocused his eyes as he stared back at Jun Xiaomo and explained, “Miss Tong, we have a common goal, and that is to infiltrate the Dawn Sect. Since that’s the case…shall we cooperate in this regard?”

Jun Xiaomo raised her eyebrows quizzically, “Cooperate?”

“That’s right. Cooperate.” Ye Xiuwen looked intently at Jun Xiaomo as he added, “Qin Lingyu’s already becoming suspicious of my actions right now. I’m not sure how things are on your side, but on my side, I’m afraid that the chances of entering the Dawn Sect are growing slimmer by the minute. Thus, I hope to be able to cooperate with Miss Tong and rely on your current identity to enter the Dawn Sect.”

Jun Xiaomo turned and stared vacantly out of the window as she rubbed her chin, “So that’s how it is…”

Indeed, if Qin Lingyu had already become suspicious of the changes to her personality, there’s no need to say what kind of scrutiny Jun Ziwen would be under. It’s most certainly going to be an uphill task for him to get Qin Lingyu’s approval. In turn, if Qin Lingyu doesn’t give his approval, there’s no way He Zhang would give his approval either.

It was much easier with her present identity. As long as Qin Lingyu fails to discover any proof that she was not Qin Shanshan, there was no way he could keep her out of the Sect.

On the other hand, it was quite different for Jun Ziwen – he could very well become the target of Qin Lingyu’s schemes before he even took a step into the Dawn Sect.

Forget it. An additional pair of hands make quick work. Since this isn’t an unfavorable transaction, why shouldn’t I agree to it? Besides…

“Well, I’m not opposed to the prospects of cooperating. However, you’ve got to agree to a condition of mine first.”

As Jun Xiaomo spoke, she blinked at Ye Xiuwen with a crafty gaze in her eyes.

“Condition? What condition?”

“Once you’ve attended to your matters and achieved your goals within the Dawn Sect, you must tell me your true identity. How about it?” Jun Xiaomo’s lips curled into a smile.

After deliberating for a moment, Ye Xiuwen nodded his head, “Alright.”

What Ye Xiuwen didn’t know right now was that sometime in the near future, he would be incredibly glad that he had made this decision today.

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