Chapter 307: Revelation of Identities

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Jun Xiaomo had drawn the attention of all the Sect Elders, Peakmasters, as well as all of the regular disciples of the Dawn Sect onto herself. Thus, Ye Xiuwen and the other Heavenly Peak disciples had managed to arrive at the boundary of forest just outside the Dawn Sect completely unobstructed. Unfortunately, when they looked at the thick, dense woods in standing in front of them, the Heavenly Peak disciples found themselves faced with yet another obstacle.

“What do we do now? The forest is also where the Dawn Sect’s protective formation array is located. We won’t be able to pass through this place if we don’t have an identity token with us.” Chen Feiyu exclaimed in frustration.

Their identity tokens had already been seized by He Zhang as soon as they were captured. He Zhang had been determined not to let them go, and they knew that it was very likely that He Zhang might even have altered the effects of the formation array to restrict access by the rest of the members from the Heavenly Peak. How were they possibly going to break out of this barrier given the current state they were in?

Ye Xiuwen pondered about it for a short moment, before he spoke resolutely, “We’ll just walk straight through.”

“What?! Walk straight through?! Martial brother Ye, we don’t know a single thing about formation arrays, so how are we going to be able to come out of this alive?” Chen Feiyu sincerely believed that this was going to be a task nigh impossible.

However, Ye Xiuwen simply smiled calmly as he responded, “Believe me. We have the blessings of someone powerful.”

The reason why Ye Xiuwen was so certain of this fact was because he recalled how “Qin Shanshan” had managed to trap and stumble Qin Lingyu using the Dawn Sect’s protective formation array just a little while ago.

Thus, since “Qin Shanshan” was able to send them out of the forbidden grounds, he had reason to believe that she would be willing to allow these disciples to pass through the Sect’s protective formation array unharmed as well.

When he thought about how the mysterious girl was still trapped within the Dawn Sect’s grounds, Ye Xiuwen couldn’t help but feel somewhat worried for her. That said, his martial brothers from the Heavenly Peak were with him right now, and there was no way he could deprioritize their safety just like that.

I’ll see them to a safe place outside before coming back to take a look. I can’t just leave this mysterious lady in the lurch like that after she’d done so much to rescue my martial brothers. Ye Xiuwen resolved in his heart.

Seeing how Ye Xiuwen was so certain that they had the blessings of someone powerful, the Heavenly Peak disciples who had complete trust in their martial brother Ye naturally set down their tense and anxious hearts, and they began to follow Ye Xiuwen’s lead as they walked straight through the forest just outside the Dawn Sect’s grounds.

As expected, none of them were captured or attacked by the Dawn Sect’s protective formation array, and none of them found themselves trapped within the domain of the same.

This was because Jun Xiaomo had already fundamentally altered the logic and permissions of the formation array. In other words, Jun Xiaomo was the new owner of the protective formation array located here.

Once they managed to pass through the forest safely, everyone unanimously heaved a huge sigh of relief.

As soon as they had left the boundaries drawn up by the Sect’s protective formation array, they would essentially have left the Dawn Sect’s grounds, which in turn meant that they were now able to use Teleportation Scrolls anytime they wished.

That said, the Heavenly Peak disciples that had just escaped from captivity would never possibly possess a Teleportation Scroll with them. This was something that only Ye Xiuwen possessed at this moment.

Thus, Ye Xiuwen retrieved a Teleportation Scroll from his Interspatial Ring and laid it out onto the ground as he stated, “Let’s go.”

Just as Chen Feiyu took a step forward, he suddenly recalled something important –

“Eh? Martial brother Ye, don’t we have to wait for martial sister Xiaomo as well?”

“Xiaomo?” Ye Xiuwen was taken aback.

“That’s right. Didn’t you two come together? She was the one who had handed us the Invisibility Talismans, asking us to wait by the prison for you.” Another Heavenly Peak disciple explained the situation.

Ye Xiuwen’s pupils suddenly constricted, and his mind drew a blank – Martial sister Xiaomo? Wasn’t the person who rescued martial brother Chen and the rest Miss Tong?

Having discovered how his martial brother Ye’s expressions seemed to be growing rather peculiar, Chen Feiyu furrowed his brows, “Martial brother Ye?”

At this moment, Ye Xiuwen’s heart felt as though a massive stone was weighing on it, stifling him so much that even his breathing had gone ragged.

“Are you saying that the person who rescued you was martial sister Xiaomo?!” Ye Xiuwen took a large stride forward and stared straight into Chen Feiyu’s eyes. In that instant, the oppressive aura accompanying his cultivation at the Nascent Soul stage of cultivation flourished uncontrollably, causing the knees of several Heavenly Peak disciples to buckle as they fell to the ground.

They looked at Ye Xiuwen in complete astonishment. It had only been a short span of twelve years, yet their martial brother Ye’s abilities had improved to such an astonishing level.

Chen Feiyu had only just broken through the secondary-tier Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation, and it was difficult for even someone like him to resist Ye Xiuwen’s oppressive aura right this instant. That said, the thing that confused him the most was why Ye Xiuwen was reacting like this right now.

Why doesn’t martial brother Ye seem to be aware of the fact that martial sister Xiaomo had rescued them? Didn’t martial sister Xiaomo say that she had already discussed the plan with martial brother Ye before commencing their rescue operation?

As Chen Feiyu struggled hard to resist Ye Xiuwen’s oppressive aura, he queried with bewilderment, “Martial brother Ye, didn’t you commence the rescue operation together with martial sister Xiaomo? When she rescued us earlier, she mentioned that the two of you had been working together, and they had asked us to wait by the prison cell for you. Oh, that’s right, when martial sister Xiaomo appeared, she was wearing the appearances of Qin Shanshan.”

“Damn! That’s little brat!” Ye Xiuwen collected his oppressive aura, and the indignation in the depths of his eyes ostensibly flourished.

After what his martial brother Chen had just mentioned, how could he not connect two and two and realize just what was going on?

Jun Xiaomo isn’t dead! Not only is she alive, she had been travelling beside me all this while! And perhaps the only reason why she was unwilling to reveal her identity was because she wanted me to bring the Heavenly Peak disciples away to safety while she remained within the Dawn Sect, holding everyone back!

While Jun Xiaomo was still wearing Qin Shanshan’s appearance and identity, Ye Xiuwen had already discovered how reckless and daredevil the lady underneath Qin Shanshan’s skin was.

By this time, everyone had become well aware of the ugly expression on Ye Xiuwen’s face, and they couldn’t help but exchange puzzled glances with each other.

“Martial brother Ye, did something go wrong?” Chen Feiyu couldn’t help but ask, “Could martial sister Xiaomo have perhaps met with an accident?”

When all was said and done, Chen Feiyu was growing anxious at the developing situation. Right now, it was obvious to him that Ye Xiuwen had been kept completely in the dark about the fact that Jun Xiaomo had rescued them. Thus, he was worried that his little martial sister might have met with a mishap.

If his little martial sister had truly met with a mishap in the course of rescuing them, they would sincerely and truly be unable to account to their master and his wife for their loss – even a thousand deaths would not be able to clear their guilt and remorse.

“She’ll be fine. Wait here. I’m going back in to bring her out.” Ye Xiuwen spoke in a low voice, “I’ll leave this Teleportation Scroll with you. If any pursuers from the Dawn Sect come chasing after you, activate it and leave this place first.”

“Martial brother Ye, why don’t we go back together? A few additional pairs of hands could make quick work of things.” Chen Feiyu suggested.

“There’s no need.” Ye Xiuwen curtly rejected his suggestion.


“In your current condition, you won’t be able to do much even if you go in. Instead, we might even get distracted by the need to keep you safe.” Ye Xiuwen calmly explained, “Believe me. I’ll bring Xiaomo back out safely.”

This was a vow, not just to the Heavenly Peak disciples standing in front of him, but to his master and his master’s wife as well. Most importantly, it was also a vow to Jun Xiaomo as she remained trapped within the Dawn Sect’s grounds, completely oblivious to the fact that her identity had already been exposed.

He was determined to rescue Jun Xiaomo, no matter the price. His hope had once again been rekindled, and he did not wish to live with any more regrets in his life.

Chen Feiyu was slightly taken aback when he saw the extent of unwavering determination within Ye Xiuwen’s eyes.

As though something within him clicked, Chen Feiyu revealed a faint smile on his face that was filled with understanding and blessings, “Then alright. We’ll be waiting here. Martial brother Ye, we wish you Godspeed as you bring martial sister Xiaomo back out safely.”

Ye Xiuwen nodded his head and activated his Windwalk ability. Then, with two or three quick leaps, Ye Xiuwen vanished completely from sight as he sped back into the heart of the Dawn Sect’s grounds.

“Martial brother Chen, can martial brother Ye possibly rescue martial sister Xiaomo all alone?” Another Heavenly Peak disciple couldn’t suppress the concern in his heart as he queried.

“He can, and he most definitely will. Since martial brother Ye has said that he can do it, let’s give him our complete trust and faith.” Chen Feiyu stated resolutely.

Most importantly, given the extent of martial brother Ye’s feelings towards his little martial sister, he would never let anything bad happen to her.


Meanwhile, as Ye Xiuwen began to make his way back to the Dawn Sect, Jun Xiaomo discovered that she had met with a slight mishap on her end.

After handing the wad of high-grade Invisibility Talismans to her martial brothers from the Heavenly Peak, she realized to her horror that her stock of high-grade Invisibility Talismans had been drained completely dry. The only ones remaining comprised the Invisibility Talisman she had just applied on her own body. Although the Invisibility Talisman could conceal her appearances, it was unable to conceal her aura.

In other words, as long as the old fogeys from the Dawn Sect released their divine sense and sent it probing around their surroundings, they would still be able to locate her whereabouts.

To make matters worse, on the twenty-fifth time that Jun Xiaomo managed to avoid their attacks, the Invisibility Talisman that she had applied also lost its effects.

This was the downside of a low-grade Invisibility Talisman – not only was it unable to conceal her aura, its effective duration was also incredibly low. The Invisibility Talisman that had just expired had only lasted for the better part of an hour.

At the same time, this hour of time that she had bought for the Heavenly Peak disciples had been more than enough for them to escape from the Dawn Sect’s grounds and pass through the forest where the Dawn Sect’s protective formation array was located. This hour of time was also sufficient to provoke the ire and wrath of the old fogeys of Dawn Sect to unprecedented heights.

“Jun Xiaomo, let’s see where you can run to now!” The Second Elder bellowed as he surrounded Jun Xiaomo with a few other Sect Elders, “Go on then! Why don’t you run! Use your dear Invisibility Talismans to run! Let’s see whether you wear us down first, or whether we deplete the number of Invisibility Talismans you have at your disposal first!”

Jun Xiaomo began to coil her hair around her finger leisurely as she chuckled lightly, “Oh? Is that right? Then, let me first congratulate all of you, because the Invisibility Talismans within my Interspatial Ring have all been depleted.”

The Second Elder was taken aback by Jun Xiaomo’s provocations, and he was rendered slightly speechless.

Was there any person who would possibly reveal his vulnerabilities after being threatened by his opponents? How could something like that even be possible?

What’s Jun Xiaomo trying to do? Does she have something else up her sleeve?

Something must be amiss! Jun Xiaomo’s placid, lackadaisical disposition caused the Second Elder and the others to grow slightly hesitant, and all of them hesitated to charge straight at her.

Having tussled with Jun Xiaomo for one hour, none of them dared to underestimate the extent of Jun Xiaomo’s mysterious and demonic abilities, and nobody could comprehend or understand just what she was up to.

Jun Xiaomo raised her eyebrow quizzically as she smirked victoriously, “Oh? What’s the matter? Could it be that you old farts that have lived for hundreds or even thousands of years is afraid of this young sprout that I am?”

Old…old farts?! The lips of the Dawn Sect disciples twitched and contorted slightly. None of them knew whether they should laugh or grow indignant at her description of the Dawn Sect’s leaders.

Jun Xiaomo’s tongue was far too unbridled.

As expected, the Fifth Elder was the first one to succumb to Jun Xiaomo’s provocations. Casting aside Jun Xiaomo’s earlier display of abilities against him, he rushed straight towards Jun Xiaomo in the heat of his rage.

Jun Xiaomo remained completely calm and collected as she dodged left and right, almost as though she were teasing a little pet cat. The Fifth Elder was unable to connect any blows, while Jun Xiaomo refrained from launching any attacks at the Fifth Elder either.

Jun Xiaomo’s truly formidable! The Dawn Sect disciples gasped in shock as they watched the peculiar sight unfold before their eyes.

“What are you bunch of old farts doing standing around?! There’s no longer an Invisibility Talisman on her body now, so what are you guys waiting for?! Do I need to roll out a red carpet for you?!” The Fifth Elder bellowed at the other Sect Elders and Peakmasters.

The Second Elder’s eyes gleamed brightly. He was unable to tell just what Jun Xiaomo was plotting from her current actions.

“We should lend a hand as well. Otherwise, the Fifth Elder is going to blow his top soon.” The Grand Elder made the final call.

Thus, the Dawn Sect’s Sect Elders and Peakmasters instantly charged straight towards Jun Xiaomo and launched a concerted attack against her!

Jun Xiaomo’s lips curled into a wicked smile – this was the moment she had been waiting for.

She suddenly paused in her steps and turned her whip into a sword as she placed it onto her palm.

Everyone was still completely lost as to what Jun Xiaomo was trying to do.

Then, with one forceful tug, Jun Xiaomo cut a deep gash onto her own palm, causing crimson-red blood to flow out and drip onto the ground below.

In the very next moment, a red light exploded from the ground below, and a massive formation diagram suddenly appeared underfoot, capturing all of the Sect Elders and Peakmasters within its domain.

Formation array?! The Second Elder’s pupils suddenly constricted as a fleeting notion flickered across his heart.

Jun Xiaomo’s lips gradually curled into a brazen, grim smile. As the blood continued to flow from her palm and fall onto the ground, the formation array glowed increasingly brighter.

This was the final gift she had prepared for the old fogeys of the Dawn Sect!

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