Chapter 325: An Imminent Threat, Jun Xiaomo Arrives in the Eleventh Hour

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

It didn’t take much time for Ye Xiuwen to learn about the effects of the incense which Zhang Shuyue was talking about.

As time passed, the temperature in the room seemed to slowly increase, and Ye Xiuwen began to find his surroundings scalding hot, as though he had been tossed into a cauldron of boiling hot water. As the heat continued to assault his senses, it began to draw a haze over his mind, stifling its clarity and senses as well.

He groaned in frustration, and the veins on his head bulged and throbbed as large beads of sweat trickled down his forehead and landed on the pillow he was lying on.

A still, small voice called out feebly in his heart – Stay focused. You can’t do anything that would hurt Little Mo.

That said, since Zhang Shuyue was hell bent on obtaining Ye Xiuwen’s mind, body and soul right now, she naturally resorted to extreme measures. The drugs she had resorted to were hardly easy to resist at all.

Thus, Ye Xiuwen began to feel his rationality and clarity of mind slowly slip away from his body. At the same time, as his body grew ostensibly warmer, he instinctually thought of grabbing something to reduce the heat swelling up from within his body.

Just then, a cool, soft voice rang out just beside him. In fact, this voice was so close to him that he could even feel the breath of the lady gently and coolly tickling his ear, “How about it, Brother Ye? Are you still going to try and resist me? Your body is at its limits, isn’t it? Why don’t you let me help you?”

Fortunately, the fact that her voice sounded different from Jun Xiaomo’s voice was like a bolt of lightning that struck his vigilant heart, and he was somewhat jolted back to his senses. Some measure of rationality had now returned to his mind.

Ye Xiuwen bit down on his tongue viciously, and the stench of blood began to suffuse throughout his mouth. In turn, this allowed him to clear his mind even more.

“Zhang Shuyue, you won’t be able to get what you want today.” Ye Xiuwen coldly barked at the lady beside him.

Zhang Shuyue had never expected Ye Xiuwen to suddenly return to his senses like that, and she felt incredibly frustrated and infuriated.

“Hmph, it’s not bad that you can still retain your rationality under the interplay of all these drugs. But I wonder whether you’ll still be able to hang on once I add another potent drug to the mix!” Zhang Shuyue declared with rage. As she finished speaking, she retrieved another small packet of powder from her Interspatial Ring and scattered it onto Ye Xiuwen’s body.

Ye Xiuwen’s body was already incredibly weak under the effects of all the drugs to begin with. Unfortunately, with the incessant battering of the waves of heat washing through his body, his mind was unable to register and react to the scattering powder in time, and he took in a deep breath and began coughing and spattering, “Cough cough cough…”

Zhang Shuyue raised her eyebrows victoriously as she waited for Ye Xiuwen to succumb to the drugs’ effects.

Truth be told, even Zhang Shuyue was unsure just what she was trying to achieve here anymore. She knew full well that even if something happened between her and Ye Xiuwen today, and even if this event successfully tore Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo apart from each other, she would still never be able to obtain Ye Xiuwen’s heart.

After all, with Ye Xiuwen’s current seething rage and rejection towards her right now, she would already be incredibly fortunate if she were to escape after the incident with her life intact. Was there even the remotest possibility that he would agree to spend the rest of his life with her after the event?

At this moment, the only goal that was constantly at the forefront of her mind was simply this – since she was unable to obtain Ye Xiuwen’s heart, Jun Xiaomo could not have his heart either!

After inhaling the powder scattered by Zhang Shuyue, Ye Xiuwen suddenly experienced an electrifying sensation surge from his spinal cord, shooting straight into his mind.

He tightened his fingers around the bedsheets below him, furiously fighting and resisting the mild, numbing sensation that was coursing through his body right now.

Zhang Shuyue’s lips curled up victoriously. She suddenly discovered that the ability to reduce such a cool and composed man to such a tragic sense gave her an incredible sense of achievement.

At the same time, despite the fact that Ye Xiuwen’s eyes were completely bloodshot and the veins on his head were bulging and throbbing, Ye Xiuwen still appeared incredibly handsome and striking to her – enough to move her heart and stir her soul.

As Zhang Shuyue gazed at Ye Xiuwen’s reactions, a trace of passion and lust began to surface in the depths of her eyes. She stretched out her hand and began to loosen his shirt, revealing his strong, muscular chest.

How many times had she dreamt of leaning on his chest at night, listening to the strength of his thumping heartbeat as she relished in the security of his embrace? Unfortunately, this was a privilege extended exclusively to Jun Xiaomo. The fire of jealousy raged in her heart, stirring her emotions to a boiling point. Fortunately, she still had this very opportunity to experience and obtain what she had always desired.

Just like she was caressing a fine ornament, she began to run her fingers all around Ye Xiuwen’s body, attempting to arouse the deepest carnal desires within Ye Xiuwen’s body, causing him to finally succumb to the effects of the drugs within his body.

At the same time, the gaze in Ye Xiuwen’s eyes gradually grew hazier and hazier.

Zhang Shuyue had been observing Ye Xiuwen’s reactions all this while. Thus, when she saw the state of his eyes and expressions, she knew it was about time – she had never intended to allow Ye Xiuwen to remain limp and weak on the bed all this time. After all, what meaning would there be if all he could do was to remain limp and motionless in bed?

Thus, she retrieved another bottle from her Interspatial Ring, opened its cap and placed it under Ye Xiuwen’s nose.

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes instantly glazed over as he caught a whiff of its contents. Yet, at the same time, strength seemed to return to his body once more.

Zhang Shuyue revealed a delighted smile on her face. Then, she began to take off her own clothing, before laying on Ye Xiuwen’s body.

Right now, all Zhang Shuyue had on was a thin, undergarment that revealed her jade-white, delicate shoulders and arms.

She stretched out her arms and wrapped them around Ye Xiuwen’s neck gently as she clambered on. Then, she minced closer to those juicy lips of his, and her body also began to tangle and intertwine with his…

“Actually, you can just think of me as Jun Xiaomo.” Zhang Shuyue remarked with vicious delight as she chuckled melodiously, “This way, your heart won’t be tormented as you’re doing the deed, and we can both immerse ourselves in this experience of depravity and ride the waves of ecstasy together.”

Ye Xiuwen remained taciturn as though his rationality had completely left his body. Then, moving on impulse, he slowly began to stretch out his hand and wrap them around Zhang Shuyue’s waist.

A victorious, expectant smile crept up the corner of Zhang Shuyue’s face instantly.

Then, just as Zhang Shuyue was about to plant a devilish kiss on Ye Xiuwen’s lips, she suddenly found her world spinning as a massive force shoved her from the side. Without warning, she lost her balance, flipped over from the bed and slammed onto the ground painfully.

In that very instant, Zhang Shuyue was at a complete loss as to what exactly had happened, and she sat blankly on the floor, wondering what was going on.

Then, before she could come to any form of conclusion, she noticed Ye Xiuwen grit his teeth and painstakingly clamber up from bed, glaring at Zhang Shuyue as he uttered, “You’re revolting.”

It had to be mentioned that Ye Xiuwen’s personality had always been of the cool, composed sort, and he had never used such strong, powerful words against anyone, even against a person whom he had never met before. This was the very first time he had described a lady as “revolting”.

If not for the striking scent of the perfume Zhang Shuyue had worn, he might not have regained his consciousness in that very moment of crisis, and he might well have ended up doing something that would hurt Jun Xiaomo.

Ye Xiuwen’s clothes hung loosely from his body, exposing his chest, while his forehead was percolating with sweat. Yet what one might describe as a disheveled, sorry state was simply something that was incredibly seductive and alluring in Zhang Shuyue’s eyes.

She hated the fact that she had been unable to devour this man, even at this point of time.

“Aren’t you experiencing immense discomfort right now? Why are you still gritting your teeth and fighting against the pain?” Zhang Shuyue stood up and walked towards Ye Xiuwen once more, “How about this, I can set up a formation array outside to prevent Jun Xiaomo from coming in. This way, we can privately enjoy a night of bliss, and I promise that I’ll never come looking for you after this night. At the same time, Jun Xiaomo will never know that anything had happened between the two of us.”

Zhang Shuyue was now negotiating with Ye Xiuwen.

After all, men were all the same, weren’t they? Who would be able to resist the temptation of a forbidden fruit that was dangling so low? Ye Xiuwen must have resisted all of this because he was afraid that Jun Xiaomo would discover the fact that he had stolen a bite at this forbidden fruit and ignore him for the rest of his life.

Thus, one could argue that Zhang Shuyue had essentially taken a step back in compromise right now. With a promise to keep anything that happened within this room completely secret, Ye Xiuwen should be willing to give up all forms of resistance, right?

That said, whether Zhang Shuyue had any intention to keep her word was something that was only privy to her right now.

Ye Xiuwen glared coldly at her, remaining taciturn as he continued to muster and store spiritual energy within his palms.

However, Zhang Shuyue could guess what Ye Xiuwen was trying to do. She chuckled lightly, “Brother Ye, don’t resist me anymore. Under the effects of these drugs, the more you use your spiritual energy, the stronger the backlash when it breaks free of the restraints you’ve set on it. At that time, you might even end up suffering brain damage and become a fool.”

These were not empty threats designed to alarm Ye Xiuwen either. After all, these medicines had been left to her by her master before she left the valley. Back then, her master had informed her that she could use these medicines to deal with men who were prone to wander.

At that time, the more these drugged men forcibly suppressed the medicine’s effects, the stronger the backlash when the effects were finally released. In serious circumstances, the backlash could directly burst straight through a person’s mind, turning him into a complete fool.

Ye Xiuwen clenched his fists. He had originally intended to release his spiritual energy after hearing Zhang Shuyue’s threats. However, when he saw her approaching him again, he began to muster his spiritual energy once more.

This time, it was not to resist the effects of the drugs; this time, it was so that he could kill Zhang Shuyue.

Zhang Shuyue had utterly incensed him!

Without noticing the killing intent roiling in the depths of Ye Xiuwen’s eyes, Zhang Shuyue’s heart began to flutter with eager anticipation and delight. All she saw right now was how Ye Xiuwen was staring at her sullenly without making any moves of his own, and she had simply assumed that Ye Xiuwen had given up all forms of resistance – he was ready to compromise.

More thoughts flitted through her mind at this instant – she would appeal to her master to spare Ye Xiuwen once she had done the deed with him, while Jun Xiaomo would remain fated to perish amidst her heartbrokenness and fury!

Just as the spiritual energy within Ye Xiuwen’s palm reached its limits, and Zhang Shuyue drew immeasurably close to the bed, a massive sound echoed out from outside the door to her room.

Zhang Shuyue turned around, and her pupils immediately constricted – How could Jun Xiaomo arrive here so quickly?!

Jun Xiaomo’s intense, cold gaze landed directly on Zhang Shuyue’s body. A few seconds later, and with a flick of her sleeves, Zhang Shuyue spat out a huge mouthful of blood as she struck a wall in the room!

“Zhang Shuyue, I’ve already warned you to rein in your thoughts and never to cross the line.” Jun Xiaomo barked coldly as she walked towards Zhang Shuyue one imposing step at a time.

Dressed in striking red, Jun Xiaomo appeared to be a fiendish beast that had just crawled up from the depths of hell. Her eyes were frigid and filled with killing intent right now.

If she had arrived just one minute later, would Zhang Shuyue have had her way with Ye Xiuwen? When she contemplated the prospects of Zhang Shuyue lying stark naked in Ye Xiuwen’s bosom, an urge to tear Zhang Shuyue to pieces instantly swept across her heart!

Zhang Shuyue knew that she had lost her opportunity as soon as Jun Xiaomo arrived. However, she suddenly threw her head into the air as she laughed manically, “Jun Xiaomo, do you think you’ve won? Once my master arrives with reinforcements, you will all perish! Hahahahaha…”

Jun Xiaomo’s spirits flared, and her intense gaze transfixed on Zhang Shuyue instantly grew colder.

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