Chapter 343: Surrounded on All Sides, Jun Xiaomo Breaches the Master Formation Array

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

When Xiang Guqing noticed Zhang Shuyue brazenly walking out of the room, leaving Zhou Zilong nowhere to be seen, she immediately took two steps forward and asked with a hushed voice, “What’s going on? Aren’t you letting the cat out of the bag by walking out like that?”

Reviling her pretenses, Zhang Shuyue pouted, “I don’t want to feign civility with that man anymore, so I killed him.”

“You! You silly girl! Who’s going to lure the Heavenly Peak disciples into the trap now that he’s dead?!” Xiang Guqing huffed in exasperation, fervently resisting the urge to rap her disciple hard on the head.

Zhang Shuyue snorted, “That fool had never thought to lure his martial brothers over to begin with. His sole intention was to deceive Master and create an opportunity for my escape.”

Xiang Guqing bellowed in rage, condemning Zhou Zilong’s actions, “That’s why I’ve said time and time again that men are no good things! None of them do anything apart from deceiving those around them!” As she finished speaking, she looked at Zhang Shuyue with some measure of resentment as she chided, “And you, why did you act on such impulse? Even if he’s not willing to lure out the Heavenly Peak disciples, we could at least torture him for a little and see what useful information we could glean from him. But everything is back to square one now that you’ve killed him.”

Aggrieved, Zhang Shuyue pouted slightly as she murmured, “What else can we do? I’ve already killed him…”

Xiang Guqing deliberated for a moment before responding, “In the circumstances, the only thing we can do is to rush straight towards the heart of the formation array in the depths of the valley. That brat Jun Xiaomo shouldn’t be able to break through the formation array’s defenses so quickly. We can come up with the contingencies once we’re there.”

“That’s fine as well. Given how much we outnumber them, there’s no way that those vermin in the Qi Mastery stage of cultivation will be able to resist us in a full-on confrontation!” Zhang Shuyue barked viciously as an evil gleam flashed across the depths of her eyes.

When Xiang Guqing and the men from the Eternal Summit Sect finally made their way to the depths of the valley, Jun Xiaomo was already in the final phase of breaching the defenses of the master formation array.

Jun Xiaomo had underestimated the complexities of the master formation array. Furthermore, given how well Xiang Guqing knew the way to the heart of the master formation array, they had arrived in the shortest time possible. Thus, the Heavenly Peak disciples found themselves squaring off directly against Xiang Guqing and the rest.

Ye Xiuwen quickly swept his gaze across the group assailants who had just arrived on the scene. He saw Xiang Guqing and Zhang Shuyue, but he didn’t see Zhou Zilong. In that instant, his heart sank.

He knew that Martial Brother Zhou might very well have met with his demise.

As soon as Zhang Shuyue arrived at the heart of the master formation array, she immediately noticed Ye Xiuwen scanning the persons that had arrived on scene, and she could roughly guess what Ye Xiuwen was looking for. Her lips curled into a cold, wicked smile as she provoked Ye Xiuwen, “Brother Ye, you wouldn’t perchance be looking for that fool, Zhou Zilong, would you?”

Ye Xiuwen glared silently back at Zhang Shuyue with a tight grimace on his lips.

Zhang Shuyue smiled knowingly as she continued to press the issue, “Brother Ye, don’t waste your time. I’ve already killed that fool. I’d even plunged a sword straight through his heart.”

Ye Xiuwen’s pupils immediately constricted, and he coldly barked at Zhang Shuyue, “Zhang Shuyue, do you know that Martial Brother Zhou has gone back just for you?”

“So what? Does that mean that I should shed tears of gratitude and spare his life?” Zhang Shuyue chuckled coquettishly, yet there was hardly a single trace of bemusement in her eyes, “I don’t need his saving to begin with. Why should I be grateful to him?”

“You’ve tricked him. You’d even mentioned that you were in a dangerous predicament.” Ye Xiuwen reminded Zhang Shuyue of the exact words she had used to fool Zhou Zilong.

“That’s right. That fool fell for it and came running back to rescue me right away, only to end up perishing under my blade. He can only blame himself for being so useless. Master wanted him to lure you back to the valley, but he simply refused to do so.” Zhang Shuyue spoke with an incredibly placid tone of voice, as though she found nothing wrong with killing a person who truly and sincerely had feelings for her.

All of the other Heavenly Peak disciples glared furiously at Zhang Shuyue with intense hatred in their eyes.

The Heavenly Peak was like a big family nucleus to them, and they treated each of their members as their kin. How could they possibly remain calm after learning that their family member had just been killed for no good reason?!

None of them could fathom the thoughts running through Zhou Zilong’s mind as Zhang Shuyue’s sword ran straight through his heart. Just how despondent and confused would he have been?

Zhang Shuyue glanced lazily at the Heavenly Peak disciples as she mocked, “Want to kill me? It’s a pity that you’ll have no chance to do so. Do you know what you’ve consumed together with the food earlier today? It’s Spirit Devouring Grass. Do you think you’ll still be able to resist my attacks after consuming so much Spirit Devouring Grass earlier?”

“You!!!” The Heavenly Peak disciples cast an infuriated glare at Zhang Shuyue as they attempted to operate the spiritual energies within their bodies. To their horror, they discovered that their bodies felt like nothing more than an empty shell, and there was not a single thread of spiritual energy to be found within their bodies.

Chen Feiyu was in a slightly better state than the rest of his martial brothers. After all, he had already stepped into the elementary-tier Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation, and he could still muster a fraction of the energy within his body. However, the rest of the Heavenly Peak disciples were unable to muster even a single thread of spiritual energy right now.

Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan instinctively inched closer to Jun Xiaomo and stood guard in front of her. After exchanging a knowing glance with each other, they nodded, signifying their mutual understanding in this regard – prioritize protecting Jun Xiaomo. As soon as Jun Xiaomo breaches the defenses of the master formation array, they would all be able to leave this place safely.

Given their numbers and their strength right now, dealing with a massive group of assailants with abilities ranging from the twelfth level of Qi Mastery to the advanced-tier Nascent Soul stage of cultivation was undoubtedly an impossible task. Therefore, they knew that the best strategy they could adopt right now would be to hinder their movements as much as they could and prevent any of them from interfering with Jun Xiaomo’s efforts.

Thus, mustering his spiritual energy, Ye Xiuwen began to convey a series of orders directly into the Heavenly Peak disciples through a thread of his spiritual energy –

“Martial brothers, use the talismans given by Xiaomo and stall for time. We cannot afford to let them interrupt Xiaomo right now.”

Jun Xiaomo had already anticipated that Zhang Shuyue would make a move against them during this crucial period of time. Thus, she had prepared several talismans beforehand and distributed them among her martial brothers. There were talismans of all kind, serving a multitude of purposes, including defensive, offensive, concealment, and so on. Her original intention was for these talismans to be used as ancillary tools to supplement their individual combat abilities. Unexpectedly, given how Zhang Shuyue had spiked her martial brothers’ food with Spirit Devouring Grass, the talismans had now become their main source of strength against the assailants right now.

The Heavenly Peak disciples immediately knew what Ye Xiuwen’s intentions were. Like Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan, they began to consolidate their ranks and position themselves in front of Jun Xiaomo, bracing themselves to shield her from any oncoming attacks.

Zhang Shuyue was filled with both envy and hatred seeing Ye Xiuwen protect Jun Xiaomo with his own body.

“Hmph. A bunch of useless vermin who overestimate their own abilities. Do you think that this would be sufficient to obstruct us?” As Xiang Guqing chuckled coldly, she made a single gesture in the air, and all of their disciples, including both hers and those from the Eternal Summit Sect, charged straight towards the Heavenly Peak disciples!

In that very instant, the entire sky was filled with all forms of spells and abilities as though it were a massive tidal wave, seeking to engulf the Heavenly Peak disciples.

Fortunately, the Heavenly Peak disciples immediately retrieved the defensive talisman which Jun Xiaomo had given to each of them and tossed them into the air in a concerted fashion. These defensive talismans instantly began to rotate in the sky, creating as complex formation diagram in the air, enveloping and shielding the Heavenly Peak disciples with its abilities.

“That’s not bad. You guys actually know to utilize a defensive formation array. Seems like you’ve got some class.” Xiang Guqing muttered coldly. It was evident that she was fuming mad right now, much less praising them.

Oh, how she wished she could tear apart the talismans floating in the air to shreds!

“Focus your offensive abilities in one location. Once a single talisman gives way, the entire formation array would fall apart.” Xiang Guqing bellowed a fresh set of instructions to everyone around.

As the master and owner of the valley, she was naturally reasonably well-versed in the discipline of formation arrays.

Thus, both Xiang Guqing’s disciples as well as the Eternal Summit Sect disciples began to focus their offensive abilities on a single location.

With their sheer numbers raining powerful spells down on the defensive formation array floating in the sky, it began to show traces of cracks and shattering in just an instant.

We can’t let it go on like this! Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan immediately exclaimed in their hearts at the same time.

There was no doubt that the two strongest sources of abilities raining havoc down on the defensive formation array emanated from Xiang Guqing and Dai Yanfeng. Thus, they made the same decision at the same time – they had to interrupt the two leaders at all costs!

Ye Xiuwen and Rong Ruihan dashed out of the domain of the defensive formation array at practically the same time, and they were quickly greeted by the powerful offensive abilities of the combined assailants.

“Hah! I was wondering when you’d show up. Take this!” Xiang Guqing sincerely wished to get revenge for her dearest disciple, and she immediately charged towards Ye Xiuwen with a mind to injure and incapacitate him so that she could leave him for her disciple’s pleasure.

Ye Xiuwen brandished his sword and shot straight towards Xiang Guqing, clashing directly against her.

As long as Xiang Guqing ceases to launch attacks at the defensive formation array, the formation array would be able to last for that little bit more time.

On the other side, Dai Yanfeng instantly recognized Rong Ruihan as soon as he dashed out of the defensive formation array as well.

“It’s you?!!!” Dai Yanfeng bellowed hoarsely at Rong Ruihan as a fiery inferno of rage flourished in his heart.

Back then, Dai Yue had only been at loggerheads with Jun Xiaomo because she had fallen for Rong Ruihan. In other words, it was this man that caused Jun Xiaomo to inflict such grievous injuries on Dai Yue that she had been unable to recover from to this date.

With such intense hatred festering and brewing in his heart for over a decade, how could he possibly let things slide just like that?!

That’s right. Not only did Dai Yanfeng hate Jun Xiaomo; he also hated Rong Ruihan. Jun Xiaomo had directly inflicted grievous wounds on Dai Yue’s body, but Rong Ruihan was the one who had undoubtedly scarred Dai Yue’s heart.

Back then, he had heard his dear daughter wailing and shrieking in her own room, “Why have you fallen for Jun Xiaomo and not me?! What’s so good about Jun Xiaomo to begin with?! Why---?!!!”

Thus, Dai Yanfeng wanted very much to know from the horse’s mouth what was wrong with his own daughter, and why he chose that brat Jun Xiaomo over Dai Yue.

And, regardless of what his answer was, one thing was certain – anyone who hurt his daughter must pay. He was hell bent on breaking Rong Ruihan’s limbs and incapacitating his meridians, before dragging him back to kneel before his daughter and apologize to her!

Rong Ruihan remained completely silent. However, he made his response patently clear with his actions – You want to fight? Sure! Bring it on!

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