Chapter 365: News of Pregnancy, Ye Xiuwen’s Transformation

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

The sprightly old man hummed a chirpy little tune as he made his way back to the cave, toting the carcass of a fifth-grade spirit beast in one hand and a bunch of nourishing herbs in the other. If all goes well, the formless mass of spirit energy within Jun Xiaomo’s body would most certainly be developing into a fetus soon.

His disciple was soon to be a father. This naturally meant that he was also going to become a grandmaster soon. The sprightly old man had personally never been able to have a child of their own with his own cultivation companion. Given his ripe, old age, the hope for a new lease of life to succeed his legacy was naturally an incredibly joyous occasion worth celebrating.

Thus, he pulled out all the stops and went out searching for herbs and tonics to nourish his disciple-in-law’s body.

Then, as the old man drew near to the entrance to the cave, he began to hear a rustling and scrambling noise coming from within, interspersed by groans of pain. However, these sounds were intermittent and hardly distinct at all.

Damn! Could Disciple-in-Law’s fetal energy be stirring again?! The old man immediately dropped everything he had and dashed into the cave, leaving everything he had collected outside.

“Disciple-in-Law, what happened?” The old man hollered as he entered. However, the first thing he saw was Ye Xiuwen mounted on Jun Xiaomo, holding down both of her hands with one of his own, with their clothes disheveled and loosened. Ye Xiuwen’s eyes were filled with a primal gaze, intent on devouring his prey.

“Aiyah, I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything.” The sprightly old man hurriedly turned around and placed both hands over his eyes as he muttered to himself in self-hypnosis.

The swirling vile energy had already consumed Ye Xiuwen’s eyes, and he had been intent on “devouring” Jun Xiaomo just like that. Who would have thought that his own master would interrupt them in the most inopportune time, thwarting his actions?

Ye Xiuwen glanced at his master coldly. When he discovered that his master had tactfully turned his back to him, Ye Xiuwen proceeded to ignore his master’s presence, motioning to finish what he had started.

“Release me!” Jun Xiaomo’s abdomen was getting increasingly painful, and large beats of sweat had started to form on her forehead, roll off her cheeks and land onto the stone bed below, almost as though they were tears.

Ye Xiuwen hardly bothered to engage in verbal discourse with Jun Xiaomo. Instead, he simply responded through his actions – he was evidently intent on keeping Jun Xiaomo restrained. Notwithstanding the fact that there was someone else around, he was still intent on making Jun Xiaomo his own, right here, right now!

Jun Xiaomo bit down on her lower lip furiously. The indignation and humiliation in her heart and the excruciating pain washing through her body was tearing her mind apart. If not for the fact that her body’s debilitating condition diminished her combat abilities substantially, she would most certainly have plunged a sword straight through Ye Xiuwen’s heart by now!

Fortunately, Jun Xiaomo’s cry for release jolted the old man back to his senses, and he was instantly reminded about the delicate situation that Jun Xiaomo’s body was faced with, and how her body would never be able to stand up to Ye Xiuwen’s torment. Thus, he immediately turned around and shouted at Ye Xiuwen, “Aiyah, Disciple! No, no, no. Ye can’t do these kinda things to her now!”

Ye Xiuwen’s hand had already found its way to Jun Xiaomo’s shoulders, loosening Jun Xiaomo’s clothes even more right now. Unfortunately, having been interrupted twice, Ye Xiuwen began to lose interest in pursuing his carnal actions.

He cast an ashen gaze at the old man once more, before pulling over an outer coat from the side of the stone bed and covering Jun Xiaomo’s body with it.

With that, he covered Jun Xiaomo’s exposed shoulders with the outer coat.

“Reason?” Ye Xiuwen barked coldly and curtly, with hardly any trace of respect for his master.

The sprightly old man was taken aback by Ye Xiuwen’s expressions – Is this disciple of mine getting madder by the minute?

Then, the old man’s astonishment only burgeoned as soon as he turned his gaze to Jun Xiaomo and examined the condition of her body once more – It had only been one hour! How could Disciple-in-Law appear so horrendous in just a short span of time? Look at how swollen her lips are! How hard did Disciple have to bite them to cause that? And there are those faint teeth marks on her neck as well. Poor sod!

Is Disciple loving or tormenting his wife?!

However, Ye Xiuwen’s master knew that the most pressing issue right now was to prevent Ye Xiuwen from tormenting Jun Xiaomo any further whenever his mind was consumed by the demons in his heart. Thus, he hurriedly blurted the news to Ye Xiuwen, “Ye can continue if ye are really prepared to destroy the child in her womb.”

The old man’s voice was filled with some measure of indignation as well.

“Child?” Ye Xiuwen latched onto the most important word that the old man had said, and a trace of bewilderment surfaced in the depths of his eyes.

He was completely dumbfounded.

“Chi-…child?” Jun Xiaomo’s appearances were somewhat haggard right now. She had earlier even attempted to fight off Ye Xiuwen when he forced himself upon her. Unfortunately, her abilities were a far cry from Ye Xiuwen’s abilities to begin with. To make matters worse, her body was incredibly weak from the pangs of pain that incessantly plagued her. Thus, there was simply no way she would have been able to defeat Ye Xiuwen.

As soon as she learnt that she was with child, Jun Xiaomo clenched her fists tightly, and a sharp pain suddenly shot straight through her mind.

This jolt of excruciating pain was far more agonizing than the pain spreading from her womb.

“Ungh…it hurts.” Jun Xiaomo groaned once more as she curled up into a ball involuntarily. Her mind was suddenly flooded by countless images of all sorts, including sweet, painful and bitter ones. Yet, whenever she attempted to focus her mind and examine a specific image, everything would be wiped out, and her mind would draw a complete blank.

It hurts…why does the word “child” cause me such pain…

As time went on, Jun Xiaomo gradually became unable to tell where exactly the pain was emanating from – her forehead, her womb, and even her heart were all throbbing with pangs of intense, acute pain.

“Xiaomo.” Ye Xiuwen finally realized that Jun Xiaomo’s condition was abnormal, and he hugged Jun Xiaomo with some measure of helplessness, stiffening his body slightly as he allowed Jun Xiaomo to curl up in his embrace. He did not go overboard this time.

The vile energy in the depths of his eyes appeared to be roiling and struggling, as though an extraneous force were forcible suppressing them and pushing them back where they came from.

The old man’s eyes gleamed brightly. He had keenly noticed that his disciple’s freneticism had diminished by a fair amount as soon as he had learnt of Jun Xiaomo’s pregnancy.

Thus, the old man decided to ride the wave of success, and he continued, “That’s right. Disciple-in-Law is pregnant. If my calculations are right, the child is most likely Disciple’s. Ye can place yer hand on her abdomen and see for yerself if there’s a clump of formless energy swirling about within her womb.”

As he spoke, the old man was briefly reminded of his own wife.

Truth be told, his wife had similarly been pregnant before. Otherwise, there was no way he would have known from a glance that Jun Xiaomo was pregnant as well. Unfortunately, his wife was unable to endure her difficult pregnancy, and she perished together with their child.

The old man’s heart was awash with a sense of bitter astringency as he recalled his past.

On the other hand, Ye Xiuwen did just as the old man suggested. After hesitating for a moment, he placed his hand gingerly on Jun Xiaomo’s lower abdomen and released his divine sense, feeling the clump of formless energy within Jun Xiaomo’s womb, otherwise known as “fetal energy”.

He could feel it – it was a clump of slowly swirling energy that appeared almost like wisps of a cloud. Yet at the same time, the energy possessed a huge amount of vitality, and it was incredibly lively.

Furthermore, the fetal energy was warm and pleasing to his senses. It was as though it had directly bypassed Jun Xiaomo’s flesh, skin and clothes and cordially greeted him with a gentle touch.

“This is…my child?” Somewhat dumbfounded, Ye Xiuwen repeated with disbelief in his voice.

“Naturally. Do ye think that I’d fool ye with something like that? This fetal energy is still in its nascent stages; and it’s probably less than a month old. Did ye two share any intimate moments during this period of time?” The sprightly old man smiled mischievously as he quipped.

Intimate moments? Of course there was – back when Ye Xiuwen was drugged by Zhang Shuyue, Jun Xiaomo had been the one who had bailed him out with her own body.

It was as though the floodgates of Ye Xiuwen’s memories had suddenly been opened wide, and memories locked in the deepest crevices of his mind began to surface in his mind once more. Previously, his heart had been frozen over, and these memories would only stir in him a sense of furious indignation and an intense sense of possessiveness over Jun Xiaomo. But right now, the reality of Jun Xiaomo’s pregnancy had tugged powerfully at his heartstrings, and he could no longer bring himself to maintain his originally icy attitude towards her.

At this very moment, his heart was like a frozen river on a warm, spring day, and it had begun to show signs of melting once more.

“This is our child…Xiaomo, we’ve got a child.” Ye Xiuwen no longer treated Jun Xiaomo violently. Instead, he placed his hand gingerly on her abdomen as he gently squeezed her in an embrace, “We’ve finally got a child…”

As Ye Xiuwen murmured over and over again, the vile energy within his eyes slowly subsided once more.

Jun Xiaomo turned around slowly, unable to bring herself to reciprocate the joy and excitement that Ye Xiuwen had right now. To her, the reality of having a child without her memories was hardly a good thing.

In fact, she sincerely hoped with all her heart that the old man was only kidding right now!

That said, Ye Xiuwen completely turned a blind eye to Jun Xiaomo’s apathy and weariness. To his mind, the fact that Jun Xiaomo had his child undoubtedly meant that Jun Xiaomo was her woman – that was now an inescapable truth.

As a result, Ye Xiuwen’s earlier bigotry and freneticism dwindled substantially, and his eyes were once again filled with some measure of warmth.

Unfortunately, this was not something that Jun Xiaomo could appreciate for the time being. The discomfort plaguing her body, the dread of losing her memory and the bewilderment of her pregnancy weighed heavily on her mind and caused a peculiar sensation to surface on her heart.

At the very least, these sensations were devoid of any joyous emotions that usually accompanied a mother’s discovery of the news of her pregnancy.

The old man noticed the difference in reactions between Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen to the news of pregnancy, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart – Seems like a blissful union is still a long way away for Disciple and Disciple-in-Law.

Tch, this kid. How can he still be worrying Master after all these years? The old man exclaimed in his heart with some measure of resignation as he wracked his mind to come up with an appropriate countermeasure.

On the other side, having remained in a state of comatose for approximately half a month, Rong Ruihan suddenly jolted awake from his multitude of dreams. His forehead was percolating with sweat.

“Xiaomo…” Rong Ruihan furrowed his brows. Recalling the contents of his dreams, a sense of unease washed across his heart.

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