Chapter 371: Zou Zilong’s Lust, Yue Linglong’s Fury

Demoness's Art of Vengeance

Zou Zilong placed his hands behind his back and slowly bent over as he looked down upon Jun Xiaomo. She was bound and restrained on the floor right now. Faced with the unyielding and resentful look in her eyes, a fire once again ignited in his belly, burning with an impassioned blaze.

He squinted his eyes and began to size up Jun Xiaomo as he searched through his own memory for what little he remembered of her.

They had only crossed paths for a short time within the Zephyr Sect. After that, it was a long period of separation of eleven whole years. Naturally, Jun Xiaomo’s appearances had begun to somewhat fade in his mind. That said, her striking red garments had left a deep impression in his mind, and its colour only seemed to grow more and more striking with each passing night, as though a raging fire that was blazing and burning an indelible mark in the depths of his memories.

Perhaps the notion that the unobtainable were the best things was particularly strong in Zou Zilong’s mind. Even though he now held the title of Princess Linglong’s husband, having been married to Princess Linglong five years ago, theirs was nothing more than a paper marriage. Princess Linglong rarely hung around him, spending most of her time within the palace, surrounded by an entire harem of men. At the same time, Zou Zilong would maintain discreet, clandestine relationships with several women behind her back all at once.

As a distinguished disciple of the Zephyr Sect, Zou Zilong had never lacked women by his side. Even though they knew full well that Princess Linglong would personally flay their skin and pluck their nerves if she discovered their existence, these women were still willing to take the risk to flock to Zou Zilong’s side. Zou Zilong had never thought to reject their advances either.

Unfortunately, repetition breeds a waning interest, and even the most delectable of foods would grow plain and insipid after protracted consumption. When Zou Zilong looked at the women around him who were lying patiently at his beck and call, he began to find these women completely dull and vapid.

At these times, he would subconsciously turn his mind towards Jun Xiaomo once again. Back then, when Jun Xiaomo first entered the Zephyr Sect, her striking red garments immediately caught Zou Zilong’s eyes. At that time, his intention was to seduce her for one-time tasting before discarding her like a used rag. Unexpectedly, not only were his advances met with disdain and contempt, she even began to avoid him like the plague.

Moreover, he discovered to his surprise that Jun Xiaomo continued to be just as unyielding and resolute even when facing Princess Linglong, a lady of much higher stature with much stronger backing. At that time, despite being beaten bloody, Jun Xiaomo had continued to refuse to acknowledge the wrong that she had not committed.

Zou Zilong had initially hated just how much Jun Xiaomo “didn’t know what was good for her”. She had even smeared his own name before Princess Linglong and the others within the Zephyr Sect. Yet, as the days went by, and all traces of Jun Xiaomo’s existence within the Zephyr Sect seemed to vanish into thin air, traces of remorse and regret began to creep back into his heart.

He had even attempted to look for women who bore similar appearances to Jun Xiaomo or possessed similar fiery temperaments just to satiate his thirst and lust. Unfortunately, no matter how fiery their temperament, he discovered to his dismay that he was still able to make them dance in the palm of his hand somewhat effortlessly – all it took were a few months of effort at best. In fact, some of these women would even end up pestering him after he won their hearts, vexing and frustrating him to no end.

At these times, he couldn’t help but think of Jun Xiaomo again – if this were Jun Xiaomo, how much time would he need before he could win her heart? And how much time would he need to discard and abandon her afterwards?

Zou Zilong had thought that he would no longer have the opportunity to find the answers to these questions within his heart. Unexpectedly, Princess Linglong had actually outdone herself this time – she had delivered Jun Xiaomo straight into his hands!

As Zou Zilong slowly made his way towards Jun Xiaomo, he discovered that the present Jun Xiaomo appeared much feebler and frailer than the Jun Xiaomo of his memories. She no longer possessed her cold, haughty gaze in her eyes nor carried herself with an imposing disposition.

However, even though Jun Xiaomo appeared much frailer right now, her exquisite appearances replete with a pair of unyielding, resolute eyes on her pale face seemed to exude a different type of beauty – one that was weak and feeble, yet tenacious and stubborn.

At the very least, Jun Xiaomo’s present appearances gave Zou Zilong the urge to devour her once again.

Having deflowered so many ladies before, Zou Zilong naturally knew that he couldn’t afford to be anxious or impatient at such a critical moment. After all, rather than force people to accept his advances, he much preferred it when others threw themselves into his arms or leaned into his bosom willingly.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” Zou Zilong bent over and placed his right arm over Jun Xiaomo’s shoulder, gently squeezing it as he reassured Jun Xiaomo with a soft and warm voice.

She’s become far too skinny. It might not be so comfortable to embrace her later. Zou Zilong exclaimed in his heart as he toyed with the idea of fattening her up before devouring her later on.

Jun Xiaomo grimaced as she struggled slightly to shake off Zou Zilong’s palm. She cast a furious gaze at Zou Zilong, laced with a threatening, murderous intent.

Despite having lost her memories, Jun Xiaomo was no fool, and she was still able to tell whether a person harboured ulterior motives towards her. At the very least, no matter how perfect this man’s pretensions were, he would never be able to mask the disgusting, greasy and slimy look lacing the depths of his gaze. Just this fact alone was sufficient to sound the alarms in Jun Xiaomo’s heart and raise her vigilance against him to the maximum.

“Hah, you’re still just as vigilant as before.” Zou Zilong curled his lips into a wicked smile as he continued to grip Jun Xiaomo’s shoulders tightly, “I’d heard from Princess Linglong that you’ve lost your memory, so I was wondering whether I could treat you a little bit better so that you would throw yourself into my arms of your own volition. But from how things look right now, it seems that the odds of succeeding in that regard might not be too high, hmm?”

His gaze was transfixed on the grimace on Jun Xiaomo’s lips. A vicious gleam flickered across the depths of his eyes, “Since that’s the case, don’t you think I might as well just ‘devour’ you first? After all, you’ve already been living on borrowed time ever since you were captured by Princess Linglong.”

As Zou Zilong spoke, he licked his lips greedily, all the while keeping his eyes fixed on Jun Xiaomo’s face like a poisonous snake poised to strike.

Yet Jun Xiaomo hardly revealed a single trace of fear or anxiety. Looking at Zou Zilong, she coldly barked, “Mark my words, I’ll drag you down to hell with me if you dare do anything to me.”

“Oh, is that so? But from what I can tell, those words hardly carry any weight behind them. Look at yourself. How could you possibly drag me to hell like that…?” Zou Zilong’s eyes gleamed with a fiery, passionate gaze as he mocked and teased Jun Xiaomo.

That’s right. Jun Xiaomo’s rejection was stoking the flames of his fiery passion and stirring his heart. If one were to describe the previous state of his heart as lukewarm, then right now, it would most certainly be at its boiling point – he could hardly contain his desire to devour Jun Xiaomo any longer.

With one leap, Zou Zilong pounced onto Jun Xiaomo, pinning her body down as he began to make his move against her.

“What are you doing?! Let go of me!” Jun Xiaomo was both shocked and infuriated. If only she had access to a whip right now, she would have made minced meat out of Zou Zilong! Unfortunately, her hands were tightly shackled by chains, and she could only feebly attempt to push Zou Zilong away with her knees.

However, Zou Zilong simply pushed back down on Jun Xiaomo’s knees as he coldly quipped, “What’s the matter? Are you finally afraid of me? To think that you’d been thinking of dragging me down to the depths of hell with you earlier. I’d like to see just how you’re going to do that!”

As Zou Zilong finished speaking, he stuck out his tongue and licked Jun Xiaomo’s cheeks. Her cheeks had turned red from anger by now.

Jun Xiaomo’s heart was awash with revulsion. Just a little while ago, she was still mad at Ye Xiuwen for binding and restraining her, and she her heart would always be filled with thoughts of resisting whenever Ye Xiuwen drew close to her.

Yet no matter how much her heart was plagued by thoughts of resisting, she had never found Ye Xiuwen’s advances revolting and unacceptable. It was only at this very moment when the strange, revulsive man climbed onto her body that she finally understood the fine distinctions between these emotions of hers.

Drawing a deep breath, Jun Xiaomo lifted her head ferociously, striking Zou Zilong directly on the head with a resounding thud. Zou Zilong was caught completely unaware by her sudden attack. His mind jolted about, momentarily stupefying him, and he even accidentally bit off a third of his outstretched tongue, filling his mouth with the nauseating stench of blood.

“You slut!” Zou Zilong was completely incensed. He slapped Jun Xiaomo on the cheek, causing her face to swell up, and blood began to trickle out of her mouth.

Jun Xiaomo continued to glare coldly at him. Even though her mind was sent spinning by Zou Zilong’s vicious slap, she nevertheless gritted her teeth and hung in there.

“Haha, it seems like you’re different from everyone else. That’s fine. This would only make things more exciting.” Zou Zilong barked with a manic look in his eyes. He promptly retrieved a pill from his Interspatial Ring and consumed it, and his wounds recovered in no time.

Stretching out his hand once more, he patted Jun Xiaomo’s slightly swollen cheek, “If you don’t wish to receive any more punishment, you could always accept your fate and try your best to enjoy the process, you know? Once I’m through with you, I’m not going to come back for more even if you come crying to me.”

Gritting her teeth, Jun Xiaomo barked, “Dream. On.”

Zou Zilong intentionally pinched Jun Xiaomo’s slightly swollen cheek as he added, “You’ll find out soon enough whether I’m truly dreaming or not.”

The pain caused tears to seep out of Jun Xiaomo’s eyes. That said, she continued to glare at Zou Zilong with an unyielding gaze despite her red, puffy eyes, stirring the sadistic tendencies in Zou Zilong’s heart.

He once again gripped Jun Xiaomo’s lower jaws tightly, stemming all forms of resistance whatsoever as he lowered his head and bit down furiously onto Jun Xiaomo’s lips. Then, he began to grind his teeth against her lips.

Jun Xiaomo’s fists tightened, and she began to struggle intensely. She secretly hated how she was so weak and unable to defend herself. If possible, it was her sincere desire to split Zou Zilong’s head like a watermelon with one ferocious palm strike right now.

Just then, a faint rustling of footsteps and chittering of voices resounded from afar. Slowly, but surely, one could make out words and phrases such as “princess”, “she’s inside”, or “we saw your husband head that way”.

Zou Zilong immediately pushed Jun Xiaomo away and turned his head to look at the door. Almost simultaneously, the door to the wooden hut swung open, and Princess Linglong stared at the two people within with an ashen gaze. Her bodyguards craned their necks to peer into the hut as well.

They were immediately greeted by the sight of Zou Zilong half-kneeling by Jun Xiaomo’s side with his upper body still pinning down Jun Xiaomo’s body. Their clothes were disheveled and disorderly, and it was well apparent that Jun Xiaomo’s lips were even swollen and red.

It didn’t take a genius to guess just what the two had been up to.

“Zou Zilong! You’d stoop so low to even tussle with a prisoner? Have you any respect for This Highness here?!” Princess Linglong shrieked at the top of her voice.

Zou Zilong stood up slowly, adjusting his clothes, and he presented himself immaculate and dignified within mere moments.

Then, he slowly responded, “Princess, aren’t you personally well aware of the kind of relationship we maintain? You were planning to take Jun Xiaomo’s life sooner or later, weren’t you? Since that’s the case, there’s no harm in letting me have a little taste of her before you kill her, is there?”

Princess Linglong chuckled coldly, “Zou Zilong, do you think I’d be unaware of the fact that you’ve been coveting her for a long time? That’s why you’d been keeping a whole bunch of lookalikes by your side. Hmph. It’s a good thing that you’re not so hopelessly infatuated that you’ve released her. Otherwise, I wouldn’t let you off even if you’re my husband!”

As Princess Linglong finished speaking, she turned her gaze towards Jun Xiaomo. She had reached her boiling point right now.

“Jun Xiaomo, I’ve underestimated you. To think that you were able to seduce my husband despite having been reduced to such a state. Let’s see if there’s still any person who’s willing to take pity on you once I gouge your eyes, pluck your nerves, cripple your Dantian and toss you to the whorehouses in the mortal world!”

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